November 22, 2014 Sessions of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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During the morning session, Paul L Cox facilitates a discussion of the Golden Pipes as a manifestation of God’s power. The group also studies Zechariah 4.  A transcript of the morning session is provided below the video links.

Jana Green delivered this word:

Michael the Archangel

Oh mighty breath of God move in power and grace. Let your wind blow, let your fire fall, and move upon this place.
These two standing here testify of truth. One is the power and one is the word. I have given them bodies so they will be heard. They are separate but one and they feed the anointing that breaks the yoke for the deceiver has set his heart against you but I have come with a fire, a fury against the enemy who has deceived you. It is a fire of jealousy. I set a platform of three [legislative, judicial, and executive Branch] for by judgment justice is received. And this is only set for those who perceive to discern righteousness and justice which is My throne, a place of the Most High Judge to be made known. And this is the one who stands over all the earth, the earth is but a footstool to bring forth the one who is truth. These two align to testify. For you enter in through the veil of all time, grace before you and grace behind. For the veil must unfold. You judge the wicked. And this cloud is so great, a cloud of witnesses but they wait for you to testify and enter in. Step in and expect the glory for the judge of the universe is within. All must know and all must testify so you may measure the height, the width, the depth, and length.


During the afternoon session, Brian Cox shares a teaching from Genesis 22, where Jacob is called to sacrifice Isaac.  The group also participates in a Bible study on powers and follows God’s lead in practicing discernment.



Nov 22, 2014 Morning Session



Father, we just thank you for our time together, and Lord we know that you do have an agenda for today, and we bless your name. We ask Lord that you will guide us and direct us and you will lead us, Lord that we will continue to grow in your presence. We love you Lord so much. We understand how without your Holy Spirit and your gifts we can do nothing. And so we desperately ask for your guidance and your direction. Amen.

We just got a word here, small but powerful. Last month we had just returned from Hawaii, and we shared what I think we’re going to talk about again this morning, because this is what I am still feeling. And I have a sense that the Lord wants to expand our understanding, and so this very much is a participation event, because we really do need wisdom and understanding. We need the manifold wisdom of God to understand what is happening.

On October, I believe it was the 14th, (Brian, if you could put up the picture that I sent you), I was in Hawaii. The Lord had me on a two day fast, and in the afternoon, I had 2 two-hour prayer appointments for ministry. In the midst of the first prayer session, all of a sudden there was a huge shift and I felt what feels like hot railroad tracks on the back of my head right here. And I was really wondering what had just happened, what was going on.

In the next session I realized that my discernment was totally different than it had been before in terms of deliverance. Let me go back and review what happened. Brian, if you could get that picture up.


Dad it will be just a minute. We are still trying to get people working.


  1. When I called Jana Green, she drew what she saw on the back of my head. I realized that there is so much power on me that I could not any longer accurately discern the deliverance.

Now in 1989 I did my first deliverance. In 1991 the Lord gave me the gift of discernment. And probably somewhere around 1996 or 97, after prophetically being told that with one word I would caste them out, a friend of mine in North Pole, Alaska, (not the North Pole, but the city, which is outside of Fairbanks) called and said, the Lord told me to give you Mt 8. And so I looked at the verse, Mt 8:16 When evening had come, they brought to him many who were demon possessed and he caste out the spirits where they were, and healed all who were sick. And so he said to me, do you know what that means? And because I had been told that one day I would do that, I said, I think I do.

And so I started to do deliverance and I would say a word, and I learned not to say the word because then I started deliverance on everybody. But then I would lock into people and I could feel the deliverance coming off my head right here where I discern evil. This is my default evil spot. And in those days it would be for up to 72 hours, so for up to three days I would actually feel deliverance coming off, and it was extremely exhausting. After several years, there was a transition, and I noticed that when I went to bed, I didn’t feel deliverance anymore. Before that I would feel it all night, and I was interested in that.

And then we had the revelation of the star, which I think was around 2009. And that was a new release of power, and the deliverance actually changed. It was not quite as hard. And then I had the revelation of the rulers. I hope I’m getting this right. Maybe it was the rulers first, and then the star. And then in 2010 I had the revelation of Melchizedek. Then the deliverance again changed. And it got easier for a while, but then the Lord started going deeper and deeper in deliverance.

And I have got to the point, before last month, where I wondered how much longer I could do this, because it was so exhausting. I would pray for two people, and then all that evening I would just be really, really exhausted because of the level of deliverance I was feeling. So on October the 14th this year, 2014, this showed up on the back of my head. This is what Jana saw, and we did not have any idea what it was. But then by that weekend, so it was Tuesday, I think then by Thursday night by a man that I know in Hawaii, the Lord told me that these were transducers.

Now a transducer takes power in one form and changes it into another form. I just learned all this. I’m in a constant science course now. So this microphone here (see?) changes sound energy into electrical energy, and goes to the microphone and then is recorded.


Another way to explain that is (Paul-Yes) on an ultra sound, they have that mechanism called the transducer. And the ultrasound takes sound and transfers it into sight. That’s how we get that picture.


So that’s a transducer also. (Jana-Yes)

Well, of course we always, when these things happen to us, we want to know, “Where is this in the bible?” And when we had our last meeting together, last October, I don’t think we had that revelation. And I can’t remember how this happens, but I realized that actually this is in the bible. So we want to go there, and we need to understand some things that I do not understand yet. So you turn to Zachariah 4, which is a passage we’ve used many times over the years.

Now while you’re looking at it, what happens is I am standing now in the center of a whirlwind, and what’s interesting is that Chuck Pierson says this is the year of the whirlwind, right? And I am in the eye of the storm, and so I put my hands right about here, and I can engage the whirlwind and I feel the whirlwind around me and the whirlwind appears to be going from my right to my left in this direction.

When the person came for the second appointment, on October 14th, I realized that when I prayed for her, instead of feeling the deliverance here, which I always felt on my head, I did not feel it any more. I could feel it in the distance, (it’s like trying to describe an orange) but I could feel the deliverance in the distance, but it seemed that these rods, the power on them was carrying the deliverance.

Now when this first happened, they burned for weeks. It’s been now, today is the 22nd, so it’s been a little over a month, and especially the first couple of weeks it would be so much power that, I remember one night, I just went to bed, because the burning on the back of my head was so strong, and the level of power was so great. What’s interesting is as we’ve gone different places, people start feeling the pipes, and we call these pipes. Then I’ll tell you why. And we can feel them burning. Then we realized that they seem to go all the way up, maybe into the dimensions somewhere or something. And they also appear to go all the way down into the ground.

