Toxic Waste From the Family Line – Kabbalah

The consequences of generational sin pours like toxic waste into our lives.

“Toxic Waste from the Family Line” is a series of articles based on historical research.

These resources work in conjunction with our generational prayer model and are useful as references while you ask God to reveal generational issues in your life.

The following are taken from On the Kabbalah and Its Symbolism – Gershom Scholem



Generational Issue


The Kabbalah, literally ‘tradition,’ that is, the tradition of things divine, is the sum of Jewish mysticism.



According to tradition that goes back to Talmudic times there are, in every generation, thirty-six righteous men who are the foundations of the world. If the anonymity, which is part of their very nature, were broken, they would be nothing. One of them is perhaps the Messiah, and he remains hidden only because the age is not worthy of him. P. 6


Esoteric Knowledge


Corresponding to different levels of consciousness, the world of nature recedes, and these ‘natural’ forms are gradually replaced by specifically mystical structures. Nearly all the mystics known to us describe such structures as configurations of lights and sounds….For light and sound and even the name of God are merely symbolic representations of an ultimate reality which is unformed, amorphous. P. 8


Secret Teachings

The first Kabbalists appeared on the scene of Jewish history, in Languedoc at the end of the twelfth century, they did not claim to have spoken directly with God.


False Revelation

In Rabbinical Judaism, from which Kabbalistic mysticism developed, a number of different revelations were recognized as authentic and each in its own way authoritative, namely, the revelations of Moses, of the Prophets, of the Holy Spirit (which spoke in the authors of the Psalms and other parts of the Bible), of the receivers of the’Heavenly Voice’ (bath kol, believed to have been audible in the Talmudic era), and finally the ‘revelation of the Prophet Elijah.’ Each of these stages represents a lesser degree of authority than the stage proceeding it. P. 19


Religious Spirits

Divination (Communication with the Dead)


The first Kabbalists said to have attained this rank (revelation of the Prophet Elijah) were Rabbi Abraham of Posquireres and his son Isaac the Blind. Abraham ben David (d. 1198) was the greatest Rabbinical authority of his generation in southern France, a man deeply rooted in Talmudic learning and culture…He himself relates in his writings that…it was the Prophet Elijah who had appeared to him. P 20


Religious Spirits
(Communication with
the Dead)

Most if not all Kabbalistic speculation and doctrine is concerned with the realm of the divine emanations or sefiroth, in which God’s creative power unfolds…The process which the Kabbalists described as the emanation of divine energy and divine light was also characterized as the unfolding of divine language. P. 36


 Secret Knowledge

Letters and names are not only conventional means of communication…Each one of them represents a concentration of energy and expresses a wealth of meaning which cannot be translated, or not fully at least, into human language…they necessarily operate with the twenty-two consonants of the Hebrew alphabet, in which the Torah is written, or as they would have said, in which its secret essence was made communicable. P. 36


 Secret Knowledge

The Kabbalistic conceptions of the true nature of the Torah are based on three fundamental principles.

  1. The principle of God’s name;
  2. The principle of the Torah as an organism;
  3. The principle of the infinite meaning of the divine word.


 Symbols and Meanings
as Ultimate Reality

The idea of the magic structure and nature of the Torah may be found long before the Kabbalah…and Kabbalists…carry a strong magical accent and imply a magical view of the Torah. P. 37



‘We possess…an authentic tradition showing that the entire Torah consists of the names of God and that the words we read can be divided in a very different way, so as to form (esoteric) names…the oral tradition, according to which it was to be read as a sequence of names. P. 38

Veneration of Name of

The principle that the Torah is a living organism falls in with several lines of Kabbalistic thought. P. 44



The started from the old conception that the souls of Israel who went out of Egypt and received the Torah at Mount Sinai numbered 600 000. According to the laws of transmigration and the distribution of the sparks into which the soul disintegrates, these 600 000 primordial souls are present in every generation of Israel.Consequently…there are 600 000 aspects and meanings in the Torah…and…each of these 600 000 holy souls has its own special portion of the Torah…therefore…the Torah, which in its visible form contains only some 340 000 letters, is, in some mysterious way, made up of 600 000. Each individual in Israel possesses a letter in this mystical Torah, to which his soul is attached, and he reads the Torah in the particular way predetermined by this upper root of his in the Torah. P. 65



Since every letter [of the Torah] represents a concentration of divine energy, it may be inferred from the efficiency of its present visible form that the power of severe judgment, which sets its stamp on our world, impedes the activity of the hidden lights and forces and prevents them from being fully manifested. P. 80


Teaches that there is in God a principle that is called ‘Evil,’ and it lies in the north of God…p. 92



Ritual action not only represents, but also calls forth this divine life manifested in concrete symbols. P.124


Religious Spirits

The ‘Sabbath soul,’ enters into the believer, enabling him to participate in the right way in this day which shares more that any other day in the secrets of the pneumatic world. P. 139


 Esoteric Knowledge

They firmly believe that if a man’s seed escapes him, it gives rise, with the help of mahlath (a female demon) and Lilith, to evil spirits, which however die when the time comes. Rituals and rites recommended…the purpose of which was to keep Lilith away from the marriage bed. P. 157


Incubus and Succubus

Especially in a leap year, the Kabbalists fasted on Monday and Thursday of certain weeks in the wintertime, in order to ‘correct,’ by special prayers and acts of penance, the taint which a man inflicts on his true form.


 Religious Spirits

After saying certain prayers and observing certain fast days, the Polish Jews make the figure of a man from clay or mud, and when they pronounce the miraculous Shemhamphoras (the name of God) over him, he must come to life. He cannot speak, but he understands fairly well what is said or commanded. They call him golem and use him as a servant to do all sorts of housework.


 Conjuring Demons

They speak of a mythical marriage between Earth and Elohim. Adam is their ‘eternal symbol,’ ‘the seal and monument of their love.’…Edem-Earth ‘brought her whole power to Elohim as a dowry, when they were married.’…Such ideas about a marriage between God and Earth were to reappear at a later day, in the Spanish Kabbalah…God and Earth concluded a formal contract concerning the creation of Adam…God demands Adam for a thousand years as a loan from Earth, and gives her a formal receipt for ‘four ells of earth,’ which is witnessed by the Archangels Michael and Gabriel and lies to this day in the archives of Metatron, the heavenly scribe. P. 165


 Mother’-’Bride’ Earth

The letters of the alphabet – and how much more so those of the divine name or of the entire Torah, which was God’s instrument of Creation – have secret, magical power. The initiate knows how to make use of them. Bezalel, who built the Tabernacle, ‘knew the combinations of letters with which heaven and earth were made’ p. 166
‘No one knows its (right) order, for the sections of the Torah are not given in the right arrangement. If they were, everyone who reads in it might create a world, raise the dead, and perform miracles. P. 167



The golem – beginning with the end of the twelfth century the name appears in a number of texts in the sense of a man-like creature, produced by the magical power of man – starts out as a legendary figure. Then it is transformed into the object of a mystical ritual of initiation, which seems actually to have been performed, designed to confirm the adept in his mastery over secret knowledge…Man is an earthly being, but has a magical power…Thus magical knowledge is not a perversion, but a pure and sacred knowledge which belongs to man as God’s image. P. 174


Miracles dependant on

Recitation of the alphabets of the Book Yetsirah has the God-given power to produce such a creature and to give it vitality, hiyyuth, and soul, neshamah. P. 192


Magical Power through
Sacred Knowledge


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