Daily spiritual cleansing of property

In the southern part of the USA, I was conducting marketplace ministry at a hotel, discerning both evil[i] and fallen heavenly places[ii] on the property so we could ask the Lord to deal with them. At the conclusion of the time of discernment, we had gathered at a restaurant table for discussion. I suddenly had the idea to ask the Lord to establish an ongoing work order in the heavenly places regarding conducting daily spiritual cleansing of the property. I thought, “In the physical world, hotels’ daily cleaning schedules are set up, so why not do this in the Spirit.” The owner asked the Lord to do that and to have it recorded in the heavenly places so if the enemy protested in any way, that order could be referred to and enforced.


[i] Evil might manifest as ungodly doors/gates/windows, beings, etc.

[ii] Fallen heavenly places could include such locations as the ungodly height, width, length and depth, or the ungodly versions of Majesty, the realm of Melchizedek, etc.

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