March 16, 2013 Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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Paul – there is a very, very large angel here
Angel is a recruiting angel – Ken
Angel is ‘doing the twist’ – twisting torso and arms, robe is twisting back and forth opposite of the arms –
Paul – territorial – this feels like it is territorial
Jana – message from Angel
He’s pouring something in
(tongues – song)
Oh spirit break out x3
Tear our walls down
Spirit break out
(Paul – there’s a lot of power here now)
(Jana: there’s a lot more, but it’s not for right now)
“Apostolic” – comment from online
Paul – was hearing Isaiah 54 while that was being delivered
(Titus Coen – Hawaii)
It’s hard to stay still
Justin – angel standing still with hands down at sides clenched fists – shaking back and forth
Sense of tenacity, perseverance, stand, determined.
Jana – he’s awaiting an assignment – contingent on us
Raylene – chair behind the large angel – who is standing – large chair behind him – he’s not sitting in the
chair – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a piece of furniture with an angel – it’s almost like an illustration that
it’s time to get up and get moving, it’s not time to sit any longer
Father – we ask that you would allow us/help us to be standing, moving, about your business. Help us to
not be complacent (in a sitting position) but be productive (in a moving forward position).
Tobias – I don’t have the rest of the message – but I felt that the message is being locked up behind a
wall that is made out of metal/iron – there are a lot of beautiful ornaments on it – someone said the
angel is waiting for something and then this wall will start to lift up – I wonder if there isn’t more than
just this message behind this wall. Are we supposed to sit down on the chair?
Paul – that thought came to me
Tobias – Sitting on the chair is like the rest of the Lord – but we’re supposed to be engaged in spiritual
activity when we sit on the chair
Paul – sits on the chair – there’s a lot of anointing
Tobias – is there deliverance going on? Is it off your territory? I think it’s off the whole west coast – up to
Canada – to Hawaii – east of Washington State
Raylene – like a shockwave
Tobias – it almost feels like going out from you – north
Tish – does this have anything to do with kings/queens – a throne
Verna – I got a throne
Jana – I’m getting that this is about creative business – the business of creating – ‘and your hope will
position you and your hope will release it’
Justin – it’s a seat of authority that the angel has brought to us here
Paul – hope deferred – makes the heart sick
Justin – it is the act of being ‘seated in the heavenly realms’ – like when Jesus ‘sat at the right hand of
the Father’ – it is one of the only times you can ‘do business by sitting’ – when you sit in a seat of
authority – otherwise, you are just relaxing when you sit.
Ken – feels like he’s supposed to do pushups
Tobias – there is now a river washing through the room
Jana – will try feeling the tongue written by Ken – they’re connected to sound (when she holds her hand
over the symbols written)
Paul – it’s about ruling/reigning with Christ – that actually hurts me when you do that – the glorious
Jana – this is a first for me
You are to know your position
And in who your inheritance lies
Your perception will position you
Paul – Ken wrote this when he sat down
Jana – peace to who are near and peace to those who are far off
Hope in your inheritance and it will not be cut off
Believe in me
And the works that I do
Believe in the spirit
And in the word that is truth
Greater things are yet to unfold the mysteries of Christ yet untold
I’m breaking the seal
For this time
A new beginning
The creative divined
Andrew Huntsman (online) – he’s feeling pressure
Paul – you’re feeling spiritual rulers at the table of sho-bread (the greek word is arka or arkon)
Paul – ask the Lord if there’s something he wants you to declare
Andrew – freedom
Tobias – when she was touching the note of Ken – she was going over it with her hand – she was
touching different sounds – it was like creating and touching different sounds like playing the xylophone
Paul – I felt that they were made up of the celestial ones – the glorious ones – which are made up of
