Notes for our session on April 16, 2013

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Biblical Discernment Exploration notes
April 16, 2013

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Friends that we have known for a long time, visitors, guests, we welcome you. In 1989 I did my 1st deliverance as an American Baptist pastor. In 1991 after I was invited to leave the church because the power of God kept on coming, even though we had asked him to come, when God is with you and you asked for it, and you don’t like it. I left the church and I started having physical reactions on my head and during those years from 89 to 91, when I would pray for deliverance I really did not feel a thing. And 91 I started feeling demons, and evil, and then I started feeling Angels all over my head. Now since 91, the Lord has continued to teach me how to discern different kinds of spiritual beings. During this time I’ve had major shifts during deliverance.


Somewhere in the middle or the late 1990s I received a phone call from a friend in Northpole Alaska. The city of North Pole. Which is outside of Fairbanks. I have been told this before but he said, one day with one word, that one day I would cast out the demons with one word. And I said, “what we can’t do it that way because I have my chart”. And then somewhere, I think it was around 1996 or 1997, I received a phone call from a friend in North Pole, and he gave me Matthew chapter 8. And the verse was with one word Jesus cast them out. And he said, do you know what that means. And I said yes I think I do. And so I tried it. And as soon as I said… Well I’m not going to say that word.… Because it would start deliverance on everyone… But then I started feeling evil coming off of people. And in those years it would take up to 3 days, but I could feel evil coming off the people.


It actually exhausted me and I had to take aspirin because I had to sleep at night I could feel it all while it was coming off. Well, that continued for quite a while but somewhere it must’ve been around 2007, I got the revolution of the rulers. And then I felt the evils coming off of different parts of my head. And then 2010 I got the revelation of Melchizedek and then I felt the deliverance coming through Melchizedek. I guess it was before 2010 but I had the revelation of the star. And I felt the deliverance coming through the star like a black hole. So this has continued and on the end of the world day, I think we’re all present, which was December 21, which was a nonevent. But something shifted for me and for the 1st time I felt something here in my head that took me 2 or 3 weeks to realize that I felt the person of the Holy Spirit.


And people have told me that before. Some people have seen him not as a force, but as a person. So I could feel the person of the Holy Spirit. I went back and that happened on the 1st. So I’m not sure how that ties into the end of the world that… The must be some time. Well a week ago Sunday, I was not in a good place. I would not talk to Raylene. I actually did this by email, and she contacted me by email and I said I’m not in the good place and I will not talk to you. And I felt bad about that. And so I talked to her and told her that I wanted to quit. I’m finished and I don’t want to do this anymore I’m tired I’m tired the warring, I’m tired of not sleeping at night, I’m just tired. I’m not sick and tired, I’m just tired. I think I talked to Jana and she asked how I was doing but I said don’t ask. But I told her.. so I complained her also.


That night I felt Jesus come as the Son of Man. Now this had happened to me previously on 2 occasions. The only way I can describe it is that I feel the Saints over here. So I discern when we are with a cloud of witnesses and I feel pressure here. This happened for the 1st time in Libertyville, no it was Wisconsin, at pastor patties and Mike’s house. I felt several Saints come and then I felt Jesus as the Son of Man,. And I felt like he laid hands on us. In fact for a long time I kept it confidential and we would not talk about it. Because I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t totally insane. Some people think I am insane.


I was praying for a friend of ours. She had come in for ministry appointment. And she had said there’s a being there and she said this being will not respond to the blood of Christ.   Will not acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Savior. And I think, well great, I don’t know what to do about that. So I had her go over and stand near him, and I realized I was feeling a Rephriam . So we have talked a little bit about this before, but since some of you are new I will review. I believe now, that we are taking a radical position at Aslan place. I believe that we were created before conception, we have taken a lot of people back to the throne, and our names there are the sons of God. Our created spirits are called sons of God. And when you go to Romans 8 it says all creation is waiting for us to understand who we are. The Lord liked it when I said that, that was pretty amazing. So, I don’t know if we were all created at one time. I had a friend who said that the phrase the 1st shall be last actually applies to the 1st who were created the sons of God. Those are now the last ones on earth. Which I thought was an interesting concept, which I cannot prove or disprove.


So collectively, we are the sons of God. In 2010 Jana was with me and we went to New York and we were praying for a client there. She went into an open vision and she saw the sons of God in heaven. At that time we did not understand what we think we understand now. We call this discernment training and exploration. We are so used to coming and being told something and then we write that down. Not understanding that maybe there is a place in the Christian church, for exploring, and knowing that we could be wrong. I have been wrong many times. I am an expert at being wrong. Every time I talk about that I hear people saying, “ yep that’s probably true.” So I was watching you… I see you thought no one was paying attention. No one’s done that yet.… So anyway, this woman started crying and she said this was the original rebellion and it broke God’s heart. The sons of God rebelled against God.


Now I can remember so clearly, Jana was sitting across the room, Jana is a woman of the word. And I respect her ability to know the word. And I was taught theologically biblically and I preach the Bible. My computer is now processing this and I’m thinking I don’t know if I believe this. So I’m doing a full search of everything that she saying and I’m thinking is this biblical? is this biblical? is this biblical?. And I was not quite sure and I was looking at Jana and she was going like this. So we’re processing this. Well since then as the revelation has unfolded… This is the ultimate conspiracy theory. And I have shared this before that I enjoy watching television and I enjoy watching movies and when I am on the plane I read novels. And very very often in storylines you have the bad guys caught. This is like, well if you ever saw 24 that is addictive. In 24 the bad guy when he is caught, he will say this is bigger than you think, you do not know who you’re really dealing with. And it’s like there is this committee or group that is behind the front guy. Right? Does this sound familiar? So you look at Job chapter 1 .. in fact turn there. We are going somewhere with this. Some of this we have already covered.


