May 10, 2014 Sessions of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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There are currently no notes for the Morning Session

The transcription of the Afternoon Session is provided below

Paul: Okay, we first talked about Isaiah 14, and the fact that the word “lucifer” is not in the text there. It actually is a word that means “someone who is shining.” We are wondering therefore, if, if, this is not about lucifer but about satan as a fallen son of God. We’re just, we have to be able to wonder. You have not, we have not come to the explanation, or the definitive explanation of truth. We are wondering, ok? So I like to wonder.

Jana: Never the less/like…. (her voice trailed off; she is the one sitting next to Paul)

Paul: Then we went to Daniel Chapter 3, and we read this verse in Daniel 3:25, that Nebuchanezzar saw a fourth being in the fire, in the fiery furnace, and in the Hebrew it says, “one like a son of the gods.”
Then the question just came up, which is an excellent observation, what do you do about Chapter 3:28–Nebuchanezzar saying, “bless be God, God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who sent His Angel/angel,” and so that is–I just checked the Hebrew–that is the Hebrew Word for Angel/angel–

Jana: … spell lucifer.

Paul: and delivered His servants who trusted in Him, and they have frustrated the king’s word.
Now, I guess if I want to push, this is always probably–you’re trying to prove a point, and that affects your interpretation, doesn’t it? It does not say that the fourth one is the one who saved them. It says that the Angel/angel is the one who saved them. So it is…

Jana: whoa!

Paul: …is possible that the Angel/angel is not the fourth person. So that’s possible. It’s also possible it is. Through discernment it is; I don’t think it is, but, I need to be honest here.

Jana: Whoa!

Paul: Because we are all going to argue from the way we interpret things. But if I write the Son of God is the Son of God and that angels are angels, then that’d be different.

Jana: Uhh.

Paul: Okay, so I really believe the Lord has brought Jana here; so Jana, this morning, we sort of,

Jana: Help me, I’m clueless.

Paul: What, what happened this morning? So we basically talked about the sons of God, and it started with me discerning a territorial ruler, and so I spent some time talking about Ephesians 6:12, that the word “principality” is really not “principality,” but it’s a ruler. And then the Lord revealed–we think that He’s revealed a ruler over the high desert. A fallen ruler.

Jana: Uhm

Paul: So we feel like at some point the Lord wants to deal with this.
Tobias got a seed; and, so we put the seed into the ground; and
Dawn has just heard she has a stake;
David got the word we are to lay a stake and we are to exercise our legal right and authority over the land.
Also the comment came up about, about Ahab illegally taking the property of Naboth. And, that, the ground has been illegally taken by either satan or a fallen son god, but we also sense there is a fallen son of god involved in this.
I need to share with you and experience that I had–it was up in the top of the *** (4:50). This goes back to ’90,

Jana: Whoa!

Paul: ’90, probably somewhere around ’96…’95 or ’96. We were living in Apple Valley at that time, and we had, we were doing a youth group and we had a young man come–it was in our house–and, at that time I think he was 18 or 19. I was, I think I was praying for a teenager–doing a deliverance session–and he told me later that he was trying to stop me in the spirit.

Jana: Uh-hu.

Paul: He was fourth or fifth generation mormon; Admitted got into buddha worship, and had done a lot of astral projection, astral travel–the guy was into some really bizarre stuff. Well, everybody left and we started this discussion, we got to mormonism and, you know you begin to talk about all these things and it becomes an argument… I had this idea, and
Jana: Whoa-oa!

Paul: and I said to him, could I do something.
And he said, “sure.”
And I said, “are you sure?”
And he said, “sure; do it.”
So I said, “anger, come forth.” So his eyes rolled back in his head, and he started, “aughgfed aughgffgh…” and doing this, you know, for about a minute or so.
Then I finally said, “Jeremy, come back.”
And he said, “what was that?”
And I said, “that’s what’s controlling you.”
And he said, “well, what do I do?”
And I said, “you need to accept Christ as your Savior.”
And he said, “Okay.”
And he became a christian; I asked, actually felt the Holy Spirit coming into–I think it was one of the few times I–it was like a vacuum, (Paul shows with hand motion how the varoosh went into head). Well, then we went through deliverances with him.
One time five of us were hanging on him and he was carrying us around the house. And in the early years we did deliverance like, you know, what you gain authority over you have victory over. We had, we had knock down drag out fights in the early years, and he was one of them. We just–it was really, really, really, really terrible.
He went home that night, in the middle of the night started speaking in tongues, in his sleep, and God just took him on a fast track.
One day Christy called, and I think that our offices were still in her house. And she said, “Jeremy’s in trouble; you need to call.”
And I think he was working some place, and so I called Jeremy and I had this conversation:
“You can not have him; he belongs to us.” And I thought, I am over my head; I am way over my head. So I said, why don’t you come and meet me at this restaurant.
I’ve learned any time you have a confrontational situation, go to a restaurant because people have to behave themselves in a restaurant.

Jana: That’s right.

Paul: If you get in a private place and they can carry on.
So we go to the restaurant. So I’m seating here and Jeremy’s here, (He motions with hands to show they were sitting across from each other.), and I’m talking to this being.
And this being says to me, “I know who you are; I know what you’re doing; I’m the one who is bringing all the people up to the high desert; I am the one who created everything.”
And I am thinking, I am talking to the top here. And it’s not a good top. And I thought, I don’t know what to do.

Jana: I’ll ask a question: didn’t he live on the land too?

Paul: Yes.

Jana: Yes. Important to know about that.

Paul: Yes, he lived on the land.

Participant in background: Why is that important?

Jana: Why would that be important? because where ever we place our feet we take back for the Kingdom of God; he was actually the authority of the land.

Paul: Yeah, he had legal authority over the land.

Jana: Right. Good or bad.

Paul: Yep.

Jana: Because the creation is subject to the creature.

Paul: Right.
So I didn’t know what to do. I said, meet me at my house. By the time I got there I had a scripture–and don’t ask me what it is; I don’t remember. I simply proclaimed the scripture and he was back. And it was over.

Jana: Wow.

Paul: He, he ended up marrying someone that we know–that did not go well–and got divorced. And he moved to Salt Lake City, where his family is from. And, you know, I thought about that many times; I thought, Lord, what is this all about? This is the strongest, literally the strongest conversion I’ve ever seen in all of my life.

Jana: Yeah.

Paul: He was like, he was good and saved. There is no doubt.

Jana: Right. Yeah.

Paul: So on 9/11, on 9/9,10 and 11 I was in Salt Lake City. So we were in Salt Lake City the morning of 9/11, 2001 On that Saturday, which would have been the 8th and 9th, a man comes to me and he says, “Jeremy says hi.” And I said, “what?” And I gave his last name and he said yeah, I’ve been discipling him and he’s been doing really great.
He had never left the Lord. Even though he had gone through all this other stuff. And we got re-acquainted. He came to a couple of seminars. He actually moved to southern California for a while; now he lives in Idaho.
But, I thought about that recently and I, I was wondering if–I had always thought I had talked to lucifer. But I am wondering if it was a fallen son of god.
You know, we have been given, delegative and creative authority. And we know that the enemy is very arrogant. The enemy–I don’t believe the country stars, singers are saved, well they’ve read the end of the book, he’s read the end of the book; he knows what’s going to–they don’t believe that. They believe they are going to win. Lucifer,

Jana: That’s true.

Paul: satan, they believe they are going to win. And by sheer numbers, they are winning. Right? You look, you look at the percentages, and by sheer numbers, the enemy is winning.
So fast forward to right now. Is this who we are dealing with. Or who the Lord wants to deal with.
So we have a fallen son of God. We have a ruler, a spiritual ruler. We have someone else. There’s some sort, almost some sort of trinity involved over the high desert.

Jana: Gosh.

Paul: It’s fascinating to me–again, this is the first time we’ve had so many people who have never been here before.

Jana: I’m, I’m looking around and you’ve got that right. A few I see…

Paul: And, except for you see… now David’s been here before, and you’ve been here, (Paul pointed to someone), and I think virtually.. except for you, (Paul pointed to someone else), and you, (pointing), you lived, where he lived…

Participant unseen: I’ve been here before.

Paul: You’ve been here before; ok, but you.. where do you live?

Participant unseen: (couldn’t hear)

Paul: You see, most of you are outside the region. And I think there’s something important–there’s something important, (Paul is pointing at someone unseen), about you; I think you have a lot of authority. I think you do. And when I said that, its true; because of the position you have, I think you have alot of authority.

Jana: (pointing like Paul is) There’s a lot of power in that finger.

Paul: But, and it may be that what we are doing is important,

Jana: Whoaoa!

Paul: for the people on the web, and those of you who are from outside the region; and you (pointing) just moved up here, right?

Participant unseen: Yeah, been here a little over a year.

Paul: Yeah, so…

Participant unseen: God brought me up here… (***13:00) somewhere far away.

Paul: Jana wasn’t here this morning. Right.