Since then, well let me tell you what happen. This lady had come in. We have known her for many years. She is probably one of the most gifted people that I have known. And she was having a lot of difficulty and so I just sat there. I didn’t know what else to do, where in the past we had gone through prayers, and you know, gone back through the generations. I just felt like I was not to do any of that. And so I just sat there, and she was seeing all sorts of things, and she’s seeing people, and she could see things in the spirit, and we finished and then she went home. And she called me; I think it was the next day. And she said, “I have had chronic hip pain for years, and it’s gone.” And I’m thinking, “Wow!” Now, I didn’t do anything about that, and she was healed.

I came home, and we started doing ministry, and I continued to have the same experience where I’m in the eye of this whirlwind, and, as I say, this goes around like this. And the whirlwind and the power seem to do the deliverance. If you remember when I was sharing this last month, that entire week of the 13th 14th, we were in Hawaii and they’re expecting hurricane Anna to hit the island, which was unprecedented. In fact, the storm would increase in intensity as it got close to the islands, which virtually never happens. And the word ‘Anna’ means grace. And we were hunkered down all ready for an 80 mile an hour wind to hit the islands. Well, the storm actually started veering of, and it ended up being 60 miles off the coast of the islands, and it rained for about 24 hours, and it was the most gentle, wonderful rain.

And the name ’Anna’ means grace. Yeah, the Lord is so clever, and I live the strangest life. So of course a hurricane is a whirlwind. I don’t know, but I think the hurricane goes this way. Well this whirlwind I feel and so I think what is happening is that we are now in the eye of the whirlwind. An angel just landed.

So I went to Zachariah chapter 4 and in Come Up Higher, I have a chapter on this actually. Now the angel who talked with me came back and awakened me as a man is awakened out of his sleep. And he said to me ‘What do you see?’ So I said ‘I am looking and there is a lampstand of solid gold with a bowl on top of it’. So we have discerned this lampstand before. And you want to come here? (Participants walk over to where Paul is discerning the lampstand.) So the lampstand is here. This is the lampstand; that’s in the Holy Place. The lampstand is here and it comes up here. And there is a menorah, so there are 7 candles. And the 7 lamps represent the seven spirits of God. So there’s 1, (Paul counts them with his hand) there are 7 here.

OK, then he says, “I saw a lampstand of solid gold with a bowl on top of it.” So the bowl and we felt the bowl here and there’s a bowl on top of it and on the stand is 7 lampstands. We, in the past would put our hand in the bowl and we could feel contamination, but now I think there is gold liquid, an anointing. And on the stand were seven pipes with seven lampstands. There were two olive trees. So there is an olive tree here, and I can feel the olive tree here. And when I discern the olive tree, I realize that it is a power. It is a spiritual being; it is a power, and its right here. Now I have taught for years that these were the trees of life. I don’t think that any more. When there is new revelation, it is clear that these are not the trees of life; these are the two olive trees. We are going to get there. There is one here and there is one there. And there is a branch that comes out here and then there is a pipe. OK, you can sit down.

Verse 4 So I answered and spoke to the angel who talked with me, saying, ‘What are these my Lord?’ and the angel who talked with me answered and said, ’Do you not know what these are?’ I just love that. I don’t have a clue what these are. So he answered and said to me – Now you are all familiar with this verse: This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel. Now, Zerubbabel is a king. In Zachariah 3 you have Joshua, who is a priest. So here we go with a king-priest. We are a kingdom of what? Of priest and kings, the royal priesthood, the order of Melchizedeck. Melchizedek is king and priest.”

“So this is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel.” Now look at this. ‘Not by might, not by power, but by my spirit’, says the Lord of Hosts. Now ‘who are you, oh great mountain?’ Now we’ve pondered what this is, and it says now ‘before Zerubbabel you, oh great mountain, shall become a plain! So I just looked up this morning in Jeremiah 51:25 and I’m still not sure about this, but, Jer 51:25 ‘Behold I am against you, O destroying mountain.’ This is talking about Babylon. In fact let’s go to verse 24, ‘And I will repay Babylon and all the inhabitants of Chaldea for all the evil they have done in Zion in your sight’, says the Lord. ‘Behold I am against you, O destroying mountain, who destroys (look at that) all the earth,’ says the Lord, ‘and I will stretch out my hand against you, roll you down from the rocks and make you a burnt mountain. They shall not take from you a stone for a corner nor a stone for a foundation, but you shall be desolate forever.’

Interesting, and it says in verse 7, after it says ‘not by might or by power’, it says, “Who are you, oh great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain! So, you‘ll be destroyed, and he shall bring forth the capstone with shouts of favor, favor.” Now friends, I think we are moving into something new. We are moving into a time of favor, favor because of the power of the Spirit. Now keep going. “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this temple.” Now, this is very interesting. Actually it is the word, oikos, in Greek which means family. I have laid the foundation of this family. I wonder if this is a generational family. Let’s ponder that. “His hand shall also finish it, and you shall know that the Lord of hosts has said to me, ‘For who has despised the day of small things. For these seven rejoiced to see the stone (that word plumb line is actually stone) that’s handed to Zerubbabel, and these are the seven. So the 7 are the 7 eyes of the spirit who scan to and fro throughout all the earth. Then I answered and said to him, (Now here we go. Now there is something about this.) ‘What are these olive trees at the right of the lampstand and at its left?’ And I further answered and said to him, ‘What are these two olive branches that drip into the receptacles (look at this) of the two gold pipes?

Now, Brian, can we go back to the picture again? Look what Jana, (we did not know this). What are those? Gold pipes, and I can feel it. Now see if you can feel it. Say, “Lord, I would like to discern the gold pipes.” Participant – I can feel them. Paul – I can feel them on the back of – and they burn all the time. Right there, feel that, right there, feel it yet?


I want to ask what I am discerning. What’s this? (He points to something on his cheek.)


Actually, you are discerning a power, a spiritual being called a power. And the pipes are right there and right there. (Paul points to the back of the participant’s head.)

So as I said, they are like railroad tracks on the back of your head. But they burn. It’s like someone is taking a hot poker to them, and they burn right back here. So look at this is what happens. So the olive tree which is a spiritual power and it powers, and this is the word, dunamis. They actually are electromagnetic. OK? The olive branches drip into the receptacles of the two gold pipes from which the golden oil drains. They answered and said to me,’ Do you not know what these are?’ and I said, ‘No, my Lord.’ And he said, ’these are the two (OK, this is now where I don’t know where we are going.) the two anointed ones who stand beside the Lord of the whole earth’. Oh, I didn’t bring my phone. I can’t do it.