Job chapter 1 verse 6. Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord. And Satan, the actual translation is the adversary, also came among them. Now go to chapter 2 verse 1 again it was a day when the sons of God, this is ben Elohim, the sons of God, came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came among them. I contacted a professor of Hebrew because I wanted to make sure that I was not mistaken and I felt that she supported what I am saying. The emphasis is on the sons of God and not Satan. Do you see here, so the sons of God … I don’t know if this is all the sons of God or just the fallen sons of God. They are told in Deuteronomy that the Lord divided the land according to the numbers of the sons of God. And so it appears that we are assigned a particular place to live as the sons of God.


Now we know from Genesis chapter 6, and let’s turn there. Genesis chapter 6, this is another radical thing that I am believing, now we are very much alone in this. Well you have to understand my journey. I was trained theologically as a Baptist. I went to Baptist seminary and I got my doctorate. So I was trained in theology to believe theology. In theology you have a system called angelogy, which is the study of Angels. Anything that is good and spiritual and not God is an Angel. So they call everything Angels. So I like to say you don’t call every four-legged creature or animal a dog. You have cows and sheep and horses and so why would you call everything Angels. But they still do it. And even people who very much teach on this, and are more of an expert than I am call them Angels. What happened to me is the Lord started teaching me and he taught me how to discern demons 1st and then Angels. Then I think it was cheribum, and then Seraphim, and elders and rulers. And I started to distinguish them on different parts of my head. And so as I would talk about them then there would be seers like Raylene or Jana or others and they would see them and we realized that what they were saying, they were not Angels, but they were elders or they were Seraphim or cherubium. Which is exactly what the Bible said.


16:15 *

I am not making this up the Bible, the Bible is actually saying that. So now we come to Genesis chapter 6, and there’s a reason why I went off on that little tangent. Genesis 6:1 now came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God… Now everybody that I have heard teach about this or write about this, say that they are Angels. I don’t think they are Angels I think they are the sons of God. Now what they do is they go to the book of Enoch which is not in the Bible, and they also go to supporting evidence to Jude and 2nd Peter 2, I believe it is. And they look at the context and they believe that those Angels are the ones that did this. Now there are several things that I go off on a tangent about why I believe. And I do not believe that is true anymore. But one key thing that I just noticed is that it says that they are all trapped now in chains to be released at the last time. So if they were all chained then how is it that they were affecting the world throughout the Old Testament? Because the product of the sons of God who mated with the daughters of men were Nephliem. Let’s read Genesis 6:1 now it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth the daughters were born to them. And the sons of God saw that the daughters of men that they were beautiful and they took wives for themselves of all they chose. And the Lord said my spirit shall not strive with man forever for he is indeed flesh yet his days shall be 120 years. There were giants on the earth in those days and also afterwards, when the sons of God came into the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. So the result of the sexual activity between these spirits, which I believe are human spirits, and the daughters are the Nephliem.


Now I do not know, I don’t want to be too graphic, but how did they get genitals? How did they do this? I have no clue, the Lord has not revealed it, but it is in the word. That part we have no trouble with, right? It’s in the word so they are Nephliem. Now, the Nephliem die. Right. Cannot walk around now. So where did they go? Well they were not breathed into by God to become living souls. So they have no souls. All they are is spirit, they combined with human flesh, and these beings die and they go to the place of the dead. So these are described as the zombies and the walking dead. I think it also explains ghosts. These are the fallen sons of God. Now if you look at Proverbs chapter 2, is talking about the adulterer, if you look at Proverbs 2: 16, to deliver you from the immoral woman from the seductress who flatters with her words who forsakes the companion of her youth and forgets the covenant of her God for her house, now this is the house of the adulterer, for her house leads down to death, and I believe that is Sheol, and her paths to the death. Now what is happened that our translators sometimes translate words to what they think it means, but not what it says. And I believe that they actually, go down to the place of Sheol, and Sheol is the place of the dead. And her path to the Rephraim. Rephaim.


Now we believe that the Rephaim are the spirits of the dead Nephleim. And you will find that mentioned many places that you have to look up Rephaim, not the way it’s translated. I did quite a bit of research on this and it’s absolutely amazing. This all seems to tie together. The Rephaim are the spirits of those who have died who were the Nephleim.


Some of this I have talked about before, some of this is review. I was in the Panhandle of Oklahoma many years ago. We were with some Native Americans and some Caucasians the Native American man said what I’m going to tell you is confidential. This was many years ago and it is now in public. We have gone into caves in the Panhandle and we have found writing that we know is not Native American. Now here you have a Native American man who is telling me that the Native Americans are not the 1st Native Americans to have lived here. Okay so this was dangerous information. And so they took some archaeologist down there and some linguists and they determined that what was written on the caves was Phoenician. And actually there were temples to Baal. Now this was a shocking thing because that means that the United States was 1st dedicated to Baal. Now, I am going to summarize. In Jeremiah Baal is tied to Molech. And Molech is the God that the children of Israel worshiped at the bottom of mount Sinai. Which means that they burned their babies in fire and actually dedicated themselves to Baal / Moloch.


I got a hold of a book called divorcing Baal. I had seen this man speak, he’s from Oklahoma. And there’s a lot of the things that they had told me in that little church in the Panhandle of Oklahoma. So most of it was just very interesting information. They talked about how they had gone and in and the process of divorcing Baal and they did it in Washington DC. And I talked to a guy just a couple weeks ago and he said he was there when it was done. And an earthquake hit Washington DC within 2 days of when they did that. And it was interesting, it damaged the national Cathedral and the Washington Monument and something else I think. Anyway so I was reading a book, all of a sudden this little nugget came out. He said Beelzebub who was declared to be the Prince of the demons is the Greek word for Baal. In the Old Testament. I thought oh my word. So Beelzebub is Baal who is Moloch who we are told the tabernacle of Molech came out of Egypt. Moloch is tied to Saturn. Saturn is the same as Nimrod. So now all of a sudden we’re going all the way back through history to the tower a Bable and Nimrod.


