Solutions; Where Are They? – Larry Pearson

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As the people of God who live in the world of economical, relational, political and social problems, what is the roll of faith communities as a whole? Are we to believe we are as powerless in this world? Do we sit back in a fearful stance and ring our hands with no hope? Do we have a God who isn’t interested in helping and has left us to fend for ourselves? So many questions run through our minds in times of un-certainty.

I had a dream a while ago and in it, these people were caught up with a book that was being passed around and they were all bewitched with its power. All of a sudden, I knew the name of the book. It was entitled ‘The Lost Art of Begging”. It was very apparent that they were all under its power. Could this be a strong delusion that a lot of God’s people are under?
I was speaking at a meeting recently and out of my mouth blurted; “It’s time for The Solution to be applied to the eyes of the Body of Christ”; it was a forceful proclamation and I knew I had to ponder what I heard. My prayerful pondering has made me ask, ‘Are we as the people of God, trapped in some un-righteous realm that has us in captivity to ‘The Lost Art of Begging’? Are we trapped in a vortex of error, that keeps us not knowing who we are and the power made available to us as ‘sons & daughters’ of a Royal Power of righteousness to decree into things around our world and see Transformation of the Kingdom kind?

Where are the “Solutionists” who haven’t allowed the log jams of disasters & collapses to possess their vision? They have had eye salve applied to their ‘perceiver’ and decree solutions to all spheres of society.

We have to pursue the LORD to bring us out of all un-righteous realms & influences, so we can see answers come to the godlessness running through the veins and hearts of the Cities/Nations. Oh Father in Heaven, turn on the ‘Light of Your Son’ to show us how to come out from amongst the influences of darkness to be free Light Bearing and Light Breathing Solutionists to a decaying world around us.

Larry Pearson pursues the Spirit-led life and enjoys the spiritual exploration of heavenly realms. His desire is to see the release of the power of God in all of His fullness, along with the true expression of the Father’s love.

An integral part of Larry’s mandate is providing revelatory advice to business leaders.  His passion is to ignite warriors to fulfill God’s purposes and to apprehend our authentic identities as revealed in the heart of God.

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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About Larry Pearson

Larry Pearson is an ordained minister (Joel's Well Ministries) who pursues the Spirit-led life and enjoys the spiritual exploration of heavenly realms. Adding business & life coaching into the mix, His desire is to see the release of the POWER of God in all of His fullness, along with the true expression of the Father's love. Larry can be reached through his website