July 19, 2014 Sessions of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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During the morning session, Paul L. Cox facilitated a session where the group contended for justice.

During the afternoon session, Brian P. Cox and Jana Green facilitated a discussion on relationships. The topics included allowing God to constantly renew relationships and the use of discernment in marriage and friendships.


July 19, 2014

Biblical Discernment Coaching

[Note from Paul Cox: On October 19, 2013 I had a dream that Donna was pregnant. Today would be 9 months. The Lord gave me the new discernment last night and before the meeting today I talked to Larry Pearson and he saw a measuring rod in my left hand and flax in my right hand. During the session today we realized it was the bronze man from Ezekiel 40. It was some 24 hours later that Rob Gross from Kaneohe Hawaii told me that the bronze man was the Lord. Ez 43]

Cathy had a vision of Jesus.

Could you elaborate more about the dream you had in October about your wife getting pregnant and today was the birth? Paul: not really, not yet.

Larry on Skype: the day we brought Paul to the house the bridge had been closed to our house and that day it was opened. He prays “Lord, what do you want us to know?”

“There’s a new measure coming from heaven to rest upon his heels. He’s measuring the character because He wishes to birth the reality of his Son. This measuring rod will be as a plumline to bring demarcation between what was old to what is coming, what is new, what is not yet seen. A new vision is coming to those who will position themselves at His feet. My measure is looking for my Son. When I see my son, the new then has begun. Great winds of change have appeared above your head” Go and measure those that breath life and watch the increase. Signs on the earth, signs in the heavens. Signs on the earth release signs in the heaven. There is a new fire abound to release the feet of those that bring good news. To release an outpouring.

Paul was in Miami and…see if you can feel it, the letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Kaf, it’s the sound of “kite.” I realized that is kadosh, which means “holy.” Whatever the priest has on his head is ‘holy unto the Lord.’ It’s written on our heads, we’re holy unto the Lord. This works with what you said, Larry.

Joanne: It’s measuring the bride in terms of the holy ity a hundred and 44 cubits, the measure of a man. Angel and 21:17 is Paul carrying a plumline that is measuring the stature that goes back to the fusion passage as the body of Christ.

Eph 4:12, 13 talk about coming to the unity of the faith in the knowledge of the son of God to a perfect man the measure of the stature of the fullness of God.

Tobias: the dream Paul had, is Donna/his wife, the body of Christ.

Paul: We just moved to the outside. We’re in the heavenly court. Supreme heavenly court, the highest court. The courts in the Lord house.

Linda: it’s new proclamations for the sons of man.

Audience: some tie to the holy of holies. Paul has a measuring rod. So, it’s the court of the Lord’s house. We are in the Holy of Holies, the highest court. Audience: I’m wearing the breast plate that says yeshua, Jesus.

Larry: Whenever I feel the Holiness of God, I feel the stillness.

Audience: there is a number correlation to Kaf.

A painting by Janna, is of a pregnant woman in the deep releasing the butterfly. We will all be effectual. The world is behind her.

Paul had a dream last night. Acts 26:27.   It was a new beginning. Writing new chapters in the book of Acts. Janna said it feels real.

Double portion of yod, which is Kaph is 20. Isaiah 10, is for anointing.

Tobias: I see as if we are in a fog and beings speaking out.

Linda: I think the book is to be read in the court of the Lord.

Paul: there is great holiness here. Feel the fire going up. We are shifting dimensions, it’s as if they are rotating through the Holy of Holies.

Jana, if you were brought through the North Gate to the front of the temple, you establish this way. By your alignment, I have provided all you need to know. Notice the measuring rod as it turns to gold, as it does it reveals the new man. The perfect, the holy, will take a stand. Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh, this is the way. There’s justice in the gate. The paths of righteousness for His name. You acclimate to this place, from everlasting to everlasting. He reveals His face. What was, is now, here. What will be, will be revealed. As it is in Israel, will happen in the West. I’m forging a weapon for it’s use. Although your enemies will be different, the measures the same: to reveal the hidden ones for the land, for Adama, the man and the land. And I’m not done with what this country will do. I’m birthing it anew. And it still will lead the way, not as before, but you who proclaim will take your claim. And the words of your promise is holy and true for what will be is holy and true. For your given this rod to discern what is new for the walls and the gates will be established, for I make your walls of ruby. I make them anew for righteousness and justice will break through. There’s much to learn in this day, extra sensory perception will make the turn. You all have something to unlock this place.
Larry: what else is there Lord?

Paul, we are like a group standing before Him in the Holy of Holies.

Janna, that’s Ps 89.

Paul: Righteousness and justice are foundations of the throne, there is a movement.

Janna: Ps 97, clouds and darkness around His throne. Fire goes around him and burns up His enemies.

Ps 97: 1-3

Paul: this measuring rod is now throbbing. Lord says I’m going to set a new standard, *my* standard, not the standard of man. The earth is going to be judged by my standard, and it won’t be pretty.

He’s calling us to Holiness, goodness and mercy, purity. We’ve been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

Stephen T: I saw a dark figure being removed…it was “past times.” New times are coming.

Paul: I think there is healing in this rod. Janna will take this.

Man: Larry needs to release something for lion to come from him.