Then I thought, I wonder what the word demon means. I’ve been in deliverance now 20 years, and then if you are in this field of ministry, you know that there is a debate. And the debate is between who are demons and who are the evil spirits. Right, I don’t know if you heard this. And the debate is based on information in the book of Enoch. Now I have enough trouble when I teach the Bible I get so much flak because I say what does the Bible say. And this is what they say to me, well, it doesn’t mean that. I am told that. Well it doesn’t mean that. Well I’m thinking so what you’re telling me is the Bible is the way that you interpret it and not what it actually says. And so I’ve actually had people who have criticized me and they say do not go up there because he takes the Bible too literally. Okay I am guilty as charged I take the Bible literally. I believe the Bible. So I thought I wondered what does the word demon mean. So I looked up the definition, it means little gods.



Here we go. So Moloch who I had already started believing was the leader of the fallen sons of God is now the same as Baal who is the same as Beelzebub who is the Prince of the demons. Are you starting to get it? So I’m wondering what happens if a created son of God in heaven is given the gift of mercy. What happened when he fell. He became hate. And I started wondering if the demonic which are these…


Brian: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to stop your train of thought. You said demons mean little gods? Oh.. okay thank you.


Paul: okay. So let me get my train of thought again is all right. Brian, you need to help me clarify things. So they mean little gods. And so these fallen sons of God, now you go to, Psalm 82,. Incidentally, when you start looking at Nimrod who was a mighty one, and you look at the sons of God who were mighty at Giborean? It is tied to it. Look at this, Psalm 82. God stands in the congregation of the mighty he judges among the gods. Incidentally, this explains the pantheon of gods in Egypt and Greece, and Rome, the gods of Mulholland. Are you watching the Viking series on the history channel? It’s all about Thor and Oden. Say, I think these are all the fallen sons of God. If you look at the avengers, it’s all about the gods in that movie. The avengers. It’s about Thor, it’s interesting that in light of the revelation that is coming about the sons of God, even Hollywood is picking up the channel. Right. How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Defend the poor and the Fatherless do justice to the afflicted and the needy deliver the poor and needy free them from the hand of the wicked they do not know nor do they understand they walk about in darkness all foundations of the earth are unstable. I said you are gods. This is very troubling people. It actually said I say you are little Elohim.



Now what I did is I thought, “ Well I wonder what the sons of God are in Romans 8?”. And what you do is you take the Septuagint. So the Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Old Testament. So I thought I wonder what sons of God are in the Greek. It is the same translation as sons of God in Romans 8. I say that you are gods, all of you are children of the most high, that you shall die like mere men. And you will fall like one of the princes. Arise oh God and judge the earth.


Isn’t it interesting that the judgment is tied to the fallen sons of God. Okay, now I want to go back to the lady who came in for ministry. So I had her walk over there, and when she stood there I could discern that I was feeling a Rephraim. A fallen son of God. A walking dead. And I thought I don’t know what to do. Now see these beings are very arrogant. And I had this thought, I need to ask Jesus to come as the Son of Man, with his sword to take care of this guy. And so we did that. And sure enough she saw Jesus riding on a white horse, he came with the sword and whoosh, and I have talked to her many times since and she is a totally different person.


Why is it important for Jesus to come as the Son of Man? Why? Now you look at Matthew 16:13 okay, Justin there’s something white flying in the shape of the symbol of an infinity around Pauls head. Part of the flight pattern is in front of his head and part of the flight pattern is behind his head. Justin, is a good? Sonja feels like there is celebration and warfare. Matthew 16:13 when Jesus came into the region of Caesarea of Philippi he asked his disciples saying who do men say that I am? Who do men say that I, the Son of Man? And you look at John 12:34 the people asked, we heard from the law, that Christ remains forever. How can you say that the Son of Man must now be lifted up, who is the Son of Man? And Jesus said to him in a little while longer while the light is with you walk while you have the light. The darkness not overtake you he who walks in darkness does not know where he’s going. Well you have the light believe the light that you may become sons of light. And incidentally we’ve often tied the term sons of light with the sons of God. Now if you look at the end of Matthew, and I hope I can find it, Jesus is before his accusers. The Son of Man is mentioned here. Matthew 27. Let me just quote it maybe somebody else can find it. Jesus says to his accusers you will see the Son of Man seated on the right-hand of the power. Notice here it does not say God it does not say the Father, it says the power. You will see the Son of Man seated on the right-hand of the power. So Matthew 26:64 Jesus said to him nevertheless I say to you hereafter you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the power. Isn’t that interesting and coming on the clouds of heaven. Now he is the son of God. But he’s also the Son of Man. Nice to put some things together. So you have the fallen son of God who is mated a human being the child is a Nephleim. The Nephleim dies goes to the place of the dead we are told in many places that in adultery or other sinful activities that parts of us, or it actually says our soul, goes into the place of the dead goes into the place of Sheol. Now I believe that what Scripture means here is soul parts. This is like the DID. There are parts of us to go into those places. So you have this fallen Rephraim, and he is there with these soul parts. Because humanity sins. Is it possible that he is now re-inhabiting other human beings? So this is the game that is being played. These sons of God can say we also are sons of God we have also come into flesh, we have also died, and we have also come back to life. So you are no different than we are.


But, there is a big difference. There are people today, Christian leaders who are saying that Jesus did not actually die. I believe this is heresy. Why is this important? Because if Jesus did not die like anybody else then he is no different than the fallen Nephleim. He had to actually physically die, and be good and dead, for a Jew on the 3rd day. And incidentally I heard someone else say well we know that we don’t have things quite right because Jesus was not in the grave 3 full days. Well, you’re not very educated because you see a Jew considered any part of the day as a day. So you have Friday you have the Saturday and you have the Sunday that is 3 days. It is very simple. So he was in the grave 3 days. He was good and dead. He is the only one whose body is now resurrected. See the Nephleim body is not resurrected. Do you see the difference. So now because of the sacrifice and his conquering death he went before the Father he went to the holy of holies and he presented his blood on the mercy seat. As our propitiation, as it says in Romans. And he is now seated on the right hand of the Father and so when he comes as the Son of Man nothing on earth under the earth or above the earth can declare that he does not have rights. In fact in Hebrews it says that he went through all of the heavens, he went through all of the dimensions, declaring that he is Lord. It even says that he went to the spiritual that were in Sheol, and he proclaimed. And the word is interesting there is a word called evangel, which means that you proclaim with the hope of a decision. That is where we get the word evangelism from. No one got saved in that proclamation of Jesus. He went and declared I am now victorious over you. And I am the Son of Man and I am the son of God I am victorious over death and I’m going to deal with you soon.



