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Here are the descriptions for the books in our Exploring Heavenly Places series:

Volume 1: Investigating Dimensions of Healing by Paul L. Cox and Barbara Kain Parker.
This introductory book includes articles regarding aspects of the body, soul and spirit, in order to provide a basic understanding of these elements of our humanity.

Volume 2: Revealing of the Sons of God by Paul L. Cox and Rob Gross.
Our spirits were created before creation in heaven and the name of our spirit is, “sons of God”. Some of these created spirits rebelled against God and are attempting to overtake the throne of God. This is the war of the ages. This book explores the scriptural evidence for this battle as well as the believers’ part as the revealed sons of God, which are mentioned in Romans 8.

Volume 3: Gates, Doors and the Grid by Paul L. Cox and Barbara Kain Parker.
This volume examines the nature of the multi-dimensional system of universes, focusing mostly on the grid, doors and gates. The evidence presented is clear that when His will is done there (in the heavenly places), our physical existence here (on earth) is the beneficiary of positive change.

Volume 4: Power in the Heavenly Places by Paul L. Cox and Barbara Kain Parker.
This volume explores the multi-faceted nature of the Power of God, including discussions relating to honey, whirlwinds, lightnings of God, the clouds, and the Rainbow Angel.

Volume 5: The Power of God on Earth as it is in Heaven of Paul L. Cox and Barbara Kain Parker.
This volume continues to explore the nature of the Power of God. The topics include the tongues of men and of angels, puzzling pieces of God’s power, the golden pipes, windows and branches, and the greatest power, which is love.

Volume 6: Miracles on the Mountain of God by Rob Gross.
Rob Gross, the pastor of Mountain View Community Church in Kaneohe, Hawaii, has utilized the revelation that has come to him and to Aslan’s Place, training the people in his church to minister. This book is a compilation of many wonderful stories of the miracles that God has performed in the midst of the people.

Volume 7: Discernment Encyclopedia for God’s Spiritual Creation by Paul L. Cox and Barbara Kain Parker.
The encyclopedia lists the various aspects of God, beings, entities, and spiritual places that can be discerned.

Volume 8: Dreamspeak by Barbara Kain Parker.
This book is about the author’s personal journey into dream interpretation. It’s much more of a this-is-how-God-does-it-with-me account than a one-size-fits-all instruction manual, which hopefully will encourage others to venture out into the heavenly realms of dream exploration.

Volume 9: Travel Guide to the Width, Length, Depth and Height by Paul L. Cox and Barbara Kain Parker.
Ephesians 3:18 expresses that we “may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height.” The book examines what happens in these regions and contrasts the differences between the unrighteous and righteous versions of width, length, depth and height.

Volume 10: A Travelogue of Heavenly Places by Paul L. Cox and Barbara Kain Parker.
The authors explore the womb of the dawn, the Order of Melchizedek, the realm of His Majesty, ancient pathways, and the heavenly libraries.

Volume 11: Strategies for This Present Battle by Paul L. Cox and Barbara Kain Parker.
The Bible says we are at war; life confirms that we are at war; so what is our response? Having chosen our side in the oh-so-real conflict between God and His righteousness and justice versus all that is evil; we oppose all that is evil and rebellious in the world. This book is meant to help equip Christians for the battle.

Volume 12: The Mystery of the Ancient Paths by Paul L. Cox and Barbara Kain Parker.
The solution to the mystery will reveal the secret of a life filled with joy, rest and peace. Biblical insights regarding how our warped perceptions of want, need, lack and expect came to be in the first place are explored. This volume is meant to further equip God’s people to persevere and endure within a worldly system that wants nothing more than to snuff out Christianity.

Volume 13: Equipped for the Harvest by Paul L. Cox, Barbara Kain Parker and Brian P. Cox.
God loves to collaborate with His people. This book explores three basic themes interwoven with one foundational truth.

Volume 14 – Discernment 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Discernment by Rob Gross
Here you will not only learn in easy-to-understand language exactly what discernment is, but also how to use it to understand how to ‘see’ what the Father is doing in any given moment; and then cooperate with Him just as Jesus did.