Participant unseen: No, we just need to be on the microphone.

Paul: Ok. That’s right, thank you.

Jana: No. But I was here a couple days ago.

Paul: Yes! Ok, now we’re going to read on the internet…
Dawn feels like we are going to go to the Ancient of Days court. I can’t disagree with that,

Jana: Wow.

Paul: but I don’t feel that’s yet.
Janet–will all people feel (*** 13:32) the same place… I’ve dealt with that question.
Deborah–Maybe if Paul receives power stake, plants it in the land prophetically, all the lightning will converge on it.

Jana: Oohhhh!

Paul: That’s an interesting thought, Deborah.

Jana: I did too.

Paul: Penny– Can Paul go over the discernment where the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are? Yes. So I feel the Father as THE Power here on the back of my head, (with his hand back on the back of his neck/head);

Jana: hey-ey-ey!

Paul: I feel the Holy Spirit here, (with his fingers pointing down onto the top of his head)–this is the Person of the Holy Spirit. I actually felt Him for the first time on the End of the World Day, which was December 21, 2012.

Jana: Ahhhh! (like a sigh sound)

Paul: That day was the first I discerned the Holy Spirit as a Person. I feel the Holy, I feel Jesus as the Son of Man, here, (as he points to the back left side of his head).
(Looking at screen again) The enemy as an adversary taken the land?
(*** 14:30) getting drenched with fire and heat of God.
Deborah–lightning filling the upper atmosphere above the high desert now, when Paul talked about the ruler.
So there was an angel here this morning, and I think that he’s still here–it’s a warrior.
Tobias and Jeremy saw it as a.. like a, was it Roman? (Jana nods head.)
Get on the mic if you would.

Participant unseen: Earlier over the internet, a gentleman was holding something in his hand and said that it, and you kind of….

Paul: Oh yes….

Participant: You had a (**** 15:11) to it. And what I want to say about that, when I was seeing that, I see a cutting down. Like there’s a cutting down–something was planted real, like a harvest, and there’s a cutting down of it.

Paul: Yes.

Participant: And,

Paul: You saw it like a pizza cutter.

Participant: It was something…

Paul: it was a weapon

Participant: Yeah….

Paul: Right.

Participant: I just….

Paul: Excellent.

Participant: when you’re planting and harvesting and that,there’s a harvest; there’s a cutting down.

Paul: We read the Matt 13, we’re reading where the, the wheat and the tares are mixed.

Participant: Uhm.

Paul: A threshing. What did you get?

Jana, next to Paul: This is–I got this yesterday. There was this huge angel that’s territorial.

Paul: Okay, let me see what I feel. This is all very strange–when I put my finger on the picture then discern who it is? Okay, this is the same angel that was here this morning. So what, I, we will,

Jana: And this was like a warrior angel.

Paul: Yeah, this is a part of the Host. And this is a part of the Host too. So, we’ll pass this around and then I’ll let Brian…I don’t know…Brian, can you get a picture of this? The big one is the one that I think is here, and the other two are the Host. Can we pass this around?

Jana: Yeah, sure. It’s not my best work.

Paul: Do you want to go stand there. Now, let’s see, did we…. I will open a document… if I can…

Jana: Center me; I don’t feel anything yet.

Paul: Right here, (points), right there, right there.

Jana: Oh, okay.

Paul: Hang on. Brian, how do I open a word document here on your computer?

Jana: I have yours.

Paul: He’s running in here. My computer–I don’t know if this is prophetic–is broken, is down in Houston; hopefully being repaired.

Jana: Oh, not that you have to explain that to me.

Paul: I sorry, I couldn’t find a word document. Oh, just go to new?

Jana: Hey; hey, hey, hey, hey.

Paul: Okay. Okay, thanks.

Jana: Uhm. Father in heaven, I praise You, give You honor; we give You glory. Kadosh, kadosh, for the rest of the story; holy holy holy holy. Holy holy holy holy.
Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh. Holy holy holy. Holy holy holy. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. Shi ka la nah moss. See ki nan na oi. Kudi ardba see…

Paul: (also speaking in tongues)

Jana: I si dei gey de, nom a mon na. Hei ki do do ra sha kin, chai i ney. shekinah, ney. Ya te, oh oh ha li ah-um mah day nee o nam ah. Holy holy holy. Father, give us what we need; direct us in what we should see; for we only want to do what you do; help our hearts to believe. ooh, oh, oo-ooh. Thank You, Lord. It is time to heal this land. Do you recognize what you’ve come from. Do you know the time in which you stand. And greater still are the mysteries of the time set before you,

Paul: Wait a sec; go ahead.

Jana: but I give you this day that you will take over. And there’s a mystery and a key that’ll set the captive and this land free; for it’s been stored up in hope, for certain, to those who believe. And it’s revealed now and not before–oaah–for the Fear of the Lord who, to those who trust in the Lord. Whoa. Whoah. Aoooh. And you’ve been acclimated for this fire because this is where you’re going, deep calls unto deep for the rest of the story. And you inherit the desolate places where many have been trapped–the desolate inheritance is now for you to take back. Whew.
And realm upon realm–you occupy each–dimensions and spheres for the government of peace. oh, ooh. Ah, restoration has been given to you who have held the land–that’d be you, Paul. Uhm. For where you were steadfast you will collect and stand. I have broken the scepter over the rulers, this ungodly trinity who ruled over it. And yes, you have the first two; but have you considered the king of babylon; that’s where you break through. ooh, augh, chop chop.

Paul: Oh, man.

Jana: Did I not say I’ve seen satan fall like lightning. His cross from one end to the other.

Paul: His crossed?

Jana: From one end to the other. That’s when you know.

Paul: That’s who we know?

Jana: That’s WHEN you know.

Paul: Ok.

Jana: That it’s time to rejoice in the names in heaven. Oh, ohh. You don’t stand in the gap for problem, ohh, you’re actually the portal, a gate, between heaven and earth. You go there to take back what is yours. Ohh. And the glorious ones assist for they understand the origin. They also help you discern from one light to the other.

Paul: They also help you?

Jana: Discern from one to the other. Not all light is right. (Laughter) And know where they operate, for the ruler over them is who you subjugate. Ahh. And that’s all I have right now. It’s like something being set up.

Paul: that’s (***26:08)

Jana: What’s it mean.

Paul: (looking up at screen) Ok, Cindy, is the just for the high desert? Or does it pertain to all California. The high desert, California. Uhm… It may pertain to California.

Participant unseen: Yeah, the second one she named, was it babylon?

Paul: Yes.

Participant: That’s what I got.

Jana: King of babylon.

Participant: King, king?

Jana: Specifically, yeah.

Participant: King, yeah, cause I didn’t get, it’s not coming in clear. … when you said that I felt–because I had already read that–it witnessed to me that, yeah.

Jana: Did it?

Participant: it had to do with California. When you said that…

Jana: Well, why? Who put that together? Where is he?

Paul: Remember, Jana was not here this morning.

Jana: I’m still not.

Paul: And, and when you said the king of babylon… this is the ungodly mazzeroth.

Jana: Is that, this the that trinity? That trinity set up that mazzeroth?

Paul: No. The king,

Jana: Of Babylon.
Paul: All right; all right, all right, all right.

Jana: Well, I *don’t*(27:25) feel that.

Paul: We have, so we have the king of babylon, which if it was the mazzeroth it’d be the executive… rulers–I wonder if rulers are part of the judicial branch. That’s a new thought. And the Son of God is–remember my dream, I said that I was being chased by a senator?

Jana: Yeah.

Paul: In my dream, and that.. I think we are a legislative branch,

Jana: Ouw.

Paul: of the heavenly government.

Jana: That hurt.

Paul: So you have the mazzeroth, executive; the judicial, I thought was, the holy ones; I think–I wonder if the rulers, the rulers may also be part of the judicial branch. So then you have the three branches, and then a fallen son of God would be the legislative. So you have the three branches of government, the highest over the desert, uh. This is interesting. (Paul gets up.) Put your hand up.

Jana: Hu-um. I’ve been feeling that.

Paul: Apostolic evangelism. (With hand up as if reaching and taking hold of something.) This is the key to apostolic evangelism.

Jana: (Laughing.)

Paul: And, and it’s, this is interesting. It’s like, apostolic evangelism, apostolic evangelism is ready to come to the earth.
Would you look up

Jana: That is so funny.

Paul: what the spanish word ranchero means?

Jana: Ranchero? Sure.

Paul: Ok, if this was a dream, what would it mean?

Jana: (Laughing.) It means I’ve been here before.

Paul: Melissa Walder who brought kids to our first youth group years ago–I think it was one or two years ago she had, had a vision and she saw a line of cars coming down Ranchero Blvd. Now, we live, right now we live off Ranchero. And, just–I think it was last year they put, they put an underpass under the railroad. So before

Jana: Whoa.

