Prophetic words delivered on August 1, 2015

The following prophetic words were delivered during the Exploring Heavenly Places event on August 1, 2015.

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We do not put forth these words as fact.  Instead we encourage everyone to test this information using the Holy Bible and your Godly discernment.


His majesty and spender are tangible and real.  Clothed in light which is how you are connected.  The windows are in position to access the realms of heaven. The paths are created by agreement of the branches.  If the root is holy, the whole tree is holy.  But what creeped in is deception.  They introduce the leaven.  Endurance must have its perfect work to sustain the pathways, the holy highways.  And know this and how it is true.  The beginning of wisdom is to hate evil and the wicked way. For His majesty is above the heavens.  Even now deception is having its way.  To stars and planets proclaim a name.  but where the paths meet there is a sound to discern with wisdom

that holds a crown.  But deception wants access to your inheritance through the DNA that has been altered.

Keep seeing 3, 6, and 9 is a creation law of the original design.  Three is determined by His majesty.  6 is agreed upon by His servants.  9 is fruition for endurance.

For I am rising you up to understand to have access the realms heaven.  Even though there is a fear and anxiety has creeped in.  For I will show you what is true and undefiled to break through.  To be clothes in majesty.  Even though there is knowledge of the Holy to understand.

For if you are perplexed, if you are vexed.  If it is for My heart that the plumbline will be established that you will have light rather than darkness.  Once the wall is in place there will be no entering. Any other way is a thief and a robber for the Son is established.

Like Nebuchadnezzar thought his majesty was of his own hand he was left without understanding till humility reestablished his kingdom and glory.

You will open the windows of heaven.  For so it was with Lot who was vexed and distraught in his soul, but the most High, Adonai know how to deliverance the righteous to the inheritance and gold.


Our Father, Lord, I just submit to you what is said….”now is the time that you will find that as you dine, I am releasing new instruments to remove the twigs of deception that have been birthed through inception as you have been lured to sit in the seat of sinners,

which you are no longer.  Take heed what you see.  Take heed what you hear.  I am releasing a hurricane to blow away all that is not been planted by the Father.  You have been grafted into the Tree of Life Himself.  I am going to the roots of your shoots of generations, and I am reversing curses.  You will be a new tapestry of a new breed of seers, and new breed of hearers.  I am about to birth thru my body a new breed ofprophet that will be a new oracle.  They will be as a hammer to smash the control off the dashboard of the hirelings.  They will unlock My Body into who they were to be in Me as revealed one’s clothes with My Son.  They will begin to run as champions across the earth.   They will carry a Cloud of the Fear of the Lord that will make the high-minded bow low, for I am initiating an extraction out of the mind of the eyes of where I am.

The mind of man will begin to get unplugged in the body of Christ.  They will feel disoriented until they are settled in Who I Am within them.  Truly, this is the dawning of a new day of a new way of great power.  I am birthing in Germany out of the dead lands a heart of the Father that will sweep into California and will touch Canada with my glory that was instigated a long time ago.


Seeing in the spirit, I saw the scroll a little bit.  I saw a new day, a new chapter, a New Era.  I saw something, scroll down a little bit.  I saw a quadruple integral—only four dimensions…not three anymore.  The fourth dimension…realignment of equations in the beginning were the correct equations.  He is realigning those now in our bodies.

He’s bringing the correct equations into place to make them fit in a way they were meant to fit.  I saw the sun and heard “solar system.”  I saw a ray of sun coming to the earth….something to do with those things changing.  Higher frequency and a picture of a dolphin…


Adonai….   Creator God.  The same thing that hurt you will heal you.  Agreement in the gate will free you.  Even what has gone unnoticed can be restored to righteousness.

The declaration of truth that’s connected you by roots will also produce the fruits for the lost to break through.  So they stood in the gates, and they agreed by a cultural design they thought they were free, but to you has been given the keys to bind and loose the kingdom of heaven on earth to a heart of truth.

This is the sound at the gate, the sound of wisdom.  And understanding to agree.  And they’ll go out and    prudence to the captives to set them free.

You agree in your weakness and this is what I say, confess to one another so you can be healed.  It’s as simple as repentance and renouncement to take a step forward and I will change the count.

They’ve counted it against you, but when it’s established in heaven, it’s the protocol of the New Jerusalem.  Zion is waiting.


Dealing with throat and thyroid issues now with what’s going on.

This is the time this is the day, where I begin to extract from the understanding o my people—misunderstanding, judgment, opinion that has filled up the well that has blocked a spirit of understanding.  This is the time when I extract the dissident wrong frequencies from wrong sounds.  I desire to bring your organs into harmony with my

truth, then you will understand, then you will release My hand to the lost and then there will be a transfer of understanding to see me in majesty.  In majesty I ride for those who understand.

The misunderstanding comes when the thoughts are distracting and deluded by the wisdom of man.  Unclog the throat in a new breed of power evangelism will begin to sprout with the sound of heaven on earth.  Micah is my sign, the beginning first fruits of power evangelism, breaking out in California, cracking open atmospheres by the spirit of understanding that is in harmony with mind of Christ.  There is a cracking open of atmospheres to release the fears of the orphan at heart—-son-ship will crack open, the eggs of the eaglets of sonship will come forth from power evangelism.  It will not be the way it was.  For now is the day where sons work by rest.  When they rest and receive then they will conceive the fullness of the spirit of Jesus in many spheres of influences.

Arise and shine, for you are about to dine at the feast that I am calling my sons of the kingdom to.  I will shake the heavens and release a storm of my glory that will produce divine life and light.  Hawaii will birth the rumblings of a new wave.  Be ready my son to unveil the One who produces the storm of life to displace the mind and the heart of man.

Unbelief shall bow as my bride arises.


I am recalibrating and adjusting my body.  The recalibration comes from My time to break into your time so now is the time to align to hear and read the signs.  The fight for control is trying to blind My body from hearing what the Spirit is saying.  For now is the time that I bring an upgrade.  I am now pulling back the curtain to unveil My majesty in My body.  You, My body are connected to the head. As goes the head, so goes the body.  The sleeping giant is now going to awakening to understanding and wisdom to co-labor and build a brand new thing, an organic structure that will displace the orphans.

There is a leadership shift.  The leadership shift has begun.  It is all about the one who ill be carried by My wisdom and understanding to bring a new sight of the horizon of where you are and who you are.


Fire with the angel come out of the nose and mouth.  Garment is green black and purple.  Come to chop of branches.

Angel of power.  Connected to power grid.  Adjusting the power in the grid.  Increase.

Higher voltage.

Power of the age to come.  Power that you have not seen or tasted yet.  For I will take a stand amongst the wicked and the nations.  Power that will teach them to fear and to humble themselves again.  For wickedness has arisen from the nations.  Far too long.  I have tested and seen the hearts and spirits of man.  Now I am about to take a stand.

There will be hope again for those who fear My name.  Hope for the generational to come.  I will blow away the chaff of the weak.  The branching that you have not even seen and can’t tell because they are with the covenant of death.  All you can see the fruit.  My people tries to chop of the root and I am the God who can chop off the root.

This is the day I will make a standing he midst of the congregation.  Kingdoms will fall. Darkness shall arise.  My light over all.  You will become the beacon of light, the city on a hill.  The city that shall not disappear.  Your fruit shall stay.  He will heal the hearts who are disappointed.

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