Living in Radical Obedience to the Father


This is the first five-day course in our intern program. It is a foundational course and has no pre-requisites.

When you purchase this course, you’ll receive a link to download a file containing links to videos of all five days plus other resources.



Description from the original course:

Topics to be addressed during this course:

Is there really a spiritual world?

Can only people with super powers know what is happening in other dimensions?

Can I do what Biblical people did?

Is Church only about information?

I am feeling things on my body…what is going on?

What is discernment?

What does, “Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing,” mean? How does one see that which is invisible?

I don’t see or feel anything spiritual; is there something wrong with me if I can’t discern anything?

Why do I feel things differently than other people?

Am I discerning something evil when it is painful?

How can one really know what God’s will is?

How is it possible to go into the dimensions like they do on movies?

Are demons fallen angels?

I was taught that there are many different biblical terms that describe angels (i.e., cherubim, watchers, seraphim, powers, etc.). How many kinds of angels are there?

Encountering spiritual beings sounds like a New Age practice, so is discerning them biblical?

Isn’t it witchcraft to dabble in spiritual matters?

Is it biblical to talk with angels? Is it OK to summon and command angels?

I’ve heard a lot of talk about ‘going to court’. How do I go to a spiritual court?

How can I tell the difference between good and evil?

Is discernment the same as a word of knowledge or a knowing?

How do I know I am discerning correctly?

How can I practice discernment?

How can I experience something that isn’t physical with my five physical senses?

How can I know if I am paying attention to my mind/soul or my spirit?

What sort of things can be discerned spiritually?