We were in Billings, Montana last weekend. And so, on Sunday, we were doing prayer ministry, and I thought, OK, so the olive trees are electromagnetic, and I’ve done this before with a compass, so I downloaded a compass on my phone. And I got down on my knees, and I had Jana hold the compass. Then on my knees, I went over to where the compass was, and when the compass hit this place right here, it actually changed and turned. And one side seemed to be stronger than the other side. Now does anybody have a compass on their phone? (Participant – I’m getting it right now.)

Paul gets a compass. I’m sure you’ve never been to a seminar like this before. So, why don’t you come here and hold this. OK hold it up. There is true north. OK, so when I go like this, does it change? OK, it’s moving, so it’s active. OK, now see if it moves back. So there you go. OK true north is that way. OK, so it’s moving. In fact, if you put your hand here, you can feel the pipes, right here, right here, and right here. Oh, wow! (Participant – Oh, wow, all of us together, Paul.)   Yeah, there is something about unity: the more there are, the stronger these pipes get. Yeah, it’s the golden pipes, I’ll tell you. It burns. Yeah, you have them right here. You have them right there and right there. OK, you can sit down.


Say, Dad. (Paul – Yes, Brian) I wanted to point out that the purpose of the compass is to show what’s happening, but we would never use the compass to try to determine what is occurring in the spiritual world. (Paul – Right.) We want to use discernment for that. The compass is just an example of what’s going on.


Yeah, what it is actually showing is the change in the electromagnetic field.


Right, but I want to make it really clear that we’re not trying to be ghostbusters with electric equipment (Paul – No, no) to see what’s occurring spiritually. (Paul – That’s right.)

Jana Green

Also, I want to mention like he said it’s either one side or the other, I notice on Paul you’ll feel one side heavier than the other. On me, it’s the left; on him, it’s the right. I’m not sure why that is, so something’s not always. It could be gender. Don’t know.


So if you look at Isaiah 40. Did you want to say something?

Participant (who had held the compass as Paul walked over to it on his knees.)

Yes, when you were …it kept moving. It kept following you.


Oh, it did. So, again, this is the power of God. Turn to Isaiah 40:31. Another thing that I noticed when this happened is after I had done 6 hours of ministry, I was not tired, and now OK let me change that. I was not exhausted. I was tired like we are tired at the end of a day. So there was a major shift. And then Jana and I were talking about this, and we were wondering if this is really Is 40:31, which again is a very familiar verse. And people said this is going to be you, and I’m thinking, “Well, yeah, but that’s not true.” But now it is.

So Is 40:31 But those who wait on the Lord

Shall renew their strength;

They shall mount up with wings like eagles,

They shall run and not be weary,

They shall walk and not faint.

So I am wondering if this is that, because what I think is happening now that the Lord has moved us into a position where his power is carrying the deliverance. And we’re talking about a level of power here, where it really is the Lord who is doing it.

Paul reading message from the net:

OK, Ruth: “During adjustment to power, do you ever experience dizziness? The past week, I could hardly stand at times, because of episodes of power would flow during ministry. I wonder if this is related to the power, or am I ill. Well, you need to go see a doctor, if you think you are ill. We are not into medical diagnosis here, but I do have an effect. It has taken me a while to adjust to this, so that I am almost getting to the point where I don’t pay attention to it. Almost, but in the early weeks it was so heavy I could hardly function.


And that’s because of acclimation. (Paul – That’s right) There is something. You get kind of used to it, but it’s not unnoticeable.


OK, now go to Rev 11. If you remember a few sessions ago, I came to a coaching, and I realized that I was discerning someone new. And what I was discerning is what we call the bronze man. And if you turn to Ez 40, now see the Lord does things in order. And we’re just following the cloud. And we don’t know what is really going on. So, I come to Aslan’s place and I call my friend, Larry Pearson. And I said, “Larry, there is something in my hand, and I am feeling a pressure in my discernment right here, and for me this has always been Gabriel. Except when I said Gabriel, I didn’t get my hit. Usually I get an increase in pressure. Then I know that’s Gabriel, but it was not Gabriel.” And Larry said, “Well, you have a measuring rod in your hand.” And I didn’t know what it was. Then I thought of Ez 40, and you look there. Then we’ll go to Rev 11. There’s more about this.

Ezekiel 40 In the twenty-fifth year of our captivity, at the beginning of the year, on the tenth day of the month, in the fourteenth year after the city was captured, on the very same day the hand of the Lord was upon me; and He took me there. 2 In the visions of God He took me into the land of Israel and set me on a very high mountain; on it toward the south was something like the structure of a city. 3 He took me there, and behold, there was a man whose appearance was like the appearance of bronze. He had a line of flax and a measuring rod in his hand, and he stood in the gateway.

So I feel the measuring rod, and if you remember in this passage, he measures the temple. Then I was at a seminar and this young man said, “I know what the flax is for. The line of flax is to measure the corners. But of course that is true; the rod measures the straight place; the flax measures the corners. So we went through the coaching, and not knowing who the bronze man was, and I went home, and Rob Gross called me, and said, “Paul, the bronze man is Jesus.” I said, “What?” So then go to Ezekiel 43.

Ez 43:1 Afterward he brought me to the gate, the gate that faces toward the east. 2 And behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the east. His voice was like the sound of many waters; and the earth shone with His glory. 3 It was like the appearance of the vision which I saw—like the vision which I saw when I came to destroy the city. The visions were like the vision which I saw by the River Chebar; and I fell on my face. 4 And the glory of the Lord came into the temple by way of the gate which faces toward the east. 5 The Spirit lifted me up and brought me into the inner court; and behold, the glory of the Lord filled the temple. 6 Then I heard Him speaking to me from the temple, while a man stood beside me. (Now this is the bronze man.) 7 And He said, “Son of man, this is the place of My throne.

That’s Jesus. The bronze man is Jesus. What is very significant about this is that October of 2013 I had a dream that Donna was pregnant. And the day that the Lord revealed the bronze man was the day of the birth, when I calculated 9 months. So I calculated 9 months from I think it was October the 19th, and 9 months later, that was the very day the Lord gave me the revelation of the measuring rod. And when you go on, this is really amazing.

He said, “Son of man, this is the place of My throne and the place of the soles of My feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel forever. No more shall the house of Israel defile My holy name, they nor their kings, by their harlotry or with the carcasses of their kings on their high places. 8 When they set their threshold by My threshold.

And so what the Lord is saying is, “I am going to come and measure what is inside of you.” And what is happening is the enemy has set his threshold, has set his doorposts. He has set his worship places; he has set his altars alongside. So the Lord comes and measures what is his and removes what is not his. Got it? OK, now we go to Revelation chapter 11:1

Then I was given a reed like a measuring rod. (Sound familiar?) And the angel stood, saying, “Rise and measure the temple of God, (Got it? Same thing, isn’t it?), and those who worship there.