Tobias – it felt like she was playing an instrument – like an instrument where you can orchestrate light
and sound with it – like water fountains with sound and light
Paul – Andrew – when you made that declaration – we shifted from … to the rulers at the table of sho
Sue – when Jana was going through – I was also feeling and receiving some words (I got ‘faith’ and
‘woman and man’ and person human being and there’s a joy with music/worship and also ‘mine heart’
and also ‘man with strength’ and also ‘son’ and also ‘brotherhood as unity’ – I asked the father what I’m
getting with this – it’s a family)
Jana – yes, right in the middle – I felt that
Sue – worship with joy – and here family/love – and here ‘strength’
Dana Israel – the musical scale of Oriental music is very different than Western – it is a quarter tone
Dawn Bray
Raylene – when Jana was doing that it was pressure behind my ear / vibrating with it – I was feeling that
it was creative sound – that it was bringing something new to the earth with that sound
Verna – I felt the deliverance on the land yesterday afternoon – I was really excited – I couldn’t wait to
be there tomorrow – talking about deliverance off of the land
Samuel Hernandez – I kept seeing (when you asked about the angel – why it was here) when we got off
the freeway – I discerned tightness of chest from the 15 freeway to about the bridge where it drops over
– I hit this wall – like you have this one diagram of the temple – with the pillar of smoke – like we’re in
the center of that with the angel – like it radiates out – like a shockwave
Tobias – is this connected to the sound/light and vibration of the land that got delivered?
Dana Israel – I feel this is connected to the Asian population of California – and the possible need for
identification repentance.
Paul – now we’ve shifted to being in the council of the Lord. Do I need to stay sitting here?
Raylene – I think you’ve literally been established in your seat of authority now.
Paul – Father, we ask that you now release this angel to accomplish your Kingdom purposes – we’re
doing this in the council – have the council determine whether it is time for this angel to establish your
Kingdom purposes?
Carol Rangel – pressure on my head (right side)
Paul – you are discerning the council of the Lord
Carol Rangel – then it’s going to a V shape to my heart
Raylene – on this angel – is he to be released to take down that wall or to open access? (prayer asking
the Father to have the angel demolish the wall or get rid of it so that we can move into the new place
behind it)
Paul – we’re still in the council – this is the same way I feel horses, Mount Zion as well
Sue – I see the face of a Lion
Paul – we’re still in the council – there’s a lot of discussion – we’re waiting to see – I feel that some of us
may have input to the council
Tobias – does the trap of the angel have anything to do with this?
Justin – picture of the council – figure in the middle sitting very still looking forward – wearing very large
crown – members seated on the right and left are leaning in to speak to or listen to the member in the
Jana – John Wimber
Paul – in a dream – John Wimber saying, Come again Holy Spirit
Ken – seeing the painting of the Last Supper
Sam – heard gathering
Dawn Bray – I heard John
Ruth Cridland – I have tingling on my nose –
Paul – that’s where you’re going to feel the cloud of witnesses
Paul – lord please release any anointing you have for us in this place – here in the council
Verna – before the morning is over – there’s going to be some declarations – along with authority
there’s laws and declarations sent forth
Nancy – I keep feeling my lips/teeth vibrating
Paul – it’s interesting when you look at the cloud of witnesses in Hebrews 12 – this is after all the
statements about faith – scripture in that passage repeats everything that we have been getting all
morning so far – cloud of witnesses – Jesus sitting down at the right hand – running the race with
endurance…v.18 – so you have not come to the mountain which cannot be touched…) and it’s here
where I feel the council
Ken – wonders why should we release this angel?
Paul – it’s like honey dripping from our hands, Tobias, I do feel the honey – there’s like a shift now – the
council is asking, ‘Why should we release this angel?’
