Show Notes for The Lion’s Den Episode 17

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Key scriptures

Psalm 133

Malachi 4:6

Acts 16:31

Romans 8:14

Galatians 3:23-26


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Jana’s word delivered live on the podcast:

Nothing will be the same; everything will change

There’s is a sound that you must align to, an oscillating groaning so Wisdom can remain

Learning to listen is a disciple’s creed

Follow the ancient path so the DNA can resonate and be healed

This is the way; walk in humbleness in His nature, in His name

Mercy has a sound that will teach you to listen

A sound for unforgiveness will be broken by truth, and a sound of a decision

This is found in a listening heart for redemption

There is a greater communication that cannot be denied

This sound that resonates with the stars corrects the grid so reconciliation cannot be denied

It is Yahweh’s call that the old program does not remain

The land of your inheritance; let the redeemed claim the same

All of creation is groaning to remove the record of wrong that is distorting

I Am releasing new strategies that will heal relationships

The family to my body, and then the nations will know my habitat

A listening discernment will give the new technologies

Healing of spirit, soul and family, and the Lords body

Astronomy and excellence will bring keys for righteousness sake

It will be part of the process, so let the redeem say so and know the Fathers heart

I Am unlocking the treasuries of identity for the true sons of God

To remove the programs and the curse of the law.


Jana’s words from Paul’s notes with Jill, and read on the podcast:

There are keys for healing; wisdom for healing

A re-genesis for the stones through fire

It is a re-calibration, for energy plays a role

A connection for wholeness, for the original design needs to be retold

What is sick and infirm has become the norm

The frequency has not been visited or experienced of how it should be known

The blood has a sound and so do the stones

But it is the communication between the original and the now

Fire, frequencies and water must be set

The combination will restore for the blood and flesh to be met, to connect to each other

These coals of fire will bring the deliverance for the DNA to change

It is in combination in what is turning so the original can be remade

All seven burning together keep the lampstand in place

The truest identity of how it was intended

The original comes face to face

(Seeing a lampstand, and the seven are essential and have to do with a mirror image of having to be face to face)

Frequencies go higher; frequencies’ colors are all aligned with sound

The balance will correct and healing will be found

These seven spirits are turning but the lampstand is staying in place

We are coming into the reset of how spirit, soul and body engage

Not one separate from the other; it is a wholistic truth.  The world can do all this but without the blood it is not true.


(Discerned Rainbow angel)

There is a place of discovery that will expand and go out

Knowledge with the application

Knowledge will be applied in the land to be healed by the choices of man

To rediscover the truth

Signs and wonders have been held back, but the time that is coming shortly will release just that

Identity is key

The bride needs to know and see that if she really knew who she was creation itself would be redeemed

I am catching the whole body up so nothing lags behind

Even those who sit on the fence will not be denied

An economic renewal will come by grace

Obedience is the key

Now the kingdom will come with great change.

So those I bring to you will multiply the truth

The things you are learning in this season will be evidence for proof

Your passion has led you and it will not be denied

Your labor will prove trustworthy, and as you learn in the rest it will be revealed that I am changing everything so the lame can be healed

Abundance is stored up and the treasuries of identity are being opened

The hope restored is from love and it will absolutely prosper



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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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