A Watershed Moment – By Rob Gross and Paul L. Cox

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On March 22, 2023, Paul called me and said, “Rob the Archangel over the Kingdom Institute is here with a message.” This is what I thought I heard the Angel say:

This coming Sunday you and Rob will minister with surgical precision. I am releasing an upgrade that will turn into a divine parade made in heaven. Go into the throne room and extract the key to the room of the miraculous. This is the room where is where the bridegroom moves in miracles. Very few have been allowed to enter this room down through the centuries. There are miracles, signs and wonders in this room that unlock the evangelistic harvest. The treasures of darkness are in this room; including the fear of the Lord, for the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Go into the room and receive the anointing that unlocks the harvest.

Station three seers from the congregation in the room and I will reveal to them things seen by very few. Sheer power will emanate from this room. Someone will be present in the church this coming Sunday who has a knee condition that the Lord will heal as an example for all to see. There will be unusual manifestations of the Lord’s glory that will begin to unfold the rest of the story. This is the beginning, an outpouring of miracles in your midst. The news shall spread. The Lord is targeting non-believers because they are more desperate for the Lord’s touch. Take careful notes of what transpires this Sunday. You will have a recording of the service, but pay careful attention to what the Lord does for you; for you have not walked this way before. The horses are now taking you into a new dimension of the Lord’s glory. An effectual door shall open to the throne room into the door of the miraculous. Even now the elders are gathering with great anticipation.

A Watershed Word (Rob):

The next day Paul called again and said, “Rob, Gabriel is here with a message.” Below is what I thought I heard Gabriel say:

Healing will flow, and the church will grow. There will be an unprecedented flow of the miraculous. Healing shall flow, flow, flow; and as a result the news will grow. This will be a watershed moment. This will be a pivotal day, for the angelic host will gather with eager anticipation to observe what transpires on this day. Once again, this is a watershed moment in Kairos time. Celebrate His presence, celebrate with joy; for that which the Lord effects this coming Sunday (March 26th) will ripple forth from Oahu to the nations of the earth. The sound of many waters will emanate to the nations. People will begin to flock to the islands to see the Great I Am, to observe the Lion of Judah, to hear His roar, and to watch Him pull down the works of the devil. This is just the beginning. Do not despise small beginnings, but rejoice and be glad.

As the weekend approached, Paul asked me who was speaking on Sunday. I replied that no one was because I heard the Lord whisper, “Don’t prepare a message, just show up.” So, out of obedience, Paul and I ‘planned’ to just show up.

Meanwhile, Ben Vegas, the designated worship leader for March 26th called and said, “Rob, I think the Lord told me not to have a full band play with me this Sunday. He wants to do something different. What do you think?” I asked the Lord to confirm what Ben thought He heard the Lord saying to him, and I asked Paul what he discerned. Both of us sensed that Ben was indeed hearing the Lord and so I gave Ben the thumbs up. What was the Lord up to?

Meanwhile, Paul asked if we should advertise on social media that we were holding a healing service. I thought about it and replied that we should let the Lord orchestrate the entire day, including getting the word out for people to come (Psalm 127:1; Matthew 9:30-31). Paul agreed.

Just One Piece, Lord (Rob):

As Sunday approached we gave little thought to the coming service because we were busy conducting part 2 of Utilizing Spiritual Gifts in Ministry at the Kingdom Institute on Saturday. Then on Sunday morning, March 26th, I had the following dream:

Scene One: I’m trying to fit in the last 20 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together, but with no success. I wasn’t frustrated, but did have the feeling in my heart that if I could at least fit one piece into the existing puzzle I’d be happy.

Scene Two: I’m listening to my son Brandon talking to a guy named Corey on the phone, reminding him to return the things he had borrowed from our church.

Scene Three: I’m walking down a sandy pathway (the ancient pathway) talking to my wife, Barb, about what Brandon had loaned Corey. She replied that it was the church truck. In a stern tone I said, “Corey needs to give the truck back asap!”

