Understanding and Implementing Generational Prayer


This is the second five-day course in our intern program. It is a foundational course and has no pre-requisites.

It is a prerequisite for live participation in our course, “Leading a Generational Prayer Session”.

When you purchase this course, you’ll receive a link to download a file containing links to videos of all five days plus other resources.



Description from the original course:

Topics to be addressed during this course:

Why can’t I succeed in life?

Why do I always have problems?

Where is the abundant life the Bible speaks of?

Can Christians be demonized?

How would you define generational prayer?

Is generational prayer the same as deliverance?

Is deliverance the same as an exorcism?

Is it common for people to gag and vomit and roll around on the floor during deliverance

Since Jesus took care of everything at the cross, why should I bother with generational prayer?

Are curses real? Can one person curse another? Is there such a thing as cursing yourself?

What is a generational curse?

Aren’t curses limited to three or four generations (Exodus 34:7)?

How does one identify a generational curse?

Are generational curses the same as generational sin/iniquity?

How can one repent for things their ancestors did? Isn’t each person responsible for himself?

When we pray generational prayers, does God forgive those who are already dead?

Can I pray generational prayers on behalf of other people?

Why do you have so many scripted prayers? Shouldn’t we pray as led by the Spirit from the heart?