Paul: before, you had only, you had main, which is in Hesperia, Bear Valley; that was the only way to get over the railroad tracks. You could not go anywhere else. But when she had the vision it was absolutely impossible for the traffic to come down Ranchero any further than where we lived. Brian actually rented our house from us for many years and then we moved into it three years ago. Well they just put the underpass; now, this is, this is a dream where we (**I don’t know what it means*** 30:15) Ok, I don’t want to push

Jana: wowoh

Paul: this; I’m not try, I’m not trying to spiritualize anything; I just, I’m just wondering. So they have been building the overpass at Ranchero. And last week it burned. And, and, it actually, they, it got so hot the metal dripped to the freeway and the freeway

Jana: Poor guy.

Paul: Ok.

Jana: … the guy who was welding.

Paul: Well,

Participant unseen: (couldn’t hear)

Paul: Yes. Now,

Participant unseen: (couldn’t hear)

Paul: in all the places in (30:47***), I’ve never heard of a bridge burning down during reconstruction.
Are you, and you, I just ponder this. Yesterday, at the very same spot there was a terrible accident.

Jana: (simultaneously with Paul) Accident.

Paul: And the freeway was closed down again,

Jana: Isn’t that the way

Paul: at Ranchero. In fact, we were trying to come back up–we had to finally, we turned and got off the freeway and took a dirt road and went back up to highway 138 and came, came in the back way. (turning to Jana) So what does Ranchero mean?

Jana: Rancher, is all I’m getting.

Paul: Rancher, yeah.

Jana: Yeah.

Paul: I, I just,

Jana: talking about (**31:23)

Paul: I don’t know, I just, I don’t want to push things too much, but is the enemy trying to stop what the Lord wants to do in the high desert.

Jana: Gosh. I didn’t put that together.

Paul: When, uh, years ago–I’ll let you talk–years ago, in 1998, we moved from Apple Valley to Idlewild and became part of the center for Prayer Mobilization. We lived there for exactly one year. And that’s when the Lord gave us the victorian house and we moved down here and established Aslan’s Place.

Jana: Hey-ey-ey-ey-ey.

Paul: So, probably somewhere in the early 2000s, maybe it was, yeah, somewhere in early 2000s, I was, I was in St Paul, Minnesota and I was speaking at a conference, and I friend of mine wanted me to meet James Maloney. Some of you may have met James, or heard him. And I had not met James before, and didn’t know anything about him; and we were sitting there having breakfast, so he says to me, as we start, “I told my wife I was going to meet somebody from Hesperia, California.”
Now he lived at that time in Dallas; we were in St Paul Minnesota. I want to tell you, Hesperia is not the happening place in the world. I, maybe it’s going to be, but right now, there’s no international airport–I’m just saying that, you got it? (laughter) And, he said, “I need to tell you a story.” He said, “When I was in Idlewild as a senior, I was appointed to a military academy–but I can’t remember which one of those schools it was, which branch of government. And I was in the post office and a lady saw me at a post office and she said, ‘You are the man.’ That’s all she said.”
Now Idlewild is a really big new age area. It’s an interesting place. And, so he got freaked out and ran away; and sometime later she found him again and said, “You must come with me; I want you to meet some people.” And so he came with her and he met a group called the Golden Candlestick. There’s now, I think three books?

Participant: Yeah.

Paul: Three books, yeah. Very interesting books. And they actually were the harp and bowl before there was a harp and bowl. They’re, this was back, they actually came, they, they, they came from upper New York State. They came to, I think, Los Angeles. They (***34:05) a lot of people there and the Lord said, “you’re to go to Idlewild and you are to pray for revival for southern California.” Okay? And so they started dying, and I actually met, in 1998, the last woman of the Golden Candlestick. I didn’t know any of this. I just, this is before I met James. I actually was at her house and I talked to her …

Jana: You even lived at a place where that was happening, didn’t you? Idlewild?

Paul: Yeah. That’s what I’m saying.

Jana: Yeah. I’m here.

Paul: So, he said, “What happened is they laid that mantel and all that prayer on me and then they all died.” So he laid down his appointments and military academy, and he said, “I went to bible school, and I started coming to Hesperia California.” And he said this to me, “I’ve never seen more signs, wonders, healings, and miracles than I saw in Hesperia.”
And that night we had, we had a meeting there, there were over a thousand people there, and he called Donna and I up and we walked with him–it’s the funniest thing–and he’s a prophet, and he said, “just follow me. I’m not going to say anything, just follow me.” So here we are, Donna and I following, we were following him back and forth. And then he prophesied, then he turned and prophesied over us, he’s never prophesied over anybody else, and he says, “You’ve been called to the land, and God’s going to give you three pieces of property.” We have now been given three pieces of property. ..the third one, yeah. And he says, “You’re, you’re not called to the city, but called a region,” and he goes on and on and on. And we have since learned, after (**35:56**) high desert, the first baptism in the high desert actually took place in the mojave, we think, right here at Rock Springs Road. Which is–we are now, we now own two properties on each side of the Mojave. And we know that youth for Christ used to bring campers up and they would stay in a wagon train that was right here also on the river. The Mohave actually flowed as a river for a long time until it was damned up with the silverwood lake there.

So, all this is going on, and then we have, then, I moved up here in (* 38:30*) Manson, I see the freeways backed up when people come to the high desert for healing. So yeah, we’ve had,

Jana: (couldn’t hear 38:41; no mic)

Paul: vision. Feel that? Yeah, and, (he turned toward Jana and said:) I thought about that actually. (laughing) And then (36:46***) has this thing that, this vision about Ranchero, which now, actually, eventually there’ll be an on-ramp. It’s going to take another, I don’t know how many more million dollars now to get that fixed….

Jana: (couldn’t hear; no mic 36:59)

Paul: Yeah. It’ll be a what?

Jana: Fire proof (***37:03)

Paul: Yes, it will. Where’s your mic? Yeah. So,

Jana: Sorry.

Paul: now I think about what’s happening today–in fact I have a passion–you wonder about some of this stuff. You know that when we look back, like at the Jesus movement, which we lived through, you don’t know that you’re in history, do you.

Jana: Uhmm.

Paul: You only know you’re in history when you look back and say, oh, look what happened back then. And we know that the process of what happened with the Vineyard, first from Calvary Chapel to the Vineyard–actually that was quite a long process before the Holy Spirit fell at Canyon High School where John Wimber. So yeah, I don’t have, I don’t know, we could all be crazy. This, this is one the options right now. (laughter) Or, we could be doing, and doing something that’s important. Now the Lord told me that it doesn’t matter what I tell you to do, just be obedient. So, see, all we’re doing, you’ve come up here not knowing that we’re going to do this craziness, but we’ve all come here just to be obedient, haven’t we? We’ve come to do whatever part we’re supposed to do and the big picture is up to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Right? Well, Lord, we declare that’s true–the big picture is up to You.
But I start wondering; I start looking at those things. I kept on thinking yesterday, what are the odds that at Ranchero you have two major things happening in less than a week. It’s probably like in, what, four days. They just got it cleaned,

Jana: Yes, yes.

Paul: cleaned up,

Jana: Actually it’s like three days.

Paul: Yeah.

Jana: Three days.

Paul: You gotta have the mic.

Jana: I am.

Paul: Oh, you are; ok.

Jana: Yes, Sir.

Paul: Where’s your.. oh, it’s right there. Ok.
All right. Isaiah 14: 5 this was another message Janet received. Ok, let’s look at that.

Jana: Yeah, I’d like to know.

Paul: (to a girl leaving room) Are you seeing something? Not yet. Are you running away?

Girl in white hat and shirt and black pants leaving room: (*** 39:10 can’t hear)

Participant Brian: Dad,

Paul: Sure.

Participant: while you’re looking that up, did you have a picture you wanted me to scan?

Participant: I thought Jana had some kind….

Paul and Jana at same time: Oh!

Paul: Yes, thank you.

Jana: Here.

Paul: Isaiah 14:5 The Lord has broken the staff of the wicked, the scepter of the ruler.
You can’t make this stuff up.

Jana: Oh my gosh.

Paul: What do you think of that?

Jana: I was thinking of Luke/Ruth.

Paul: Ruth. See? How we need each other?

Jana: You don’t need this.

Paul: Isaiah 14:5 The Lord has broken the staff of the wicked and the scepter of the ruler who has struck the people in wrath with a continual stroke.
That’s good.
Ok, Deborah–Does this have an affect for all the regions that are represented by the people participating in the session?
Have we talked to Deborah yet, Brian?
Tobias–when Jana got into position, I got, “activate, activate the armies of heaven to move forward;” I saw Jana stepping into a realm, into THE realm and place in the Spirit where these armies are. I see them behind her on her right.

Jana: That feels real.

Paul: Sarah–Does it feel like the cloud of witnesses are here.

Jana: Yeah.

Paul: Yes, Sarah, the cloud of witnesses are here. So I feel the cloud of witnesses–like we are in a bowl.

Jana: Bowl.

Paul: Maybe you’ll see the cloud of witnesses like in a stadium. Brian?

