Prayer to Reject Deception About Our Position in Christ

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I reject the lie my ancestors believed, which said that God could not be trusted and we must trust only in our own endeavors and efforts because He did not come through for us.

I repent for my generational line and myself back to before the beginning of time for perpetuating that lie through all successive generations because it was taught and modeled by each generation:

  • Claiming they believed but not practicing their supposed faith; thus teaching their children to do the same, and to operate in unbelief
  • Not believing that we are more than conquerors
  • Focusing our eyes on the things of the earth and its concerns, rather than on the Lord and His abundant provision in all areas of life, including financial, emotional and spiritual abundance, and physical health

I declare that I will turn my gaze from the things below, set it on things above, and take my seat in heavenly places.

Father, please focus my gaze upon Jesus, Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I choose to live my life from above, letting go of the log in the eye of Adam and the generational line, which is the knowledge of good and evil. I choose eternal sight instead of earthly sight. I declare that Christ will live in me and His light will shine out of my eyes.

Lord, please remove me from all places of entrapment and deception in the width, length, depth and height, and from all ungodly heavenly places, realms and kingdoms. I declare I will dwell only in the righteous heavenly places.