September 25, 2012 Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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There are more gatherings.
A large company of angels and saints.
A long awaited gathering. An ingathering. A culmination of heaven and earth. A platform of justice so the righteous can be heard. Many have waited and cried out. A time of repentance. A time of comfort. A time of inheritance. This one has something to say.
Feel anticipation
Return to the stronghold oh prisoners of hope. My judgments are just. My inheritance, My inheritance. What is will be darker still. What is in light will soon be seen. So many will cross over. There is a fight. You hope will not be cut off. Be more certain still. Create a realm of agreement. A realm to take dominion. A realm of influence. Angels of inheritance. To breakthrough to get more discernment. A refining fire and judgments a must. But I am forging My weapon, in this you can trust. See a weapon forged out of application and on it is written “overcomer.”
Ken’s written tongue
Oh, Israel I call a nation to you that knows you not and you do not know. They hold a shield of remembrance. A protection and a defense. You will not be forsaken. Behold the answer for the world and they will soon see yet for a little while affliction comes against you. But go into your refuge until the indignation is past. For the Lord of everlasting never leaves or forsakes you.
I will open
I will open. I will open the way to you. And I will show you a new understanding. It was written before time and set in motion through My word. I will open your understanding. I will open the path. And I will call you to walk on them. New territory. Places you have not even imagined. New realms. New heights. New depths. Breath and width. I have called you to be equipping of My saints. And I will cloth you
in righteousness. You will now walk with a heavy foot that will shake your surrounding and vibrate the earth. All of creation will hear you coming as you travel the path that I have set before you. I have ordered your steps. And I have given you direction. Now I call you to step out to walk on the water. I give you the elements and I will teach you how to use them. Nothing is impossible with Me and the world will take notice. Become indignant at your surrounds. Take a stand. I will help you. I will strengthen you and I will firmly hold on to you. Move forward. March on. Fall into ranks. Know your place. I will provide. Do not be afraid for this is the time I have appointed.
Spirit of God. I am breathing on a remnant. I am waking a prepared people. Breathing resurrection power of the soul winner. Discernment is not just for deliverance. It is for the evangelist. That will be like Joel’s army where the garden of
Eden is before them and a fire behind them. They will climb upon a wall into the windows and take the cities. They will burn with desire for the lost, for the broken, for the sick. They are beyond the wisdom of man. They are propelled by passion and a desired fulfilled. To eat the fruit of abundance for the inheritance to be revealed. It is a soul cry for the lost and it has been heard. They will be nosy as men for the King will go before them like a breakthrough of water through the gates. You have been faithful for a few and more will be given. And these few will lead out the many with signs and wonders and powers to heal and the lost will hear for the truth to be revealed. For these will break through the darkness, the veil of fear. For the light is so bright for the Lord to be revealed. America is still a missionary and her hope will not be cut off. The roots go deep and the seeds were scattered and the leaves are for the healing of the nations. These will join them and train them on the way. The spirit of righteous men made perfect before the Lord’s Day.
To Raylene
You have contended for it and now it is here. It is for you and your descendants forever. For the things hidden belong to God and the things revealed belong to you and your descendants. You have waited long and you have fought hard. But He is inviting you to the rest. And you will look on and the recompense of the wicked. Return to the stronghold oh prisoners of hope. Hawaii is a pivotal turn for you. You will walk in wholeness and health. I will return double to you. Double for your trouble. And you will be renewed in spirit and your mind steadfast. Health and assurance for you certainly will not lack.

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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