Generational Prayers – 2020 Edition

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For over twenty years, prayers from Aslan’s Place have acted as starting points as ministers, groups and individuals work to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit in generational prayer. These prayers have been developed during Aslan’s Place events, Bible studies, prayer sessions and through revelation. They provide an opportunity to enter into new freedom as you exercise the authority you have through Jesus Christ over your life and family line.

Prayers in this edition:

Renunciation Of Sins Of My Family Line
Prayer To Change Inertia
Prayer To Dismantle Powers
Prayer To Remove The Roots Of Rebellion
Prayer Of Renunciation – Soul
Prayer Of Renunciation – Physical Body
Prayer To Remove The Generational Roots And To Proclaim My Dedication To The Lord
Prayer To Replace Double-Mindedness With The Mind Of Christ
Renunciation Of The Janteloven Iniquities / Scandinavian Iniquities
The Blood And Heart
Renunciation Of The Generational Evil Listed In Deuteronomy 28:15-68
Prayer To Break The Curse Of Poverty
Prayer For Renunciation Of Generational Druidism
Breaking Ungodly Spiritual Ties
Replacing Ungodly Elders
Prayer To Heal Add
Prayer Of Rest
Marriage Prayer
Prayer To Release The Fullness Of The Holy Spirit In My Life
Prayer For Rapid Inner Healing
Prayer To Release Sleep
Prayer Of Agreement To Bless The Jews
Prayer To Release Us Into Our God Given Spheres Of Authority
Prayer Of Release From Chronic Physical, Mental, And Spiritual Disorders
Prayer To Release Me Into The Fullness Of Intimacy With The Lord
Prayer To Release Us Into Financial Freedom
Prayer To Break Hard Heartedness
Prayer To Establish Us As Living Stones
Prayer To Release Me Into My God Given Influence
Cellular Memory prayer
Prayer For Those Who Were Involved In Transcendental Meditation
Prayer To Release Evangelistic Healing
Prayer To Break All Ties To The Incubus And Succubus Spirits
Prayer For Divine Intervention And Release Into Your Birthright
Prayer To Release Supernatural Favor And To Proclaim The Favorable Year Of The Lord
Prayer To Rescind The Evils Associated With Buddhism
Prayer Of Release From Being A Sacrifice
Prayer To Repent For Ungodly Intercession
Prayer To Restore Compassion And The Fear Of The Lord
Prayer To Release Me Into Abundant Life
Prayer To Retune And Realign The Heart
The Prayer For Releasing The Gift Of Discernment
Prayer To Release The Orning Star
Prayer To Release One From The Ungodly Depth
Prayer To Release The Treasures Of Darkness
Prayer Breaking Ungodly Ties Between A Person And The Dimensions
Prayer Of Renunciation For The Misogynistic Spirit
Prayer To Restore Me Into Proper Time And Amend My Body Clock
Prayer To Release Us Into Emotional Healing
Renunciations For Babylon
Renunciations For Hinduism
Prayer Of Restoration And Regeneration
Prayer To Activate And Release Creativity
Ruling And Reigning With Christ
Renunciations For Egypt
Prayer To Establish Us As Kings And Priests In His Kingdom
Prayer For Breaking Christian Curses
Prayer For Healing Of Depression And Anxiety
Prayer For Healing Trauma (Useful For Those Involved In Emergency Work And The Medical Field)
Prayer Of Restitution
Prayer To Replace Ungodly Alignment With Godly Alignment
Land Repentance Prayer
Prayer Of Repentance For Misandry
Prayer For DNA
Ministering To The DNA & How To Locate A Problem On A Chromosome
Prayer For Release From Bigotry (Racism) And Its Effects
Prayer To Release Dreams
Prayer To Re-Establish God’s Original Creative Design
Backdoor Prayer
Prayer To Renounce The Illegal Access Of The Windows Of Heaven
Elements Prayer
Renunciation Of Sins Associated With The Tree Of Forgetfulness And The Release Of Godly Inheritance
Prayer For Release From The Iniquities Of Conquering And Conquered Peoples
Prayer For Releasing Burdens
Prayer To Be Removed From The Ungodly Width
Prayer To Realign The Pillars Of Wisdom
Prayer For Cleansing The Contamination On The Living Stones
Prayer To Break Free From The Power Of Critical Words And Remove The Ungodly Cloud
Prayer To Break Free From The Worship Of Created Light
Prayer To Retrieve Scattered Parts
Righteousness Prayer
Prayer To Release Joy
Prayer To Break Off Kundalini
Prayer To Reject Deception About Our Position In Christ
Prayer To Abolish Fear
Generational Prayer Model