Prayer for those who Were Involved in Transcendental Meditation

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I renounce and repent for the following evils:

The giving of my time and money and talent towards this movement.
Being used as a spokesperson for this movement, encouraging and causing others to be snared into a movement designed to usher in the Age of Enlightenment, the Anti-Christ, his one-world religion, one-world government and one-world monetary system.
Grieving the Holy Spirit.
Engaging in the Hindu religion’s false belief system.
Participating in the Puja ceremony, and allowing myself to become involved in it, including bowing down to all gods invoked.
Calling countless times on my personal mantra, a Hindu deity and for obtaining any blessings from this familiar spirit.
Being present and bowing down to all evil the TM teacher invoked, including;
The Hindu trinity, the Lord Narayana, Brahma, the false creator, and Vashista.
Agreeing with the TM teacher’s request that the Hindu Trinity enter my heart.
Worshiping Vashistha, Shakti , Parashar, Vyasa, Shukadeva, Gaudapada, Govinda and to his disciple, Shri Shankaracharya, Padma-Pada, Hasta-Malaka, Trotakacharya, and Vartika-kara, the teacher of Karma.
Believing the traditions of the masters, the wisdom and the ultimate evil authorities, the Shrutis, the Smritis, the Pranas, Shankara, Shakarya, Badarayana, Brahmanada, and Indra .
Worshiping of Soma, Shiva, Kali, Ganesh, Lakashimi, and Krishna, Guru Dev, and Vendanta

I renounce and repent for all participation in the following techniques:
Japa, the repeating of a mantra;
The checking procedure, hypnotism, and all of the reinforcement of evil planted, especially during the post-trance state of mind;
Any faith in karma and its laws of enforcement;
Tm-sidhi “age of enlightenment” techniques, described in Patanjalis’ Sutras according to the Dharan Tradition;
The nineteen sutras I practiced to develop supernormal abilities: friendliness, compassion, happiness, strength of an Elephant, bronchial tube, inner light, sun, moon, polestar, trachea, navel, the distinction between intellect and transcendence, intuition, transcendence finest hearing, transcendence finest sight, transcendence finest taste, transcendence finest touch, transcendence finest smell, and the levitation/flying technique, the relationship of body and Akasha and the lightness of cotton fiber;
The laws of Manu;
The practice of Soma Veda to gain supernatural powers from Indra;
The reading of the Mandala;
Listening to Hindu monks chant;
Receiving the title “citizen of the age of enlightenment” and accepting the card with a crown on my head;
Yogic asanas, holding a certain body position that leaves the body open
to demons;
Pranayama, breathing exercises designed to clear a channel in my body for soma to enter;
Reading of the 9th and 10th Mandal, which resulted in inviting gods to feast on the soma in my stomach;
Any bond between me and the ancient Aryan cultures;
The watering of the Tree of Wisdom in the garden and its branches of knowledge;
The attunement of myself and my mind to any energy or wisdom from Satan.

I repent for opening my intellect to create divine unity with myself and
Satan. I repent for believing and proclaiming that by practicing the techniques I learned from the TM and TM Sidhi Programs, that I would attain a gift of Supreme Knowledge and that Supreme Knowledge would fulfill my life.

Lord, please break all links, chains, bonds, and any connection between me and all TM teachers and the TM movement.

Lord, God, please break any lines connecting me to the generational lines of the ancient tradition and the masters of antiquity.

Lord, please heal my mind from being put on the field of the Absolute.

Lord, please free me from the counterfeit harmony of my thoughts, speech, and action or my ego, intellect, mind, and senses.

Lord, please take from me any gifts, anointing, knowledge, and powers gained by my involvement in The TM-SIDHI program.

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

Permission is given to print this prayer in its entirety provided that no changes are made. In addition, please reference Aslan’s Place and on all reproductions. This prayer may not be reproduced in publications without written consent from Aslan’s Place.