Toxic Waste From the Family Line – Celts and Druids

The consequences of generational sin pours like toxic waste into our lives.

“Toxic Waste from the Family Line” is a series of articles based on historical research.

These resources work in conjunction with our generational prayer model and are useful as references while you ask God to reveal generational issues in your life.

The following are taken from The Celts by Nora Chadwick


Generational Issue


Extraordinary amount of money offerings were thrown into wells. p. 153



Caesar states that the core of druidic teaching was that the soul did not die, but passed into another body, and that on this account there was little fear of death. p. 154



Caesar refers to human sacrifice by the druids, sometimes by burning in huge wickerwork images. Descriptions included ‘human gore’, sacrifice by drowning, as well as head hunting, and possible a cult of the head. p. 155


Human Sacrifice

Dedications were made of sites and land areas to celtic gods. p. 156


 Ungodly Dedications

Samhain (1st of November) was the beginning to the Celtic year, at which time any barriers between man and the supernatural were lowered. Imboc followed on 1 February. This appears to have been involved primarily with fertility ritual, traditionally associated with the lactation of ewes. p. 185


Fertility Rituals


The following are taken from The Druids by Stuart Piggott


Generational Issue


Cauldrons…sacrifice of prisoners of war by cutting their throats over such a vessel (p. 78), or ‘a man is put head-first into a full tub, so that he is suffocated’ p. 79


 Human Sacrifice

Wells with votive offerings are frequent in Romano-Celtic contexts…with human skulls among the votive gifts, and the severed head continues its association with wells and springs in modern Celtic belief. p. 79


Veneration of Heads
Veneration of Springs
and Wells

…seen as representatives of seers, prophets, healers, magicians and diviners: the assorted medicine-men and witch-doctors of the ancient world. p. 102



The Celtic sanctuary … was essentially in a forest clearing.


 Sacred Territory

…they can foretell certain events by mathematical computations…


 Worship of Math

…they could excommunicate from attendance at sacrifices an individual or a tribe who did not accept their rulings, thus rendering them outcasts without religious or legal status…ritual cursing was another means of invoking divine wrath when needed.



…victim was stabbed in the back, and omens deduced from his death throes.
…other forms of human sacrifice…included shooting to death by arrows, or by impaling, and the holocaust of human and animal victims alike in a huge wickerwork figure. Caesar likewise describes these great figures whose limbs were filled with living men and set on fire….’they deems it indeed a duty to cover their altars with the blood of captives and to consult their deities through human entrails.’ p. 110


Human Sacrifice
Ritual Human Mutilation
Ritual Genocide
Human Divination

They appear as confidential advisers to the chiefs on omens and auguries, or lucky and unlucky days, and they instruct the young warriors of the tribe.
They practice magic to confuse or confound the enemy… p. 112



19 year cycle known in Babylonian and Greek mathematics…its practical significance lies in the fact that 19 solar years are (within about half a day) the equivalent of 235 lunar months: with this knowledge it is possible to add extra months as required in a regular cycle, and so reconcile the solar and lunar calendars. p. 116


Veneration of Sun and

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