June 29, 2013 Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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These are basic notes and prophetic words that were delivered during the session.We do not submit any of this information as doctrine. Please personally test these notes Biblically.

Paul began by telling a story about receiving a new wedding ring. his wife had wanted him to get one for a while, and then bought one for him for their 45th wedding anniversary. When Paul took off the old ring he realize that there was contamination attach to the ring and he felt deliverance. He felt it was attached to a word he received years ago and to words spoken over him/his marriage years ago. This is attached to the current discerning.


There is a power grid (picture)

Each point where the lines meet is a gate, a stargate


Gates go into dimensions

Doors go into places in the dimensions

We have been pondering “why are we not getting healed?”

Is it about faith? …don’t think so because that brings guilt and shame.

Paul told story about a ministry session where he discerned a connection to an ungodly star/constellation and the lady was healed from lupus.

Paul also told a story about finances being tied to the gates.

**We need to be on the grid and connected to the power.

Can discern transformer on the back of the head that converts raw power into power you can use.

Several people have seen in dreams or visions a control station

We can participate in our sleep by being placed on the grid to stand (and war to take back that place on the grid with the Lord

Paul read a vision of the power grid (from Crystal) and talked about power exousia and dunamis power,

Unrighteous authorities and/or fallen powers we believe carry curses and righteous powers carry blessings

We are electromagnetic and there are electromagnetic beings that are hiding and morphing within the grid

morphing = to change from one thing to another.

Sub dimension = powers of darkness morphing to this place.

Algorithm = instruction for calculating a function, a process to complete a task or solve a problem

Algorithm morphing= from one dimension or sub-dimension to another

Cipher = Encrypt/code and send information so it is hidden,  have to have the cipher on other end to decode

Discerning: Hearing notes in discord, being getting angry because it is going to have to reveal what it is

Paul discerning fallen star

A gate that is not good

Connected to Paul’s hand

Could the star be holding the key keeping us from receiving

Connected to the 5 fold

Keys to unlock

Can feel honey on hands

Message in the heavenly court (angel)


For the knowledge of the glory, for the glory of Your presence, your shekinah, your essence.

[singing]adonai, Eloheim. Yahweh, Eloheim.  The presence of the Lord God is in this place and His mysteries that have been hidden will be revealed face to face.  No longer a shadow of a tabernacle but the temple of His presence, when they opened the fractal.  And you will reveal once again the tabernacle of His presence for there is a river from within.  And where the waters have been blocked you will bring out the old -land the new.  For I am not done with the tabernacle so many can break through.  And you will deliver from the inside out in many have been blocked.  For the sound is in the waters of many voices revealed and the frequencies that have been blocked, the saints being healed.  For that is where the surpassing greatness of His Power has rest on those who believe. For they have passed the test.  And will lay open the foundation that have been hidden because of the principles judgments and decisions.   And sight that has been unseen from the star of deception.  When you breakthrough you are positioned for perception.

[Joshua 15:13- 19]  Caleb said the one who attacks Kirjath-sepher and captures it, I will give him Achsah, my daughter as a wife.  With Caleb with a different kind of spirit.  His daughter was married and in position.  And that is why I broke the covenant off of your hand Paul that was connected to the foundation of the world in man.  and she with boldness came straight to the father, not her husband’s will for she is the daughter, the one glorious within knit together in gold.  She asked for blessing for water, the blessing of the land.  For he gave her both upper and lower.  Understand healing is at hand.  For she already had the Negev, the promise of inheritance which was taken back from the sons of Anak by the  [position of God is here] of His presence.  And because she asked the father directly, he gave her more than she asked.  Waters from heaven and waters from the earth.  For the Kingdom is at hand.


One of the keys is a cipher to decipher

*discerning:  back in the court of the Ancient of Days

Gate, wall (tied to evangelism)

Not good Ez 8

Story of the wall where Paul pastured and the prophetic word that the wall stood between him and the city, the state, the nation…

David inquired of the Lord.  We have to inquire for current wisdom

Wall of jealousy

We are jealous that God gets the credit

People get jealous of God doing it “His” way

God is jealous for His position as God

Prov 27:4 Jealousy ungodly doorkeeper

Come out of your lofty places

Ex.  Leader being separated from the flock at pulpit higher than the congregation vs being down on the floor close to the congregation

Matt 23:13



Repented for being jealous of God and His position as God, etc. to remove the wall blocking blessings…wall of jealousy

Stood in the Ancient of Days court

Asked to approach

Permission granted

We prayed acknowledging that we have wanted to do things our way and for apathy, embarrassment, shame, etc.

We walked through the gate and entered into the age to come


You are God

Asked/declared that we receive all the everlasting blessings in our generational lines

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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