Final scene: Barb and I continued down the sandy pathway. As we walked down the path, I noticed Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station across Kaneohe Bay, and could see clearly all the buildings and structures. Barb then began to jog slowly and I followed her as we jogged to the end of the pathway, and then turned left onto a long stretch of beach; and we continued to run passing by many people sunbathing on the sand.

Not having much time to interpret this dream before our 10 AM service, it seemed apparent that the Lord was saying, “Look for the one piece and insert it into the puzzle.” The puzzle? It was the puzzle regarding why the revival we’ve all been contending for has not yet arrived. Why was the church sun bathing instead of being deployed like the marines from Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station? What needed to be returned to the church?

Rejection of the Holy Spirit (Rob):

Prior to the beginning of the Sunday service, I asked the congregation to stand and to lock arms (Homothumudon/of one accord) with the same purpose: to come into agreement with the Lord and accept whatever He wanted to do that day. We prayed and the service began.

As Ben and his wife, TC, led us into the presence of the Lord, Paul and I both got on our electronic devices and started to try and figure out what the Lord was doing. What was the watershed moment? We had the sense the Lord wanted us to go into the throne room of God and then into a side room into the realm of the miraculous, but still couldn’t figure out the ‘one piece.’ Then, the ‘aha’ came and Paul whispered, “Rob, the one piece is that the Church[1] has rejected the Holy Spirit.’

Delta Means Change (Rob):

The worship service was off the charts as people danced, shouted, wept, waved flags and bowed before the Lord. After the morning announcements were given, I got up and shared the word I got about the throne room and asked three intercessors to look into the throne room and describe what the Lord was showing them. Below is what the seers saw:

Karen Lewis saw an opening into a panoramic picture in which the Lion of Judah (Jesus) was roaring as fire came out of his mouth. His eyes were flames of fire, and it seemed like revival fire. Behind Him was a backdrop of mountains, and from the mountains the blood of Jesus flowed and was coming down the through the valley and around the throne room where the Lion of Judah was sitting. She then saw the earth, and the blood of Jesus was flowing across the nations, and waves of light like the Northern Lights. Finally, she saw delta signs everywhere and said, “He is changing everything.”

Leah: “I see a vault. A lot of energy is pulsing out of the vault. On the top part of the vault I saw three delta signs. The vault opened, and I saw unwrapped gifts that were shimmering in a room that never ended.”

Joel saw a bunch of intertwined roots like a mangrove tree (see below).

I asked the Lord what that was and had an impression that it was the Tree of Life, referred to in both Genesis and Revelation – the beginning and the end of the story. I immediately thought of the pre-Fall Garden of Eden (Gen 2:9), followed by the promise in Revelation 2:7 that:

To everyone who conquers, I will give permission to eat from the tree of life that is in the paradise of God.

But Revelation 22:2 resonated even more:

On either side of the river is the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, producing its fruit each month, and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.

I sensed the Lord saying that the healings we have been seeing are only the first fruits of the signs and wonders of this move of God. The Lord is pleased with the way that the leadership of Mt View is pressing into His heart, and how the leaders are shepherding this move. I had the strong conviction that many more signs and wonders will be released in the days to come as revival breaks out more and more. Paul shared that in the book of Proverbs 3, the Holy Spirit is the Tree of Life (greater detail below).

The Church Has Been Functioning on a Two-Legged Stool (Paul):

When the service began, Rob and I were very aware that we had no direction for the what the Lord wanted to do. We could discern the throne room as wall as much Power in the church; and I discerned the Father as Power (Mathew 26:64) and Jesus as the Man in Linen (Daniel 10 & 12). Then the thought came to me, “I do not discern the Holy Spirit. Why?” I realized it was because the Holy Spirit is not welcome in the Church to do what the Holy Spirit wants to do. I felt such grief. Then I remembered that Rob has often said that the Church only has a two-legged stool, the Father and the Son; but three legs are needed for the stool to stay upright. I then had the thought, “The Holy Spirit has been locked away in a side room of the Throne Room by the institutional Church.” The Church is very uncomfortable with giving freedom for the Holy Spirit to move when the Holy Spirit wants to move! Up until this point in the service I had not discerned the Holy Spirit at all. It was clear to Rob and I that this church needed to repent on behalf of itself and the larger Church body for grieving the Holy Spirit.

