October 27, 2012 Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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We have been discussing the glorious ones and the elemental spirits.
Paul is feeling Michael and he is carrying us somewhere.
You are in the cloud. This is positioning. Return to the stronghold oh prisoner of hope.
I will make Judah a bow and Ephraim an arrow. The double portion is your inheritance.
The double portion is our vengeance. Arrows are like lighting and I will go over the sons
of Greece with the sons of Zion. The sons of Zion with the Holy Ones. Feel the cloud of
witnesses. The Lord of Host will go before them. The army is of heaven and the church
of the first born. It is on Mount Zion that you are strong. What you behold you become.
Learn from the Holy Ones, the true ones. You are connected by light to the Most High,
El Elyon. You are connected to each other. That is what makes you strong. Light
becomes light and you create a realm you influence dominion. You take the wealth.
You will trample on the fling stones and build the new. You will be a diadem in His
hands. The living stones built one upon another, the true ones, the true sons. Redeem
the elements for spirit, soul and body will be one. Creation itself will be won. The eyes
have it, it is important in this. Healing through light. Cell upon cell the spirit becomes
the light that heals.
We present Ken’s Drawing
Linda’s interpretation:
Looks like the tent of meetings. Bottom looks like fish. Bottom right. Sling shot of
David and Goliath.
Has to do with the Glory of God. At tent of meeting each tribe had a banner. Upper
right side it is a door and there will be a key to it.
I have a message – Holy Holy is the lord of glory, heaven and earth is filled with his glory
– I make a declaration today over my people – enter ye all into my war room – I will give
you heavenly armour – heavenly armour to disconnect the armour of those who contend
with you and your people. I give you all ropes of light that is filled with my power that is
filled with 7 colors. Red to cover your heart, blue to cover your mouth, yellow to cover
your eyes, green to cover your mind, purple to cover your body, orange to cover your
face and white to cover your head. Crowns of righteousness are being dispersed in the
room – crowns of glory to fight spirits. What you are looking at is a sail – my sail that is
filled with my glory with different colors of light. You can travel through these lights as a
protection and a covering from the enemy. You can travel through them in myholy grid
to come to the war room and appropriate whatever weapon you want to war.
Michael has taken us to a realm of healing.
Going up is going in. for the kingdom of heaven to begin. That is why the King of
Heaven is a realm you create. It is where the Eloheim hears from heaven and restores
the gate.
The systems of authority were at the gate. That is where it was given away. That is
where it remains. Two opinions that waver possess these gates. Which is true for
belief and which is deception. What you resonant is with what is familiar. The think you
know may be in the way of what you should know, in the heart of the believer. Why do
you waver between two opinions. For imagination creates a reality. The very thing that
put you there will put you out. Imagination creates reality. It is a good place to start.
Sound begun light and light begun color. Frequencies and vibration restores the body.
The body within and the body without. For the Kingdom of God is within and the
Kingdom of Heaven without. Going down to go up. It is the righteous depth. It is in the
Paul feels we are in a bad place. It is a gate with evil devices to keep us from getting to
this place. Ken through the direction of the Lord removed the device. We then walked
through a gate of healing.
Sandra prayed and her shoulder was healed!

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