Brian: Deborah is connected now if you needed to talk to her.

Paul: All right, I would like to talk to Deborah. Yes.

Jana: Me too.

Paul: Deborah, Deborah, is in Hawaii.
That’s Dawn, from North Carolina. So we have Germany, Canada, the nation of Hawaii. (laughing)

Jana: The nation.

Brian: Go ahead Deborah.

Jana: That’s a word.

Paul: Hey, Deborah.

Brian: Oh, I don’t think so; we are not getting her sound.
Deborah, it sounds like your microphone did not connect properly so we will have to try that later.

Paul: Ok. So comments, questions, observations, help me here; I don’t know where we are going next.

David: When you said put your hand up for apostolic,

Paul: Evangelism.

David: evangelism, my knuckle, (points to right hand), which is the prophetic, just started hurting.

Paul: Oh wow, so you picked up the prophetic.

Participant David: Yeah. And what I was getting for that was–Oh, let me give another one; when you said something else about it not being received up here or something, and I believe you said, five times, the church in the building had rejected the revival?

Paul: I know of four times,

David: Ok.

Paul: where revival actually came to the high desert, and within days it was shut down. And again, I live this bizarre life. One time we go to this doctor that was recommended to us, this was years ago, and we found out this doctor’s a Christian, and she said, “I want to tell you about what happened in church in Apple Valley.” And she said, “I was in church, and the Lord told me to go to the bathroom. So I went to the bathroom.” And the Lord said to her, do not touch what I am going to do right now. She goes back in there, into the church–this is a very conservative evangelical church: baptist–I’ll tell you that much. And he’s been speaking on spiritual gifts, and the Holy Spirit falls in the room. And the service’s extended, but by that night it had been shut down. This has happened four times that I know of.

(Girl with white hat and white shirt and black pants returning to room.)

Jana: Uhm.

Paul: In Apple Valley, once that I know of; in Hesperia, three times. Three times and I think it’s in three different churches. A couple of times it’s hit the schools. Every time either the church or the parents shut down the move of the Holy Spirit.
Why this is important for you to bring that up–let me, let me tell you this. I just remembered this. The day that I discerned the rulers and I was laying down, we said to the Lord, “we will not stop it when the next ruler comes. We will accept it–there’s not many of us but we will accept it.”

Jana: That’s right.

Paul: “And we will do what You want to do and we will not,”

Jana: (laughing)

Paul: “touch this move.” So.

David: Right before I came up here, Todd Bentely had come over to a church in Apple Valley.

Paul: (simulataneously) Apple Valley.

David: He said if revival started he would have not left. It did get launched; I do know of a little story. Because I thought you said five times, but now I know of one that hasn’t gotten out yet, that Tony was involved with, in a church, right after that.

Paul: Uh-hu?

David: Revival was getting loosed. She was part of it and they threw her out of the church.

Paul: I think what is coming is so radical and so disturbing that the existing church will not accept it. I really do believe that.

Jana: Will we do it anyway?

Paul: So we’re going to–I tell you, we have said that we will.

Jana: That’s right, that’s right.

Paul: If I can do nothing else, I can say, “Yes, Holy Spirit.”

Participant: Amen.

Paul: I’ll, that’s the big (town*** 44:35) I’ll bring to this; I’ll say, Yes, Holy Spirit.
Yes. (points to someone)
Nothing yet? Ok.

Participant unseen: (can’t hear)

Paul: Okay.

David: Well, first when this knuckle was hurting, its says that, I was getting that, it’s going to come into line–the prophetic–it’s getting put in joint along with that apostolic evangelism. But this is the funny story on that bridge–I heard it on the radio, so I’m assuming a little more,

Paul: This was last week?

David: Yes. Somebody was welding, how windy it was was phenomenal,

Paul: Yeah, it was 30 mile an hour winds.

David: Am ember probably got somewhere they couldn’t see, because they got people watching, and to burn down that bridge, an ember,

Paul: Or a Spark.

David: and it burned down. Now I believe when you were talking about Rancho, because I don’t know this area that well, but I know that bridge is called that, I believe that’s a gateway up here.

Paul: Ok.

Jana: That’s actually called the gate of the pin–at the summit, yeah.

Paul: When you said that I felt an anointing with that.

Participant Unseen: I felt the anointing too. But it takes an ember to start a fire.

Paul: Remember the 1970’s the Jesus Movement, it only takes a spark to get a fire going…. Remember that? It came about in the Jesus Movement.

Jana: A former time.

Paul: Yeah, a former time. Before you were a christian, not before your time.

David: I have another one, though. They were estimating–I think it said two or three more months now–longer than what they already estimated when the bridge would be finished, but they were estimating also what they could salvage, because most of the time they’ll have to tear everything down. But they’re going to go look for salvage; so what is that? Recreating?

Paul: Right.

Participant: Restoration?

David: Yeah.

Participant: Restoration.

Paul: Ok. Penny–I have a pain; I have had pain in my right index finger from the knuckle of the base to the next knuckle. Is that connected to the apostolic-prophetic? Yes, it is.
Sonija–Does Isaiah 14:4 speaks of king of babylon.
Let’s look at that.

Jana: Yeah, let’s look.

Paul: Oh! That’s all about the king of babylon!

Jana: Gee.

Paul: I did not catch that. Look at that. That you may take up this proverb against the king of babylon.
Ok, I think we’ve read everything there, Brian, now.
Ok, Tobias said my prophetic finger went off as well. Just like David when Paul said this is apostolic evangelism.
I felt the (***46:25) evangelism again.

Jana: I just find this interesting: I’ve probably seen it a hundred times. He says, how you have fallen from heaven oh star of the morning, son of dawn.

Paul: Yeah.

Jana: Well, I’m late.

Paul: That’s all right. Welcome back.
Ok, Lord; where do we go next?

Brian: Ok, we believe we have Deborah now.

Paul: Oh, Deborah–good.

Deborah: It’s been really hard to get here; it took me an hour and forty-five minutes this morning; I saw fifteen minutes of the morning session. I am glad that you reviewed everything for Jana, because it was a review for me too.

Paul: Oh good. Well, let’s see if you have someone there.

Jana: Yeah, who’s with her?

Paul: (walks to screen and points to his left side on screen) You have an angel over here. Maybe you got a word for us, Deborah–and we’ll get some clarity.

Deborah: Ok. Well that key is spinning in the room, that’s FYI.

Paul: We’re–thank you; where is it?

Jana: To your right.

Deborah: Where you saw it and its’ spinning, spinning–uhm, (circles with hands), flat like this, (puts fingers together with palms down and hands flat, and kind of in v-shape).

Jana: That’s what I saw.

Deborah: Flat.

Paul: Is it right here?

Deborah: Wait, I can’t–I don’t see the room.

Paul: Oh, you don’t see the room.

Deborah: Yeah. Ooh, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Jana: Yeah, I saw that Paul. (Paul is standing in middle of room feeling into the atmosphere/realm.)

Paul: Did you? It’s a big–it goes from here,

Deborah: Yeah, it’s pretty–yeah.

Paul: to here; ok.

Deborah: Yeah. Wow. Wow. Ok. Ooh, so, whoa.

Paul: Hei.

Jana: (sigh/exhale) Glories.

Deborah: Okay; so; from shore to shore, from shore to shore, you have seen My glory, but you have not seen My glory as of yet. Wide, wider and deeper and greater, and whoa,

Paul: Hei, hei.

Deborah: whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. It is now the time, it is now the time to open it up, to open it up. The things you have experienced to this point in the high desert are just a tiny pin hole of a portal. Whoa. The portal will be opened up the way it was ordained from time, ooh, from time beyond time. The pinhole will expand, the pinhole will expand–it’s expanding now. Ooh, stand on your, stand on your foundation–the foundation is gold–it’s a golden foundation. Stand on your foundation, and look up to see the pinhole open to a larger portal. Wow. Sections of the sky are falling off, sections of the sky are falling off and taking with it, wow, the territory the enemy has had in the atmosphere; they’re flying off; they’re flying off. Whoa, so be ready, get ready; stand on your foundation and you will see things unimaginable, unimaginable; from shore to shore you’ve seen the glory, but you haven’t seen it all yet. Whoa.

Paul: Whoa! That’s good. Thanks, Deborah.

Deborah: You’re welcome. Thank You, Lord.

Paul: Do you have–is it freezing in Hawaii today?

Deborah: Oh my, no; it’s very sunny and wonderful.

Paul: Oh, look at that. Oh, Hawaii. We bless the land.

Deborah: Amen.

Paul: Amen. Ok–thank you, Deborah–Daniel chapter seven, and–while Dawn back on the screen, Brian.
Daniel 7:9. I saw, I watched–7:9–I watched till thrones were put in place, and the Ancient of Days was seated; His garment was white as snow and the hair of His head was like pure wool; His throne was a fiery flame, its wheels burning with fire.

Jana: Ooh.

