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Ravens: Unseen Evil, Unwilling Eyes

The story is all to common. People like you, followers of Christ, are exposed to the supernatural by the Holy Spirit. You begin to realize that the spiritual gifts discussed in the Bible didn’t die with the apostles. Your eyes are opened to the fact that we really are in the midst of a spiritual battle. The problem is, there may not be others around you who are equipped to help you navigate this supernatural environment.

First published in 2000, Ravens – Unseen Evil, Unwilling Eyes, is the fictional story of an American Baptist pastor and God’s transformative move that brought him into a ministry of discernment and deliverance.

This book is a primer, an introduction to spiritual conflict. It is a vehicle to communicate the early lessons and experiences that await anyone who has a calling similar to ours. May God use it to shape their understanding, prepare them for ministry, and confirm their experience.


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