Leadership Academy March 2019

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March 11, 2019 Jana Academy Monday


Wisdom Foundation

Strong arm of the Lord is mentioned in Deuteronomy 26:8


Link to Aslan’s Place Ministry Etiquette


Discerning Seven Eyes of the Lord


Height, Width, Length and Width

Pillars of Wisdom notes as of 3-11-19


Lion of Judah resources as of 3-11-19


The Grid

Click here Prophetic Words from Monday


Yahweh song: https://youtu.be/Nyg8VIAifF4

Translation of tongue of angels by Anne

March 12, 2019 Jana pondering false protection over DNA


March 13, 2019 Jana Academy Wednesday

Domain Body Diagram – Image


Tribes of Israel and Tabernacle

Introduction to elements and DNA

Fractals and Elements explanation


AP Healing Well Operational Information

Aslan’s Place Healing Well Consent Form

Aslan’s Place Healing Well Daily Schedule


During the last day of the Aslan’s Place Academy I discerned the River of God.  Isabel Simpson, Co-Pastor of Spirit Life Church in Apple Valley, CA was leading worship with her husband, Billy and I felt she would have a song about the River of God.  This is the link to this powerful new song from the Lord.