Paul – go to Jeremiah 23:18 – when I looked at the Hebrew word for ‘council’ it is the same as the
Hebrew word for ‘counsel’ – “for who has stood in the counsel/council of the Lord…”
Jana – it’s protocol – how Heaven is setup – It is contingent upon an agreement – He’s even subjecting
himself to a sound from Heaven before He would heal the land
Paul – the word ‘discipline’ means ‘to teach’ – it’s not about punishment – it’s about the Lord teaching
us, even though sometimes it may seem harsh – the discipline is that we decrease and He increase – it’s
about us submitting to what He wants
Jana – it’s about a producible fruit of righteousness – He doesn’t want us to give up – he wants us to
Paul – I smell vanilla
Raylene – it is incense – reading “Titus” – seems to be it was written by Paul – Is Paul in the center of the
council – Titus is all about rebuking/teaching in love
Ken – ‘titans’
Paul – Lord we ask that you will come against the enemy that might be resisting the intent that you have
for this angel
Raylene – releasing the armies – dispatching – Lord would you please send ambushments and tactics to
upset the enemy’s ambushments/tactics
Tobias – Is the answer to the question “why should we release the angel” that we have repented about
the reason why he got trapped in the first place? (sin/iniquity)
Paul – this smells like vanilla
Justin – when you setup a technology system and you don’t modify it in any way from the design of the
developer/creator of the system – it is called a ‘vanilla installation’
Sue – I was holding onto two visions – I was waiting for the right time to release that – it was Feb. 11th, I
was at home – in my room – I saw a thick rope hanging from here (center of the ceiling) – also I saw that
the corner (outlet) – like when you charge – there is a fuse outlet – I feel like I have to release that right
now – I think somebody’s supposed to pull it – it is dust – silver dust –
Karen – interesting that silver is a conductor
Jana – also means refining
Raylene – think you’re supposed to put the rope in the outlet – also, Crystal’s word saying silver purified
22 times – I wonder if this is something about that
Sue – that night – when I was gold dust – should I pull the rope father – he said ‘wait’ – to let you know –
on Feb. 11th @ around 9pm
LaVonne – like pulling a bell rope and sound coming forth
Sue – when the silver powder touches our skin – it dissolves into our skin – hearing healing
Karen – Silver is a natural antiseptic/antibiotic
Paul – we’re back in the council/counsel now – I wonder if this coating on us has put us in a different
place in the council
Ken – I keep feeling my right forearm being tugged on – to step before the council – in front of the
Paul – I just noticed there are 12 of us in the room
Comment – what is the 12th dimension?
Paul – I made some notes years ago – understand that this is very subjective – ok – negatively – it’s plans
of the enemy for our lives // positively – it’s revelation – a place of peace being changed from glory to
glory – I feel my body going through metamorphosis (word Raylene had in 2010) ther’es and angel
waiting for us – waiting for you – here’s your orders – I see a bright sword being giving to me – a shield –
you are to go forward – not to go back – up a staircase – to the 15th dimension
Bernita – my ears have been plugging every day for the past 2 months – and they just started for today
Tobias – it feels like a lot of dust coming down
Paul – something is shifting
Sue – I see white flowers – beautiful white flowers blooming in your chest – coming out
Raylene – Titus is also about the season – the appointed season – headings “appointing elders” –
“rebuking those who fail to do good” – I’m wondering with the budding of the flowers – the spring – this
is a season of the spring
Bernita – my ears were plugged until you pulled on the rope
Paul – a portal is the same as a door – a gate (we believe) is a way into a dimension –
Brian – can you explain what you mean by the discernment of sight?
