April 19, 2014 Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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In this session, prayer ministers Brian Cox and Jana Green provide an explanation of generational deliverance. They also answer questions posed by participants.


  • In the old days we would try to remove the influence of evil off of a person by speaking through the person to the demon. We shouldn’t talk to evil this way because they are deceivers. Rather, ask for God’s discernment. This requires the usage of all of the gifts, such as words of knowledge, mercy, discernment, etc. All ministry must be conducted by God’s lead
  • In finding generational strongholds, we remember that we all have sinned; we have an inheritance of sin. However, we are grafted into Abraham which is a rich inheritance. Satan’s inheritance is garbage.
  • Our focus and goal is to gain understanding of how the generational stronghold took root and how to get victory in Christ. Don’t watch for the struggle, rather look to the victory.
  • Generational repentance is not for the sake our ancestors but rather to deal with the consequences of their sin. It is each person’s responsibility to repent for their own sins.
  • We often hear the statement, “Jesus finished the work at the cross. Therefore, generational repentance is not necessary.” However, we are told in Philippians 2:12 to “work out our salvation”. Working out salvation means following God’s lead as we exercise the authority we have through Jesus Christ to clean up our lives and our family line.
  • Some lies we believe: “Things happen for a reason”; “God caused it.” We must remember that “Not all are God’s reasons.” God created a place where His will is not automatic; it is automatic in heaven. God did not reset the universe when sin was introduced into the world. Generational Deliverance steers us back to God. We make mistakes in our lives; but we are not condemned, Romans 8:1, if we repent and accept the forgiveness to go and be free.
  • (At this time, Aaron—one of the online participants saw an oval ring of fire: a holy ring of fire and chariots)
  • We need to forgive others so we won’t give the enemy a foothold. When helping a person through deliverance and healing from trauma, it is good to ask the person, “Have you had the opportunity to forgive this person?”
  • Rapid Inner Healing/Gestation: Bless each month. Discernment of each month. Feelings? What was the identity God had chosen for me to be born into? Help them to be born into their identity if they are ready.
  • We must remember that the Bible in its original writing is infallible. The Bible should always be the final test of truth.
  • Deborah asked, “Do we repent on behalf of the generational line?” Brian indicated that as it is indicated in Exodus 3 and 4, we identify the sin in the generational line and we repent of that sin. This removes the poison from the line and we can call forth the blessings. We are repenting on behalf of specific behaviors, not the generational line. Again, this isn’t about condemnation, but rather for the purposes of identification so it can be repented of. We are called out of rebellion into obedience. We identify through discernment as in Hebrews 5:13 through 14.
  • Question: “By me cleaning it up, are my children cleaned up?” Yes, it is helping your children. Blessings remove the blockage. God takes into consideration each individual. As we pray, we are moving closer and closer to God’s original plan.
  • Question: “Is suicide a sin?” Yes, but not for that specific person; can’t judge it! We do separate ourselves from God’s [plans/will] when we suicide.
  • Question (from Jackie): “Should we carry their pain as we set people free?” NO! We never take the pain off a person, only Jesus does that! Witchcraft can take away demons from a person so that person can have more power. Don’t carry the pain, but may detect it. We offer strength and faith, not suffering. Only Jesus does the intercession.
  • When identifying specific generational strongholds, we look at the time, patterns, and geographical locations. Holy Spirit breathes life into and brings healing.
  • When discerning a spirit, we want to recognize what is happening, identify if it is from God or the enemy, what to do, and the timing. This takes training. We walk in the mind of Christ and He trains us.
  • There are prayers on the website we can utilize as a starting point. These prayers were often developed with 40 to 50 people agreeing together. We don’t pray these prayers over and over, because then it becomes more about the prayer and takes the focus off of following God’s lead. Prayer is a conversation.
  • Question from Jessica: “Perhaps experiencing witchcraft from another person, or a “part” of that person…What do you do?” Pray for that person…perhaps even in private. When we discern evil around a person, we shouldn’t assume that the person is doing anything wrong. They may be under attack. Or there may simply be evil in the area. Remember that we are called to pray for all the saints. (Ephesians 6:18)
  • Manifestations: When clearing one sin, doesn’t mean all evil leaves. Address the evil to leave. Watch for the victory and not the problem. We can become used to the problem; similar to the “Stockholm syndrome.” The mind-set is locked into it. Rather, it is a time of celebration of the healing that is coming from Jesus. The enemy would prefer it gets all of the attention, instead of focusing on Christ. When evil comes, we must focus on worshiping God, not on the battle itself.

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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