Utilization of Spiritual Gifts in Ministry


This is the third five-day course in our intern program. It is a foundational course and has no pre-requisites.

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Description from the original course:

Topics to be addressed during this course:

1. Explore the Biblical teachings about spiritual gifts

2. Learn the difference between the gift of prophecy in the Old and New Testaments

3. Examine the categories of Spiritual Gifts

4. Explore how the different gifts may play out in the personality characteristics of their recipients

5. Develop an understanding of how to operate in your spiritual gifts

6. Identify the difference between Spiritual Gifts and the five -fold offices

7. Learn how creativity and spiritual gifts are connected

8. Learn to identify the corruption of God-given gifts versus false gifts

9. Discuss how the gifts should be used in churches and/or other gatherings of believers

Discover answers to common questions regarding the gifts, such as:

1) Why don’t many churches welcome and allow the expression of the gifts of their members?

2) How can I express my gifts when my church doesn’t allow it?

3) How many spiritual gifts can we have?

4) Should we pray for a certain gift?

5) What gifts are most important?