Justin – I see a picture in my mind – not physically
Raylene – like a shadow/negative
Ken – like Raylene
Jana – once in a while I’ll see flashes – by the color I generally discern (because of practice) – what it is –
also I see by feeling
Paul – I have seen once – it was many, many years ago – I said ‘there’s a hawk out there’ – and they all
said ‘there’s no hawk there’ – I see like a blind man – I feel, and then I know – it’s like discerning
physically, and then the knowledge comes
Tobias – not sure if this is important, but I just found that the leader of the roman armies who destroyed
Jerusalem in 70 A.D. – name was Titus – could this be for the reversal of the destruction of Israel for this
Bernita – I’m feeling tingling (below my right eye) –
Paul – you’re feeling the armies of the lord – the host – the angelic host – the saints warring – the stars
Ken – can you confirm that you see the armies of the lord behind me – a legion
Justin – saw boots marching (many, many boots) and the marching was stirring up a cloud (so much so
that I could not see anything but the boots that were marching)
Paul – while Justin was talking – I’m feeling Gabriel – usually when Gabriel comes he is taking us
Justin – the boots looked dark with very thick armor-plate over the chin, from the ankle up into the
Sam – I saw brown boots – silver straps
Paul – I got the war of the ages
Tish – I’m feeling right here around my left eye
Paul – that’s Gabriel – Gabriel was standing, now he’s flying – we are beginning to wonder if Gabriel
takes us to the depths, and Michael takes us to the stars
Paul – Ken says he’s in battle gear
Dana – I feel pressure on my head – especially on my sinus
Justin – there’s a large bowl here with an intense fire underneath
Paul – the altar of incense – Revelation 8
LaVonne – moves hand toward body
Paul – I feel Gabriel when you do that
Jana – Revelation 8:1 – lamb breaking the seal – silence before God – another angel came holding a
golden censure – … and smoke of the incense along with the prayers of the saints – then the angel took
the censure and filled it with fire and threw it to the earth … trumpets … fire – a third of the trees/grass
was burned up…
Sam – as she started reading that – my eyes – my upper left part of my eyebrow started
Paul – put your hand there – that’s still Gabriel
Sam – it started when she started reading – it stopped when she stopped
Jana – a pattern with Gabriel – it’s almost like we go there to unify
Paul –what do you want us to do there – I got the word ‘a great expanse’ – I get ‘the fields are white
unto harvest’ – this is really good
Sue – I feel something fat on my left side but it is very comfortable – like rest your head
Paul – you’re feeling rulers there – now we’re at the table of sho bread – the censure is here – the table
of sho bread is right here – I think we need to make a declaration about the harvest – the fields are
white unto harvest – we ask the lord of the harvest to release the angels to bring forth the harvest
Sue – repeating
Raylene – laborers – ‘to send laborers into the fields to bring in the harvest’
Carol Rangel – feeling pressure on top of my head like a hand on my head
Andrew – what is the left side affiliated with spiritually or what does it mean?
Paul – it’s said that the left side is what you’re born with – the right side is what comes to you
Jana – one time we discussed that it’s where you’re seated – the right side – positionally
Carol on screen – holds her hand on top of her head
Paul – interesting – we are now on horses – we’ve got to someplace in a dimension and we’re now on
horses – go to Zechariah 1:8 – “I was by night and I saw a man riding on a red horse – standing in the
myrtle trees” – we’re still riding on horses
Paul – so Lord, where are You taking us? I wonder if we’re going into the harvest field? I wonder if we
are the laborers going into the harvest fields – we are riding into the harvest fields – we have harvesting
equipment – I think we have sickles – Lord, I am willing to go into the harvest field.
Jana – the cloud of witnesses – the saints of heaven and the saints of earth
Tobias – do we have to repent where we/our ancestors were unwilling to go to the harvest fields?
Bernita – I got ‘into the fields’ when paul asked the Lord ‘where are you taking us?’
Paul – so Justin sees the altar of incense – which is filled with the prayers of the saints, which is being
poured out,. Which is leading to the harvest
Sue – when we were riding on the horse – we were stopped there – I was a ladder – like a Jacob’s ladder
Jana – interesting – there were warriors of all different ages – we are sharing in the inheritance of those
who have gone before us
Paul – Hebrews 11 – all those who have gone before us –
Ken – when you said stopped at the harvest – I felt that I was going on with the armies
Paul – reads lyrics to Andy Park’s – “We Will Ride” – Paul says lyrics go right along with this that we’re
seeing/experiencing today

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