Prayer of Repentance for Any Spiritual Contamination in the Development and Use of Vaccines

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Please read the introduction and article before scrolling down to the prayer.


Spiritual Implications of Using Human Fetal Cells in Vaccines

Introduction from Paul L. Cox

When Louise Hilby wrote to me about the use of fetal cells in vaccines I was stunned.  I called her and as we talked we started to see the spiritual consequences of the use of fetal cells in vaccines.  I had the idea to pray about this revelation and was surprised to feel an intense deliverance.   We feel this is another level of deliverance that is important to address.  We thank God for this new and unfolding revelation. I also thank Louise Hilby and Barbara Parker for composing this great article and prayer.

The Bible teaches that we each have the same connection to God through Jesus Christ. Furthermore, we must each inquire of the Lord on a continual basis. I urge you NOT to use this information to promote or denounce the use of vaccines. Rather, we suggest that this information be prayerfully considered as you ask God for guidance in their use.



The intent of this article is to shed light on the subject of vaccine production involving the use of human fetal cells derived from abortion and the growing number of questions concerning the ethical and spiritual appropriateness of this practice. This opinion is by no means intended to condemn or condone the use of vaccines and realizes that vaccination is an individual decision made by the recipient. This article provides scientific background and raises questions about the methodology used to manufacture some, but not all, common vaccines.

Vaccine production utilizing live animals or animal cells to grow virus was the method of choice up until the 1950s. However, issues such as cost (to keep the live animals healthy and alive), contamination (viruses or bacteria carried by the animal making their way into the vaccine), inability for the virus to grow in subject animals, and availability of the animal product, for example chicken eggs used to grow influenza virus, drove researchers to utilize human cell strains derived from cell cultures to advance the production of viral vaccines.

A cell culture, simply put, involves growing cells obtained from living tissue in what is called a culture vessel. The primary cell culture most often contains many different types of cells. In order to develop a cell strain, a primary culture must be manipulated to the extent that only a single type of cell remains in the culture. Cell strains are then used to grow a virus, which in turn, enables vaccine production specific to that virus. In order to prevent infection in the human receiving a vaccine, a virus must be altered or weakened. This is done utilizing various laboratory techniques performed on the infected cell strain. Once the vaccine is created, it is injected into the human body and will invoke the immune response without causing infection and subsequent illness.

Prior to the mid-twentieth century, animals such as cows, monkeys, and rodents were used in vaccine development. The use of fetal cells from human placentas and aborted fetuses had been utilized as well, however the most notable fetal cell strains, WI-38 and MRC-5, from 2 separate abortions are the most significant contributors to vaccine creation since the 1960s. These two cell strains have been used to create vaccines against – adenovirus, chicken pox, shingles, hepatitis A, polio, rubella, 1 rabies vaccine, and most recently, some of the COVID 19 vaccines.

From a moral perspective, the use of fetal cells was contested by the Catholic Church due to its stance on abortion. However, in 2005, The Pontifical Academy for Life concluded that in the absence of a suitable alternative vaccine, parents are allowed to vaccinate their children with vaccines developed from aborted fetuses. Spiritually speaking, what are the consequences of being vaccinated with a vaccine developed from animal or human sources? The fact is that small quantities of trace DNA from the cell strain used to grow virus are contained in a vaccine and this vaccine is subsequently injected into the human body. While it is highly unlikely for this DNA to be incorporated into a vaccine recipient’s human cellular DNA, are there consequences on the level of soul and spirit for having foreign DNA injected into one’s body?

If we examine the issue of receiving a vaccine that was produced utilizing the cells taken from an aborted baby and we believe that an abortion is acknowledged to be a form of blood sacrifice, are we then subject to the consequences and effects of that sacrifice by virtue of having the DNA in our body, however transient the event may be? God warned believers to not eat that which had been sacrificed to idols:

  • Acts 15:19 – Therefore I judge that we should not trouble those from among the Gentiles who are turning to God, 20 but that we write to them to abstain from things polluted by idols, from sexual immorality, from things strangled, and from blood (The New King James version)
  • Rev 2:14 – But I have a few things against you, because you have there those who hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to put a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols, and to commit sexual immorality. (The New King James version)
  • 1 Cor 8 – (Paul’s dissertation on eating those things sacrificed to idols)

The word used for “eat” can be used figuratively or literally, ie: Jesus asks us to eat His flesh, and therefore the argument can be raised that receiving a vaccine developed from an abortion follows this same principle, in that, we are receiving into our bodies that which has been sacrificed to an idol.

The question then becomes – What are the consequences and effects to our spirits and souls? Are there consequences to our bodies? Another point of interest might involve the question of what the DNA carries generationally? It is reasonable to postulate that the consequences of sin and resulting iniquity from both (maternal/paternal) generational lines that the fetal cells were derived will have some resulting spiritual implications on the recipient. Curses, iniquity, sin, and the resulting effects could most certainly be expected to be lurking and incorporated into the fabric of the soul and spirit.


Offit PA and Moser CA. Vaccines and Your Child: Separating Fact from Fiction. 2011. Columbia University Press.

Prayer of Repentance for Any Spiritual Contamination
in the Development and Use of Vaccines

 Father, in the Name of Jesus, I repent and renounce on behalf of myself and my family line for:

  • Cruelty inflicted upon animals who were subjects of scientific experimentation
  • Participation in human abortion, harvesting of aborted fetal tissue and cells, manipulation and scientific experimentation on these cells
  • Incurring the consequences and effects of the sin, iniquity, and curses resulting from receiving a vaccine derived from cells that were harvested from an aborted fetus
  • Aligning with transhumanistic ideologies as a tool for infecting mankind
  • Attempting to corrupt human DNA/RNA with foreign sources of DNA/RNA
  • Attempting to use scientific experimentation to produce corruptions of God’s design[1]
  • Having nefarious and hidden agendas with regard to vaccine creation
  • Manipulating and/or contaminating a vaccine for harm rather than good
  • Performing ungodly dedications or cursing the research, development, production and distribution of vaccines
  • Intending to contaminate the body, soul, and spirit with foreign human and/or animal source material
  • Receiving a vaccine with the knowledge that it ran counter to our moral convictions
  • Causing fear, deception and intimidation to those who did not want to receive vaccination

Lord Jesus, You are the source of all righteous knowledge and understanding, and I thank You for:

  • Equipping those in the scientific community with the ability to develop vaccines for the benefit of mankind
  • All righteous and beneficial effects of vaccines for the prevention and eradication of disease

Lord Jesus will You please:

  • Forgive me for receiving into my body any vaccine that was contaminated and corrupted with evil intent and action
  • Remove all contaminants that may have been introduced into the cells in my body
  • Cut all ungodly soul and spirit ties to any human, animal or foreign being that is associated with any vaccine that I received into my body going back before the beginning of time
  • Cut all ties to any fallen sons of God who used vaccine production to manipulate mankind for evil purpose, regardless of the age in which this manipulation took place
  • Remove curses and iniquity from my body, soul, and spirit that were placed on me because I partook of a vaccine derived from an abortion and cut all ungodly ties with the generational lineage any aborted fetuses used to create the cell strains required in vaccine development
  • Remove all generational deception, fear, and intimidation over vaccination and grant me Your wisdom regarding receiving vaccinations in the future


[1] We feel this is similar to how the fallen sons of God produced Nephilim by trying to bypass God’s design for procreation

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