Prayer to Agree That Jesus Is King of Kings

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Lord, on behalf of myself and my family line back to before the beginning of time, I repent for the rebellions of kings and rulers[1] against You, and for their ungodly cabals, conspiracies, councils, secret and occult societies, and usurping of thrones and kingdoms.

I repent for anytime that I or those in my family line oppressed others or came into agreement with oppressors. Lord, thank you for breaking the staff of the wicked and the scepter of rulers.[2] I repent that we have rejected You as our King,[3] preferring to appoint rebellious sons of God as kings.[4] I repent for offering children as sacrifices to the god-king, Molech.

I repent for any worship of ancient god-kings and queens, serpent or dragon kings. I repent for any worship of avatars of beings, ‘reincarnations’ and ungodly resurrections across time, space, and the ages into my lifeline, bloodline, birthright, inheritance, identity and seed.

I repent for holding the teaching of Balaam, and placed stumbling blocks before the sons of Israel. I repent for promoting the consumption of food sacrificed to idols and for practicing sexual immorality.[5] Lord please clean my interaction with the seven eyes of the Lord and with the seven spirits of God.

I repent for ungodly unity, cultural conformity and blind obedience to ungodly regulations of culture and tradition, which suppress the unique design of God in me.

Lord, please:

  • Remove the images, imprinting, branding of the kings, Nephilim offshoots and images upon the dust of my being and my DNA
  • Remove the overshadowing of my identity by the kings
  • Redeem me from the systems of oppression and slavery in which they have trapped me; and from the thrones, offices, and destinies that were forced upon me by the kings[6]
  • Disconnect me from the ungodly warring of the kings and kingdoms, and from the sounds of the ungodly warring stars of the kings
  • Remove any ungodly memories, chants, and repetitions
  • Remove any ungodly unity of the stars and any ungodly binding of the Pleiades[7]
  • Remove the ungodly ‘white stone’[8] from my heart and mind[9]
  • Remove any laws, edicts, judgments, and statutes of the kings, ungodly paternalistic systems, legalism rather than relationship, interactions based upon rules and traditions rather than love
  • Restore the perfect law of liberty[10]
  • Remove the connections of the mind, seven eyes and senses to the head of the dragon, serpent, turtle, and octopus kings and queens[11]; for I declare that Christ is the head and I am the body[12]
  • From the Church, remove the artificial intelligence systems of false wisdom of the queen of heaven, chains, and ligaments of compelled unity, rather than the unity of the Holy Spirit through the bonds of peace[13]
  • Disconnect me and my family line from any false seven eyes and spirits and from the throne of Satan[14]
  • Remove any influence from ungodly kings and establish me and my family line in the righteousness and justice of Your throne.[15]
  • Remove the aggregation of authority and power in my bloodline
  • Remove ungodly joining with ungodly kings and queens, and cancel all marriage covenants with them
  • Remove the destruction and poverty caused by feudal and caste systems and hierarchies
  • Remove defilement caused by humanistic philosophies and empty deceit and set me free from any ungodly influence of elemental spirits.[16]
  • Remove the composite image[17] of ungodly kingdoms of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome from my bloodline
  • Remove unsanctioned unions of the offices of king and priest, and unsanctioned abrogation of priesthood by kings; reverse all lawmaking done by ungodly priests[18]
  • Remove the iron Kingdom of Rome from my bloodline, along with the images of the ungodly kings from the clay mixed with iron
  • Remove any contamination of my perception and interaction with the true Living Water
  • Disconnect me from the Middle Kingdoms[19]
  • Lord please remove any part of my identity and design which is trapped in the ungodly dept.
  • Redeem me from being sacrificed to community and culture, gods, emperors and dragons
  • Remove the breath, fire and deception of the dragon, as well as its influence over the air, fire, water, earth and metal
  • Remove the thrones, crowns and authority of the High Kings, their High Councils
  • Unseat the ungodly dynasties and emperors, and the assumed divine right to rule of the Merovingian kings
  • Remove the hive systems and the queen bee; free the workers
  • Remove the rule of the false Davidic lines, and take back the key of David, eliminating access of ungodly kings to the doors and gates
  • Remove the ungodly multiplication of the kings and their kingdoms, their horses,[20] chariots, and forced inscription into their armies[21]
  • Dismantle their dimensional kingdoms, gates, walls and cities of soul and spirit parts
  • Remove the ten kings,[22] the fractal legs of the crab systems of cancer,[23] and disconnect me from the ungodly constellation of Cancer and its kingdoms
  • Stop the ungodly fractal multiplication of kingdoms of the queen of heaven[24] and her seating to rule forever
  • Remove the snake and dragon patterning upon the living stones and fiery stones
  • Release all portions of soul and spirit from the tombs, graves and nests of the Rephaim kings[25], giants, and mighty ones[26]
  • Dissolve the ungodly collectives of seven, eight[27] and ten kings that are seated in power over my life, destiny, health, finances and family; remove them from thrones that I was meant to occupy
  • Break up the ungodly unity, purpose, and one mindedness of the collectives of kings; cancel their empowerment of the beast systems,[28] the serpent, dragon, turtle, octopus collectives of kings, seraphim, and cherubim
  • Disconnect me from the systems of conformity, computation, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, seals, and covering of the beast systems across time, space and ages; and also from the images, numbers, marks[29] of the beast branded upon me and my family line
  • Remove the control of the beast systems over buying and selling, merchandizing, stamps, scales and exchange rates[30]
  • Unseat the whore of Babylon, who is the queen of heaven, from her governmental seat on the great waters and on the beast,[31] and remove her authority over the seven mountains[32]
  • Dismantle the fractal governmental gates, doors, paths and tunnel systems of the Deep State that are connected to the senses and the seven eyes; disconnect me from their ancient empires, channels of governmental waters, and ungodly thrones[33]
  • Disconnect the ungodly water way systems of the false thrones
  • Remove my line and me from the swamp and miry clay of the Deep State
  • Remove the contaminated water in the dust of my being, and the ungodly binding of the particles that form the miry clay[34]
  • Disconnect the octopus and evil operators in the Deep, which drain the spring of life in me
  • Expose and remove control systems and thrones in the Deep, and strike through the ungodly kings in the day of Your wrath[35]
  • Remove the King of Tyre from the midst of the stones of fire[36]
  • Remove the guardianship and covering of the king of Tyre over the twelve stones, the jewels that encode birthright and destiny in my DNA,[37] and return them to the authority of Jesus, the King of Kings[38]
  • Restore the governmental stars and ordinances[39] that are connected to the stones
  • Remove the dimensional access that the enemy gained to my DNA when one-third of the stars fell[40]
  • Remove the rewriting of my DNA and the resultant illness, disease, and contamination of the DNA
  • Take back the government[41] and dominion, which the third of the fallen stars had over my DNA; restore the original design to that third of my DNA; unlock the codes, activate the stones, and release the stolen inheritances that the kings heaped up in their storehouses, treasure houses, and sanctuaries[42]

I repent that we, the sons of God whom You appointed as kings, rejected our office and appointed the illegitimate son, the bramble tree, as the King.[43] Lord please:

  • Remove the devouring fire of the bramble in my line, unseat the bramble and destroy by fire the bramble of cancer
  • Open the doors for Your anointed Cyruses[44] so that they may let Your people go to rebuild Your temple
  • Bring down the mountains before Your Zerubbabels[45] so that they may lay the foundation of Your house

I repent for rejecting the office of king and priest out of fear.[46] Lord, please restore me to the office of king and priest,[47] and establish peace between the two offices[48]

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