A week ago Sunday and today is April 16, I was sitting after being very low and very unhappy and frankly fed up and I did not want to do this anymore and I was tired. I was tired of being tired. And all of a sudden I felt Jesus as the Son of Man. I also had a sword in my hand. And he came. I was on the phone with Raylene actually. I still have it, it was this huge sword. Now I want to say something very carefully that I am not declaring something I’m just telling you what I heard. In fact I did not hear it I said it. I can be 100% wrong. But what I heard is the day of the Lord has begun. I heard that. And the day of the vengeance of our God. I started declaring. And I had this exhausted anger rise up in me. I am really tired of this. And I felt like the Lord is really angry. So the next day I had prayer sessions which was a week ago Monday. And in fact a relative of the person that I prayed for came today. And she reminded me that it was her brother that I prayed for. And I realized that when I was praying that Jesus is the Son of Man was now doing the deliverance. And this was quite a shock. You have to realize that I feel all of this in my head. And I get exhausted when I pray for people because I feel that it’s a moving headache. But it is like Jesus personally on that Monday is now doing the deliverance. Now it’s always by his power that is being done. But I was really affected by it. It is hard for me to explain but it is like he is personally doing it.


So now this week something happened. If you turn to Daniel chapter 7 which is where the term Son of Man is used in the Old Testament.

Samuel: can I add to the conference God sent a flood in Noah’s time, so God could wipe out then the Nephleim.


Deborah: in the beginning I saw a few beings surrounding Paul as he is been sharing this about Jesus, the crowd of witnesses grew very large and they are a huge crowd around him now. That’s interesting. Thank you Debra. Deborah is in Hawaii. We break off all in the envy and jealousy. We would like to be in Hawaii with you Deborah.


Paul: would someone like to read chapter 7. Go to verse 14. A whirlwind is forming in the center of the room. I feel that. I don’t know where I’m going. I just had a spot where I’m going in the last moment. So read 1 through 14


In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon, Daniel saw a dream and visions of his head as he lay in his bed. Then he wrote down the dream and told the sum of the matter. Daniel declared,[a] “I saw in my vision by night, and behold, the four winds of heaven were stirring up the great sea. And four great beasts came up out of the sea, different from one another. The first was like a lion and had eagles’ wings. Then as I looked its wings were plucked off, and it was lifted up from the ground and made to stand on two feet like a man, and the mind of a man was given to it. And behold, another beast, a second one, like a bear. It was raised up on one side. It had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth; and it was told, ‘Arise, devour much flesh.’ After this I looked, and behold, another, like a leopard, with four wings of a bird on its back. And the beast had four heads, and dominion was given to it. After this I saw in the night visions, and behold, a fourth beast, terrifying and dreadful and exceedingly strong. It had great iron teeth; it devoured and broke in pieces and stamped what was left with its feet. It was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns. I considered the horns, and behold, there came up among them another horn, a little one, before which three of the first horns were plucked up by the roots. And behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking great things.

The Ancient of Days Reigns

Paul: I want to make a comment here. This is an important term because the Ancient of Days predates the creation of the sons of God. That’s why this term Ancient of Days term is important. He is the Ancient of Days. And he predates. I know it’s hard to talk in terms of time. But he is before the creation of the sons of God. Okay got it. Go ahead.

“As I looked,

thrones were placed,
and the Ancient of Days took his seat;
his clothing was white as snow,
and the hair of his head like pure wool;
his throne was fiery flames;
its wheels were burning fire.
10 A stream of fire issued
and came out from before him;
a thousand thousands served him,
and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him;
the court sat in judgment,
and the books were opened.

11 “I looked then because of the sound of the great words that the horn was speaking. And as I looked, the beast was killed, and its body destroyed and given over to be burned with fire. 12 As for the rest of the beasts, their dominion was taken away, but their lives were prolonged for a season and a time.

13 “I saw in the night visions,

and behold, with the clouds of heaven
there came one like a son of man,
and he came to the Ancient of Days
and was presented before him.
14 And to him was given dominion
and glory and a kingdom,
that all peoples, nations, and languages
should serve him;
his dominion is an everlasting dominion,
which shall not pass away,
and his kingdom one
that shall not be destroyed.

Paul: now go to verse 23. Thus He said, the 4th beast shall be a 4th kingdom on earth and it shall be different from all the other kingdoms and shall devour the whole earth and it and break in pieces the 10 horns are 10 kings that shall arise from this kingdom and another shall arise after them. He shall be different from the 1st one and he shall subdue 3 kings and he shall speak pompous worst against the most high to persecute the Saints of the most high and shall intend to change times and law.

In fact, persecute actually means he shall wear down. Have you felt like that? He shall intend to change times and law. And the Saints shall be given into his hand for time times and half a time. But the court… ,

Now look at the word court… It means the judgment… Shall be seated. That judgment shall be seated.

And they shall take away his dominion. To consume and destroy forever. Then the kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of the kingdoms.…

I just checked this is not a right translation… Look at this… And the greatness of the kingdoms under the heavens. So this is talking about the dimensions. So the kingdoms, and the greatness of the kingdoms, and the dimensions shall be given to the people. I think that this is happening right now. To the Saints of the most high, for his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all dominion shall serve him and obey him.


Okay. So now I feel Jesus as the Son of Man and I realized this week that we are now in the court. We are in that court. The 1st time I felt that was this week and right now we’re in that court. I don’t know where we are going from now, from here. But this is the 1st time that I have been aware this week of being in the court. And this is a different court than the one we’ve been in before. This is not mount Zion this is not the Council. I don’t think this is a court I’ve ever been in before. I believe we are in the court of Daniel 7. So we are with the Ancient of Days and we are with the son of man. Brian, I think we need to do a worship song can you find a worship song for us.