Paul: A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him; a thousand thousands ministered to Him; ten thousand times ten thousand put before Him, the courts were seated and the books were opened. Verse 13, I was watching in the night visions and behold, One like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven, He came to the Ancient of Days and they brought Him near before Him; then to Him–the Son of Man– was given dominion and glory, and a kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him; His dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away, and His Kingdom is one which shall not be destroyed.
Then, if you look at verse 26, but the court shall be seated, and they shall take away his–that means the enemy’s dominion–to consume and destroy it forever, then the Kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heavens shall be given to the people, who are the saints of the Most High. His Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all dominions shall serve and obey Him.
So right now, we are in the Ancient of Days’ court.

Jana: That’s what’s being set up.

Paul: Yep.
So, Dawn, I’m willing to receive the stake; so you want to give it to me. (He walks over to receive it.) I got it in my hand.

Jana: Hei, hei, hei, hei, hei.

Paul: Well, Dawn, what am I supposed to do?

Dawn: I feel like you’re, we’re waiting for something to happen.

Paul: Ok.

Dawn: Do you discern Melchizedek?

Paul: Melchizedek. Out in the distance. But now he’s getting closer.

Jana: Oooh.

Paul: Hei. Now I discern Melchizedek. Lord, we believe Melchizedek is interceding for this.

Jana: Looks like a mirage. This is amazing.

Paul: I still feel him interceding.
Ok, intercession stopped.

Dawn: Paul, I believe Daniel is in the courtroom.

Paul: Daniel. Daniel. I feel Daniel. We are, we are in the Ancient of Day’s court, and Daniel’s with us. Remember where it says in Daniel 12 that the scrolls were sealed until the end?

Dawn: ooh!

Paul: I believe it’s a scroll.

Dawn: Yes, wow.

Jana: ooh! Geez!

Jana joins Paul in center of room; Paul hands Jana the scroll: Here you go–here’s the scroll. Whoa, it’s anointed.

Jana: Ooh!

Paul: Dawn, can you type this down?

Dawn: Yes.

Paul: Ok.

Jana: Pretty simple.

Paul: I like simple. I can handle simple.

Jana: You have the stake. Take a stand. Drive the stake and heal the land.

Paul: Ok. So Lord I place the stake on the ground–one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Jana: Surprised it’s not an earthquake; it’s cracking like that.

Paul: What are, what are we supposed to do with the key?
(To participant): Do you have something?

David: I think the stake represents anchoring ourselves in where Jesus put us– because He is the anchor of our soul.

Paul: Yes?

David: And that’s what’s going to start now, because nobody would take this revival because they weren’t anchored in. They were getting moved around, by, to and fro by every doctrine

Jana: Whoa.

David: and the things of man. Those have to come down.

Jana: Whoa! You let something go. Now it starts, a chain reaction, on earth as it is in heaven. This move will take traction. And those who are far off and those that are near, peace to all, in the Lord they fear.
Yes, California has been chosen to start this wave; Holy Spirit come again, so it is as they say. So as it was once before and now it is again, I have set a court at this gate to change the hearts of men.
Now I just feel a fire.

Paul: Yep. It’s real intense fire.
Ok, Shay–I just wanted to offer this on the topic of restoration, from something the Lord showed me earlier this week, from His word, 2 Chronicles 29, Hezekiah restores the temple.
Penny–a lock (***1:00:22) something in the Ancient of Day’s courtroom.
Someone asked–does this apply to the location where ever the participants are located; was that confirmed? I am in Montana.
I don’t know; I think that we’ve each been called to our own land areas so I think we each do it in our own land area, right?

Jana: Um-huh.

Paul: Is that what you’re getting?

Participant unseen: I just wanted to say there was another speaking of an portal in Arroyo Grande,

Paul: Oh.

Participant unseen: over on the coastline.

Paul: Ok.

Participant unseen: another area that was revealed…I would say five to seven years ago.

Paul: Oh, really?

Participant: And I felt that like when they were asking that, it was, where in the body of Christ, this is–that it is in the territory of where they’re at.

Paul: Right.

Participant: of not just in the high desert.

Paul: I think that’s true. Unlock the gate of the portal with the key.

Jana: Oh.

Paul: So Penny, is the key supposed to unlock something? So there’s the answer, yeah.

Jana: Hey, thank you guys.

Paul: Why don’t we take a five minute break right here.

(Five minute break.)

Paul: All right, if you push your hands right about here, I just noticed (1:01:27 ***)you can feel the deliverance coming off the land.

Jana: Feels like it’s all in my head right now.

Paul: Ok, Cindy–are we supposed to symbolically pound the stake into the ground where we are? We have a phrase, ATL, ask the Lord.

Jana: I think we are all supposed…

Paul: I’m not in charge here.

Participant: I want to ask a question.

Paul: Yes.

Participant: Where is everybody from? What area?

Paul: Ok, so, that’s a good question. So where are you all from? I’ll repeat that. Where? Torrence. And then she’s from Torrence over here also. And where are you from in the back? Bakersfield, so we have Central Valley; LA? LA?

Jana: Yeah, Arvin.

Paul: LA. Huntington Beach. Hesperia.

Jana: I like it over here.

Paul: The deliverance is still coming off. Ok, you want to–hand the mic.

Participant: All right, what I got when we were closing, was, it has to do with that bridge and that archway. When the person in Hawaii was giving what she gave,

Paul: Deborah.

David: Deborah was–I don’t remember what she said, but that archway expanding, this is why, I don’t know, I can’t remember where the scripture was, but it says, silver, the pot is for silver and the fire is for gold.

Paul: Brian, do you want to look that up? The pot is for silver and the fire is for gold.
Yes, in the back here.

Participant: I was just thinking, an archway is also an arc.

Paul: Yes.

Participant: So like there is an arc with us and the Kingdom of God, right, so that opens up a gate as well?

Paul: Yes, so what I feel now is the prince of the host and the army is now warring. Actually, see, you, see if you can feel it on your head–you can actually feel the clashing, of swords. And I get the word there is an advancement taking place

Jana: Uuhm.

Paul: against the enemy.

Jana: Yes.

Paul: Proverbs what? Why don’t you get that, you get on the mic. Proverbs 17….

Participant: Proverbs 17:3; the refining pot is for silver and the furnace, gold.

Paul: Ok. Thank you; what took you so long? (Laughter.) Isn’t it amazing what we can do so fast any more?

Jana: Wow.

Paul: I can still feel the deliverance. Yeah, it’s intensifying.

Jana: I had an epiphany. Nebuchanezzar is the king of babylon.

Participant: Oh really?

Paul: So Lord, we ask that over this area, that You remove the king of babylon, the ungodly rulers, and the fallen sons of God.
I got the word, Lord would You displace them? And we declare our legal right to have this land,

Jana: Yes, Lord.
Paul: for the Kingdom of God; and we declare that we not only want this land, but we want to present it to the King of kings and the Lord of lords–the two, true Creator of heaven and earth; exercise our authority in this and we present it to You, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
There’s still warring and deliverance.
What is this, Brian?

Brian: This represents every place we had a registration.

Paul: Oh, there’s Australia?

Jana: That’s pretty.

Paul: Is that Malaysia? Or Singapore.

Brian: Let’s see. Singapore.

Paul: Ok. We have a Great Britain. Is there somebody on the continent too? Or is it that top one. Great Britain, yeah, that one I think is Great Britain. The other one–Oh, yeah. Oh, that’s Tobias.

Jana: Where is Hawaii in the midst of this?

Paul: Hawaii is… Hawaii’s off the charts! That is true. Hawaii’s not show–is that Hawaii there? Yeah.

Brian: So if they want to see that.

Paul: Yeah, that’s showing up on the map. Yes. Thank you, Brian; that’s interesting.

Jana: That is.

Participant: I, I gotten that with deliverance coming, now the five-fold that was established here is released and put into joint and into harmony right now, today so they can handle this move of God; and then I’m getting, like, the apostle Paul, it says, oh, I’m getting the word that he wrought miracles out in his hand or he handled miracles, andI believe that’s what’s going to get released through the five-fold here and it’s going to go on down to other people.

Paul: HalleluYah! Any of you seers… you want to come here? You want to try?
No, no thank YOU! I got to do something here. I need help. I got a scroll in my mouth so I feel like it’s all weird inside my mouth. I’m very strange. No comment. Here’s a scroll. (He hands scroll to participant.)

Jana: There you go.

Paul: Somebody hold a mic for her.
See if you can read the–ask the Lord if you can read the scroll. Tell us your first name again.

Participant Lucy(?) : Lucy.

Paul: Lucy. Lucy.

Lucy: I am going to try this; this is my first time.

Paul: That’s fine. We don’t know if you’re wrong, actually. So we feel the anointing. NIce and loud.

Lucy: This is the land I have given you to take hold and to be free; to release the captives and set the prisoners free. They are mine to behold, for you to cherish and to love, to help them flourish and grow in the land that I have given you to grow.

