Prayer to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

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Lord, on behalf of myself and my family line back to before the beginning of time, I repent for:

  • Ungodly access of the heavens, ungodly travel in time and in the dimensions.
  • Using occult practices, drugs or alcohol, and ungodly connections with the eyes of the Lord
  • Stealing from the storehouses of heaven
  • Any time I or my ancestors established ungodly trades or covenants with the fallen sons of God for any reason, including to gain access to the heavens, lay claim to the heavens, or to build our kingdoms there
  • Building structures, portals, and the Tower of Babel[1] to access the heavens through Freemasonry, the occult, witchcraft, deception, fear or coercion

Lord, please cancel these covenants and take back the heavens that belong to You alone.[2] Please remove all ungodly structures, including the Tower of Babel and its manifestations through the ages. Please remove the chaos in the waters,[3] sea monsters, dragons, octopuses and ungodly Leviathan[4]. Please remove or correct any ungodly order, laws, and operations that were imposed on the waters and restore everything to Your original design.

I repent for:

  • Idolatry, including the worship of the host of heaven and fallen sons of God
  • Agreeing or participating in the rebellion of the fallen kings and rulers against You.[5]
  • Our iniquity on the earth, which was reflected into the heavens,[6] defiling them
  • Mapping the heavens on earth – earth grids, tunnels and mounds – in order to manipulate the heavens
  • Building temples, altars, blood sacrifices at key points[7] on the grid[8]

Lord, please:

  • Remove all heavens of bronze and ground of iron and restore rain and godly fertility to the land[9]
  • Remove the transplanting and comingling of souls and stealing of bodies[10]
  • Remove ungodly fractals, multiples, derivatives, and images of the heavens and its storehouses and vaults
  • Remove trading lines of slavery
  • Remove unrighteous kings, including the King of Tyre and the queen of heaven, and the whore of Babylon from the governmental seats[11]
  • Remove their ungodly authority and dominion over many waters,[12] the seven mountains,[13] the trading routes, chessboards, trading ports, platforms and marketplaces[14] of the heavenly grids of the waters
  • Remove levies, taxes and gate control of the kings and rulers
  • Sorceries, enchantments,[15] ungodly kingdoms[16] of the queen of heaven, and their multiplication, images and fractals from the grids of the heavens
  • Remove trafficking of birthrights, inheritances, blood, DNA, bodies, souls, sex and identities
  • Remove raiders of ungodly kingdoms and their multiplication more than the stars of the heavens[17]
  • Remove violent ones who think they can take the kingdom of God by force[18]
  • Remove from the waters any patterning and imprinting of the un-holy spirit and the ungodly seven spirits
  • Remove strongholds of logic, logic gates, and everything that has elevated itself into the governmental heights and mountains that exalts itself against the knowledge of God[19]
  • Remove mirrors and lattice frameworks
  • Close the ungodly gates, doors, windows, portals,[20] lattices and grids of the heavens that need to be closed, and open those that need to be opened to allow the waters – the life of God to flow into our lives.
  • Remove ungodly lines upon lines and unrighteous precepts upon precepts at every level of the foundations[21]
  • Remove ungodly lines, measures, sounds of injustice, and wormwood[22] from the firmament
  • Remove the ungodly plumb stones and alignments of unrighteousness[23]
  • Remove ungodly laws, testimonies, statutes, commandments, fears and judgments[24] from every level of the foundations; and at every level of organization of quarks, protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms, molecules, and all fiery stones
  • Remove ungodly organizations and bindings and restore their godly creation according to the mind of God
  • Cleanse the elemental spirits of the foundations
  • Remove the ungodly womb of the dawn
  • Restore the highways of holiness
  • Restore the soul, spirit and body and inheritances that have been lost, stolen or traded away
  • Remove any ungodly binding or any corruption of Your word and thoughts[25] and restore me to Your original design when I was knit together in the depths of the earth.[26]
  • Restore my godly frame that was designed by Your thoughts towards me
  • Cleanse the power lines, networks, and connections of the grid of the heavens and the earth

I repent for agreeing or aligning with ungodly power sources and structures in my life, and for covenants that drew power and life from networks of the world systems rather than from the life of God.