Karen, can you lead us in a worship song? Karen usually has a guitar. We need to worship the Lord right now. Lord, we become before you and we do not know what to say, we do not know why you have brought us here. We don’t know why we are now in this court. Before the Ancient of Days. Holy holy holy are you Lord God Almighty holy are you Ancient of Days. Son of Man. The unique only. The one and only begotten son of God there is no one like you there is no other son of God like you. All the others are imposters they are phonies. The cause wreckage and ruin to your kingdom and to your creation. We acknowledge you and we praise you and we worship you. Praise your name.


Karen sings open the eyes of my heart Lord.


There’s a whirlwind there, Deborah saw it. I feel like the Lord wants to give you a book. Sue is saying I feel a lot of pressure on the top of my head. Yes that is how I can tell that we are either on mount Zion, or the Council of the Lord or the court. So I think were in the court.

PETA: I’m feeling a gravity, this is serious business. My heart is beating faster. Nervous like when you’re going to take a test or something like that.

Deborah writes I see Royal beings. I see a white sphere a grid is forming. Deborah says she sees the Ancient of Days and the Son of Man.

Debra: can you see me? I see the 2 beings right now but I do not see what the court room looks like. I don’t always see but Michelle sees but I saw them when you 1st started talking about them. They were on either side of you I did not know what they were. They have brocade.

Paul: so the Son of Man… So this must be the Ancient of Days. I have never discerned the Father before. This is the Ancient of Days thank you Debra.

Aaron: I keep hearing the court is now in session. There is anointing when you said that. There’s a throne it’s in front of us

Paul: Raylene what are you seeing and feeling? There’s a throne in front of us, it’s huge. I cannot see the top of it. It is high and lifted up. This is the highest court. Wow. I think that’s true. The Ancient of Days opens the ancient books. Books that were not written with human hands.

Paul: we’re moving deeper into the Father. We are moving deeper into his heart and moving into the heart of the issue. The heart of the issue… the issue that is before the court. It has become an issue for the Father’s heart. There is a tempest that has been formed. And it comes to divide. There is tremendous anointing. There is righteous indignation. This is a reverence, this is an awe. He stood up. He stood up. He will not sit any longer. Fire is coming out of his nostrils. I feel it, I feel the heat in the fire. It is almost like you are in front of a blow torch or torches.

Hannah: all stand the court is in session.

Paul: Okay we need to stand. He liked it when we stood. It’s like were spinning now. We are in the whirlwind. There’s something in my hands. It’s like two, it’s like a scepter is warm. It is heavy. What is in our hands? There is something. I had seen a fireball earlier before she said fire. Are we all holding books? It’s like a weight and measure. Oh, it’s a scale. Justice, justice justice. With judgment there is always redemption. They are heavenly scales and they are earthly scales and that is why the shift is come. We are in the highest court room. And these are heavenly scales. They are holding the 2 stands of the scale. Aaron said that I’ve been given gavels. It reminds me of your book tipping the scales on curses and blessings. I heard the word divine shift. Just before you said the scales. What is up here? Right here?… That’s the Armature. It holds the 2 pales I mean pans. Now there is anointing coming. I’m hearing justice is not blind and neither is your God. Luis says I have a dagger in one hand and a book in the other hand. The dagger is to execute judgment and the book is for the law. And based on which judgment is made. Andrew, hello Andrew. I see a crown on my head and what might be the stones of fire is like jewels crowning an equal anointing to judge or rule of him. I see crowns but they have eyes on them. I’ve never seen it before.. crowns of eyes. My evangelism finger is going off. There’s something about evangelism in this. What I can see is when you approach into the court room I can see a huge throne. I mean if we were small and we were approaching the judge, and it’s the Lord, and I see a huge thick white book that is open and the Father’s finger and he is saying everything that is taken place from the very second the moment that you were born and brought to this earth that he has it in here and he knows it, and there is recompense that will come even for all the injustice the things that have been done good or bad and we think that he does not see nor notice them but in that book and for the entire Earth and the entire world and he knows each second of each moment of every persons life, and he is saying that nothing has passed from his mind from his eyes from his ears from his heart that he is going to cause the recompense to come . There is a reason why he brought us into this court because it is now time for him to execute his judgment on the earth for the things that have been done in secret, things that have been done where we didn’t say anything or we didn’t do anything. He says but now I stepped forward. I’m going to handle this and I’m going to take care of this for there are many things in this human world that have been stolen that have been lost and taken away. Now I see keys that were taken from some of us. Now the Lord says I’m going to give you a bigger key ring with more keys and now he is saying take the keys that I give to you and open the door and enter into that new room. Now that I take care of this which has happened back here the judgment, he says do not look back. Walk forward into this new place where you had to go and you had to speak and you had to say and do something. You don’t have to do that go into this next room with this new key and go partake of that and take hold of what is in these new places.

Paul: I think we need to do that, so Lord we receive the keys and we open up all these places and Lord we step in.


Jana: looking at this word, the Lord led me to the Scripture in Romans 13, this is talking about the natural but it’s a pattern of every heavenly protocol. And I remember feeling all these rulers. For the last couple of weeks. And my rod has been going off. I felt this for a long time, that the authority is being brought to another level. And I don’t think we’ve experienced. The rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority then do what is good and you will have praise from the same. For it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil be afraid. I’m in Romans 13:3. I will read it again. Rulers’s are not a cause for fear for good behavior but for evil. Do you want to not have fear of authority, do what is good and you will have praise from the same. For it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil be afraid for it does not bear the sword for nothing. For it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil.

I think were in… That is what the Lord is wanting … to resurrect a righteous authority in us that we would wear the un-perishable to stand in his imminence and produce the judgment for justice.

Paul: okay we have been joined by some Angels and they appear to be… Well I don’t see yet but I feel… They appear to be very large Angels.

