Prayer for Rapid Inner Healing

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If any of the following six things have occurred during the pregnancy, the fetus may respond by having parts in other places.

1) Rejection-not being wanted by the mother or the father
2) Rejection from siblings
3) Illegitimacy, conceived out of marriage
4) Mother has great fear from abuse situations, anxiety, and stress
5) Abortion-even just the talk of abortion, or failed attempts at abortion
6) Parents wanting a child of the opposite gender

These things can give the enemy the legal right to send parts of the fetus to ungodly places. If a person describes cold on one side of their body, this can be an indication that parts of them are in different dimensions. You may feel a tingling in your hands or arms, or you may feel cold on your body as you test them to see if parts of them are in the dimensions.

Steps to be taken:
1. Ask the Lord to take the person back to their mother’s womb. (wait a few minutes for the Holy Spirit to take them there…for some people it is easy to go there for others it is hard…give them time)

2. Ask them what they feel there. (It is always important to ask open ended questions-never suggesting anything to them-people are very easily suggestible especially during ministry times.) As you are praying with the person, be aware of what you are feeling within your 5 natural senses as well as being aware of what the one receiving ministry is feeling in their 5 natural senses.

3. Pray something like this,” Lord, please bless the sperm and the egg as they are joining together. Lord, please bless the zygote and all the multiplication of the cells through the first month., Lord, please remove all evil and all rejection and the roots of rejection.”

As you go through each of the following months pause after each sentence and allow time to see how the team is feeling, to assess the evil leaving and to wait on the Holy Spirit to see if He shows anything to anyone. In each section you may feel lots of heaviness or get a picture or a word. Include that in the prayer time.

If the Lord shows anything ask Him ‘to remove any of the consequences of *** in the person’s life.

Lord, please bless through the second month.
Lord, please bless through the third month.
Lord, please bless through the fourth month.
Lord, please bless through the fifth month.
Lord, please bless through the sixth month.
Lord, please to bless through the seventh month.
Lord, please bless through the eighth month.
Lord, please bless through the ninth month.

If the person was born premature than ask the Lord to complete what did not get finished due to being born early.

When the time has come for them to be born, ask them a few questions:

Do you want to live?
Do you want to be born?

If they answer yes, then you move on to the next stage. If the answer is no, then have them ask Jesus if he wanted them to live and to be born. Have them listen to the Holy Spirit as He speaks truth.

After they hear the truth, ask them if they are willing to receive it and if they choose to be born now?

When they say “Yes” to life and to being born then you can move onto the next step.

Have them stand up and take their hands and symbolically pull them out of the womb. Have someone behind them to remove the grave clothes. (This can also be done if you are praying over the phone or internet. For instance, you can say, “As God connects us through the Holy Spirit, I’m symbolically pulling you out of the womb. In Jesus’ name, I pull off all grave clothes and send them to the feet of Jesus.”)

The person may fall to the floor after that. Let them stay there for a while and sense what is going on for them. (Spiritually it may feel like they are in a bottle and it is fizzing-you are feeling what is going on in another dimension.)

Once you sense that the Lord has finished here, then ask the Lord to pick them up as a newborn baby.

Lead the person in praying, “Lord what would you like to say to me?” (have them listen and report what the Lord said)

Have the Lord take them from birth up to their adult life bringing healing to their childhood. As you go through each year give time for the team to discern what is going on and if there needs to be specific work done in any of the years. When it feels really heavy, ask them what happened in that year. Once they remember what happened in that year, lead the person to pray, “Lord I ask You to remove the trauma off of me from that experience.”

Lord, please carry me through age 1 and remove all evil.
Lord, please carry me through age 2 and remove all evil.

Repeat this until you get to age 20

Once you reach the age of 20, lead the person in praying something like this:

Lord, please carry me through my adult years.
Cause everything coming off of me to go to your feet to be sent where You want it to go.
Lord, please seal all that has been done here today.
Lord, what is Your word of blessing to me at this time?

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

Permission is given to print this prayer in its entirety provided that no changes are made. In addition, please reference Aslan’s Place and on all reproductions. This prayer may not be reproduced in publications without written consent from Aslan’s Place.