Prayer to Establish the Awe of the Lord – Amybeth Berner

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Lord, I repent for myself and my generational line, who when they saw lightning, heard the thunder of Your voice and smelled the smoke of Your Presence, remained at a distance and would not draw near. I repent for myself and my generational line who believed that if I approach You I will die. I repent for myself and my ancestors who hid themselves when You were near. I repent for grieving Your heart when You came to have relationship but I pulled away in fear. Lord, I repent for allowing human fear to block me from receiving Your holy fear. Lord, I repent for myself and all those in my generational line who entertained unbelief. I reject it now.

I repent for myself and those in my generational line who when in the midst of difficulty have clung to our own defenses, have trusted our own emotions and perspectives and have clung to life the way that we want it. Lord, forgive me for leaning on my own understanding and not attaching to You. Lord, I repent for constructing veils of deception that prevent me from experiencing true intimacy with You and I give You permission to rip down the veils. Lord, I repent for not loving You with all of my heart, soul, strength.

Lord, forgive me and my generational line for forsaking You, the Spring of Living Water, and digging worldly cisterns. Lord, I repent for drinking and supplying stagnant water than seeking Your source of Truth.

Lord, forgive me and my ancestors for avoiding times of testing which were opportunities of intimacy with You. Lord, I repent for myself and my generational line for being ruled by the emotions of the soul rather than submitting to the call of Your heart. Lord, I desire that You would bring Your AWE before me so that my heart would be changed forever. Lord, forgive me and my family line for interpreting times of testing as signs of Your anger, displeasure or abandonment rather than opportunity to experience You in our hearts. Lord, please destroy the vows and judgments that we made during those times and restore anything that the enemy has claimed through those words and declarations. I declare that You are the Lord Who exercises lovingkindness, justice and righteousness on the earth and that you delight in this creative activity.

Lord, I repent for my generational line who desired kings and priests to speak and rule on our behalf rather than coming directly to hear Your voice. I repent for using these authorities as a way to avoid You, Lord. I repent for myself and my family line for giving power to any other authority to interpret Your words or Your character. Lord, would you cancel all ungodly connections, covenants, agreements, and contracts that were made with an earthly or spiritual authority. Lord, I declare that You are my King and my Priest and I submit myself and my entire generational line to the authority of the Most High G-d.

Lord, please forgive the iniquity that my ancestors committed when they constructed the golden calf and sacrificed future generations on that altar. Lord, would You break the power and effects that Molech worship has had on me and my family line? Lord, forgive me and my ancestors for all idols that we have created or worshipped and remove the ungodly powers, authorities, and spiritual beings that empower those idols. Lord, I repent for myself and my generational line who constructed methods, rules, rituals, and idle speculation about how to love and approach You. Lord, forgive us for all those we caused to stumble because of those regulations. Lord, I repent for treating You with familiarity and a casual attitude as I employed these rituals in my worship of You. Lord, forgive me and my family line for approaching You with empty words yet hiding our hearts far from You. Lord, please judge the powers, authorities and spiritual forces that control and maintain these patterns in my life and in the body of Christ.

Lord, would you remove the curse that we have uttered that we will not come near? Lord, we want to know Your AWE, we want to experience Your presence so that Your fear is before our face and Your words are written on our hearts. Lord, would You change our hearts so that we desire Your Presence more than we listen to our own emotions? Lord, would you come with Your Holy fire and thunder and cleanse every part of me or my family line that has resisted Your intimacy? Lord, I desire to worship You in Spirit and in Truth. Lord, I choose to present my body as a living and holy sacrifice. Lord, may I see the fire of Your eyes and may I hear the thunder of Your voice? Lord, fill my heart with Your AWE. Amen.

Amybeth Levie Berner
May 18, 2012
Nashville, Tennessee

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