2 “But leave out the court which is outside the temple, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the Gentiles. And they will tread the holy city underfoot for forty-two months. (Look at this. And this is what I do not get yet. OK? I do not get this)

3 “And I will give power to my two witnesses, (Now you have all heard about this, and everyone has speculated who the two witnesses are. Everybody thought that they would be Enoch and Elijah, because these are two in the Old Testament that never died. Right? ‘And so it is appointed unto man once to die.’ So they have not died yet.

3 I will give power to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.”

Look at this.

4 These are the two olive trees.

I don’t get it. And then there are two lampstands. Now remember before, there was one lampstand. So you come here, and I think we are talking about dimensionally again. Oh I thought, oh my goodness, so here’s the one lampstand, but there is another lampstand here. There is another lampstand here. So there is the one lampstand in Zechariah 4. But in Revelation 11 there are two lampstands.

There is one here and one here. And here are the two olive trees, with the branch that goes into the golden pipes. Incidentally the golden – oh, if you look back in Zechariah 4, because there is something that we did not notice.


Oh, I know what you felt that time. Remember you were feeling fire like this? (Paul – Yeah.) You were feeling the sevenfold. (Paul – Oh, the sevenfold.)


So look at Zechariah 4: 2 And he said to me, “What do you see?”

So I said, “I am looking, and there is a lampstand of solid gold with a bowl

(So here is the bowl.)

On top of it and on the stand seven lamps with seven pipes to the seven lamps.

(So then you have, so get this, you have the olive tree; you have a branch. The branch goes into the two pipes, and out of the two pipes come seven spigots, that light the gold lampstands, which then affect the seven eyes of the Lord.)

Felt that? (Participant – oh, my goodness!)

So, you got it? So, there is a lampstand here, There’s two lampstands here. There’s the olive tree with a branch. The branch drips oil, which would be the anointing (right?), into the two gold pipes. Out of the two gold pipes come spigots that light the seven lamps. But I think they must light these lamps in the first candlestick. OK?

4 These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands standing before the God of the earth.

Now that’s the part I don’t get. The two lampstands are the two olive trees. If you go back to Zechariah 4:14, these two olive trees are the anointed ones, which stand beside the Lord of the whole earth. And actually in the Hebrew this means, ‘sons of fresh oil.’ Go back to Revelation 11 again.


So, Paul, these are the two anointed ones who stand beside the Lord of the whole earth. (Paul – Right.) Are these the two witnesses?


Yes, but this is what I don’t get. These two stand before the Lord, right? I don’t know. I do not. I’m having trouble transitioning from the two olive trees to the two witnesses. I can discern the olive trees. I can discern the pipes and the power. Have we been wrong in what we thought about the two witnesses? Now if you read on,

And if anyone wants to harm them, fire proceeds from their mouth, and they devour their enemies. And if anyone wants to harm them, he must be killed in this manner. They have power to shut heaven, so that no rain falls in the days of the prophecy. They have power over water to turn them to blood, to strike the earth with all plagues as often as they desire. When they finished their testimony, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them, overcome them, and kill them. And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. Then those from the people, tribes, tongues and nations will see their dead bodies

Obviously, they have bodies, right? Get on the mic, and then Jana had a word this morning. We’ll read that.


Kim Clement said something. There was a prophecy that came forth, and it just hit me when you said, you were saying that two witnesses. Who are the two witnesses in the earth of who God is? Israel and his church. And Kim Clement said, speaking in prophetic he said, “My Christian people will no longer be called, be Christian, but Israel will be Israel and my people, us, will be called Israel also. Could we be the two witnesses, Israel and us?


That’s the one new man,


OK, so I can’t disagree with that, but it’s clear that they have bodies. Now, there’s something about the release of the power. Now, Jana gave me this word this morning, and listen to this. And she didn’t know I was going to do this this morning. In fact, I thought, well Lord, I did this last time, but I don’t discern anything else. I just discern these burning pipes. So she had this this morning. Did you get this this morning? (Jana – Yeah, I got this this morning.)

Prophetic word from Jana received earlier in the morning:

Yeah, I am holding back a diabolical scheme, a realm of evil intent to captivate and deceive. Death is its goals, but I have given it to you to unfold. By justice and righteousness you reign. A high priest is here for redemption to claim. It’s a new and living way. This is none other than the house of God. I take away the first to establish the second.   By these two standing here you enter in (There’s the 2.) a place of glory to be revealed. You will see how to heal the time and timelines, so dimensions can be realigned. Only by perception will you see to heal the broken who once believed.

Now, when you go back to Zechariah again, see this is all coming together somehow. Zechariah 4:7 Who are you, o great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain. Guess what I just got? The Lord is leveling the playing field. I think that’s true, and when I discerned this power, I became very sober about this, and I thought the enemy surely must see this. And the enemy knows that no one can stand against this power. I believe this. No one can stand between these two anointed ones, whoever they age. And see I, in my discernment, I do not feel like they are humans. But then how do they get a body? I don’t get this yet. For they are anointed and there is tremendous power here. And my thought was, if this is true, then the enemy is going to increase his rebellion against God and His warfare.

There is going to be an increase, and so as you see the power of God ratcheting up, the enemy is going to also panic and become more, I think more visible, and we’re seeing that. Actually, we are seeing him become more visible, more defiant, and there appears to be more wreckage. And, you know, we were just in Billings as I said and I was listening to these stories, and people who, this one testimony of this man, who had been in church all his life, a leader in his community, and he has just gone off into craziness. And he is having an affair with a young woman and his whole family in in wreckage now. Then the next day I heard another story just like that. I’m thinking, “What is going on?” What is going on that you see all this craziness?

I think what is happening is that there is an increase, even as the glory of God is increasing on the earth, and we’re going to see the billion souls coming into the kingdom, the enemy also is increasing. And so our focus is on “The joy of the Lord is our strength”. And we recognize that he is the one, the enemy is the one that is going to be overcome. And so our focus is on the Lord and His power, and we don’t focus on the devastation that is happening everywhere. There is devastation everywhere but our focus is on the Lord, and what’s happening in his kingdom. Yes.


