June 11, 2013 Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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These are basic notes and prophetic words that were delivered during the session. We do not submit any of this information as doctrine. Please personally test these notes Biblically.

June 11, 2013

During this session, the group discusses the concept of fractal imaging in the generational line.  Paul also facilitates a Bible study on the concept of the seven Spirits of the Lord and the seven Eyes of the Lord.  The concept of the Eyes of the Lord has been corrupted through the false teachings of chakras.



For in this place you are surrendered to the knowledge of the Holy One.  For hope is the assurance through expectation, the creative design is birthed through revelation.  For if you hope for what is seen, it is not hope to believe.  But if you hope for what is not seen, many believe.  This pleases God.  For it is not in your own understanding.  For the foundation of the Holy One is for creation’s restoration.  This is how you know.  Christ in you works from inside to the outside to recreate to new birth.  And why an infant will stand by a cobra hole [Isaiah 11:8).  Creation longs and groans for the sons to be reborn.  And you have this in you, because the Kingdom of God is within.  But the recreated power is the Kingdom of Heaven that extends.  And if you yield for a time and season, what is done in private will be released publically and redeem it.

Jana Authorities


Kadosh, kadosh, adoniah.  Holy, holy is the Lord of Host.  Yahweh.  These seven here, the eyes go to and fro.  The authorities travel through the eyes of the Lord.  That is why they go to and fro.  And these seven that are on the stone receive or reject the blessing of the Lord.  Understand the source seated at the right hand of the Father for the authorizes go to and fro for the Power of the Hour.  And you are all connected through the eyes of the Lord.  The sevenfold return is about to unfold.  Power of might and power of counsel.  Power of wisdom and understanding and revelation.  And from this sound comes from the right hand of the Power.  He hears from heaven and releases more Power.  And the eyes are connected by the Spirit and Water.  This is how it affects the natural, the elements of your body.  And this is why He said, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  For healing is in your palm, if you understand.  And you will restore the foundations of many generations, the repairer of breach, the inheritance will sustain you.  From the authority of Melchizedek who has gone through the heavens, you will heal the pathways and remove the leaven.  They will dwell in peace from the power of the blessing.  I will heal the original stone for they by fire were tested.


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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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