Prayer to Reconcile, Reunite and Restore Me to the Land Where I Live

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Lord, I come on behalf of myself and the sins of my entire generational line back to before the beginning of time. I renounce and repent for all of us who engaged in ungodly sexual activities outside the will of God on the specific land areas where we lived. We have repeatedly broken your covenantal laws, clearly laid out in Exodus 20:14 and Leviticus 18:1-30, which instruct us not to:

  • Have sex with any family member
  • Commit adultery
  • Have sex with someone of the same gender
  • Have sex with an animal
  • Abort our children, which is patterned after the burning of our children in the fires of Moloch

Lord, please forgive us for defiling the land areas where we have lived through infidelity, and through the murder of the next generation.  I recognize that because we have been unfaithful to You, the land You betrothed to us has issued a divorce decree to us,[1] and I repent for our unwillingness to follow Your Word. From this day forward, I pledge my personal fidelity to You and the land where I live. Lord, please:

  • Cleanse us of all defilement and guilt resulting from our unholy sexual activities and the murder of the innocent
  • Sever every ungodly soul tie between me and the land areas where we have sinned sexually
  • By Your grace and mercy, please burn up the divorce papers that the land served us, and cleanse by your blood every geographic area where we have lived

Lord, as the Lion of Judah, please release the sound and frequency of Your mighty roar and set free all generational spirit and soul parts that have been entrapped in the land; remove all parts from the ungodly length, depth, width and height.[2] I also ask You, Lord Jesus, to wield Your sword as the Son of Man and sever me and my generational line from the grip of the Rephaim, which show themselves as the dead ones, departed spirits or shades.[3]

Lord, please complete the process of reconciling, reuniting and restoring me to the land You have given us by destroying every ungodly generational library to which the enemy has access. This has resulted in us being spit out and/or has caused the lands where we live or have lived to come against us. Lord, I am truly sorry that we have wounded Your heart, and have giving the enemy the legal right to wreak havoc upon our families and the lands where we live.

Lord, please release the authority that is available to me through Jesus Christ, so that I may advance Your kingdom in the land you have given me.

Lord, for me, my family line, and my descendants, please establish our connections to the land that are in accordance with Your original design.

[1] Jeremiah 3:8

[2] We have observed that the Lord often does this by sending out His chariots of fire and the horsemen of Israel across every land area where I/we presently live or have lived. It appears that “spiritual centripetal force” is applied.

[3] Isaiah 26:14

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