Unidentified Man: you guys can judge this. This is just knowledge and I don’t know if it’s going to be a revelation to you. But Paul this is what I sense. It is an impression. There are earthly ministers and there are heavenly. When we saw the Lord stand up, when the Father had to stand up because this is the time. We had a move of Jesus .. because the middle… of the Holy Spirit, but the Father is coming now. The Father had to stand up for the things that were done in the secret places and the things that people are claiming in secret places. One of them is love. People are claiming love but then they judge. So this goes back to what you were saying about, if I got the word right, the Rephraim, that is going on within humanity, but he said how would you know who my people are but by love? But we’re finding this is a hard time and so the judgment that is coming,… Do we always have to remember in our minds… Redemption is in judgment that is how he redeems.. it is by love. So with this as I’m saying this another thing is to get is when we’re getting in the heavenly places, in other words we are sending, and coming back down, to establish this. Okay, that we have another problem, because it says heaven was within us. And some of the time frames that you are talking about say predestination now, it’s all these things are parallel and we are releasing. And so what you have right now Paul about something that you were sent saying about the white horse and Jesus on it, that is something that is within you that is being released. So when you speak you either have to discern, or somebody else, because you’re also releasing it. And other people through love and letting the Holy Spirit operate will accept it and then it will expand..

Paul: in light of what you just said look at Matthew chapter 13. 36… And Jesus sent the multitude away and let into the house and his disciples came to him and said to him explain to us the parable that took the tares in the field; and he answered and said to them he used sows the good seed is the Son of Man. The field is the world the good seeds are the sons of the kingdom. Which I would say are the sons of God. But the tares are the sons of the wicked one or I would say the fallen sons of God. This is the Rephraim and Nephleim. The enemy who says that is the devil. The harvest is the end of the age and the reapers are the Angels.

Are we discerning the reapers? I think we’re discerning the reapers. The Father just released the reapers.

Unidentified Woman: there’s a tempest of judgment.

Paul: therefore as the tares are gathered and burned in the fire so will be at the end of the age. The Son of Man will send out his angels and they were gather out of his kingdom all things that offend and those who practice lawlessness. Which are the fallen sons of God. Which have been intermingled now into humanity and will cast them into the furnace of fire and there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. And the righteous will shine forth as the sun. Which is now the kingdom, they are being given to the Saints in ????? the kingdom of the Father. He who has ears let them hear.


Jana: one of these Angels has stepped forward and I think he has a message. Something has happened with our arms from our shoulders – to the front of our arms – it is spiritual strength that has been given to us.

Paul: I feel a sash here. Over my shoulder and comes down like this. But Aaron I am hearing these large Angels are Centurion Angels. Aaron they feel bigger, so they have a 100 under them.

Unidentified Man: Paul earlier I saw we were speaking of the new authority being released I saw an armor it was like a scaled armor it was coming down over your shoulders. It was coming on over the shoulders so the armor was the authority as well.

Paul: I apologize but no one can hear you either on the broadcast or the tape unless you are using your microphone. Justin, are you still with us? Now I feel fire with this Angel and is getting harder I feel an Angel right here – it’s full of pressure and there’s extra pressure which tells me it’s a message. And then there’s fire swirling around me.

Jana: these two testify the witness of the old and the new. For true righteousness is resurrection power through you. You must be of the righteous resurrection. For why would you look for the living among the dead? The same spirit that raised him up lives in you. Let the enemy know dread. For the unperishable is light and armor that is true – its imminence is the kingdom bursting through you. This is even the hour, the time to be awake to know those who labor among you, for those who have come through the gate. You must be yoked with the 1st born among the dead, you must come by water and blood, for he is the head. And these 3 testify the spirit the water and the blood, and in your humanity his tabernacle is among men. There is a corporate alliance, the unity not yet known, both heaven and earth is the church of the firstborn. So put on the armor of light, and do the works of the day, for night is upon you, for many will be slain.

Jana: I’m having a vision, I seen this before, but it’s an army of youth, they are so little. And they are running in droves, across fields up on the walls, through the windows. Paul: that’s Joel. Jana: there’s so many. The garden is before them. And what is behind them lays waste.

Paul: Jana, I feel like a donut. There is someone in the center. And I think I feel all of the youth. I think it’s an army of youth, it feels like there’s thousands and thousands of them, but they are around Jesus. Oh, Jesus is at the center

Jana: there’s only one at the head.

Paul: oh there’s more coming


Jana: let these come unto me. For the kingdom of heaven is made up of such as these.

Paul: I think this is the phrase that Joe Austin used to use, the Clash of the kingdoms. It’s like the hordes of evil are coming out from the place of the dead. And the Lord is releasing his children.

Jana: and the cloud of witnesses is with them. And even now the sons of righteousness, the living among the dead, our training of these little ones for this hour. And secrets are being unleashed and in their sleep they are imparted and the young will dream dreams and the old too; but these 2 testify, the old and the new. And they carry the living word and the word has power and is the word that is flesh this word from heaven. … That’s all I can say, that’s what I’m feeling.

Paul: have you ever seen Mecca where they have the cob with the Blackstone in the center and the mass of humanity that rotates around it? This is Jesus at the center and there’s this mass of humanity I think they are children and youth – it is that dense. It’s like a wheel moving around Jesus and he’s at the center and the head here comes a new fire.

Deborah sees the Ancient of Days in the Son of Man dressed in brocaded robes woven into a heavenly purple and shiny white robe for the Ancient of Days same white robe will that in the heavenly blue and shining like the Son of Man. They are both very tall, the Ancient of Days is taller the Ancient of Days has a long white beard and amazing crown filled with Jewels that are indescribable in earthly terms. Lightning shoots out from his crown and he stands a little one step back from the Ancient of Days.

Unidentified Woman: I can hear the Holy Spirit saying “see your anointing see your anointing. In the same principle of how the Ancient of Days how he spoke and he created. He created the earth. He is saying through the seer anointing of bringing every heaven to earth, when you see and when you speak and you create”, he says in our valley, because he lives on the inside of us we can we can speak and we have the anointing to create,

Paul: Have you been listening to Jana last year? Because Jana has had this bee in her bonnet.