Paul: Do you feel–we’re judging the word, right? Feel the anointing? This is very well–I think you’re doing very well.

Lucy: Thank You, Lord.

Paul: I believe there is still more.

Lucy: You are Mine; you are all Mine. Remember to be free and to live free. For freedom I have given you; and you live in the land of the free. Remember I love you with an everlasting love.

Paul: Whoa, thank You, Lord.
Jana: That’s good.

Lucy: And My love is a love that will never fail. And with My love you can conquer all, and you will overcome all.

Paul: Hei.

Lucy: My Son is the One I have given you to hold and to cherish and to behold. Know that He is with you all the days, from the Ancient of Days, for I AM the Ancient of Days Who is on the throne.

Paul: I believe that’s true.

Jana: That’s good.

Paul: That’s Who’s speaking right now.

Lucy: I feel like He’s saying He wants to give you a scepter, Paul; I don’t know… Lord is that…. I feel like He said you–I am all so pleased with you who are here; for you have hearts to seek Me….

Paul: That’s very strong when you said that.

Lucy: And when you seek you shall find. I AM from everlasting to everlasting, as you are as well. For in me you can do all; never fear, for I AM with you.

Paul: That’s good. Thank you. Well done.
Ok. I still feel the warring, the deliverance. Put your hand there. Can you see it? You feel that? Right about here.
Ok, now we have, we still have the key, don’t we?

Jana: I think there’s something you need to do, too, when you open that.

Paul: What’s that?

Jana: Well, I think the Lord was telling me earlier, but I didn’t think it fit, but I think it does here. That you prophesy to the Spirit for the dead bones to live.
Oh yeah, that’s right! You just….

Paul: A gate door. This is a bronze door, and Iron bars. I put my hand here, it feels bad. I want you to come here, so you can feel(motioning to group). So whoever you are–we’re there. Come here; you feel, (motioning to his head)–this is not a gate, it’s a door, and, but, don’t feel anything this way, but you can feel it this way. Feel that? Ok, this is a ga–this is a door. It’s a bronze door; it’s been locked up by the enemy. Feel it? What do you see, Sweetie? (** Pulled; yeah, it’s pulled**1:12:17) and yucky. Yeah, so, oh… let’s see what’s behind here. I think these are spirits locked up by the enemy. Wow. (**Spools/Ghouls;pulls/pools**1:12:39). Actually feels like souls. Or locked up–they’er imprisoned. Yes.

Participant: We pounded in that stake, I started getting hurt like a stiff neck.

Paul: Uh-hu?

David: Lord said, when you pounded that stake

Jana: Yeah, how about…

David: it broke the stiff-neckness of what was holding in man.

Paul: Right there.

Jana: Right. Right.

David: So these spirits that were locked away,

Paul: You feel them?

David: release them.

Jana: And, Paul?

Paul: Ok, somewhere out there, also up here–I’ll get you Janet–this feels different–there’s something on the,

Jana: The header?

Paul: the header; there’s something written here. Let me see–it goes from here to here, so it’s. Let me see what’s written there. This is the right/writ of the enemy.

Jana: Can you see that?

Paul: Can you see what’s written there? It’s not in english? (she nods, no.) Yeh, that’s what I thought too. Good job. It’s actuallly, symbol, maybe written–it’s written in symbols.
Anybody see it? Do you? Ok, uh, put you on the mic.

Participant: When you were saying there were souls behind, I heard voices,

Paul: Voices.

Participant: Calling out.

Paul: Oh yeah. Now.

Participant: So they do need release. And they will be released; they’re calling out to us.

Paul: So they’re entrapped?

Participant: Yes.

Paul: Now if, in fact, Jana got–I just remembered this–Jana got what–Isaiah what?

Jana: Isaiah, what we were looking at was fourteen. What–

Paul: No, no; you sent this to me this morning.

Jana: Oh, the desolate places.

Paul: Yes.

Jana: Isaiah…. uhm

Paul: Was it 8?

Jana: 84…no.

Paul: Everybody see what’s written here first.

Jana: Isaiah 49:8.

Paul: Forty-nine, eight.

Participant: It’s curl, it’s curly, but it’s, it’s like, kind of like, a little bit like Thai. You know how Thai,

Paul: Yeah, yeah.

Participant: Yeah, so that’s what I’m seeing–it’s kind of curly,

Paul: Which is also Arab. Arabic. Ooh, babylon.

Jana: Yeah.
Many participants: Babylon.

Paul: Sumeric. It could be in sumeric.

Participant: Cuneiform.

Paul: Cuneiform.

Participant: Yes it is.

Jana: It feels like–what’s the..

Paul: What does it say? Does anybody read it? Ask the Lord for translation.

Jana: Cuneiform. Ok.

Paul: Look in Isaiah 49. Right there.

Jana: Bout favorable time, too.

Paul: Forty-nine.

Jana: Yeah, you’re right.

Paul: Actually, you gave me 19, I think.

Jana: Maybe the bones have something to do with that.

Paul: Let’s see.

Jana: Oh my gosh–restore the land–I didn’t know that.

Paul: You know what version you specifically sent?

Jana: Me?

Paul: Uh-hu.

Jana: New American Standard.

Paul: So, it’s 19. For your waste and desolate places and the land of your destruction will even now be too small for the inhabitants. Those who swallowed you up will be far away.

Jana: What about eight? And nine.

Paul: Forty-nine, eight.

Participant: (can’t hear)

Paul: Yeah. Isaiah 49:8 Thus says the Lord, In an acceptable time I have heard You, and in the day of salvation I have helped You: I will preserve You and give You as a covenant people to restore the earth and cause them to inherit the desolate heritages; that you may know, that you may say to the prisoners, go forth, to those who are in darkness, show yourself. That’s it. Say to the prisoners, Go forth; and to those who are in darkness, show yourself.

Participant: (can’t hear) 1:17:11

Paul: They shall feed along the roads and their pastures shall be on all desolate heights. They shall neither hunger nor thirst, neither heat nor sun shall strike them, for He Who has mercy on them will lead them, even by the springs of water He will guide them. I will make each of My mountains a road.
(Paul gets up and goes to center of room and reaches upward.) Well, Lord, we take the key–I feel like the lock is actually in the center–Lord, we unlock this door, and we ask, Lord, you remove all now this bronze door, iron bars. And I prophesy to the

Jana: Dead bones. In the Spirit.

Paul: –in the Spirit–dead bones, you will live again.

Jana: Yes.

Paul: And, Lord, remove all of the desolate places; ooh.

Jana: And Paul, I think this is important, too, Paul, that all those that were hindered, hurt, or wounded from all the moves of God that stopped up here.

Paul: Yes. Yes, Lord, we ask You to remove all the ramifications, consequences, of all that was stopped by the moves of God, that You would want to do here, Father.

Jana: Wow.

Paul: And again we repent for grieving the Holy Spirit in this manner.
Deborah–It says they ran from me for refuge, me being the evil one. The place behind the door has no air or breath.
Penny–Isaiah 45 has to do with gates and doors, right, and treasures.
Penny– Isaiah 45:1-4, Yes, that’s where, actually, this is tied to the bronze doors and iron bars, and over the doors when the doors are open and the gates cannot be shut.

Jana: Wow, I can hear that.

Paul: And then you get the treasures in darkness.
Tobias–Over the door is written an eternal message. Tobias, can I see you?

Jana: Can you? Take a look.

Paul: So Tobias, is now, let’s see–four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, one,

Jana: What time is it?

Paul: one o’clock in the morning, I think.

Tobias: Almost, yeah.

Paul: Is it almost one o’clock in the morning there?

Jana: You should get up earlier.

Tobias: A quarter to one.

Paul: A quarter to one. Yeah. Thank you, Tobias. So what do you see written, what do you see written up here?

Tobias: Sorry?

Paul: What do you see written on top of the door?

Tobias: I don’t know; I just feel it pulsating, almost like a heart beat. If you put your hand there you should be able to feel it, somewhat,

Paul: Yeah, I feel right here.

Tobias: It’s in the–

Paul: Actually, what’s–

Tobias: That’s what I feel.

Paul: now what’s written here feels good now.

Tobias: I felt like it in a eternal,

Jana: It’s a lot of love.

Paul: It’s like a what?

Tobias: It’s like an eternal message, that’s, that’s what I think I heard.

Paul: Oh! It was from everlasting to everlasting.

Jana: That’s a lot of love.

Tobias: Yeah, I think,

Paul: From ever lasting to everlasting. It’s a name of God.

Jana: A lot of love.

Paul: Yeah.

Tobias: I have a second thing–I was wondering if the door that was locked up–was that the grave of babylon?

Jana: The what?

Paul: Grave,

Tobias: The grave.

Jana: Wow.

Paul: There’s something about that.

Jana: Yeah.

Paul: Feels really yucky, actually.

Tobias: I felt that very strong. And I felt myself being connected to it since we figured out, a while ago called that I have, Nebuchanezzar in my blood line.