I had a dream the last time I was in Montana. And the dream was I was seeing, and I mentioned it to Jana, and I was seeing people, and the people had they were like demonized. And they had no faces (Paul – Oh!) and then there were people who had faces, and those were Christian and that. And I was really earnestly like praying and seeking God and the amount of the people that have no faces and I was, you know, crying out to God. I’ve had a similar dream to that here and been praying, but then I saw huge tidal wave coming, and I felt that, and I saw the people get like picked up in the way. (Paul – Which people?) With no faces, (Paul – OK) the ones with the no faces, and that. And I saw (Paul – So they were not the demonic ones then?) Yes. (Paul – They were the demonic ones.) They were the demonic ones. (Paul – OK) But the Lord spoke to me. He said that they were mine. They were mine, and I am coming back for my bride. (Paul – Wow!) And I am going, the enemy thought that he could hide their parts or beings in places where I could not find them, but he was, his Spirit is coming over like Joel 2, over the whole earth like a wave. And that he was going to get his bride from all, from wherever she is, that it can’t be hidden from Him. And He is coming back to claim His bride and make her whole again to Him. (Paul – Right) and show her His love for her. And I saw what the enemy was doing to people. That he was coming back to claim his bride. And there was going to be like a cleansing or a purifying. And we talked about this last time, that they would come to a place of judgment where they would be in their right mind to accept or not accept the LORD. (Paul – Yes) and come back.


OK, where was I? (Participant – I have a question, Paul) OK, just a second, let me. I was trying to think where I was, where this happened. This person sat down for prayer ministry, and I said to them, “Are you a Christian?” And they said, “No”. And I said,” I am really happy to pray for you, but I have a warning for you, and the warning is, that if I pray for you and you do not give your life to Jesus, then I believe this is the fulfillment of “They will come back seven times stronger”. I do not believe that passage is about believers, I believe it is about non-believers and that there is, if we set you free, if the Lord sets you free, not we, and so the person actually prayed in the name of Jesus. And at the end I said, “Are you ready to accept Christ?” and she said, “Yes.” And I can’t remember where I was. (Jana – Montana.) Was it in Montana?   (Jana – um hum. Young girl?) That’s right. And I felt the rush of the Holy Spirit. That’s only the second time in my life I felt that. I felt the Holy Spirit coming into her, like; it was like a wind coming right into her.

And I think this is what you just said. If you look at Ephesians chapter three, I have believed for a long time that there is going to be evangelistic deliverance. That what’s going to happen is, the Lord is going to return generational parts, soul and spirit parts, back to the them. Then all of a sudden they are going to be able to comprehend who Jesus is. See now the problem is that they are so cluttered that they cannot grasp who Jesus is. And I think it is going to be very easy to evangelize because they are going to say, “Yes, of course.”

Now when you said what you said, I thought of Ephesians 3:18. In fact, let’s go to verse 14, Ephesians 3:14 For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ 15 from whom the whole body in heaven and earth is named, 16 that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might (Look at all these power words) through His Spirit in the inner man, 17 that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, 18 may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height.

Now I write about this in Exploring Heavenly Places. Barbara Parker and I write about this in Exploring Heavenly Places Vol 1, where we start an introductory about what the length, width, height and depth is. And we believe the depth is a place where the soul is and there can be scattered soul parts. And the Lord told us, the part is not the whole. So there actually can be a part there that appears to be the whole. So you have parts of the soul in the depth. In the width, we believe this is where the heart is, also where faith and hope and love is, and trust. The length is the place of oneness and sexual onion, and the height is the place of ruling and reigning.

So the soul can be split in the depth, in the ungodly depth, and in the ungodly height, length, and width you can have spirit parts. So what happens if the Lord, which is what you just said, if the Lord starts gathering all these generational parts back into the family line, back into the person, then they can comprehend who Jesus is. I think that’s true, and they can comprehend who Jesus is. So there is something about this and the power of these two witnesses.

OK, we are at about 1 hour. Why don’t we take a brief break here?


OK Almighty Breath of God, move in power and grace.

Let Your wind blow, let your fire fall and move upon this place.

These two standing here testify of truth.

One is the power and one is the word.

I have given them bodies, so that they will be heard.

Isn’t that interesting? (Jana – Isn’t it? What does that mean?) Well, it means that they may not be human beings, the way we understand.

They are separate but one and they feed

the anointing that breaks the yoke

For the deceiver has set his heart against you,

But I have come with a fire and fury

Against the enemy.

It is a fire of jealousy

I set a platform of three

Justice has preceded

And this is only set

For those who see

To discern righteousness and justice as my throne

A place of the most holy high judge to be made known

And this is the one

Who stands over all the earth?

His foot is but a footstool     See I don’t think that is right. There is something is but a footstool to bring forth. (Jana – The earth is but a footstool.) OK, the earth,

The earth is but a footstool

To bring forth the one who is true

These two align to testify

For you enter in through the veil of all time.

Grace before you and grace behind.

See there is that grace, grace in that Zach 3 passage, which is actually favor, favor.

For the veil must unfold

You judge the wicked

And this cloud is so great

A cloud of witnesses

But they wait for you to testify and enter in

Step in and expect the glory

For the judge of the universe is within

All must know, and all must testify

So you may measure

The height, the width, the length and the depth.


Brian, who do we have online? You say that Tobias is online? (Jana – Is he? Cool!)


Yes, that’s correct.


See if Tobias can


  1. We also have Dawn Bray.


Oh, and Dawn. Tobias and Dawn. Actually, let’s have Dawn first. Tobias, I love you. We’ll have you next.


So give me a second (Paul – Absolutely) to get her ready to go.


I’m saving this. While he’s doing that, if you turn to Nahum (Jana – Oh, everybody’s favorite book!) if any of us can find it. Yeah, I know. The minor problems are so dodgy. Nahum, oh I found it. (Jana – all three chapters.) I found Nahum. Now remember we have the golden rods, the golden pipes, whirlwind. A year ago fall, I was with Kevin Basconi and Moravian Falls, and it was a Sunday afternoon, and we were together in a room talking, and I felt the whirlwind for the first time. And, so that was a year ago, and as I said, Chuck Pierson said this is the year of the whirlwind. And so I talked about the whirlwind, and we’re not going to go through all the passages, but there are many, many passages. In fact, Brian, if you remind me, I’ll send that in the notes.

And so I started looking at words about the whirlwind, and there is something about this power, and the judgment against the enemy which is, I think is a complete judgment. You look up; there are many places like in Jeremiah it also talks about the whirlwind. But the Nahum passage was really strong. So Nahum, let’s start with Chapter 1 verse 2 through 15 actually.

Nahum 1

2 God is jealous, and the Lord avenges;

The Lord avenges and is furious.

The Lord will take vengeance on His adversaries,

And He reserves wrath for His enemies;


3 The Lord is slow to anger and great in power,

And will not at all acquit the wicked.

The Lord has His way

In the whirlwind and in the storm,

(And when you look in the Hebrew, there are two words. One is whirlwind and one is storm. The storm is actually like a winter storm, and then the whirlwind).

And the clouds are the dust of His feet. (There’s a cloud)


4 He rebukes the sea and makes it dry,

And dries up all the rivers.

