July 6, 2013 Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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Paul: Welcome to Aslan’s Place. And I was sharing that about an hour ago I received a call from my friend Larry Pearson in Canada who felt like there was something going on wondering if he was supposed to be on the web and I believe that he is on if I’m not mistaken. And until a few minutes ago, I didn’t know what we were going to do and I started discerning something new because Chuck, at least I remember that long. Chuck started talking about trees of healing and the tree of life. And I started feeling a vibration on my head and I also feel some pressure behind my head or the back of my head rather. If you turn to Zachariah Chapter 4. And Brian could you get Larry on? Is he signed up yet?

Brian: He’s not online yet

Paul: Ok, thank you

Larry: I think I’m here

Paul: Larry is that you?

Larry: That’s me

Paul: Welcome. Do you have your camera on?

Larry: I think so

Paul: Ok, good. We are going to be in Zachariah chapter 4 Larry. And I feel the tree of life. This is a brand new discernment. So I feel right over here on my head, the tree of life is vibrating and I feel the trunk here and the… (I’m getting an echo Brian). And the branch seem to grow out like this. So Zachariah 4. Now the angel who talked with me (this is 4:1) came back and wakened me as a man who is awakened out of sleep. And he said to me, “What do you see?” I said, “I am looking and there is a lampstand of solid gold, with a bowl on top of it, and on the stand seven lampstand and seven pipes to the seven lamps.

Ok, so I will pick on Brian, my son. Come here first…right about this, come up higher. You want to face that way…the lampstand is right here and here are the seven branches, ok and the bowl is right here, the golden bowl and so out of the… Ok, a lampstand of solid gold, the bowl on top of it. So the bowl is actually on top of your head and on the stand seven lamps with seven pipes. So out of the, each lamp are seven pipes. And the two olive trees are by it; there’s an olive tree here, I believe these are the trees of life. Actually in Genesis and revelation, it does not say singular. It says on either side of the river was a tree of life. So and what we think is that, it’s male and female. So, so…

Participant: For pollination

Paul: For pollination…exactly. That is why there is a tree on either side. Remember that you have to be on the mic. So everybody needs to be on the mic if you talk.

Participant: the angels are the pollinators

Paul: Oh! The angels are the pollinators! There you go, I don’t know. Ok, so there is two olive trees on the right of the bowl and left and then you go down to verse eleven and I asked and said, “What are these two olive trees at the right lampstand and I further asked and said to him, what are these two olive branches. So you have the…the olive tree is here and you have the branch that drips oil into the bowl and there is a pipe that goes to each of the seven lampstands. Let your light so shine before men….the lampstand is always in the front. And verse 12, and I further answered what are these two olive branches which receptacles are the gold pipes which the gold oil drains? And he said to me, “Do you not know?” I love it when the Lord says that, “Do you not know?” I do not have a clue what these are and I said, “No Lord”. And he said, these are the two anointed ones who stand beside the Lord of the whole earth. So what I think now is actually happening is that, dimensionally we are always there as Christians. And where the two olive trees, so there are actually only two olive trees but we are always there. Ok, you doing a wonderful job.

Participant: Do you feel anything.

Paul: Did you feel anything?

Brian: No

Participant: I’m still feeling a burning sensation

Paul: See if you can feel the tree, right here.

Participant: Can we have someone hold the mic for him please

Paul: Brian is trying to see if he can feel that. Can you feel that? Right there!

Brian: It stops right about here.

Paul: That’s it, that’s the tree

Brian: It feels like a root right here.

Paul: Yeah, it’s actually the tree branches and the trunk would be right here

Brian: Ok, I’m getting a little heat sensation right here.

Paul: So now, what I feel is pressure on the back of my head which tells me, these are powers

Brian: ok

Paul: And a power is a spiritual being it’s…they are in charge of electromagnetic fields and I am trying to remember the word now, “exousia”. It’s an authority and power, “Dunamis”. Dunamis, these are electromagnetic and the Father is the power. It’s ALL about electromagnetic energy.

Participant: Awesome

Participant: I do feel it

Paul: Ok

Participant: That’s cool

Paul: We are not making this up. Keep up. Now if you go to Revelation. Ok. Go on and adjust my microphone.

