Prophetic Word While in Hong Kong – November 19, 2011

While I was in Hong Kong with my friend Rob Gross from Kaneohe, Hawaii, we were in a car just leaving a training seminar.  An angel showed up in the car and our host in Hong Kong received the following message.  Our host felt an urgency that this message was not just for Hong Kong but for all of us.  I also felt that this was a significant message for this time.  The message is below. 

– Paul Cox, Aslan’s Place.

It is the time that the gates have to lift their heads to welcome in the Glory of the King.  Lift up your heads all you gates.  It is the time to lift up your heads, each and every one of us are the gate keepers and we have been given the keys.  Cry out now for Me to enter and I will come.  When the Bride says come I will come.

“Lord we pray for a heart that will cry for Your coming.”

It is time.  It is time.  The revival is now!  The revival is now and the gates must lift up their heads and they must cry for the entering in of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.   Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord for the crooked path has been made straight.  The time is now for the highway is being built.  The highway of holiness is being built.

“Lord we ask You now to make every path that is crooked straight.”

A personal corporate church government.  All lines are being made straight.  Crossroads.  I am seeing roads all over the place making crossroads where there were crossing before, they are crossing.  Convergence, convergence. When the convergence is made there will be a time of birthing.  Three, three, three.  Jeremiah 33:3.

“Lord we ask that You will now share with us Your secrets.”

It is time for the sharing of secrets. Enter into rest and receive the secrets specifically for you.  Now is the time for you to wait for Me to give you the secrets for this season.  This message is not just for you in the car.  This message must go out to be declared and proclaimed over the nations.  It is the moment for the  nations to rise up and for every gatekeeper to stand up straight and to cry out for the Lord to come to America (especially Hawaii), to  Ethiopia, to New Zealand, to Hong Kong, over to China.  Now is the time to rise up even to Myanmar, even to North Korea. You will see a highway of Holiness.  Once it was a ley line and you could not see it because it was crooked but now you see it because it is straight.  It is time.  It is time.  Now this highway of holiness leads to Jerusalem, back to Jerusalem

“Oh  Lord we cry out now for You to come, to come back to Jerusalem.  Your Bride, Your Bride is crying out to You back to Jerusalem.”

Now I am releasing understanding in areas where I have blocked you before.  It is a new season and you will receive new information and new understanding about My Bride, about the older brother and the Bride’s connection between the younger brother and the older brother.  I will give you the secret key.  Receive now, receive now the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley, My intimacy with  you.  Now is the time, now is t he time.  Swallow and drink the holy water I have given to you

“Lord I thank You for Your royal diadem, the multi-faceted reflection of unity.

Each different, but the same.  Holy Spirit unite us in Your Spirit.  We can only

Unite in Your Spirit.”

Everything is now going to be made smooth.  Everything is going to be made straight.  Time and an alignment is going to come.  Before there was discord.  Now there is harmony.  Harmony is released.  Now we are in tune.  The Lord is releasing a vibration and a sound that will bring everything that was in discord into harmony and then you will all vibrate as one.  All misunderstanding will be broken up.  All of the chaos will be broken off.  All of the work of the dragon will be broken off.  Leviathan and Rahab cut to pieces

“Lord I thank you and praise You for the new season.”

Strengthening, strengthening, everyone strengthened.  Everyone strengthened in every area of their life.  Every door that was weak, I am now strengthening.

I will release strategy to  defend every door, every open door the enemy has been entering freely

“Oh Lord I praise you and I ask you to release strategy.

It is time for evangelism.  It is time to take dominion.  You will step on scorpions, raccoons, serpents, lions, and every dark thing.  Deception, deception. You  will see deception.  The Lord is releasing night goggles so that people can see the evil  in the dark.

I will give you bones like a dog  is given bones and you will have to chew on them and chew of them and chew on them until your teeth are strengthened.  I am opening up your brain and your mind.  I am reconnecting your brain.  I am releasing new neuropaths and a new way so you will be able to connect things other cannot.  You will be able to discern things that others cannot.

Many from the other side will now come into the Kingdom.  They will come with the secrets of the enemy.  You will harvest them and do not be afraid because they will tell you things that are so far out but I am telling you that you are grounded in Me.  I will ground you in Me so that you will not be afraid.  You will be able to make sense of everything from the kingdom of darkness.  You will expose them.  It is time to expose them.  It is time to expose the high level strategy of the kingdom of darkness because it is time for My great harvest.

Everything is being aligned in the Body of Christ.  The Body has never been so strong.  Look for the pieces next to you and connect only to the pieces that are next to you.  Do not connect to the ones that do not understand.  Discern carefully who is right next to you.  Join one at a time.  Slowly and surely I will build up the body.  Slowly and surely  I will build up a giant.

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