Bashan and Carmel wither,

And the flower of Lebanon wilts.


5 The mountains quake before Him,

The hills melt, (So there it is again, the mountain will become a level plain.)

And the earth heaves at His presence,

Yes, the world and all who dwell in it.


6 Who can stand before His indignation?

And who can endure the fierceness of His anger?

His fury is poured out like fire,

And the rocks are thrown down by Him.


7 The Lord is good,

A stronghold in the day of trouble;

And He knows those who trust in Him.


8 But with an overflowing flood

He will make an utter end of its place,

And darkness will pursue His enemies.


9 What do you conspire against the Lord?

He will make an utter end of it.

Affliction will not rise up a second time.


10 For while tangled like thorns,

And while drunken like drunkards,

They shall be devoured like stubble fully dried.


11 From you comes forth one

Who plots evil against the Lord,

A wicked counselor.


12 Thus says the Lord:

“Though they are safe, and likewise many,

Yet in this manner they will be cut down

When he passes through.

Though I have afflicted you,

I will afflict you no more;

(Jana – 13 read it!)

13 For now I will break off his yoke from you,

And burst your bonds apart.”

(Paul – Wow!)

Ok now something is shifting now. Dawn? Oh you can only listen. OK. Tobias, can we talk to you?


Can you hear me?


Tobias, how are you?


Well, a bit difficult right now.


Oh, I’m sorry, Tobias. Do you feel like you could listen to the Lord for a bit?


I can try. If nothing comes


That’s all we can all do, Tobias. (Laughter)


You can do it.


We believe in you, Tobias.


If Jana can do it, we all can do it.


Yes we can, and I feel, Tobias, that there is an angel.


There is something different here.


What’s right here? Oh this is a Holy One here. So, I feel Holy Ones right here, mentioned in Daniel 4 and Daniel 8.

What is on my arms, Paul? It is almost


Actually a Holy One is touching your arm.


That is a Holy One.


It feels like the weight


That’s the Holy Ones.


The Holy Ones, we believe, are the judicial branch of the heavenly government.


Well that would make sense.


Yes, it would, wouldn’t it? OK, so I think the Holy one has a message.

(OH’s and Hey’s from the three of them, Paul, Jana and Tobias.)


It feels like oil is pouring into my golden bowl on my head. (Jana – Wow!) I’ve never had that one before, and it starts to spin in the bowl. Maybe you can put your hand on that and test it by google.


Ha, ha, you’re so strange, Tobias. (Tobias – I learned that from you.) Oh yeah, there is a tremendous anointing there.


Oh, it is spinning.


The bowl is spinning?


Feels like


In the oil. OH!


What just happened? Something just happened.


Oh! Oh! Oh! Whew!


Paul? (Paul – Let’s get you on the mic.) Over Tobias I see hot anointing oil. I think it’s been heated up by the fire of Hashem, the fire of the Lord, His presence. I see it being poured out from the bowl over him.


I felt that when you said that.


And I speak German (She speaks with Tobias in German.)


OK, it’s very active when she said that on my head. (PauI – It’s the Holy Ones) and the oil is spinning. She said that what came to me was like the Lord is giving us a new center. I can see the center of the vortex in the oil spinning.


You see a center in the oil?


Yeah, like a vortex.


Oh. Wow.


Ooh! Ooh!


Is this the anointing that breaks the seals?


The anointing that breaks the seals. That’s in

Tobias makes many exclamations.


There is tremendous power.


Oh, this is different now.


Isaiah 10:27


Isaiah 10:27. Would you read that?


OK, I’ll start in 26. The Lord will arouse his scourge against him, like the slaughter of Midian at the rock of Horeb, and his staff will be over the sea and he will lift it up the way he did in Egypt. So it will be in that day that his burden will be removed from your shoulders and his yoke from your neck and the yoke will be broken because of fatness or anointing.


OK, so it Isaiah what? (Jana – Isaiah 10:27)


So it looks like Tobias is living that.


Yeah, it was for me as if the Lord was saying, “Get centered again. Rip out the old center and renew the new center in the midst of me.”


The Lord ripped out the old center, and placed a new center?


And placed a new one in. And that one it’s almost like balancing the whole time. Do you feel that?


Yes, I feel that when you do that.


Almost like, what it reminds me a bit of is, what was it again, this prayer by Jo Ann Towne?


Oh, the inertia prayer.


Inertia, it’s like constantly moving to balance.


Yeah, that prayer is in Come Up Higher. It’s in the second chapter, I think.


The Lord is releasing a new center in His body to rebalance


A realigning?


Rebalance and realign probably as well. Rebalance (This is what is coming to me) when we are out of balance, where there is danger to get out of balance, rebalancing from the center of our being.


Paul, right before you said that I got that we are being realigned to the holy alignment like mentioned in Jo Ann Towne’s prayer, her chapter on the Godly Inertia.


We are being realigned to a


To His godly alignment, His godly inertia


So if you look at Daniel 4. So Daniel 4 is an account of Nebuchadnezzar, who is still a pagan, and he has this vision. And in the vision he saw, remember, let’s read it.


I was looking, (that’s the end of verse 10, 4:10)

I was looking and behold,

A tree in the midst of the earth,

And its height was great.


11 The tree grew and became strong;

Its height reached to the heavens,

And it could be seen to the ends of all the earth.


12 Its leaves were lovely,

Its fruit abundant,

And in it was food for all.

The beasts of the field found shade under it,

The birds of the heavens dwelt in its branches,

And all flesh was fed from it.


13 “I saw in the visions of my head while on my bed, and there was a watcher, a holy one,

(So again we believe now that the holy ones are the judicial branch of divine government)

coming down from heaven.


14 He cried aloud and said thus:

‘Chop down the tree and cut off its branches,

Strip off its leaves and scatter its fruit.

Let the beasts get out from under it,

And the birds from its branches.


15 Nevertheless leave the stump and roots in the earth,

Bound with a band of iron and bronze,

In the tender grass of the field.

Let it be wet with the dew of heaven,

And let him graze with the beasts

(And remember, that is exactly what happen to Nebuchadnezzar. He was, pride was knocked down. He became an animal for 7 years, was it?

On the grass of the earth.


16 Let his heart be changed from that of a man,

Let him be given the heart of a beast,

And let seven times pass over him.

(And look at this)

17 ‘This decision is by the decree of the watchers,

And the sentence by the word of the holy ones,

(So I believe it is the holy ones that made a sentence.)


So I’m wondering what it is that just happened, Tobias.


And this is why.


If the holy ones made a sentence, there should be a new center. The Godhead made a declaration and there should be a decree by the holy ones. OK, Jana.


