Time Prayer

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Lord, please heal me from any time my spirit experienced fear.

Lord, please retrieve all parts of my spirit that were scattered before or after conception in any dimensions or any dimensions of time. Please put me back together according to your original design.

Lord, I acknowledge that fear can result in parts of me splitting off and leaving the ancient path and going my own way.  Lord please clean off all scattered parts as they are being returned to me.  Please restore me to Your ancient path.  Lord Jesus, please close all ungodly doors and gates that were opened when this happened to me.  Lord Jesus, please open all doors that should be opened so that righteous gates can never be closed again.


Lord Jesus, on behalf of myself and as a representative of my family line I renounce and repent for:

  • All the times we chose to align with man’s times, cycles, seasons and festivals and not yours
  • Altering the markings of time to honor ungodly beings or celebrating those ungodly being’s high dates and places.
  • Every occasion in which I became impatient and refused to wait for your appointed times
  • Moving the ancient boundaries of time
  • Refusing to take action in your time
  • Delaying obedience in your time
  • Participating in sacrifices to establish ungodly times and seasons.
  • Not permitting our families to operate in their God-given times.
  • Aligning ourselves to ungodly calendars.
  • Misusing, ignoring or corrupting God’s timing or wasting God’s time.
  • Participating in violence, strife and iniquity that altered our timelines and birthrights.
  • Allowing our times and seasons to be governed by the zodiac or astrology
  • Honoring leaders or nations that did not follow God’s timing or did not allow us to follow God’s timing.
  • Participating in ungodly practices and trading to change our timelines or trade away portions of our timelines
  • Refusing to be in synchronization and alignment with God’s Kairos times and seasons.
  • Attempting to manipulate birth for ungodly purposes or selfish reasons
  • Disrupting God’s sequences of time and time markers in our life
  • Walking in the fear of man to honor man’s timing and not God’s time.
  • Submitting to spiritual leaders who were out of Your time
  • Fearing man and submitting to his spiritual affirmation, approval and promotion rather than waiting for yours
  • Preempting Your time of death by suicide and euthanasia
  • Trying to control time, the flow of time, and ungodly time travel
  • Trying to become like God or to become immortal
  • Pursuing war or confrontation out of God’s timing for any reason, including to prove our point or demand our own rights from personal confrontation to corporate confrontation.
  • Not coming from a place of compassion and love.
  • Forcing our own timing in relationships, instead of pursing Your timing, Lord
  • Trying to fulfill promises and prophetic words outside of God’s timing
  • Worshipping or establishing covenants with ungodly beings of time or fate


Lord, please:

  • Correct any ungodly vibrations of the windows. Return the vibration of the windows to Your original creative design.
  • Cleanse memories attached to times of trauma and remove any ungodly memorial stones in our spirit, soul and body that mark times of trauma.
  • Retrieve, cleanse and restore all parts of me that are trapped in time and trauma memories
  • Reestablish memorial stones that celebrate the times of Your blessing and goodness towards us
  • Disconnect me and my family line from ungodly clocks and cycles of stars and zodiacs. Please retrieve, clean and restore all parts trapped in clocks, cycles and star dates
  • Help us to walk in your wisdom and to pursue Your timing
  • Cleanse and heal our timelines, repair and bridge bruises and gaps in our timelines so that Your life and glory may flow down our timelines
  • Remove all ungodly clocks, calendars time measures, time frequencies and clocks and reset all our clocks, calendars, measures, frequencies and cycles to their original design
  • Remove us from the ungodly wheel of time and ungodly houses of the zodiac
  • Establish Jesus Christ as the One who was, is and is to come, the Alpha and the Omega as the origin of my space and time
  • Remove ungodly alignment between my family line and I from any evil trees and branches.
  • Disconnect me and my family line from ungodly rings of time, wrong government, wrong branches and wrong legislation
  • Remove me and my family line from all ungodly time signatures and bring me fully into Your time signature




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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

Permission is given to print this prayer in its entirety provided that no changes are made. In addition, please reference Aslan’s Place and aslansplace.com on all reproductions. This prayer may not be reproduced in publications without written consent from Aslan’s Place.