Prayer to Re-establish God’s Original Creative Design

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Father, I offer this prayer for myself and on behalf of the iniquities of my generational line back to the beginning of time.

I renounce and repent for:

  • Agreeing with a mindset of poor judgement and so-called wisdom from man
  • Rejecting the free gift of salvation and refusing to acknowledge the body and blood of Jesus
  • Coming into agreement with the stupidity of others, rejecting godly knowledge and understanding
  • Not inquiring of the Lord before making a decision
  • Choosing man’s pathways instead of God’s righteous pathways
  • Intentionally and unintentionally closing my senses to what is true
  • Choosing injustice and unrighteousness and deception over wisdom, righteousness, justice and truth
  • Fear of man rather than fear of God
  • Desiring the approval of man instead of God
  • Embracing the right hand of falsehood
  • Being shrewd and wise hearted to do evil
  • Intentionally choosing not to know God.
  • Embracing the identity of a fallen son
  • Not fearing God
  • Being actively passive, and not standing up for what is right
  • Choosing cowardice instead of godly boldness
  • Compromise, and lack of righteous indignation about sin
  • Not acknowledging the master workman, Wisdom, who was established for all creation
  • Not praying for wisdom

Lord, please remove the spirit of stupidity and its seven ungodly pillars, and establish me with wisdom. I now intently choose Wisdom to lead in all my discussions for the restoration of the intent of the original creation.

I declare that our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as pillars, sculptured in palace style; that our barns may be full, supplying all kinds of produce; that our sheep will increase by thousands and tens of thousands in our fields; that our oxen may be well laden; that there be no breaking in or going out; I declare that we will be part of a happy people because our God is the Lord.[1]

Father I recognize that I was with I AM in eternity as a created son of God, and I clearly knew your eternal attributes, your eternal laws, and the difference between right and wrong. I understand that when I was conceived, I entered into sinful rebellion against you and that even though I knew you at some place in my heart—even though I remembered you—I turned against you. I confess my sin of rebellion against your law, your ways, and ask that you recalibrate my heart. Please also recalibrate the dimensions so that everything will be in alignment make all adjustments necessary so the roots of sickness and disease as well as all curses of iniquity and ungodly foundations will be completely destroyed.

Father, I repent for not only rebelling against your laws but also for then deciding to make our own laws in defiance of You. I confess our society is doing that today. Please remove all ramifications of those actions.

I renounce and repent for attempting to:

  • Open the seven eyes of the Lord to other realities rather than trusting You to open my eyes according to Your reality
  • Seek truth through self-effort and by asking the fallen sons of god or other ungodly beings
  • Travel through the stars by self-effort, requesting the assistance of ungodly beings

Lord, please bring my eyes into alignment according to your design, and my perception into alignment with your truth. Please remove all deception. I choose to seek Your truth.

I repent for trying to activate the third eye, trying to see realities ahead of your timing and my expectations, while being unwilling to wait for Your timing. Please change my focus to see through the lens of Your eyes and cause my eyes to see correctly. Please correctly align the seven eyes of the Lord on the white stone.

I repent for all judgments I have made because of life situations that distorted my self-perception. Please correct the frequencies and tune me to godly wisdom.

I repent for not speaking of Your attributes and Your name, and for operating contrary to Your character, name and precepts. Please restore intimacy, both emotionally and intellectually, to Your perfect law; and remove all contamination that took place on the fiery stones because of disregard for You and Your law.

Lord, please remove all ungodly words that were written on my heart by the fallen sons of God and remove the words, etchings and all other contamination off every cell of my body, covering it with the blood of Jesus.

Please disconnect me from the ungodly height, width, length, depth and time, and correctly connect me to the godly height, width, length, depth and time as well as to all other righteous domains and dimensions.

I repent for all ungodly trading and for all agreement or acceptance of ordinances written against me by any spiritual beings, ancestors, or other humans. Further, I repent for any pride that initiated this rebellion. Please remove those ungodly ordinances from my heart and remove all books in the ungodly libraries that give any legal rights for the enemy to come against me.

Lord, please cause all things to become visible to me and expose every memory that has caused any part to become trapped between any windows and/or mirrors.

May Your Glorious Light remove all evil, and please expose all shame and pain, bringing health to all the parts dirtied by shame. Disconnect all parts of me from Kronos.