In order that the living may know that the most high is ruler (which should be the word) over mankind, and the bestower to those whom he wishes and sets over the lowliest of men. That’s how I realized with these three platforms are. (Paul – What are the 3 platforms?) They are all three branches. I never thought of that. (Paul and others – Oh!) I’ve been seeing this forever. So it’s the – I didn’t think of this until you taught on it last weekend, was that a whole week ago?


OK, so let me find that in your word. Hang on a second. Say where is this in your word? OK, I saw a platform of three. But we believe now that’s the legislative, judicial, and executive.


Wow! I’ve been seeing that forever. You just taught on it. It’s all coming back to me now.


  1. Now someone said something.


Paul, is there a difference between a watcher and a holy one?


OK, a watcher is a kind of holy one.


Then the holy ones are more judicial?


I believe the holy ones are a category, and the watcher would be a kind of holy one, can be a category of holy one. I don’t know what category it is. I do know they’re extremely powerful. When I discern watchers, they are very powerful.


It may be that one is declared for a voice.


OK, say that again.


It may be that one of a kind of a holy one has the voice.


Whatever you just said is true.


OK, I don’t know what I said


I don’t know what that means.


Well it means not all of them have a voice. All of them have a judicial position, but not all have a voice.


OK, yeah I think that’s true. Yes.


Question. Is this on?


The microphones are always on.


OK, thank you. Paul, if we need to implement this type of teaching and revelation, where do we read, because I need help in this area of my life right now. Where could you steer me? What do you suggest?


OK, I guess you need to answer the question, ask the question again, not answer it. You could answer it if you like.


No, where do I go in the writings of the books and the generational prayers that you have already, that have already been written? Where do I go for deeper understanding and revelation in this area of these three on the platform, the judicial, the legislative and executive and the watchers?


OK, we have not written anything about this. The first time we dealt with the fallen legislative, judicial branch, a person that I know was dramatically healed that same day. And I feel like this is a key for healing, so it has to do with the land. I don’t know if we (have we?), I don’t know if we’ve talked about this here? (Jana – I don’t think you have, not here.)

If you look at Ephesians, actually we have talked about it. But Ephesians 6:12, which is the end of the armor of God, I realized when I went back and I studied this in the original language, that we have really not understood this verse. We have based the understanding of this verse on the translation but not what the words actually say. And in fact, King James has really messed this verse up, and New King James. I was teaching on this in Billings and it was so funny, because a person had an English Standard Version, and every time I said something, he said, “Oh yeah, that’s what it says here.” So the English Standard version actually is the correct translation, ESV. So let me go over this.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities. Ok, this is the first word that is incorrectly translated. Principalities is not a correct translation. Everybody is always fighting against principalities. It’s actually the word archaea or archon. It’s the word rulers. And so we fight against the rulers. So the rulers, I believe, are also part of the judicial branch. And these would be the territorial spirits. And the righteous rulers are in the tabernacle, and they are at the table of showbread. And the Lord has shown us ten rulers. Jesus is the chief ruler. He stands at the end of the table closest to the throne, and He stands there as Melchizedek. The righteous rulers are in the tabernacle around the table of showbread, and actually there is a free piece on that on our website.


My scripture does not even say Principalities. I didn’t notice that.


What version do you have?


This is New American Standard.


OK, that’s correct then.


Struggles not against flesh and blood, against the rulers and the powers.


OK let’s look at the next one. OK, against the power’s. That’s also an incorrect translation. It’s actually the word, authorities, or eksousía, and does your translation say that’s authorities? So you have two words that are translated powers in the New Testament. One is eksousía, and the other is dunamis is the word powers, or things that control electromagnetic fields.   What I’m feeling on the back of my head are two powers or dunamis. But you shall receive power (dunamis), when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. OK?


Paul? (Paul – Yes.) Would you like to hear it from the complete Jewish bible? (Paul – Sure.)

We are not struggling against human beings but against the rulers, authorities and cosmic powers governing this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm.


Yeah, so actually that is the correct translation. It’s according to the original. But against rulers and against the eksousía and against the cosmic, so now in the New King James, it says the rulers of darkness, actually the word, kosmokratoras, and it’s a word of uncertain origin tied to the stars. And I believe that is the Mazzaroth, which is in, you go back to Job, Job 38:32

32 Can you bring out the Mazzaroth in its season?

(In the Greek – Can you bring out the Mazzaroth in its kiaros time?

And the word Mazzaroth, the Hebrew word means of uncertain origin tied to the stars. And the next verse says, “Do you know the laws of the heavens, and can you set their delegated rule over the earth (or dominion)?   And I believe that the Mazzaroth is the executive branch.

So what happened the day before Mother’s Day, we were here. All of a sudden, the Lord revealed the ungodly Mazzaroth, the ungodly rulers, the ungodly fallen ones, and the Lord told us to ask Him to remove them; so we did that, and it was a major shift. Now we asked the Lord, and you understand, we are not bragging here. We’re doing what the Lord has asked us to do. In Billings we asked the Lord to do that there, and I just got a call two days ago, and a prophet person in the area said there was a dramatic shift in the city on the very day that the Lord did that, but she did not know what we had asked the Lord to do. This has now happened. I want to be careful; I don’t want to brag about this because this is what the Lord is doing. I’m not going to touch his Glory.


You’re just boasting in the Lord, aren’t you?


I was in another place, and I went back to where we were staying, and the person, our host, she said, “The Lord just said, ‘I have set the land free.’”


Oh, wow! That’s awesome.


And she did not know what had happened. Yeah. And so we feel like this is really significant. This is getting into the three branches of divine government. Of course the enemy then copies it (right?) when creation was handed over to the enemy at the fall. So it’s time for us to rule and reign in Christ. So we are taking our position in Christ as the revealed sons of God.


Heal the man; heal the land.


Now next week, I believe, our new book will arrive: Heavenly Places, Revealing the Sons of God, and on December, the 10th, I think it is, a new movie comes out, called Exodus, Gods and Kings. So this is very interesting, because what we are believing is we are to take up our position as the revealed sons of God, and we are to rule and reign, which is our position in Christ. Yes, oh microphone.

Paul looks on the net and reads a comment from there:

OK, Anna, – “Since I am talking about centering, I’ve been hearing and feeling a vibration. Don’t really know what it is or what is going through.” OK, can I see you, Anna? I think I can explain what is happening to you. (While waiting for Anna, Paul now speaks with the Participant in the room who was just getting her mic.) OK, go ahead.


Before I left for Montana, I had an experience, and I saw I think it was a ruler or something?


So how did it look to you?


It looked kind of like a woman, but dark. It was a dark being.


OK, so you think maybe it was a fallen ruler?