Paul: Say it again; I lost you.

Tobias: It felt like I was in that. In that grave called babylon. What ever that means.

Paul: Lord, are parts–I wonder if parts of us are being released from there. There racially.

Tobias: Yeah, that’s what I was wondering. And I was wondering if all empires that go down have such places that are graves of their glorious times.

Paul: That seems true also.

Tobias: Like the UK, France, Germany, and so on.

Jana: Uhm.

Tobias: And if we open up the graves it, they come back to life again. Scary.

Paul: Well now, I feel, I feel different deliverance that I felt off the land. This feels more like, like effervescence.

Jana: I’ve got a question.

Paul: Yes.

Jana: Can the deep be delivered?

Paul: Deep. I think it can, but I don’t feel that right now.

Jana: Ok.

Tobias: Is there like, is there parts coming off/up?

Paul: Yes. Let’s see, soul, spirit–these are spirit parts.

Jana: Yeah, that felt right.

Tobias: Maybe–

Paul: It’s like, it’s like, generation

Tobias: I see a treasure chamber.

Jana: Somebody else had that too.

Paul: I got the word shattered or shattering, shattered. Where’s the mic? Here it is.

Participant: Fragmented souls?

Paul: Fragmented spirits. I think it’s fragmented spirits.

Participant: The verse that came to mind was 107:16–I looked it up.

Paul: What chapter? What….

Participant: Psalm 107.

Paul: Psalm 107.

Participant: Is it 13 through16?

Paul: Let’s turn there. Psalm 107.

Participant: Psalm 107:16, for He’s broken the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron in two.

Paul: Ok.

Participant: But before that it’s giving thanks to the Lord for what He has done. So bringing them out of darkness.

Paul: Well start back at ten. Start with verse ten and read it aloud.

Participant: Ok. Shall I read that out loud?

Paul: Yes.

Participant: Ok. So those who sat in darkness and in the shadow of death bound in their affliction and irons–because they rebelled against the words of God, and despised the counsel of the Most High. Therefore He brought down their heart with labor. They fell down, and there was none to help. Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He saved them out of their distresses. He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and broke their chains in pieces. Oh that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! For He has broken the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron in two.

Paul: Deliverance is really strong now, the land; its lessening on the land, but I feel what ever was behind this door that was locked in, is being released. It’s like the Lord is dealing with this evil. It’s a strong deliverance. Brian.

Brian: I’m reminded of how somebody, that Tobias, had said, where each big civilization has like a grave, or a tomb,

Paul: Right.

Brian: but I was remembering how any time a civilization is conquered, or rulers change, then the new ruler, or the new civilization builds on top of the old.

Paul: Yep.

Jana: That’s right.

Brian: And not only that, they want to build their own legacy so that the previous one is broken off.

Paul: Make a name for themselves.

Brian: It is as if the enemy had thought that he had built over God’s Kingdom, and it was hidden, and it is now being revealed.

Paul: Ooh!

Brian: So, so the full treasure, the full inheritance is actually bursting through from inside.

Jana: That’s right.

Paul: That is really good.

Jana: Right on, Brian.

Paul: That is really good. Oh, you even got an applause. That is good.
Tobias, is there anything else? You look very,

Tobias: Yeah, I think there is one more thing.

Paul: Ok.

Tobias: I was wondering if the spirit that got released, what actually put there to be something like watchman or something? over the grave?

Paul: Well, what I understand is I can feel the spirit parts, but there’s also like evil mixed in with it. So there’s both the spirit parts and this other evil–I think they’re the fallen sons of God. That,

Tobias: So are they, if they are watching over the grave?

Paul: Watch. I don’t get a hit with that, Tobias. You may be right, but I can’t tell.

Tobias: They’re more like guarding the,

Paul: Guarding; you said guarding–that seems strong.

Tobias: so it doesn’t get open, like protection.

Paul: Doesn’t that go back to the River Styx and Egyptian mythology? Weren’t there some sort of guardians over that place?

Participant: Yep.

Paul: I can’t remember. Yes, Jana.

Jana: I just want to read this word. This is in Psalm 90.

Paul: Ok, let’s turn there–Psalm 90.

Jana: One through three.

Paul: Psalm 90. Ok. Let’s see. Ok, read it.

Jana: Oh Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations, before the mountains were born or You gave birth to the earth and the world. Even from everlasting to everlasting You are God. To turn man back into dust and say, return, oh children of men. For a thousand years in Your sight are like yesterday.
I just liked it.

Paul: That’s good. And there’s the everlasting to everlasting again. See, that, that also ties in with his name’s Ancient of Days. I feel like why that corner’s important is this predates the creation of the sons of God.

Jana: Right.

Paul: So, so, He is exercising the, Father’s exercising the original authority that the fallen sons of God are trying to take over.
Anything else, Tobias?

Tobias: No, I think that’s it.

Paul: Ok. Are you tired, Tobias?

Jana: I can’t understand that.

Tobias: Yeah, I’m kind of tired.

Paul: Ok. Well,

Tobias: I need to go to….

Paul: Thank you so much for joining us; I really appreciate it.

Tobias: Well, it’s my joy always; especially when you do the twelve hours. That’s better than two hours.

Paul: Thank you.

Tobias: I like it much better.

Paul: Ok. I still feel the deliverance.

Participant: Paul.

Paul: Yes.

Participant: I think what he was talking about over the grave, and he said guardian, and, you witnessed that?

Paul: Yes.

Participant: I’m getting seal.

Paul: Seal.

Participant: The seal has to be broken.

Paul: Lord, we ask You break the seal now. And remove all ungodly guardians. Lord, we admit we do not understand what’s really happening, but we do feel deliverance.
Ok, Sarah–Isaiah 14:18.

Jana: Uhm. She always gives good stuff.

Paul: Isaiah 14:18 All the kings of the nations, all of them sleep in glory, everyone in his own house. But you are cast out of your grave like an abominable branch–that’s interesting–like the garment of those who are slain, thrust through with a sword, who go down to the stones of the pit, like a corpse trodden underfoot.

Jana: Isn’t it interesting, because it’s in Ezekiel 28 as well.

Paul: Yes. The deliverance actually increased intensely when I read that.

Jana: So it also says, Prepare for his sons a place of slaughter because of the iniquity of their fathers. They must not arise and take possession of the earth and fill the face of the world with cities.

Paul: Look at this. Keeps on going.

Jana: Yeah.

Paul: For I will rise up against them, says the Lord of hosts, and cut off from babylon the name and remnant and offspring and prosperity, posterity says the Lord of hosts. Also, make it a possession for the porcupine and marshes of muddy water. I will sweep it with a broom of destruction, says the Lord of hosts.

Participant: I am wondering if we need to do any more repenting to release a second or third wave.

Paul: So the third wave, in case you’re not–the third wave… the first wave was the pentecostal, the second wave was the charismatic, the third wave was the Jesus movement, and we’re expecting the fourth wave.
I don’t get a hit with that. But I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before and I won’t say I’ll be wrong again, but more than likely.
Ok now I’m hearing–see if you can hear this–I’m hearing a tongue of angels. There’s an angel speaking in a tongue; so listen and see if you hear a tongue. And give it. First of all see if you can hear it; I hear the same singing, and I can hear the stars singing, I hear the grid, and I hear the angels speaking in tongues–this is the tongue of angels. Let’s just listen.
Now someone on line may also have the tongue. Actually its the tongue of angel that we want translation. Anybody have it online, or anybody here? You have it?

Jana: Crazy.

Participant: Could it be like an army?

Paul: Say again?

Participant: An army?

Paul: Ok, do you have the translation? Because it hit when you said that. The tongue–does anybody have the tongue?

Participant: I got it.

Paul: Ok.

Participant: That, that they’re going to take vengeance for trapping the souls.

Paul: Ok, say it nice and loud sweetie. Dad, why don’t you sit next to her and speak because her voice–no I want her to give the–you sit next to her… no I want her to say it, but I need to have you repeat it. So why don’t you tell your dad and he can–your voice is so nice and soft we can’t hear you.

Participant: Having a vengeance,

Paul: Having a vengeance.

Participant: of trapping the souls.

Paul: Of trapping the souls.

Participant: And they are going to defeat the enemy.

Paul: They, say again?

Participant: And they are going to defeat the enemy.

Paul: They are going to defeat the enemy. That’s very strong.

Jana: Oh my goodness.

Paul: Tobias sees a huge snakelike creature crawling on the ground.
I still hear the tongue. You have it?

Jana: I, I have a whole new thing going on here; I am watching the tongue.

Paul: You are watching the tongue.

Jana: It is literally nuts.

Paul: Well tell us.

Jana: Well it looks like grapes that gather. I mean it’s more than one angel speaking. It’s for us. So.

Paul: So can you give it?

Jana: Ohh. Ok.

Paul: Ok.