Participant: Are you going to have…

Paul: Alright, Revelation chapter 22, And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of Lamb in the midst of it and on either side of the river was tree of life, it does not say “the” in the Greek which bore 12 fruits. I have always thought that too…ok you need to be on the mic.

Chuck: I have always missed that, I thought that there was only one tree of life. And I totally missed that right there.

Paul: Well, that’s how I was thought too. Again, I think that has to do with the male and female. So for pollination.

Chuck: So do you think that in my dream because of my perception I only saw one tree on the other side. I was on one side of the river

Paul: Or maybe you only saw the one tree on the one side

Chuck: Because he said come over and I said I can’t, I can’t make it, it’s too far

Paul: I have noticed for me and for other people that we often perceive according to the way we believe. So that we do not necessarily perceive what is reality in the spirit but we are influenced by what we believe. One of the reasons I believe this true is that people who go to heaven say they see angels describing an elder but we have been thought everything that is spiritual and good are angels, everything spiritual and bad are demons but in reality, it’s very very complex. We read through our grid of understanding, I think. Ok Larry, I feel that there is an angel here. I feel the tree of life which is the power and I have no idea where we are going with this.

Larry: Neither do I

Paul: Good Larry, so we are both in the same boat so to speak

Larry: Boat

Paul: You in Canada say BOAT. I can’t see Larry yet

Larry: Yeah, and you’ve gone fuzzy on me

Paul: I’m I fuzzy?

Larry: Yeah. What dimension are you guys in?

Paul: I am not sure. Oh I think there is an angel here from the Lord. Let me…Oh there is Larry. Let me open my document, hoping my computer stays together

Larry: Well Lord, what do you want to do today?

Paul: That is Larry Pearson my friend from Toronto, Canada soon to move to Niagara…on the Lake? By the lake, near the Lake, somewhere by the lake.

Larry: Closer to the river…I felt a lot of shifting going on before (I am getting an echo too)

Paul: Probably because you are…are you using a headset?

Larry: Yeah. So are you saying if I take the headset off

Paul: No, no, the headset shouldn’t stop the echo. Oh you are not talking into a headset mic are you? Now I can’t hear anything. The joys of the technical world

Brian: Ok, what it looks like he did, he unplugged the head phones which would change the audio settings. So we’ve lost audio, I will try to chat him

Larry: I’m back

Brian: So Larry one thing is with that kind of a headphone because the microphone is just dangling on the cord, it doesn’t really pick up your sound very well. So, I might ask if you could hold the microphone portion up a little closer to your mouth would be perfect

Larry: See, I don’t think there is a microphone on this but I could be wrong. I have been wrong once before this year

Paul: Once. I can hear you well Larry

Larry: Is that better?

Paul: That’s actually better

Participant: The microphone is on the other piece

Paul: This angel feels very strange. Does anybody see the angel?

David: I don’t see the angel, I keep getting with all the interference that is coming in, all I get is the power of agreement. And it is between what you said how we perceive by our thought and then Chuck saying I can’t go over, you see the impasse but the Lord is saying in those areas in the power of agreement, he has given you all, he will carry you. Now he needs to enter into what this angel has

Paul: I feel like there is a lot of power here and it is maybe interfering with electromagnetic fields.

Larry: That is what I was about to say. Lord where are we and what do we need to do?

Paul: Yes

Participant: When Brian was standing in the middle, I heard water

Paul: Water

I could hear water, very quick, I could hear water and then what David just said about the power of agreement…we have to agree with what the word is saying in order to cross over into that place in the spirit to enter into the garden. To be able to perceive, we have to agree with what the word is saying. And then

Paul: That is interesting because we often agree about the way we were taught about the word rather than with what the word says. I have had a lot of arguments with people and very often, I will say, what does it say? and then they tell me but that’s not what it means….I say, but what does it say and they said, but that’s not what it means, and I’m thinking, you criticize me for not being biblical but the reality is, you’re not biblical. We want to believe about what the word says, we want to write off the word. I guess we will all disappear, they stopped at 100AD, is it cessationism? And this is the kind of Christian world we live in. And in many ways it is very pharisaical because it is very legalistic. Yes,

Participant: Now I heard the word fruit, and then I saw a shiny red apple

Paul: Ok, fruit, red apple. Hey Larry, how are we doing? Tobias, there is stuff behind and around the angel. Is it bad or is it particularly or is it partially trapped some other place. Ok Tobias, I have no idea. Well, let me see…here is the angel

Participant: It’s like a galaxy or something, is that possible

Paul: Anything is possible

Participant: Whatever you’re touching intensifies this right here, Paul

Paul: You know Tobias, it is like the angel is here and then there is a door…there is a door right here. This is new, like the angel is standing like this. And part of the angel we can perceive but the other part is in this door. I can’t feel the angel on this side. Lord what are we supposed to pray?

