Exploring Dreams Part 1 of 2


Exploring Dreams with Paul, Barbara, and Brian is a five hour video from a live seminar on August 19th, 2023.

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Event Description:

The mystery surrounding dreams is intriguing. Recognized and studied throughout the world since ancient times, it remains a struggle to comprehend our own dreams.

Common questions include:

• Are dreams important?

• Does God really speak through dreams?

• How can I know if a dream is from God or the enemy?

• Why don’t I dream?

• Why can’t I remember my dreams?

• What about nightmares?

• What does the Bible say about dreams?

• How do I interpret my own dreams?

• What is a good model for dream interpretation?

• What should I handle my kids’ dreams?

• What resources are available to help me with dreams?

Exploring Dreams with Paul, Barbara and Brian is an opportunity to gain a fresh, new perspective on dreams. Whether online or in person, there will be interactive opportunities to address personal questions as well as insights.