The Watershed Moment (Paul):

After I shared that the Church at large had rejected the Holy Spirit, Rob got up and led the congregation to repent on behalf of the larger Church for rejecting the Holy Spirit as a she, a woman. I was both stunned and shocked by what he said. Never in public have I heard a pastor declare this truth from the Word of God!

Many aspects of the Holy Spirit are feminine. The Word is clear; we are created in the image of God, and His image is both male and female:

  • Wisdom is the tree of life (Proverbs 3:18), and Wisdom is feminine
  • Wisdom is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit (Proverbs 3:13-17j. The gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in I Corinthians 12:7-11 are all feminine.
  • Of the seven spirits of God listed in Isaiah 11:2-3, six are feminine.

I knew that as soon as Rob declared that the Holy Spirit was a She, the Lord drew a line in the sand. Then a shock wave in the Spirit hit me. This was the watershed moment prophesied by Rob earlier in the week.

  • A watershed moment is defined as a turning point, the exact moment that changes the direction of an activity or situation.
  • A watershed moment is a dividing point, from which things will never be the same.
  • It is considered momentous, though a watershed moment is often recognized in hindsight.
  • The word watershed is used literally to mean an area of land that divides the flow of separate rivers, or the high ridge from which water flows into a body of water. It is a division between land and water.

Nothing will be the same again!

Where’s the Beef (Rob)?

I firmly believe that prophecy must be tested and that those who give words must be held accountable especially when the words given are weighty. So let’s test both my word and Paul’s watershed-moment word in the present, knowing that parts of the prophetic word I gave are yet to be fulfilled. For now, let’s see if any part of my word came true:

  • Two people came forward for prayer, citing pain behind their knees. Unfortunately, we forgot to see if they got healed after the service.
  • There were powerful manifestations of God’s glory as:
    • People laughed in their seats
    • A man fell to the ground, shook violently, and then ran to the bathroom to throw up as the Holy Spirit delivered him of a stronghold
    • Others wept, trembled and fell to the ground with no one touching them
  • A visitor who shared he had multiple strokes reported that his heart felt unbelievably better, and we are still waiting on other testimonies of people being healed
  • A pre-believer struggling with drug addiction walked through the prayer line twice
  • A man just released from prison beamed as he walked through the prayer line
  • A man from the mainland messaged me saying that he’d heard through the grapevine that people have been getting miraculously healed of cancer, which means that word of what God is doing in Hawaii is spreading.

God’s Best is Yet to Come:

An earlier prophetic word on March 15, 2023, delivered by the archangel, Gabriel, to Rob; which gives us hope for what is yet to come:

There is an invasion on the horizon for my people. My troops are going to storm the beaches of Hawaii like the World War II allies stormed the beaches of Normandy. In order for this to happen, my throne must be established in your midst. The cherubim will usher in the throne, so stand to attention and the sparks will fly for it only takes a spark to set a forest on fire. Mountain View has been called to ignite the fires of revival. Do not despise small beginnings, for the wind of the Lord’s Spirit shall blow a tiny flame into a bonfire and then a forest fire into an island-wide fire; into a state wide fire, for the Lord shall pour out oil onto the sea, and the fire will burn all the way to the east for the Lord shall establish His government in the islands and a hurricane force wind shall blow.

[1] Throughout, ‘Church’ (capitalized) refers to the larger Church as a whole, while ‘church’ is specific to Mountain View.


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