Prayer to Break the Influence of the Father of Lies

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Lord, in the name of Jesus I come before You on behalf of my generational line and myself. I ask that You apply all of the repentance and deliverance that occurs throughout this prayer from before the beginning of time to the present, and down to all of my descendants.

Father God, I recognize that the father of lies[1] has sown deception and all manner of unrighteousness into our genetics ever since the Fall in the Garden of Eden. We have believed the lie that You, God, are not good and that Your lovingkindness does not endure forever.

I acknowledge that:

  • Idolatry on the land has defiled the land and me and it has especially defiled land specific to my physical birth and my new birth spiritually
  • Idolatry on-and-in the water has defiled me
  • Influence from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil results in a multitude of man’s systems of philosophies, religions, and cultures, which conflict with one another and cause division
  • The seven eyes of the Lord manifest upon me, and the eyes of my heart[2] have been contaminated, in part, by the ungodly branches
  • Hope deferred has made my heart sick and has nurtured ungodly roots and branches

I repent for all of that evil and also for:

  • Ungodly generational trading on the land, both by the fallen sons of God and the fallen sons of men who gave away that which belongs to my generational line and me
  • Ungodly generational efforts for self-protection, ungodly soul ties, vows, curses, oaths and blood covenants; for I acknowledge that these sins established ungodly seeds, roots, branches and trees
  • All intellectual decisions that resulted from past personal judgments as well as judgments made by my ancestors
  • All the times we had blind and unbelieving hearts
  • Coming into agreement with ungodly fruit

Lord Jesus, I break all ungodly ties between the land areas of both my physical birth and my spiritual new birth and me.

I choose to only be connected to You and Your Living Water, and I appropriate Your blood to cleanse and sanctify my consciousness from all dead works so that I may serve You alone as the Living God.

Lord, please:

  • Remove the original seed of deception that the father of lies sowed into our genetics and generational line. Pull out the taproot that reaches all the way back through every branch of my generational line to the Fall
  • Destroy all generational Asherah trees and poles
  • Remove all of the effects of spiritual and physical parasites that have affected me
  • Unlock the abundance of the seas, and the treasures hidden in the sand.[3]
  • Disconnect me from all ungodly roots coming out of Adam and Eve; rightly connect me to You, Jesus, as The Root[4] and The Branch[5]
  • Remove all ungodly seeds, roots, branches, leaves and fruit and destroy them; burn them up in Your furnace
  • Release your anointing so the ungodly connectors are destroyed
  • Connect all righteous roots to the righteous branches so that I am rightly connected to my generational inheritance
  • Remove the idolatrous defilement from the water that has affected me; remove all defilement that has come into me either from the unrighteous river or any other unrighteous waters
  • Disconnect me from all unrighteous water sources, and connect me to Your River of Life
  • Cancel all ungodly treaties that enabled the enemy to successfully remove the birthright from any land area of my heritage in order to establish trading routes to pillage the wealth of the land, and destroy all evil that has empowered lack
  • Remove all ungodly elders affecting the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for I choose not to be tied to or aligned with any of that ungodly knowledge
  • Disconnect any land area in my heritage from the ungodly trees and connect me to the tree of life
  • Remove all ungodly seeds and branches that are tied to my experience with, and perception of, the seven eyes of the Lord
  • Remove all contamination from the soil in which my generational line and I were planted
  • Remove all ungodly roots that have come from generational and lifetime bitterness
  • Disconnect me from the star, Wormwood[6]
  • Destroy all of these ungodly branches and remove the contamination that affects the eyes of my heart as well as my perception and involvement with the seven eyes of the Lord.
  • Repair any damage to Kairos time, which has altered time and affected my connection to my earthly father; and which also has blocked the generational inheritance from coming down to me from my parents; restore that inheritance sevenfold

I cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light; I call upon You as the righteous Branch, asking You to bring order to my branches and produce the fruit that will bring glory to your name, Elohim.

Father, I thank You that Your seed abides in me.[7]

[1] John 8:44

[2] Ephesians 1:18

[3] Deuteronomy 33:19

[4] Romans 15:12

[5] Isaiah 4:2; Zechariah 3:8

[6] Revelation 8:11

[7] 1 John 3:9

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