Participant: Can I feel that?

Paul: Yes. Well, here, here is the door…right here…here. See there is nothing here and I can feel the angel here. Tobias, do you have any idea what we are going to pray? Is it because like you said that we need to enter into agreement with the word?

Participant: What I saw is, what I felt when you were saying that is that we can see the angel on this side because the angel is calling for us to come what we can perceive and see and he is saying enter in through the agreement, enter into the gate, into the door to be able to enter into that realm

Paul: Well, the message is in the door. Ok, get the mic

Participant: Well I have been seeing a pattern and the pattern looks like kind of a garage door that opens up like this and it’s like there is dark, light, dark, light, dark and there is long slots that go…

Paul: You just described the grid.

Participant: Yeah, like a stripped grid. And I have seen grids before but I have not seen grids with…that look like spreadsheets you know where you are, where you are…

Paul: well, it actually sounds like a checkerboard.

Participant: Only it’s not a checker board it is like solid like if your shirt was solid here, it is dark light, dark light. Almost like it pulls up. It looks like it pulls up like a door that goes up like this as opposed to a door that opens like this

Paul: Ok, like a garage door

Participant: Yeah. Like a garage door, that is what I am trying to say

Paul: You saw two lines

Participant: I saw several lines, they went up, up, up and they were different in color. There was light and then darker, light and then darker, light and then darker. Does that make sense?

Paul: Yes. No, it don’t make sense but it feels like a line that goes into generations but probably it’s not generational but it feels like that. I had a dream this morning and in the dream I saw two lines. Two lines like this and the Lord says to me, there are two dimensions and there was a problem in between and I had to fill in between the two lines with magazines which I feel is information. So when you said two lines, it was very clear and I had to stuff and fill this with information. So Lord what information do we need to fill in

Participant: Earlier I saw…when we were talking about the trees, I was seeing the roots and the roots were growing and the roots were extending out

Paul: Ok

Participant: And it looked like…it almost looked like the roots were going to like each of us

Paul: Ok, you need to put the mic…

Participant: The roots were headed toward each one of us. As if there were grounding us, rooting us and grounding us and I wasn’t, because I wasn’t sure what it all meant, I didn’t want to say anything.

Paul: Look at Colossians…Ok it is Colossians 2:6…As ye therefore have received Jesus Christ the Lord, so walk in him: Rooted and built up in him, and established in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving. Beware lest anyone cheats you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the traditions of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ. The word basic principles is the word stoicheion which actually means elemental spirits and for the ancients, philosophy and science, physics, mathematic was all… was used to understand this, was used to understand this stoicheion. What happens is that we have now been based upon the Greek system rather than on the Hebrew system. Brian!

Brian: We are getting lots of input. In order to get the timing correct you want to read from the bottom and go up.

Paul: Sonya: I am now feeling what Janna is feeling and I think it is part of the angel on the side of the door that we cannot see. It feels as like we need a lateral connection from the left side to the right side of us. Spirit, Soul and body. And Tobias, I think the door is to the left of the first door. Ok I think now Tobias again, I think now I do see something here and we need to enter into the place the angel is trapped in by another door not the door we discerned now. Maybe it feels like a line that goes…ok, we have already read that one. And Sonia, kind of like we need to develop laterally between left and right brain hemispheres.

Paul: Yes, that’s it

Participant: I want to ask you, what did you connect width with?

Paul: The width with?

