March 2021 Academy Resources

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Summary of EHP Books through Volume 12

Academy Start and Stop Times Schedule

Monday 3-8-21

Academy notes 3-8-21

Notes on Hosea 4 6

Deep Darkness Scriptures

Deep Darkness Notes

Discernment – back of head


Discerning Seven Eyes of the Lord

Tuesday 3-9-21

Academy Notes 3-9-21

Why shouldn’t I Enter Heavenly Courts Anytime I Want? – Brian P Cox

Presentation Generational Prayer

Notes on Strong Right Arm of the Lord

Prophetic word from Larry Pearson 3-5-2021

Illustration of unity:


Wednesday 3-10-21

Academy Notes 3-10-21

Thursday 3-11-21

Academy Notes 3-11-21

Discernment Reference for Healing Prayer

Introduction to Elements and DNA

Kingdoms to Domains

Majesty Summary

The Grid

The Grid


Brian Greene String Theory Gates

Brian Greene String Theory Gates

Elements Prayer

Prayer for DNA

Gifts indicated by fingers on hand

Friday 3-12-21

Academy Notes – 3-12-21 up to lunch break

Word from Jana Green 3-12-21

Jana Green word for Micah 3-12-21

Prayers discussed on Friday:


Worship Songs

Yahweh HD – Bonnie Deuschle & Celebration 

Covenant Worship – Heaven On Earth (Live)

Trading My Sorrows


We Will Ride – Brownsville Worship

Light the Fire again –