Jana: She-kadah-ye yawn bah hah ka to hah yawn ney, ey kay gah ba wa gut te day, bah ach bach, shich kin nigh ah hah ah kia yee-ah yee-ah. Al la hey culuno mah has see key, tey dey non, oil oh bo ah eal dawnah dawnah, esheck eched eday.

Paul: Ok. I don’t, I don’t hear the tongue anymore. Oh! Oh my word, I’m hearing the interpretation. as a sound. This is new. Never done that before. I actually hear the interpretation coming like a sound.

Jana: Crazy.

Paul: Do you have it, or?

Jana: No, I watching the interpretations.

Paul: What’s the interpretation look like?

Jana: Well it comes up like grapes were popping up in different colors. And the interpretation is when it breaks and it flows like a river.

Paul: Oh, that’s–you’re very strange.

Jana: I figure when we go home all our senses will work all at the same time.

Paul: That’s right. Ok, so someone can get the interpretation. Or somebody on line. (Looking at screen): Does a tongue realign something… it’s a sound, Tobias, so it could realign something.
This is the first time I have heard a tongue interpretation. This is brand new. I’ll have to add this to the list of things I hear. For me it’s just a sign, when i see an interpretation i get a hit.

Jana: Are you going to tell us what it is? You just hear,

Paul: Sure.

Jana: the sound for it.

Paul: It’s funny; it’s like the sound, it’s out there, we just need an antenna to pick it up. Like it’s here,

Jana: It’s flowing. LIke a rainbow river.

Paul: I want somebody to plug in; who’s going to plug in. David?

Jana: David.

Brian: We have the interpretation on the screen.

Paul: Oh, we do? Thank you!

Jana: Thank you. Thank you, Brian.

Paul: I needed someone to interpret the interpretation.

Participant: HalleluYah.

Paul: Ok here we go. Janet, thank you. There’s a time coming when all the released souls will be part of the releasing of revival in that area and bring the fire to other places to release revival. I feel an anointing on that. Thank you, Janet.

Paul: Huh?

Jana: Parts.

(talking in background; can’t hear)

Paul: I believe the enemy’s entrapped souls too. Parts, soul parts that keep people from hearing the word of the Lord.

Jana: Like fragmented.

Participant: (no sound)

Paul: Yes. Oh, soul parts can be in the, someplace in the ungodly depth or the deep.
You see, if there’s enough captivity, there’s so much imprisonment that they, the soul cannot hear the messages of the Word/Lord.

Jana: Can I try something on?

Paul: Let’s try in a second.
Sonyia–could the sound be for the portal? Is it a sound portal? Could be.
Tobias–I’m getting something but I’m not knowing if this is the interpretation.
Ok, can we hear you then?
Ok, let’s put Tobias back on.
Ok there you are, Tobias.

Tobias: Ok, it’s not much; it won’t–most of it is gone already. But it was like a lot of banging doors open to release nations.
Paul: That’s very strong.

Tobias: There’s something else, but I’m not getting it. I think this is just the beginning.

Paul: There’s something there because Jesus said you are to be the discipler of nations.

Tobias: There’s a voice knocking on these doors; but he’s not just knocking, he knocks so hard that they break down.

Paul: Now, now I’m feeling deliverance again.

Tobias: And now the Lord is stepping in. Once the door starts to break down, I sense Him stepping in.

Jana: Hei.

Tobias: And by Him coming in, the deliverance increases.

Paul: I feel the deliverance increasing; that part I can tell.

Tobias: And he moves forward–with this door I have the feeling it was not just the normal door, but it was like a mile thick or something like that.

Paul: A mile thick?

Tobias: Yeah, really thick; like very long; not like a door, but like a really long sealed pathway or something.

Paul: Uh-huh?

Tobias: Uhm, so there’s no way to get in there and the Lord is basically pushing through.

Paul: So you felt like it was a huge door, like in a hallway. But it was very thick. Ok. Mic.

David: You said earlier, I believe in the first session, something about Jericho.

Paul: Right. Oh, that’s right. That’s right.

David: Wall falling.

David: And it’s weird that you said the key’s in the center. I’m getting that’s significant, that when you

Paul: Pay attention to that.

David: said the center of the door–that means something, ‘cause, I mean, how many doors have you ever seen with that.

Paul: Not too many. Some old doors you’ll see that, with a lock in the center.

David: But my question would be, why would they lock like that?

Paul: I do not know; that’s a good question.
Ok, final comments and we are going to stop. Ok.
(reading off screen): These souls are needed and are given strength to return even more powerful than before their wounding.
Let me just do a summary for your question.
Very early on when I started doing deliverance, I got exposed to people with multiple personality disorder. And in Multiple personality disorder, through terrible pain in childhood, you have an alter, A-L-T-E-R, that is formed. And the alter can have a lot of the characteristics of a person. In fact, it thinks it is the person, many times.
So that actually is a shattered soul-part.
So if you have all these shattered soul-parts scattered, in many places, we’ve learned they can be scattered in the depth, height, length, and width, which is mentioned in Ephesian’s chapter three, that you may know the length height width and depth.
So, I’m wondering–and this is just a wondering, that when this happens, there’s so much woundedness in a person, and so not only in my life, but generationally; so you have generational soul parts, and the Lord gave us the word fractal–which is a repeating of the image–down the generational line.
And incidentally, this is being proven scientifically now through a field called epi-genetics, which is a study of the generational affect/effect on a person… a person

Jana: Cells,

Paul: cells,

Jana: And genes.

Paul: a person’s cells, DNA and RNA. So, say, if I’m so wounded, and fractured, and scattered, then I do not have any patience to think about God. Because I’m just trying to keep my life together and it’s like the power comes and it’s diffused; so this other power coming on us is supposed to–and the kingdom be released… it comes and it gets like this, (motions with hands and arms), scatters, its escapes, and gets scattered.
So I think–you know, I don’t understand all this. This is far more complicated than I understand. But I do think, that if we’re right, that this may make it possible for people to hear about the Kingdom of God.
Something happened with Jesus, and He spoke, and they weren’t disciples, and they were set totally free. And that the Kingdom came in power through them, and I think because He set them totally free, the power was not diffused, and they worked in signs and wonders and healing and miracles.
In sin, the church rapidly diffused the power again. And we basically got rid of it, and throughout history there’s been these moves–you know, throughout history; not just in the 1900’s, in this country–but there’ve been moves; and something happens in these moves. What we, what I think we want to see in this next move, when the move is sustained

Jana: Yeah.

Paul: In the Welsh revival, we’ve talked about the Welsh revival longer than it lasted–it only lasted one year. And it was killed off. The Jesus Movement lasted for ten years.

Jana: That’s a point–it was killed off.

Paul: Killed off.

Jana: Right.

Paul: And I think what needs to happen is that through the prophetic and discernment, that we need to so judge that what’s going on, that the movement will be sustained and that when people come into the Kingdom then they are healed.
If you have a chance to watch the video on American Prophet–it’s about Lonny Frisbee; you can watch, you can order on netflix–he’s basically the one that started the Calvary Chapel movement, and the Vineyard movement; and what’s sad is that he died of aids. And, what would have happened if we know, if we knew then what we know now, about deliverance and inner healing, then that move could have been sustained. Because you see what happens is that the moves go like this, they go up rapidly, then they fall off, because of error.
What I think we want to see is that in the Kingdom, the kingdoms that the enemy has taken, we take back those areas so that what happens in heaven will happen on earth. And that, that’s why we are doing this by faith; we are believing that what we have done in the heavenly places will actually have real results on earth.
I can tell you for myself, and for our fam–for my wife and children and grandchildren– we are totally different. There is something about us pulling down the Kingdom of heaven on earth. Well, what we just did, I don’t understand. But maybe, maybe it’ll return enough fragmented soul parts, when people have the ability to actually be penetrated by the Spirit of God.

Jana: Right.

Paul: So that the say–be a light turned on–oh, now I understand. Yes.
Participant: Before you brought that up I, just as you were bringing it up, or just prior to, I’m, rarely will say, I’m almost certain, but I am pretty certain that is what’s happening. Because God spoke to me also about multiple personality just before you said it.

Paul: Oh really?

Participant: hurt and wounded parts which is now also called dissociative disorder?

Paul: Right. Dissociative identity disorder–DID.

Participant: just a newer term or something. But I know many, many christians who have different degrees of that problem who I have seen very anointed and very powerful in God’s Kingdom, who now have essentially no effect because they are just trying to maintain their own life.

Paul: That’s right.

Participant: And I believe that if this release, excuse me, when this release comes, I’ll say by faith, that you are going to have a very powerful release of

Paul: I believe so.

Participant: of God’s Spirit.

Paul: But until then we walk by faith.
Well, Father, thank You for what You’ve done today. And Lord, we’re amazed–four hours You filled up. And I thank You, Father, for those that have given up a day to serve You and Your Kingdom. And Lord, may You bless them for this, and give them a multiplied blessing. And for those also on line, we bless them and we thank You, Lord, for their investment in Your Kingdom work. Lord Jesus, we know we love You and we bless Your Name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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