No Expiration Date – The Key to a Blessed Life – Recorded February 10, 2024


This is a recording of a five hour event that occurred on February 10, 2024.

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Both the internet and bookstores are replete with self-help messages that teach the use of positive thinking and the law of attraction to bring benefits to one’s life. However, the Bible makes it clear that striving after the views of the world is vanity (i.e. Ecclesiastes 2). In addition, the Bible has much to say regarding the spiritual underpinnings of these false belief systems.

In this unique five hour video, Paul L. Cox helps you understand how these worldviews differ from the teachings of the Bible when it comes to correct thinking and the power of the tongue.

Furthermore, he discusses books such as Biology of Belief to show how the truths of the Bible are supported by scientific evidence.