Participant: Yes, you made a connection, height, depth, length

Paul: Yes, so that we may know the height, length depth and width of Christ. I believe the width is a place of hope

Participant: Hope

Paul: Faith and love which is and trust. Ok, so

Participant: I got something when you were talking about the angel in the middle. I closed my eyes for a second and I saw, this angel had like a roman armor on. Then he had something over his head you know, something like where Jesus had over his head, you know. The vine or something, a vine around his

Paul: Like what the Greece did with Olympia

Participant: Yeah. That’s what I saw and it was pretty clear when you were talking about the angel right by the door

Paul: This is all really very clear

Participant: Paul, I’m getting when we were sharing about the root, it’s to connect us that is why we were getting that interference but the connection is what you have been reading about, faith to enter in but it is faith in God not what we have been…

Paul: Not according to the systems of the world

Participant: That’s what you said, trust. But the door that you have… I kept on getting Revelations where you shared about John and he said, come up here. Earlier where there was a door…that’s what I’m getting

Paul: Revelations 4:1 A door opens in heaven, the Lord says, come up here. Ok…so Tobias, you don’t think this is the door that we are supposed to go through that there is another door? Do you know where the other door is Tobias? Help me here

Participant: I think we are supposed to come out

Paul: Say again

Participant: I had a feeling that we are supposed to come out

Paul: Come out of…?

Brian: I like to bring Tobias up so you can talk with him as well.

Paul: Thanks Brian

Brian: Tobias, go ahead please

Tobias: Ok, can you hear me.

Paul: We can here you

Tobias: Wait, hold on. I need to start my video. Connection is really bad that is why I turned off the video. Do you hear me Brian?

Paul: I can here you Tobias

Tobias: Ok, could you put your hand on the door again, please Paul.

Paul: This is the door where the angel seems to be. He is stuck right here

Tobias: Yeah! Paul, I have a sense that it is to your left, when you touch it, you have to go around like right, to get to the other door. The other door is right to your left but you have to go right to get to it.

Paul: There is actually a door here

Participant: There really is

Paul: Is that the door?

Tobias: No, could you turn around, left Paul

Paul: You mean right

Participant: The other left, there you go

Paul: This way?

Tobias: No, the other way around Paul.

Paul: This way?

Tobias: Yes, your left. Now make a short circle, by pass your computer…

Paul: Go this way? Like that?

Tobias: Yes, but a circle, come back to almost where you started. To the left, I think there is a door…

Paul: Right here is a door. And it’s interesting, now. There is a door here but this is a bronze door. This is a contaminated door. So this is the problem Larry

Participant: When Janna is saying we gotta come out, I think he is saying we gotta come out of ourselves. All of the religiosity, anything our mindset of what we think or perceive of what is going to happen here and say come new. The Lord come to us to bring us into this. That is what I feel about that door.

Paul: Religious

Tobias: Actually, Paul

Paul: Yes

Tobias: When he just said that, I had the same sense, like this bronze door is our mindsets, like we have become that inflexible in our mindsets about God and certain things and that has placed the bronze door into place.

Paul: Religious mindset…I think it is right. It is mindsets, its religious mindsets

Tobias: Like a stronghold or fortress in the mind but negative

Participant: I think it is much the way you were discussing earlier about our perceptions. We perceive something to be true on our own grid but yet not knowing how to come out of that or where we are going.

Paul: What amazes me about this, is we were just talking…this happens so amazingly that we were just talking and that becomes like the tunnel where we are supposed to go. Here it is…

Participant: And what I was getting was, is we gotta come out in order to come in. And like me, I am sensing like, “Hurry, let’s go in there” There’s a bunch of activity to run into and I’m like, I want to go in.

Paul: Ok, so we have to come out…

Participant: What is this header? I’m curious Paul because I see this header up there. I was wondering if anyone could see what is written on this header

Paul: Oh it’s right here. I don’t know, whatever it is, it is titled, “evangelism”.

Participant: Is it really?

Paul: It is

Participant: Or the hindrance of it

Paul: It’s something about evangelism, it is contaminated evangelism. Right here it’s like a knob or something but it is contaminated evangelism

Tobias: I’m I still on

Paul: Tobias, you are still on

Tobias: I’m I allowed to talk here, I don’t know. When Jenna just said that, I have the sense it’s like trying to convince people by our own logic and power

Paul: Yes, I believe that’s true. Ok, I’m now in the place we need to come out of. I feel it and it is really yucky. Yes, come stand here

Participant: What I was getting was, do not enter. And then it’s the same scripture…

Paul: Oh the door says, “Do not enter”?

