Prayer to Break the Influence of Fallen Sons of God Over My Family Line

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Note: A discussion of the revelation that let to this prayer is provided in The Lion’s Den – Episode 17 – Freedom for the Family

In the name of Jesus Christ and as a representative of my family line, I repent for not coming into agreement with our positions as sons of God.[1] I repent for any actions that corrupted our faith or contaminated the inheritance we have through Jesus Christ. I repent for employing legalism and religiosity or for trying to make the law our guardian.[2]

I repent for participating in activities that were in agreement with the fallen sons of God or other evil entities. I repent for participating with, or allowing influence from, the fallen sons of God or other evil entities.

I repent for wasting resources and for being poor stewards of time and energy by focusing on conflicts and arguments, rather than pursuing Godly unity.

Lord, I confess that many of us have:

  • Taken unrighteous vows and made covenants against each other and against You
  • Forced other members of the family to join into ungodly alliances, which furthered the disunity and caused internal wars combating one another in a familial civil war
  • Lied about and/or slandered other members of the family.

Lord, I repent for:

  • Any way that I have ignored, condoned or actively participated in this
  • Not coming to You to verify accusations that were made against us and against others
  • Every time I aligned with the enemy because I was angry
  • Every time I strategized regarding any break in the family that could benefit me instead of grieving and praying it through

Lord please:

  • Remove all records of wrong that are hidden in the ungodly libraries that are located in the ungodly heavenly places
  • Bring spiritual, physical, emotional and relational healing to my family and my extended family
  • Remove the ungodly council of fallen sons of God over my tribe and family
  • Position my tribe and family correctly in the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Remove the distorted family timeline and place my family and tribe into your Kairos time

Lord, for my life and family line and the lives of my descendants, I ask that you now remove all impacts that resulted from discord and disunity. Please remove all blockages or distortions of blessings that were meant to come down our family line.

Lord, please heal and set us free from infirmity, loss, disunity, disfavor, heartache, sorrow, depression and anxiety. Please remove any negative affects against the land.

Lord please heal us from distressing thoughts and loss of sleep.

Lord please restore our Godly inheritance.

Lord, please bless my children and all future generations with the benefits of these prayers.

[1] Romans 8:14, Galatians 3:26. Also see Exploring Heavenly Places – Volume 2: Revealing the Sons of God by Paul Cox and Rob Gross

[2] Galatians 3:23

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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