Larry: “on this continent we welcome the roar of the lion, the prophetic roar, we welcome the prophetic roar. I declare there is a movement to come back to the alignment of justice. Aslan is on the move to advance. You will advance with me into regions and realms that have not been seen. The company. My company shall be established in the hearts of the righteous ones. Let this be established in Germany, in Canada, in Asia. Let the roar of righteousness roar down. There will be a declare to break the back of the oppressor. The oppressor will become bankrupt. Now the transfer begins. The transfer will open up the treasury, the funds of the people of God. There will be a shift of understanding of how to steward great wealth. No more delay. No more delay.

Paul: that was very anointed.

Larry: this is the day that no more delay will rest on those chosen and he is not broke.

Paul is feeling a broken pot. Ez 24. In the ninth year, tenth month, write down this: seize of Jerusalem. Say to the rebellious, take the choice of the flock and boil a pot, cut and simmer it.

Audience: with Larry’s word, I degree and declare he is a sign and wonder. And breakthrough will come in all finances.

Greg and Kathleen: the Lord has a rod of judgement to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Deborah: justice and righteousness and plumbline.

Paul: righteousness will be the plumbline.

Janna: I keep hearing “send the early rain.” Early rain is blessings.

Paul: so we’re still in the Holy of Holies. Someone is coming, the son of man, Jesus is approaching the Father. Jesus is having a conversation with the Father. As our advocate. The conversation is finished.

The enemy is in the courtroom now. Satan is the adversary. Jesus is our advocate, our defense attorney.

Audience: I’m reminded of Job of the accuser is coming before the throne.

Argument are have something to do with healing. Enemy is arguing against it.

Audience: I am in court, the banksters threw me out of my house, I am contending. All emphasis on accusers.

The enemy is fighting against us in the courtroom. The whole side of the court is filled with accusers.

Paul: there is healing in my hand, and it’s oscillating.

Janna: someone just showed up. The 24 elders just showed up.

The healing is for the leaders for the church.

What Satan is saying is they are not in unity.

Jeff: Justice being birthed today and the healing is a result of judgement against illegal sickness from the enemy.

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The court has reconvened. Tobias is not just that Satan is blocking healing but so far I think he had been sending ungodly healing for his own glory. When this divine healing will break through, we will be healed.

Jesus before Father: see my wounds.

Matthew 26: 64. It is as you said. He just manifested His power. That is the verdict.

The Father is claiming His right as the power in the universe. He is the power.   This is a complex decision. Very intricate.

The enemy has been dismissed. There is no more recourse.   Can you feel the Father as power, in the back of my head.

Proverbs: the smoke is blown away. No more discussion.

It’s total healing: physical, emotional, spiritual, of the land.

There’s a rod in the hand, it’s deliverance off the cells of our bodies, off our DNA/RNA, off our cells. Deliverance coming off.

This is a baseline deliverance. All other deliverance should be compared to. Our original design.

Audience: got the word demarcation.

If two things are different, have to draw a line to see the difference.

The healing has intensified. A sound, a vibration attached to it.

Audience: saw a star go off.

David: saw the angel Archias. Glue that bonds heavens to the material.   Saw strands of light. Light up our cells.

Paul: the glorious ones, ties our physical body to the glorious ones.

Janna: 1 Cor 1: 26-28 For consider your calling not many wise or mighty according to flesh, but God has chosen the weak things to shame the strong and the base things, so that He may be strong Base: unborn.

Audience: vibrations: tuning fork.

Stochia are the elemental spirits mentioned in Galatians 2, 4:3, 4:9. But now after you have known God how is it you turn to the base elements (stochia). Colossians 3: behind all physical, spiritual in Greek thought. Stochia tied to the elements in the element table. All tied to 8. 8*8=64. Inter-dimensional grid.

Col 4: We were held in bondage under the elemental things (stochia) of the world, but he sent his son to redeem. The fullness of time is in your midst.

Deliverance still happening like carbonation, still.

Tobias, I have something weird feeling in my hand, what is it?

Paul, here’s the rod radiating power to give you deliverance.

Tobias: we’re supposed to stone Satan with this. Crush.



What was that black smoke?

The word was Jesus. He was the stone.

Cornerstone destroying the darkness, and becomes a great mountain.

Hebrews 12.

Tobias has pain in left toe, Paul feels heat under left foot.

Audience: don’t focus on problem but solution: Jesus.

Joanne: are we being pulled down past the soul into the depth below the soul?

David, cut off the head of Goliath.

Place of skull: goliath, golgatha. Jesus blood spilled over the place of the skull, Goliath, the Nephilim.

We are knit together in the deepest place.

James 3: from the same mouth, both blessings and curses. Does the same fountain pour forth both fresh and foul?

The Father is saying, “draw closer.” You are to be conduits of my power. Don’t you know, you are my body.

An angel walked up to us in the throne room.

Janna: from one end to the other the light reveals the son. Wherever the river goes brings life. It’s in your original DNA. The place of origin where you began, knit together in love, that’s where you stand. To be restored, don’t give up your fight. Your hope deferred, made heart sick. Desire filled is the tree of life, within. As light begets light, sound produces it. In the fullness of time, you see face to face. As you are fully known, you were, this is the place. The holy ones remind you of all you need to know. Before you were known. Remember from when, and what stone you were hewn from. Faith is the origin from where you begun.

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