Prayer of Renunciation – Physical Body

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Lord, please reverse the work of any evil operators, including thrones, who changed the vibration of my foundation affecting the DNA of the zygote in the womb. Holy Spirit, please now hover over the original DNA in the zygote, so that I will resonate only with the Holy Trinity. Lord, as you do this, please remove any evil matter, evil vibrations, evil oscillation, evil frequencies, evil tones, and evil colors. Lord, please do this in my generational line all the way back to Adam.

Lord, please now move me from the virtual reality created by the enemy to your reality. Lord, take me out of the prison that I am in and set me free. Remove all deception and denial that makes me believe that my current perception is reality. Lord, bring all programming back to nothing and reformat it so that the programming reflects the image and nature of Jesus Christ.

Lord, please do this in every dimension.

Lord, please break all ungodly covalent bonding and any other chemical bonding.

Lord, please seal all of your work with spiritual interferon.

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

Permission is given to print this prayer in its entirety provided that no changes are made. In addition, please reference Aslan’s Place and on all reproductions. This prayer may not be reproduced in publications without written consent from Aslan’s Place.