I renounce and repent for:

  • Not understanding that my sin and the sin of my generational line has caused a negative effect on creation and on light, corrupting Your wonderful creation
  • Not taking responsibility for Your creation laws
  • Compromising Your creation laws, and then incorrectly teaching the truth about them
  • Not take responsibility for caring for the earth, allowing the earth to become cursed through our disobedience, for I understand that this sin prevented the land from yielding its strength to us
  • Participation in the corruption of creation in heavenly places and sowing disorder in the heavenly places, thus reaping back to the physical creation of that corruption
  • Idolatrous worship of the cosmic entities
  • Ignoring our responsibilities of sowing and reaping and not understanding and acknowledging that what is sown in corruption is reaped in corruption
  • Trading away future generations’ DNA and RNA to the fallen elemental principles of the world
  • Contributing to all the ungodly libraries that are connected with the false mind of the fallen sons of God and the adversaries
  • Using our creative abilities to exchange the glory of the incorruptible God for corrupted images
  • Buying into false doctrines, false prophesies, false philosophies, and false teachings that have been stored in the ungodly libraries
  • Being argumentative and legalistic, and for teaching such behaviors
  • All false mathematical equations, corruption of the elements and the DNA and RNA and the false headship
  • Use of intimidation or coercion to force others to believe a certain way, based on my opinion and not the word of God
  • All ungodly sounds and vibrations connected to the ungodly libraries
  • Hiding my lamp under a bushel, and not sowing a harvest
  • Receiving and believing opinions that were false, which helped to form false clouds
  • Not taking care of what I listen to, thus receiving by my own standards a greater measure of evil
  • Allowing Your truth to become so diluted in my life that as Your salt on the earth I lost my flavor and became no longer good for anything other than to be thrown out and be trampled under people’s feet
  • Feeling the power of the ungodly libraries and placing my trust in that power instead of weighing it against Your word because of a lack of discernment
  • The pride of life, and attempting to sit on the ungodly thrones
  • Trying to rule based on false opinion and false knowledge
  • Listening to and speaking gossip
  • Growing weary of doing good and agreeing with a culture of deception and a luciferian mindset
  • Cooperating to change God’s original time and seasons, especially for naming the Sabbath day, Saturday, in honor of Saturn, Cronus, or Moloch

Lord, please break/remove/disperse/disconnect from:

  • Connections that attach through the stars, windows, and libraries to create a false image,
  • All false treasures of darkness
  • All ungodly fruit that came from my judgments
  • False clouds and ungodly words
  • The opinion of all ungodly councils in my generational line which have collaborated together to speak falsehoods that are not based upon the word of God
  • All ungodly thrones that have powered false and persuasive words
  • All that has been recorded in the ungodly library
  • The anti-Christ system that is documented in these libraries

I renounce and repent for declarations by the fallen sons of God that they created someone in their own image. I break the lie and the agreement that says that the sons of God can create in their own image and that all their descendants are made in their image. Please remove the imprint of that false image and false sound off my DNA and RNA. I declare that my image does not come from the stars, zodiac, hosts or Remphan[2], for my image comes only from Almighty God. Lord, please remove this ungodly imprinting from me, repair any version of false equations, false builders and imprints, and remove me from this ungodly system. Created in the image of God, both male and female, I break the lie of the false sons of God that there is no male or female.

Lord, please disconnect me from all ungodly thrones that are affecting and empowering the twelve signs of the zodiac, restore stability to each sign of the Mazzaroth[3], and unlock the treasures inherent in my family line. Please remove all instability, indecision and wavering of opinions so that I am no longer tossed to and fro.

Please disconnect me from the ungodly scales and ungodly gyroscope that twist Your direction for my life and connect me to Your compass so that I am correctly aligned to Kairos and the time of the fullness of the cross.

Please re-center me within the Holy of Holies in the Heavenly Tabernacle so that each set of three tribes is in the correct location. Please remove me from any land I should not be connected to.

I renounce and repent for agreements with Nimrod, participation in building the tower of Babel, and agreements with the fallen sons and fallen zodiac that have allowed their ungodly sounds and frequencies to vibrate through my DNA. Please disconnect me from the ungodly council of Nimrod, the tower of Babel and the ungodly stars in Jesus’ name. Please clean my body, DNA and RNA, and align my DNA and RNA to the sound and frequency of your original creation design.

I renounce and repent for giving up, selling, sacrificing, trading, cursing and/or diminishing the lines of the Lord that lead to the pleasant places. I repent for any form of mockery of the pleasant places of the Lord through prayer, Christian talk, teaching, theology, and self-righteousness. Please remove the bitterness of my heart because I did not understand and acknowledge the lines that were to be connected to the pleasant places.

I repent for causing unrighteous alignment and folding of the dimensions, or of the height, width, length, depth and pleasant places. Forgive us for causing this by thought, word, and deed. Please undo all of this, break the consequences, and return any God-given laws of these places back into the God-given form. Please put all formulas, including E=mc2 back into correct created order according to Your wisdom and remove any unrighteous mirroring, astral travel, and fractal patterning in the lines and the pleasant places. Please undo every damage and connection concerning fertility cults and the unrighteous sexual mating with the stars, sons of God, and the land. Please correctly connect me to the lines of the Lord and the pleasant places so that I may release the sound of Your love.

Father, I ask to be connected to the headship of Christ as a pure bride of Christ, dressed in the robes of righteousness and re-established according to Your original creative design.

[1] Psalms 144:12-15

[2] Acts 7:43

[3] Job 38:32

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