From the Simple to the Complex: Understanding Gates and Doors

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As we progress in our understanding of spiritual doors and gates, the Lord is leading us from the simple to the more complex. Just when we begin to think we understand what He has shown us, He reveals that we have only discerned the fundamentals of the revelation thus far. Simply put, we are still in preschool in terms of our understanding of the heavenly places. The good news is that even in our simplistic understanding He is releasing healing to those for whom we pray. How much more healing will we see as the revelation increases?

Discernment of the spiritual doors and gates seems easy at first. If I put my hand in front of me I can feel the door or gate. If I turn my hand in an opposite direction in the same space I do not feel anything. This indicates to me whether it is a door or gate. I ask the Lord if it is gate or a door and I get an increase pressure on my head regarding the correct one, which I call a ‘hit’ and then I know if which it is. If you have seen the film, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, you may remember that when Lucy was on the island she saw a door, but when she looked from the other side of the door she realized it could not be seen. This is exactly how I discern doors and gates.

Initially, we were confused about the importance of knowing whether what we were feeling was a gate or door but the Lord has shown us that we must first correctly interpret the key scripture regarding gates and doors in Isaiah 45. After several months it became clear that when we dealt with evil tied to the doors, the closed gate would be opened. Previously, we had tried to open the gates but were unsuccessful until we learned that the doors in the dimensions must be handled first.

When I feel the door I can immediately tell if it is good or evil. It took a considerably longer time to realize that this discernment was not sufficient in dealing with the doors. I would feel beyond the door and know whether what was behind it was good or evil. It then occurred to me that if what was behind the door was evil, the door was really open and was affecting either me or someone else. If what I felt behind the door was anointed, and of God, then that door was closed.

The Lord led us to look at generational issues that gave the enemy a right to use the evil behind that door to affect the person. After renouncing and repenting for those issues, we noticed that the evil door would be closed. We then asked the Lord to open the righteous doors that had been closed. When this was accomplished, I could discern that the gate that had been closed was now also opened. We did not need to deal with any issues of the gates—it happened by default, which is exactly what is stated in Isaiah 45:1 (ESV), “to open doors before him, that gates may not be closed.”

Jesus then reminded us that He has the keys for the doors. As was explained in Heaven Trek, the Lord had shown us the importance of Isaiah 22:22. Eliakim, a priest, replaces the imposter Shebna and receives the key of David. Then Eliakim, now a King Priest, is allowed to open that which can no longer be shut and to close that which can no longer be opened. As is clear from the following verses, at this point Eliakim walks in amazing favor. We are then told in Revelation 3:7-8 that Jesus has received this Key of David and what he shuts no one can open, and what He opens no one can shut. We often acknowledge this fact in our prayers about the doors, reminding the enemy that he must give up the keys to Jesus, and we then ask Jesus to open and close doors. This scripture clearly states that once this is done, all doors that have been closed or opened cannot be opened or shut again. It would appear that this is a permanent solution to the generational issue that has been prayed through.

In February of 2014 we hosted our annual Aslan’s Place Summit. After discussing doors and gates we decided to apply what we had learned. A couple that have been in ministry many years had suffered continued financial hardship. We had them sit at the front of the room and asked the Lord to show us the doors that were blocking them from the resources they needed both to live their lives and to bless the ministry to which they were assigned. Not only did we discern doors, but also an attic and a mirror at the end of a corridor that camouflaged a hidden door behind the mirror. After an extended prayer time, all the doors that we perceived needed to be closed or opened were taken care of. Now it was time to see if what we had done in the heavenly places actually affected their lives here on earth.

It did! They went home, and within weeks a door opened for them to move to another city, and they moved from an apartment to a wonderful small house in a beautiful city. After moving, the woman was hired to be an administrative assistant. At the present time they have not yet seen complete victory in their finances but we can definitely see amazing progress.

In 2011 when Donna and I were on a book tour, Paul Knight from London, England joined us in Minnesota. As I was teaching on the gates and doors, I was showing how they are tied to our physical body. I had previously discerned that if there were a problem in a certain part of the body, I would feel an ungodly gate or door there. I showed how each gate and each door seem to actually be spiritual beings called stars, making them star gates and star doors. I could feel a line coming off of that point on the body, and as I followed that line in the Spirit I found what seemed to be a sphere. That sphere seemed to be a door. Now I was confused. How was it that I had felt doors like one would feel a door in the natural but now I felt a door as a sphere? Now the complexity begins.

When we are discerning dimensionally, we really are discerning from our three dimensions what is actually in a much higher dimension(s). Therefore, we are interpreting a multi-dimensional place within the confines of three dimensions. The Apostle Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 13:12 that we only see in part. As we progress we will see that what appears to be a flat door or gate is really much more complex.

As I followed that line from the problem part in the body and felt the sphere I could also feel three stars inside of the sphere (which was the door). I could feel and hear each of these stars and realized that these three stars seemed to be notes, and together they made up a musical cord. I asked Paul Knight, who is a composer in the theater district of London, to touch each note to sense the tone. He did and then went to a keyboard and played the cord, which was actually a discord. I then noticed that one star seemed stronger than the other two stars. I discovered a line coming off of that star and as I followed that line I found another sphere, which also contained a cord of three stars. Paul Knight discerned that cord, played it and again, it was a discord. Paul said that the stronger note I felt in the first sphere was a transition note to the cord in the second sphere.

Next, I discerned that there was a stronger note in the second sphere and followed the line coming off of that note. Expecting to feel another sphere I was surprised to discern a series of seven stars. Through revelation, we felt the Lord was saying this was the spiritual ‘seven sisters’, or Pleiades,[1] but at this time we do not yet understand the significance of Pleiades. We have discovered that the two spheres seem to be tied to our mother and father, and are an indication of a bondage that prohibits us from leaving the sphere of influence of our parents. We also can clearly see that these gates and doors are all tied to star trek, star gates, and star wars.

As we were praying for the person, the Lord had us close all the ungodly doors and to disconnect from all ungodly spiritual stars. The Lord also had us pray for other issues. That night the person we had prayed for slept the entire night for the first time she could remember. More tangible results!

[1] Job 9:9, 38:31, Amos 5:8

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