Unidentified Woman: He’s saying to be able to establish it, to speak it out, you can see it. It is the seer anointing. To create a mental ### walk into it. And then also what I can hear is that there is a new breed that is being raised up ### using you as one to uncover the enemy. The enemy has been disguised. And there is a layer that is over the earth like a veil and the enemy has been walking the earth in the disguise and he’s been unveiled. He’s the Angel of light that’s been walking. But through those that are living their life in that way, in that seer anointing, they are preparing for the generation that she is talking about. They are going to come back. How it talks about the remnant, which means the same as the beginning of the bolt like a bolt the fabric. And so that’s what this generation is like the waters have become so muddied because all things that taken place that’s how this is how this youth and this remnant will be with the Lord.

Paul: I have a scroll in my mouth ..Raylene. There’s something prophetic about my mouth. Here’s the scroll and it is anointed.

Unidentified Woman: what is on the scroll is innumerable names. I see names and the names and then I see the blood of the unborn children, of the aborted. And they are making a cloud of witnesses. They are in one accord with one voice (Paul in the background saying this is true Raylene this is true Raylene) They are speaking to the generation to come up now. They did not get a chance, but they are speaking to children, they are speaking to little ones and little minds and they are calling them with one voice. 6 and under. Those 6 and under are the ones that are coming up. And they’re calling their calling their calling all of these names, the blood the blood the blood the blood. The spilled blood. But they are calling in power. To the generation that is. (Paul: well. There’s an anointing on that) Come up. Stand up. Be bold. There is no age limit. You are mighty. That’s what they are saying you are mighty. (Paul: the time of political correctness is over). And this one voice speaks, with great joy, they were not given a voice but now their voice rings out.


Paul: Aaron sees a color a graphic book, visions are going to another dimension, a vision is being released. He sees something like a holographic film being drawn out of people’s heads. There’s going to be replacement something like holographic books. And you have something?

Unidentified Man: I think you just got something to put the understanding together, of why we’re having such a hard time down here. I mean on earth. I mean we can ascend, and a lot of people don’t realize that, so we got the mix. It is because the cup of iniquity is being filled, and we’re either going to come out of that by stepping into the realm that God is given us and let him judge us, not ourselves and not other people. So he is saying be the free son of God. The next thing he saying is with what you are getting is that you are releasing, and he’s going to ask you to stand into a place because if you don’t stand in and let him be God and that new area, which is an unknown area, Satan wants to pull you back. Well it’s not you saying let’s say the host of darkness or the other kingdom.

Paul: we are not in the court anymore but I still feel the Son of Man. This is the fun part of my job trying to decide and discern where we’re going next. Okay we got to the Council of the Lord now. But the funny term, I feel like were taking what we just received and it will be adjudicated in the Council. Will someone please look up the word adjudicated.

Unidentified Man: she’s got find the right definition but basically what it means is What was established in the court is going to be carried out, and basically we are doing, and I don’t know, (Paul: we are in the Council of the Lord. It has been done in heaven). Now we’re going to bring it down here within ourselves and release it. (Paul we’re still in the Council of heaven now. We’re in this place and the elders… Adjudicated)

Unidentified Woman: adjudicate I don’t have adjudicated. That would be established. To ask for to request earnestly to bid, to entreat to conjure, command,. So to adjudicate I didn’t find it exactly but I will.

Unidentified Man: I’m saying that it means whatever was happening in heaven we do that… He will have a bring it back down because that’s what Co laboring is, with him.

Paul: and this is with a cloud of witnesses around the Saints. So now I’m feeling the Saints around… Unidentified Woman: the spirit of righteous made perfect.

Paul: so go to Hebrews chapter 12. Go to the end of chapter 11. Talking about the Saints and all these having obtained… This is 12:39 all those having obtained a good testimony through faith did not receive the promise, God having provided better for us that they should not be made perfect apart from us. This is what you’re talking about with the aborted babies. But even they now have a voice. And we will not finish what we are supposed to do without them.

Unidentified Woman: I feel that this is true what was unfinished is being imparted to this generation.

Paul: and in the Council they are cheering. So what are you getting… I really feel like they are.. it’s like a rabble like they are excited.

Unidentified Woman: yes a rabble there hitting their staffs and their rods and they are singing a praise but is it cheer. It is, it has a melody,…

Paul: Karen are you willing to try to hear what they are singing? Now this is the Saints singing a new song. This is the Saints they are singing a new song.

Unidentified Woman: what I heard was hallelujah. Praise the Lord. (She is singing a song) our lives are going to be restored. Open the door that their wedding feast of the Lamb has began. We waited so long to hear. The people on earth will hear. The joy of the Lord is our strength he’s coming to release that strength. Joy unspeakable and full of glory have that has ever yet been told. There is a people who will tell the story of a God of old. The Ancient of Days is rising again. He’s coming with fire in his eyes. And he will restore the people of God again. And remove all lies. He will sweep away the refuge of lies with an overflowing scourge and his broom of destruction will come, and the Lord of hosts will hear. The sound of rejoicing in the heavens and in the earth, for the grain will rise up and the harvest will come. And the people will love 1st love. Has come.


Paul: that was a word from the Lord. And from the people of God, oh my. Adjudicate is to announce or to decree a judicial sentence. I think that’s what we went to the Council to do. We took what was done in the court and then we went to the Council. Deborah says I see the marching in and dancing upon injustice. Oh that is strong dancing upon injustice is strong.

Unidentified Woman: the Lord is saying that there is a preparation of people with eyes to see and ears to hear. Be prepared for the age to come, but be prepared now, with the seer anointing to be able to see into these things that we are saying. To bring them here, that it goes beyond, and it goes beyond what is taking place in the 4 walls of the church. That is not the fullness of the preparation. It is the preparation of the age to come, how we intended for the kingdom of God to rule and reign in the earth. And he is saying, he is bringing it down. He is bringing it down. I can sense and bringing it down over.… It’s upon our heads. He is laying it over our heads. Now it’s on our shoulders. Now it is on our back. He says wear it. Wear the royal robe. The royal priesthood. Stand in the position of the priest. He says there are many many many more. There are many more who are searching and they are seeking, they have been going here and there, they have been going to church years and years doing the same thing, they know this is not it ..they now this is not it. The Lord says stand in that position of the royal priesthood, wearing the royal robe standing in that place of intercession and standing in the gap.