Um hum. (Paul – OK.) But I was actually interacting. There was an angel standing there, (Paul – Ah ha) golden hair, very, I mean just unbelievable. A ruler said to me, “What are you watching?” And then as that being said to me, the angel said to me, “What are you watching?”


So what do you think that meant?


And he was stating that to that other entity.


Oh, I see.


To that other entity, meaning that I was seeing both of them. The entity wasn’t seeing the angel. (Paul – Interesting.) And the angel is actually saying, and I repeated what the angel said to the entity.


  1. Interesting. So, reminds me of the comment

Anna, you don’t have a camera, so let me, tell you what, the thing is going on. If you look at Daniel chapter 8, verse 13, Dn 8:13 Then I heard a holy one, so there is the holy one again. I think this is the only two places, now that’s not correct. There are holy ones mentioned in Psalm 2. Many times King James translates that as saints because we are holy ones, we’re saints. But saints are different than the holy ones.

And I heard a holy one speaking; and another holy one said to that certain one. In the Hebrew, that is the word, palmony, and when the Lord first gave me the discernment of palmony, I think I’ve shared this before but I’ll review it. I woke up in Hawaii. It was the day, I think, after New Year’s Day, and I was vibrating. I was laying in bed and I was going rrrrrrrr and vibrating. I’m thinking, “OK, why am I vibrating?” And it was Sunday; I went to church and I said to my friend, Dina, “I’m vibrating.” And they said, “Oh, I just started vibrating too.” I called a friend in Minnesota, who said, “You’re vibrating at 7 hertz”, which is 7cycles per second. So between January and May I increased the vibrations, so I increased from 7 hertz to 20,30,40,50.

And then I was back east with Don Potter and Jason Upton in Fredericks, Maryland. And Don is a fantastic musician. So I hummed and I said, “Don, I am vibrating”, and I hummed, and he said, “Oh, that’s the key of A above middle C, and which is 440 hertz.” Now there is all this talk today about 440 hertz that I know all about, that supposedly the Nazis changed it and Hitler changed it, and I don’t know all about that. So I know I was vibrating at 440 hertz, and palmony vibrates at the key of A above middle C.

So I believe what you are experiencing, Anna, is one of the holy ones vibrating. And I’m wondering if maybe each one vibrates differently? I don’t know. I was in Nashville, I think it was this year, and I went to this little church that I was speaking about Melchizedek, and they started sharing that the Lord had told them to change their instruments from 440 to 444, and I’m thinking, “I was seeing 444’s all the time.” And then I realized that it is Ezekiel 44:4. If you turn to Ezekiel 44:4


My inheritent(?) verse. There it is. I have a question on the 444.


OK, just a second.

Ez 44:4 Also He brought me by way of the north gate to the front of the temple; so I looked, and behold, the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord; and I fell on my face.

So here we have the Glory of the Lord, which I believe is tied, obviously, to palmony. And I now believe that palmony actually vibrates at 444 hertz, not 440. Yes?


Then I’ve been walking through this 444 since 2004. (Paul – 10 years) Matter of fact, I woke up this morning at 4:44.


Oh, that’s right, you said that.


How I get this is 4 is the number of creation. And 444, when I get 44 I know it’s a gateway, both heaven and earth, it’s something we walk through. It’s usually a place of prayer. But when I see 444, it means something’s established, and I feel that it has to do with creation itself being healed.


Well, look at 44:3 As for the prince, because he is the prince, he may sit in it to eat bread before the Lord; he shall enter by way of the vestibule of the gateway (Jana laughs) Oh isn’t this interesting? So I think, Anna, when you are vibrating, that you’re vibrating with one of the holy ones. And I think 44, and I’m vibrating now with palmony. Can you feel the vibration?


So could it be palmony part of that realignment to heal the land?


And it could be part of the centering too.


The what?


The centering, because Tobias talked about the centering. (Jana – That’s what I mean) So Jana has this phrase: “Heal the man; heal the land.” And that we affect creation when we are in Christ. So we are in the process of taking back creation for the Lord, right? Because we were given authority, right? Yes.


In Billings the word came forth about putting the staff in the ground, as like saying, “Forever, it is done.”


Yes, that’s right. That seems like a long time ago. That was just last weekend.


It was. It was only a week!


It’s accelerating. Yes. Oh Tobias, just a thought. Could 666 be about vibration as well? Just like 444. Isn’t that an interesting thought?


Why not? Could it be a variable of frequency? I never thought of that’s really good.


That’s an interesting thought. I don’t know if I’ve shared this. When I was in Singapore, we would take a cab sometimes. And so I am sitting there in the front seat, and there are three in the back. And our cab driver is Muslim. And so I said, “Tell me about your god, and about your religion”. And so he is going on, and then all of a sudden he said, “Do you know that in the Koran there are 666 verses?”


I remember that.


“666 verses in the Koran, and we sing or chant each verse, one a day.” And I’m thinking, “That’s 666.”


What a memory!


Well, that was a pretty dramatic one.


Sure was, wasn’t it. I remember that.


So what I thought of, Tobias, when you said that was Isaiah 66:6

The sound of noise from the city!

A voice from the temple!

The voice of the Lord,

Who fully repays His enemies!

(Jana and others – Wow!)


I like that.


I do too.


That’s Isaiah 66:6. I’ve never looked at that before. So that would be the tables turning on the enemy anyway.


That’s the indignation of the Lord, that fury fire.


Who fully repays His enemies!


In Malachi 3, a lot of these topics that we’ve been talking about have been covered in there.


In Malachi which ones, specifically? You have the fire in Malachi. Whereabouts in Malachi 3?


What I had, was receiving, was Mal 3:4 and you guys were talking about 4.

Then the offerings of Judah and Jerusalem will be pleasing to the Lord as in the days of old and ancient of days. Then I will draw to you for judgment. I will be swift in witnesses against the sorcerers, against the adulterers against the false swearers, against those who oppressed the hirelings in the wages, the widows, the fatherless, and turn aside the temporary residents from his right and fear not me, says the Lord of hosts.

And also Mal 3:10 where he says he’ll open the windows of heaven and pour out the blessing, and the idea of pouring out the blessing is the oil.


And also the favor in Zechariah 4.


Yeah. Pour out your blessing until it overflows.


Yes. Yeah, I just read that, yeah.

Well, Father, we just thank you for what You’ve done today, and, Lord, we’re just amazed. And Lord I still feel there is something more about these two witnesses and the two olive trees, and what this means, especially as we come to the end of days. And we recognize, Lord, that the end of days could be 2000 years. We do not know how long this is, but we do know, Lord, that you are teaching us and guiding us and directing us. Thank you so much for your guidance and your direction. Amen.



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