Lord, please:

  • Dismantle the fallen kingdoms of the heavens, their eternal fractals and closed systems
  • Remove ungodly records, memories and false witness[27] that are stored in the heavens or any other location
  • Cleanse and heal trauma memories
  • Remove, any warping of spacetime[28]
  • Restore the godly separation of the waters above and the waters below,[29] and the separation of the higher dimensions and the lower dimensions
  • Establish the heavens according to Your understanding[30] alone
  • Restore the doors and bars of the seas to Your decreed location[31]
  • Cleanse the first particles[32] and restore and establish the foundations of the earth[33]
  • Close the fountains of the ungodly deep, the abyss, and the windows and mirrors of the ungodly heavens[34]

Lord, I repent for allowing my thinking to enable mindsets of fear, blindness, limitation, poverty, lack, pain, doubt, unbelief and hard-heartedness. I acknowledge that these limit my perspectives of You in my life, and prevent me and others from entering the unlimited riches and possibilities of the kingdom of heaven.[35] Please help me to become like a little child in order to enter the kingdom of heaven.[36]

I repent for walking in the spirit of the sons of disobedience according to the lusts and desires of the flesh; and for walking according to the age of this cosmos, according to the prince of the authority of the air.[37]

Lord, please:

  • Dismantle any ungodly authority structures, hierarchies and frameworks
  • Restore Your grace, favor and blessings
  • Reveal Your creation of new heavens and a new earth and let even the memory of former things be removed[38]
  • Deliver Your mighty grace, and remove any ungodly governmental mountains and temples, inverted mountains, and the ungodly all-seeing eye
  • Establish Jesus as the tried-and-tested Cornerstone, Foundation and Capstone[39]
  • Restore the correct latticework, dimensions and organization of the crystal sea[40]

I repent for anytime I or those in my family line rejected Your justice and righteousness, which are the foundation of Your throne.[41] I choose to walk in the way of your righteousness and Your paths of justice.[42]


  • May the righteous kings be in righteous authority in the seats on the waters
  • May godly wisdom be the organizing principle of the pillars of heaven, the fiery stones and our lives in God
  • May Your wisdom be at all the locations you designed it to function, including star gates in the grid of the heavens and at the meeting of the ancient paths[43]
  • Please fill in the valleys, level the mountains, make the crooked places straight, and make the rough ways become smooth for the King[44]
  • Cleanse the ley lines so they can be highways of holiness for the King
  • Repair and restore the generational timelines. Please remove the ungodly clocks and timekeepers
  • Rightly connect the seven eyes to the pathways of the firmament[45]
  • Cause Your wisdom to become the stability of my times
  • Release and clean all soul and spirit parts trapped in sanctuaries and places of captivity in the grids of the heavens,[46] power systems, batteries, voltages and currents
  • Release and heal trapped memories and energy in the systems and gates on my body, and establish Your ancient pathways[47] of the flow of the life of God

I acknowledge that the heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows the works of His hands.[48] I thirst for the true waters of the life of God, which satisfy me deeply.[49]

I come into agreement with the fact that you are building Your church upon the Rock, which is Jesus.[50]

I come into agreement with the judgement of the Ancient of Days, which was made in favor of the saints of the Most High. Lord, may Your time come for the saints to possess the kingdom.[51]

Lord, please restore the dew[52] and the precious things of Heaven, and the storehouses of the heavens[53]

Father, I come into agreement with the truth of Your image[54] that You have placed in us before the foundation of the earth.[55] I declare that Your image is timeless, and this is eternity in my heart.[56]

Lord, please:

  • Remove all evil operators and coding, and disconnect me from all fallen angels, elders, rulers, fallen sons of God, kings, watchers, or any other evil systems that are enabling the contaminant of the seed, which affected how I reflect the true image of God
  • Remove all efforts of influence of the enemy that took me off of the ancient path and led me into deception, fear and disbelief of the heart
  • Unlock my heart so that my representation of the image of God can be fully restored and repurposed in me
  • Disconnect me from the father of lies
  • Remove all coding and seeding that has been intermingled in the fabric, DNA and RNA of my life by the father of lies, or any other evil
  • Remove all contamination and ungodly structures that have been set up on the living stones

Lord, on behalf of myself and my family line, I repent for:

  • All ungodly fellowship of the saints that birthed disunity and destruction
  • The setting up and participation in created, ungodly storage facilities and vaults in time and/or space to lock away parts, identity, representation of the image of God, places in my heart, anointings, gifts, inheritances and other resources that You have given me to steward
  • The use of ungodly rituals, sounds or chanting of any kind. Including any attempts to undo the very fabric of time, or attempts to use time as an ungodly storage facility
  • The creation of all false images
  • All generational manipulation of light and sound

Lord, please remove all fallen watchers of time, and return all stolen portions of time; establishing the correct boundaries of the portion of time. Please restore all righteous beings to the positions in which you’ve designed them to function.

I repent for all personal and generational worship of ungodly images.

Lord, please:

  • Remove all ungodly seraphim and ungodly tents of meeting
  • Remove all evil that has inhibited the godly function of the golden pipes[57]
  • Disconnect the golden pipes from all ungodly places and from ungodly time
  • Remove all junk DNA and RNA implanted by the enemy
  • Remove all ungodly libraries and data of any kinds from me, including that which may be tied to the ungodly firmament

I reject the false book of life, which promises eternal life apart from Elohim. Lord, I choose Your actual book of life, and I take back all portions of time that You, Lord, have established for me.

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