Prayer – Ruling and Reigning With Christ

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Lord Jesus I repent for any decision that I may have made with the enemy before conception because of fear or doubt about your goodness and plan for my life. I understand that this decision may have resulted in the right for the enemy to negatively affect my DNA and RNA and the living water that was to flow out of me. I now exercise my authority in Christ based on the finished work of the cross and the blood of Christ over the contamination of the fiery stones and the living water. I now ask you Lord to remove the influence of wormwood over the living water and purify that water. Lord please remove me from any ungodly orbs, trapezoids, and geospheres in all dimensions and from the ungodly depth.

Please release into me the fullness of your living water and assign to me all righteous lights. I now ask Lord that you will come against all assignments made against me and heal all of my diseases. Please remove from me any ungodly coating and all ungodly garments. Please remove me from any ungodly constellations and all ungodly zodiacs.

Please close all ungodly gates and doors that give the enemy access to me especially through any ungodly triangles, tetrahedrons, and trapezoids. Lord, please purify all the living water assigned to me. Please remove all ungodly water spirits and seducing spirits.

I repent and renounce for all ungodly baptisms and water rituals. Please remove me from Wormwood and from all ungodly places in the depth, height, length, and width associated with wormwood. Please disconnect me from all ungodly stars. Please reconnect me according to your original design to the length, width, height and depth. Bring all godly dimensions and quadrants into perfect equality.

I repent for all generation bestiality. Please bring all uncontaminated fiery stones through Your blood back to me. Lord please remove all animal, fish, bird, and Nephilim DNA and RNA from my DNA and RNA. Lord, please remove all reptilian scales from my eyes and the seven spiritual eyes you have given to me.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I repent for anytime I may have said that I did not want You to make me and that I was angry about how You made me and I decided that I would remake myself. I repent for any time I was unwilling to yield to You as the clay yields to the potter. I repent for any time I chose the enemy’s plan rather than Your plan.

I understand that any decisions I may have made before conception may have given right for the enemy to take the jewels of my spirit into the void and the darkness. I also understand that this may have affected my spiritual authority and my ability to rule and reign. I understand that this may have also sealed up the treasures in darkness that you intend me to have.

I acknowledge that in my generational line this may have resulted in phallic worship and the lust of the eyes, declaring that I would produce my own seed without you and that I would save myself through prostitutional idolatry trying to reproduce without You, Lord. I acknowledge that my generational line and I may have tried to multiply and fill the earth without You, Lord, by trying to find secret knowledge. I repent for discontentment with Your ways and Your design of Me. I repent for my discontentment and the discontentment of my family line with how you made me and what you gave to me. I repent for my discontentment and the discontentment of my family line with the authority, position, and place you have assigned me.

I acknowledge that this may have affected the spiritual eyes You have given me and may have resulted in all kinds of barrenness. I ask Lord that You will return through Your blood to me any parts of my spirit that may be scattered in the void. Lord please resurrect all parts of my spirit.

I now declare that I will rule and reign with the scepter that You have given to me. Lord please correctly align the scepter You have given to me with the stone in my hand and the seven eyes of the Lamb.

I now repent for trying to be my own sacrifice rather than acknowledging that you are the only sacrifice. I remove myself from the ungodly altar and I declare that I am seated with Christ in heavenly places and that I will rule and reign with My God. Lord please remove any dragons from me that are seated on any thrones.

Lord Jesus, I take my position as a revealed son of God and I stand against the spirit of Shebna[1] who has taken the key of David in my family line and restricted the access that You desire me to have to the house of wisdom and the godly height and I acknowledge that this spirit has hewn a grave and placed itself in the ungodly height and has placed himself into the ungodly rock, perverting the rock who is Jesus. I now ask, Lord, that You will throw him away violently, this one who is the leader of the ungodly mighty men. Lord please seize him and turn violently against him and toss him like a ball into a large country where this spirit will die with all of his ungodly chariots. Lord please cause him to bring shame to his master’s house and drive him out of his office and from his position so that he will be pulled down. I do not allow the spirit of Shebna to cause me to dwell in his ungodly tabernacle.

I now ask Lord Jesus that You will take the key of David and place it on Your shoulder and I declare that You are the rightful authority over the Father’s house because the Father has delegated the house to You. I acknowledge Lord that You are clothed with a robe and You are strengthened with a belt and that all in my household is now Your responsibility.

Lord, I now declare that you are in the role of Eliakim and I declare Lord that You are fastened in a secure place and that You occupy a glorious throne in Your Father’s house and Lord I acknowledge all of the glory of Your Father’s house is hung on You and on all Your sons and daughters. I declare that Your glory now fills all the vessels from the smallest to the greatest.

Lord please remove Shebna’s peg and the burden that was on it. We cut it off because the Lord has spoken.

I declare that all the gates and doors that Jesus opens will remain open and all the gates and doors that Jesus closes will remain closed. I declare my family and I will no longer be contained by the religious system and by false houses and that my tent pegs will be extended and I will operate in the sphere of authority that the Lord has given to me and I will no longer be contained by mere men. I break the power of all those words of containment off of me and all words of jealousy and envy and gossip I break off of me. Lord shut these ungodly gates and doors that encircles me and open up the righteous gates and doors that You are knocking on that give me the ability to come and go as the Holy Spirit directs.

I break off the power of limitations, of pastor’s words and leader’s words and the ungodly words of the body of Christ. I declare Jesus will be my God and I will be His person and I choose to submit myself unto others even as they submit themselves unto me. I declare that I and those in the Body of Christ will now make up the one new man in Christ in which every joint will supply and everyone will do his part.

I am no longer the audience. I am the participant. I ask Lord that you will remove the ungodly rock and I declare that the Lord Jesus Christ is my rock and He will destroy the systems of the world and fill the Earth as a great mountain.

[1] Isaiah 22:15-25

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