Righteousness Prayer

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Lord, please remove all generational and lifetime false grace and cheap grace, which is really lawlessness linked to an anti-Christ spirit.  I understand that this false grace has resulted in an ungodly connection with the imposter who is the false I Am.  I also understand that the false grace teaching has robbed me of an understanding of the sufferings of Christ that I am supposed to enter into.

Lord, please remove all false pathways connected to false grace; and on behalf of my ancestors and myself, I repent for ungodly generational dedications, blood sacrifices and other sacrifices to the enemy, including the ungodly sons of God. I repent for wickedness, participation in conspiracies, hatching of plots and agreements in high places, and trading of identities and birthrights with the enemy and the ungodly sons of God.

Lord of Hosts, please release Your armies to dismantle and burn all the root systems of false governance, including control and manipulation through wickedness and through the fantasies of the people of God. Please remove the false governance of institutionalism in the heart of religion that has produced spiritual wickedness and prevented me from breakthrough, from healing.

Please burn the soil, matrix, ungodly womb of the dawn, and all conceptions of spiritual wickedness in high places as well as the ungodly structures in each of the seven eyes of the Lord.  I understand that the enemy has sought after and planted the tree of knowledge of good and evil within the default seven eyes of the Lord.  Please burn it all within the consuming fire of I AM so that Your original intent for the seven eyes of the Lord can be fulfilled.  Please burn to the very center so the roots, ungodly soil, and all ungodly equations can be destroyed in the realms of darkness.  Cause Your light and fire to consume it all in the ungodly height, depth, width, length and in the center of it all.  Please remove me from the ungodly realm of the false I Am.

Lord, please close all the ungodly windows of darkness, deep darkness and outer darkness throughout all domains, dominions, kingdoms and all other dark places. I understand these windows were opened through ungodly trading and are connected to the trees of darkness and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Please destroy the ungodly hidden temple, which is the dwelling place of the false I Am, as well as the deep covenants of darkness that were intended to raise the sons of darkness. Also, destroy the ungodly seven layers of the heart and all libraries within them, which were formed because of specific covenants that were made to raise up the sons of darkness.

I confess that it is only Your shed blood that redeems us from evil, and I ask You to remove the ungodly conceptions, seeds of wickedness, unrighteous seeds, corrupted seeds, ungodly nests in high places, matrices, and wombs of the dawn that nurture and grow the wicked seed and all wickedness.  Please do this throughout all domains, realms, spheres and dimensions in my life, including body, soul, spirit, time, space, family, workplace, birthright, ministry, career, finances and possessions.  Then plant Your righteous seeds, establish Your righteousness and rightly align all domains, realms, spheres and dimensions in my life including body, soul, spirit, time, space, family, workplace, birthright, ministry, career, finances, and possessions to You and Your throne. Please remove wickedness from the centrality of all things, and destroy anything that prevents me from entering into the Rest of the Lord.  Please establish Your righteousness and justice as the foundation in all these areas so that Jesus Christ may be enthroned there and be the Precious Cornerstone, the Sure Foundation, and the Capstone of my life.

Lord, please release the armies of heaven to disconnect me from the ungodly host and stars of heaven, and break all ties to the ungodly host of heaven.  I renounce all ungodly generational dedications, sacrifices, wickedness and trading that has empowered this evil.  Please release all treasures of wisdom and understanding that are stuck in this realm, and destroy all ungodly hidden windows and doors of darkness so that the enemy can be plundered.

Lord, please:

  • Remove all ungodly twins, replicas and clones
  • Separate the good seed from the bad seed and the wheat from the tares
  • Rightly divide the parts, inheritances and birthrights of commingled and twin seed in my life and reestablish the godly boundaries
  • Send Your chariots to gather from the remotest parts of the heaven all that was scattered and bring back truth as the balance
  • Release Your treasures of wisdom and understanding that are stuck in the realms
  • Birth my identity in Your heart and make all things new
  • Bring me to the center of the cross, which is the center of all righteousness
  • Reestablish godly boundaries between Righteousness and Holiness and align these to You
  • Let Your righteousness displace the ungodly governance
  • Establish me back into Your right time and bring forth all those parts, including those that were lost in time, that have been stuck in wicked time and wicked dimensions. Cleanse my parts by Your blood and place them where they were originally meant to be in my life, establishing right standing in my inheritance

I declare that the waters will part so that I may go over onto dry ground, and when I reach the other side of the bridge of time, the waters close over and destroy my enemies. Thank You that I am coming into my inheritance.

Lord, please write on my stony heart so that it becomes flesh, and reestablish and align everything in my life to You. Please break off all things that the enemy uses to try to follow me. I pray that my mind will be stayed on You and on Your word, and that I will set my mind only on things above.

Lord, please cleanse the foundations of the seven eyes of the Lord, removing the defilement of the Holy Place and cleansing it. Holy Spirit, please pour out fresh oil, realign the lampstand and the seven eyes of the Lord, and restore the anointing flow of the Seven Eyes. Please bring true counsel, true might, true understanding to me in the realm of the Spirit, closing the ungodly windows and opening the godly ones. Please remove the ungodly mirror, all ungodly self-absorption and narcissism, and help me to rightly see my circumstances and to see You.

I repent for walking in the counsel of the ungodly.  Please remove all ungodly entities and agreements that take counsel together against You, Your anointed and me. Please destroy all books and records of ungodly wars, and establish Your righteous counsel in all realms, domains, dimensions, spheres, grids and kingdoms.

I declare that You have won the victory through all the ages and dimensions, and have raised up Your church, which is Your body, to rule and reign with You and in You.  Wisdom and counsel and might are ours in the dominion that You’ve granted through Your resurrection. Your Body is one and we reign with You.

Lord, please cause your grace to work with your mercy, for I understand that Your compassion and mercies endure forever.  Please bring me into Your realms of mercy and grace so I can experience the totality of Your mercy and true grace.

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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