Why Are We Not Healed?

(Note: This article is based on a sermon Paul preached at Mountain View Community Church in Kaneohe, Hawaii on February 5, 2022.) This morning I woke up and realized that I am feeling the branches. I started thinking about this and remembered that I have discerned branches many times over […]

Radical Obedience Resources May 2022

Article – The Collapse of a Christian Worldview Discernment Notes for the Head and Body Jana’s painting on the Whom of the Dawn: Song played during Beverly Chang’s hula dance:   Christ Manifested Martyn Lloyd – Jones Spiritual Gifts Article – Paul-L-Cox Spiritual Gift Questionnaire Spiritual Gifts Answer […]

Holy Ones and Judicial Decrees

The Lord has shown us that the Holy Ones are the Judicial Branch of the Divine Government, of which Jesus is in charge. During a recent generational prayer session, I noticed that as the client prayed I could feel hundreds of Holy Ones making judicial decrees and declarations; they were […]

January 2022 Resource Page

Summary of EHP Books through Volume 12 Monday Aslan’s-Place-Meeting-Guidelines Tuesday   Wednesday Introduction to Elements and DNA Fractals and Elements explanation Presentation on The Sound of the Lord Thursday Sound Verses   Domains Body Diagram – Printable Friday Replacing Ungodly Elders Prophetic words and notes taken during the week word […]