Paul: I want to read to you a word that Stacy Kammer gave. It was 2007. January 2, 2007 The Miracle in Arizona, Patricia invited a bunch of us to come for the beginning of the new year. And what reminded me is, I grew up as a Southern Baptist and became a Christian in an American Baptist church in Honolulu Hawaii. I moved to Oceanside and joined the Southern Baptist Church when I was in college. So I’ve been in the church and I pastored for almost 20 years, and the Lord took me out of that and has not allowed me to go back. I have many friends who are pastors, my best friend outside of my family is Rob Gross and he pastors a Southern Baptist Church. I love the man and I would attend a church. But I was mourning, my wife and I have mourned this. You have to understand this was our world. I was the pastor and she was the pastor’s wife. This was our world. And I had such guilt when I stopped attending the building. I am not against the church. Please do not… I know this is being recorded… I am not against the church. The Lord has me on this unique journey that I never ever believed that would be on. But that day I was at the Ontario airport getting ready to fly to Arizona and I looked out and I said to the Lord, I know what I have come from, but what am I going to? I felt so lost. The Lord is now surrounded us with wonderful people. We have a community. Our church is now on Thursday nights with the youth group. So now I feel like at least I’m going to church. That is my church. My son and I lead the group together. But Stacy Campbell at that meeting had this word… and the Lord had just given us the Revelation of the elemental spirits and the stokia. Which are the living stones. We had just come from a school, somewhere around there in the fall of ‘06. So we had written a prayer called “the prayer to release the living stones”. So here’s the word and I remember it when you said this.

And when John the Baptist said behold the Lamb of God. All of the structures came down, falling down, they literally fell down. 1st in His body, then the natural in 70 A.D. Everything they knew came down because we are living stones. Living stones, living stones .. the life is now in the form, the life is in the stone, the DNA is in the brick, God is building his church and the final revelation of the church in heaven is not in the bride it is a city. A city made of stones. Now light comes out of the stones to all the nations periods and all the stones, around the temple and God is the temple in the middle of the stones. The Lamb is the temple and the Lamb is the light. There is no light in the temple in the middle of the stones, the living stones. There is a great transformation coming. Going on in the body of Christ around the globe. And the forms on the structures they are coming down and the old wineskin and the new wineskin is being built. But it is very hard to discern. So this is now 6 years ago. The people are looking for it and they’re saying is this it, is this it? Is this the Christ; is this the one? This is the form, is this the structure? In all of the earth they’re looking for the form that can contain the presence of God. But what is coming, the harvest that is coming is so big it cannot be contained in the structure. Even as the 1st structure was completely destroyed so that no stone was left upon another, the church as you know it now it will never be the same. And this is the key: the life is in the bricks. Living stones they are alive, they are alive, they are alive, they contain his spirit. So the key is not to discern the form the key is to discern the brick. Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you in God? If you’ve ever seen Stacy Campbell she goes……, Like that. It comes from God, and to God it shall return, it shall surround his presence forever and ever and ever and ever in heaven. Whenever you discern the form without discerning the stone, you have a temporary structure, and that will not last. But whenever you discern the stone, aha aha, I see that stone I know that stone, that is the apostolic stone that’s the prophet stone that’s the healing stone. Are you beginning to let the old stones go with the young stones and then male stones go side-by-side with the female stones. Joel 2 which is… And Acts 2 .. It is coming again, it’s coming again. And when you discern the stone correctly you can build a multiplicity of containers that contain less. They are less, they hold life, they hold the living going into the presence of God. There will be a multiplicity of containers but the stones are going to be eternal. Eternal stones. A city that is a bride and new Jerusalem. The holy city, like the bride. When you discern the stones you will put those living stones that contain the life together with other living stones that contain life, and they will build a container.

And I would say this is that. We are all from different buildings, right? That contain light and they will bring a container for the times, to house the presence of God. If you only have a form it is too small, it is too small; it is merely a structure. It will never be able to contain what God is about to do in the earth in terms of the harvest. A harvest of billions. There is a harvest coming that is so big that millions and millions and millions, yeah 1 billion stones harvest that will need stone joined with stone joined with stone United and not divided, discerning the life in the brick. The Jager stone. So you see I do not know you but I can discern you. I can discern the stone. See I did not need to wait for you to go through a class 101 and a class 102, before you are released, because this entire time I am judging you and you can be assured I would’ve stopped you if I felt you are off track. Besides that these 2 ladies next to me and they are discerning you too. You see we are discerning the stones. This is the container now. And so we come together, and we come together as the people of God, and the Lord has taught us, painfully painfully, how to judge the stones. Build your church, Lord Jesus, build your church that the Gates of Hell will not stand against it. You see we are now going past the fivefold ministries. In that passage it says and the fivefold will come until the unity comes. And what we have seen here is very interesting. I have not been with Karen for many years. And Karen the Lord brings You at the right time. And I’ve never met You before, but the Lord brought You at the right time. Because it is not that we are trying to build something, we are trying to build his kingdom. So he brings his kingdom people together because he wants to get his kingdom work done. Right? And I may never see all of You again. But it does not matter because this is about his kingdom. It is not about my kingdom. It is about his kingdom. And I honor You, because You come at the right time. And I love You, because You see I recognize the gift and you. And Father, this is been a joy tonight to be at Your people to do the people online, the Lord we want to, be wise. We want only what You have to say and not what the enemy has to say or someone else has to say. We thank You for what You built tonight that You built something tonight for now. And we know the next time it will be different. But Lord we appreciate and love what You did now. For the gifting that You have online and for the gifting that You have here, for the way that we can discern together what You are doing, and we bless You Ancient of Days, we praise You Ancient of Days, we praise You Son of Man and son of God. Jesus Christ the anointed one. And Holy Spirit we recognize that You are the person and that Your been caged and chained, we declare again that You are released to do what You want to do. And his name we say amen.







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