Notes and Video from our September 15, 2012 Session

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Almond branch
Have I not told you that I have declared war. The heavens are shaking. There is war in the heavenlies. There is war in the earthly realm. You are only seeing a small portion of what is going on. I want to give you wisdom. I want to give you more authority. I want to give you more power and that includes My people not just a person. I have called my warriors to come forth. I will speak it again. Warriors come forth. There is turmoil. Major turmoil. The earth is shaking became of the turmoil. Fear not I am with you. I am in control and the almond tree and it is a symbol of what the enemy has done to My people. The enemy has stolen from My people. Take it back. Take it back now. Take back the miracles. Take back the signs and wonders, the healings. Take back the authority and the power.
I am hitting my legs, my thighs…authority.
It sounds like horses. What you do when you are riding a horse.
Seeing that I have been carried out to a place that is really high and we will be able to look down on the valley. Looks like the camp of the Lord with the Captain of the Host. They look like soldiers. Lots of movement. Like in the middle of the war. There are different tents and different groups that are receiving orders. It is like right before going out to battle. The horses are surrounding the camp. We are all up above so we can see into the camp. A huge group of people.
Elijah is here
There is strong apostolic here…Paul
Was not Elijah known for coming against false prophets. Is not the world filled with false prophets now?
There is a new time. There is a new season. Come forth. Come forth. Arise. Arise apostles. I can see someone standing with a rod. Huge authority. Banging the rod on the floor. The time is now. There is something opening up. Something giving birth. Something coming forth. A new season. Come forth My people. Rise up in your calling. For this is the time and the season to take back the land. My apostles rise up, break off the bondage. Bring healing to the land.
Freedom to the prisoners. Picture of the army plundering the enemy. Rescuing the prisoners from the enemy and we are taking the plunder in the midst of the battle. Real sense of the desperation of the enemy. This really matters. This is a big deal. The enemy is trying to get back the prisoners that have lost. This battle is a battle to the death.
Ken’s written tongue …
See it as a bunch of symbols. It is the natural as it is in the spiritual.
Numbers 7, 9. Maybe an infinity sign.
Speaks tongue. Sounded native American
Rejoice rejoice for I am the Lord God Almighty. I am a warring God and I am dispatching My people to follow My directions. They shall be victorious. You will see the difference. Now is the time to change. Things have gone to far. My people are in sin. Call My people to repent. They are in the world and of the world. My leaders are in sin. How can My people know right from wrong when my leaders are in sin and spewing out this evil.

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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