May 25, 2013 Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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These are basic notes and prophetic words that were delivered during the session.
We do not submit any of this information as doctrine. Please personally test these notes

Matthew 26:59 – in the context of the trial of Jesus (v.64 – sitting on the right hand of power – ‘dunamis’)
Acts 1:8 – but you shall receive power (‘dunamis’)
I began wondering if this is connected to the transformer
Word from the holy spirit:
Will you welcome me? Will you create a place where I can be comfortable to express what I want to express?
I’m asking if you will invite me to come – and you will see me in a way that you have never seen me before and you will experience me in the very depth, in the very core of your being
Paul: Exodus 19:16 – my dream – smoke on Mt. Sinai
Exodus 33:13 – “know” – yada – to know by our 5 physical senses (we’re talking about His presence) – it’s no longer about what He does it’s about who He is – about His power – about the Father – his power – the Son of Man – the Spirit – the person
Hebrews 5:14/15 – to discern (with the 5 physical senses)
ANGEL HERE…another angel in back of room….Justin says there is a sea of angels surrounding us
Paul…we are to become ministers of His Presence….we do this together. He is going to do it.

Welcome to the family…
So often you think you are alone, that word is not from me that word is not from my family. How can a body be separated from itself? When a body
The enemy has been to a degree successful at placing dams in my river… the dams will be broken…
Choose whether you would like to be fixing the damn or swimming in the river…the river is a lot more fun…
Norma senses there is an army of angels.`I was hearing the word agua – which is water then he gave me the verse John 4:14 – I saw an army of angels – I want to say it was a gusher of water cleansing us, refreshing us – when the lady said her mouth was real watery – that’s been happening the last couple of days – I’m noticing that the more I’m reading the word – the more saliva is produced because he so wants to be in intimacy with us and I’m hearing, ‘Don’t put your toe in the water, but jump in – jump in fully submerging yourself”

Paul : isn’t it interesting – Hebrews – that ‘solid food is for the discerning’

Ann – I think there might be either a waterfall or something coming down that comes into a river right here – I guess the impression that there’s a waterfall coming down – going out of the community and will spread across the whole desert – and there will be new life and new growth – I have declared it and decreed it – I say new life out with the old – out – new life come forth – come forth – now – new life

Ann – do you feel water there or is It my imagination?
We are so concerned with being politically correct in the church – God has given us a physical body that is so complex – even as we step out by faith – we have fear, we have fear of man – you break off the fear and you step out – unless we begin to use all the faculties we have been given, how can we learn
Everyone receives pearls – pearls of great price

Welcome to the family. So often you think you alone. That word is not from me not from My family. How can a body be separate from itself? When a body functioned against itself that is called disease. That is not of Me. The enemy has been to a degree successful at placing dams in My river. The dams will be broken. And my river will flow. Choose whether you want to work on fixing the dam or swimming in the river. Swimming in the river is a lot more fun. He wants us to swim and not touch the bottom.

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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