Lesson 9 – Discerning the Battle – Part 2

This is Lesson 9 of Understanding and Implementing Generational Deliverance. Click here for the main page.


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Subjects to be Explored

Spiritual realities that can be discerned

Cautions in using the gift of discernment

Related Objectives

You will begin to understand the kinds of spiritual realities and entities you can discern with eh physical senses


 Lesson Content




Write Out Heb 12:22



Write out Gen 3:22



Write Out Isaiah 6:1-8


Spiritual Forces

Write Out Eph 6:12


Warring Angels

Write Out 1 Samuel 17:45



Write Out Rom 8:38


Powers-See Rom 8:38



Write out Deu 18:10


Objects in the Hands

Write Out Ez 3:1


Anointing and Fire of God

Write Out Ps. 45:7


Pouring of love, mercy, grace, etc.

Write Out Hebrews 11:1


Gossip (Gossip feels like spider webs on the feet)

Write Out Is 59:4-5


Ley Lines (For a description of Ley Lines see Guidelines for Deliverance by Paul L. Cox)

Write Out Is 34:11


Arrows and Spears

Write Out Ps 57:4


Write Out Ps. 64:3



Write Out Ps 107:10-11


Write Out Ps 107:14.


Write Out Is 58:6



Write Out Ps. 73:6



Write Out Lam 1:14



Write Out Job 8:22



Write Out Job 24:12



Write Out Ps. 119:61



Write Out Job 36:8


Write Out Psalm 129:4


Prison Walls

Write Out Isaiah 61:1


Write Out Isaiah 42:7


Spiritual Lines – You Can feel lines coming off of the body. Sin empowers these lines that the enemy uses to oppress us.

Lines off of the Eyes

Write Out Ps 18:27


Write Out Prov 21:4


Write Out Matt 6:22-23


Lines off of the Mouth

Write Out Ps 10:7


Write Out Prov 6:12


Lines off of the Neck (Tied with pride, arrogance, stubbornness)

Write Out Ps 75:5


Write Out Exod 32:9


Lines off of the Heart

Write Out Jer 17:9


Write Out Mark 7:20-23



Write Out Phil 3:19



Write Out 1 Cor 6:18-19

Back of Neck – See neck


Lines of Relationships

On the video, we show how to discern lines between relationships. The following lines can be discerned

Between Husband and Wife-Line joining the sides of husbands and wives

Between Parents and Children-Line joining the navel of children to parents

Between Siblings-Line also joining navels

Between Relatives

Between Believers-seven lines joining believers


Discerning Spiritual Gifts

Write Out Romans 12:6-8


You can discern the River of God flowing through each of the parts of the body described below. The River of God flows from back to front. You can discern one of the seven spiritual gifts discerned in Romans 12:7-8

Head – Teaching

Eyes – Prophet

Mouth – Exhortation

Shoulders – Administration

Heart – Mercy

Arms (at the elbows)– Giving

Hands (stretch out the hands in front of the person) – Serving


Discerning Authority

You can discern the level of authority on a person by feeling the anointing on the right thigh.


Write Out Rev, 19:16


Write Out Gen 24:9


Write Out Exod 29:22



On the Tape We Mention Several Cautions in Using the Gift of Discernment. List these cautions.

  1. _____________________________________________________________________


  1. _____________________________________________________________________


  1. _____________________________________________________________________


  1. _____________________________________________________________________


This is Lesson 9 of Understanding and Implementing Generational Deliverance. Click here for the main page.
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