Prayer of Release from the Multi-Dimensional Zodiac System

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Lord Jesus, I renounce and repent for all those in my family line and me, back to the beginning of time and from Adam and Eve forward, who entered into sexual sin and/or engaged in sex outside of marriage, which appears to cause your design for the Mazzaroth to go out of alignment. Lord, please restore any Godly blessings have been block or diverted and blessings that were dispersed among the stars. Please clean up and restore any Godly energy that has been used by the enemy for nefarious purposes rather than for the purposes of the Lord. Please disconnect my family line and me from any dimensional zodiacs. Please properly connect me to Jesus Christ and restore all Godly associations to any dimensional Mazzaroth[1]. Please bring me into righteous alignment throughout Your dimensional creation.

Lord, I repent for ungodly joining to any other person or thing that has interfered with my righteous joining to You. Please remove all misalignment and ungodly joining, and join me to You so that I am no longer fractured. Please establish me as one, complete person. I repent for anytime I or those in my family line refused to ask for Your Ancient Path or declared we would not walk in Your Ancient Path[2]. Help me to trust in You and please align me to You and establish my paths to align with Your Ancient Path; make this path straight so that Your life flows through me.[3]

In the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of His blood, I renounce and repent for all evil that has caused my family line and me to be disconnected from both the land[4] and the God-given electromagnetic fields of the earth.[5]

Father, forgive us for committing sexual sin on the lands in which you have positioned us. I repent for giving our hearts over to the enemy; thus allowing him to gain control over the electromagnetic fields and permitting him to ravish our hearts to the point where they are not connected to Your heart. Forgive us for allowing the enemy to usurp Your glory, and for giving the enemy the worship he longs to receive.

Father, I repent and ask Your forgiveness for any ungodly trading, and for seeking prosperity and protection from anyone or anything other than You. I confess that You are the true source, but we have sought these things from the enemy through ungodly trading. I also renounce and repent for placing our security in the desires of our flesh rather than in You.

Father, forgive us for sacrificing our children because of our selfish desires, and for contaminating the land with their blood; forgive us for aborting children, as well as for shedding their innocent blood and sacrificing children in the fires of Moloch.[6] Please retrieve all scattered spirit and soul parts entrapped in the ungodly depth, ungodly deep, and the dimensions within dimensions. Sever all connections between the ungodly star, Rephan,[7] and us. Please disconnect me from all ungodly, dimensional zodiacs that have been affecting the electromagnetic fields. Please disconnect my heart from every ungodly star, star system and constellation where I have been entrapped.

Lord, please:

  • Forgive us for giving way to seductive and enticing spirits, and for seeking counsel from the ungodly council instead of seeking Your righteous counsel
  • Disconnect me from any ties, chains, and ropes that have attached me to the ungodly council, and remove the evil consequences of those attachments
  • Perform surgery upon my physical heart and remove all ungodly electromagnetic fields
  • Disconnect me from all ungodly powers that have been fueling this ungodly activity; retune and recalibrate my heart to synch with Your heart
  • Remove all ungodly worship of the enemy in my generational line
  • Destroy all ungodly walls that were erected because of sin on the land, which have blocked my family line and me from other people

I now issue a divorce decree between myself and the enemy. Lord, as I am now being disconnected from all ungodly dimensional zodiacs, please correct my associations to the godly Mazzaroth and to the land.

I repent and renounce any partnership with all ungodly thought/belief systems and for acceptance of that which is not true. Lord, please release me from selling out to seduction and false mindsets.

Lord please:

  • Disconnect me from the ungodly seven spirits of the enemy
  • Take me out of all ungodly cycles of the multi-dimensional zodiacs, especially where my family line and me are trapped in any 7 ½ year ungodly cycle(s)
  • Remove me from all twelve of the ungodly zodiac systems of houses, and rightly connect me to You for I want to be only in Your House
  • Correctly align the domains of my spirit with the correct Jewish months, Jewish tribes, and also with the correct constellations in the Mazzaroth
  • Correctly adjust the sounds, frequencies and vibrations of my living stones to resonate correctly with Father, Son and Holy Spirit, so that I am aligned with Your Glory and holiness
  • Removed me from all evil-imposed ungodly calendars, especially those tied to the gods assigned to the days of the week, the months of the years, and the zodiac cycles that are tied to the gods of this age
  • Remove me from any river of death, and disconnect me from all pollution and corruption that has come against my family line and me because of generational agreement with false wisdom, knowledge, and all ungodly world systems.
  • Remove me from the ramifications of the corruption of light

Lord, I acknowledge that the ungodly seed of the enemy was grown into all kinds of defiled roots and branches that have negatively affected my life and inheritance. Please burn up all of these roots and branches in your furnace.

Lord please:

  • Set me free from the bondages of this present age so that I may flow correctly in Your river and in correct space-time
  • Remove all false prophecies, divinations, and enchantments that used the fallen stars as their information source
  • Remove all projections and overlays of time lines that distort our time lines, such that times and seasons are changed to align with the enemy and not with You
  • Set me free from the ungodly ordinances and rule of the zodiac, and establish me correctly with the righteous ordinances and rule of Your Mazzaroth
  • Remove me from the path of the age of this cosmos, and establish me on your ancient path
  • Take my family line and me out of the darkness of this age, and place us into your Kingdom of Glorious Light
  • Remove all contamination off of the elemental spirits tied to my body, which resulted from the worship of all the ungodly star systems
  • Disconnect me from all ungodly thrones and power structures that are linked with the fallen zodiacs
  • Take back all the inheritances, blessings, anointings and giftings that were stolen or blocked by every ungodly system addressed in this prayer
  • Disconnect me from all ungodly windows that were associated with every system mentioned in this prayer, and correctly align all righteous dimensional windows so that the full blessings You have for me are completely released and can flow without hinderance
  • Return to me through Your blood all spirit and soul parts that have been scattered because of the generational and lifetime iniquity and sin mentioned in this prayer
  • Destroy all walls that have separated my soul and spirits from each other and from me, and establish correctly in my spirit the twelve jewels

I repent for all of us who gave away our authority over the land in trade for prestige, power and comfort. Please restore our rightful authority over the land, dimensions, grid and the elements so that You can again be properly glorified. Please remove and erase all glory that has been given to the enemy through the generations, and return that glory a hundredfold to You, the true-and-living God.

Lord, please now break, shatter, destroy, and dissolve all ungodly magnetic fields attached to me; and release Your river to short circuit all ungodly powers, bringing life and health to the land and to me.

I declare my life is not a cycle, but flows with the River of God.[8] Thank You, Lord, that as I exit and disconnect from these ungodly cycles, I now able to enter into your rest and peace. Thank You that you are establishing me in your times and seasons as I am being removed from all ungodly clocks. Thank You that You are preparing me for the powers of the age to come.

[1] Job 38:32

[2] Jeremiah 6:16

[3] Proverbs 3:5&6

[4] Isaiah 62:1

[5] We have discerned that sin seems to affect our association with electromagnetic fields. The goal is to ask God to restore this association.

[6] Leviticus 18:21, Ezekiel 20:31

[7] Acts 7:43

[8] James 3:6

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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