Participant: The header she was talking about above the door, the banner – do not enter. And it is pertaining to that same scripture in Matthew, remember you found the scripture last…

Paul: Yes

Participant: Like they do not enter into the kingdom and they stop those entering in and this is what I feel that it’s saying like in order words, “don’t enter into these things.” Don’t…

Paul: Matthew 23:13, “But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for neither do you go in yourselves, neither do you allow those that are entering to go in”

Participant: So it doesn’t want us to enter in because it knows that if we enter in through that door that goes beyond into evangelism, salvation, beyond that into the kingdom of God; all these things we are learning about, the curses won’t be broken up, the generational curses won’t receive generational blessings, the fullness of what Christ wants to give us.

Paul: Stand right there. This feels really disgusting

Participant: I don’t feel anchored or grounded at all

Paul: Ok, Don I am discerning witchcraft. That is exactly what it feels like here but oh! do you know what this is? This is the tree of a knowledge of good and evil. Come here and feel this. You want to come here? If you are on the web, by faith I am standing in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but it is a religious system

Participant: And where this is tied in I think is in agreement to the principles of the world.

Paul: Yes

Participant: And it’s not what we have described in the bible as principality, it is the system that we unknowingly agreed with through religious mindsets. So this is what the roots were going out so far, the foundation.

Paul: Ok, you need to hold the mic. Right here, in Brian’s hand

Participant: There were twisted and there were some gnarls on them. So I was like, what is that? Why are the roots coming at us? And they were trying to get us, they were trying to come at us, they were trying to, they were going in… I was thinking, why you know…If we are here and we are trying to get grounded with God, then why would the tree roots be coming at us. And why are they twisted and gnarly and coming at us. And that was the reason why I didn’t want to say anything because …because I didn’t have any kind of discernment upon it.

Paul: This goes back to what we did with the coaching where we do not want to do it God’s way and we sit down in our committee meeting and we discuss we must do it this way or that way and we project and we plan rather than of enquiring of the Lord. And so…ok, you can be seated.

Paul: Ok Tobias, is this the foundation of the church which was laid early on in Christian history? Yes, this actually goes back to Constantine. Constantine is actually the one who annihilated the Jewish and Hebrew influence and established church buildings. And that concept of coming out of holds and going into buildings. Of course all the buildings were pagan buildings.

Participant: One thing, when you were talking about the contaminant sign on there,

Paul: Yeah

Participant: I was actually smelling in the air, a strong gassy smell you know so…

Paul: Gassy smell like natural gas?

Participant: No, it was foul

Paul: Why don’t we pray this: Lord we renounce and repent for believing what we want to believe about the bible and the Kingdom of God rather than believing what the bible actually says. We repent for arguing and philosophical arguments and religious arguments rather than trusting in you and doing it your way. Again Lord we repent of not inquiring of you

Participant: I’m getting a scripture that keeps resonating, it’s “come out from among them, be holy as I thy Lord I’m holy”

Paul: Lord, we choose to come out of that system and walk into your kingdom.

Participant: This just took off

Paul: We choose not to shut up the kingdom of God to ourselves, or to others. We chose to go in and to go out according to your direction. Now, Lord please remove this bronze door and these iron bars. I saw Mathew 23:13, that’s right…Now it is clean. Now I think we can walk in. So you want to come around this way…Lord we chose to walk in, to see what happens to the angel with the message

Participant: I don’t know, I’m I crazy

Paul: I don’t know, when I walked through, my evangelism finger is going off. I believe this is all about evangelism.

Participant: I do too. I like this…

Paul: In fact all my fingers are vibrating now

Participant: The five-fold, the foundation, the restored foundation

Paul: Where ever you are, you can also walk through by faith. I think what we are doing prophetically and in reality is that we are walking through. I want to go back to my dream. I wonder if I misinterpreted the dream

Participant: What’s dream again?

Paul: The two lines, I was stuffing man’s information between, that’s what the magazines are…I was stuffing and trying to fill up but by doing that, I was actually blocking access to the dimension

Participant: Can I also add this? Magazines are information pertaining to words and pictures.

Paul: Yes

Participant: And pictures are the long term memory that…

Paul: Ok, and Ronis has a statement, “I agree” And Laura, We come against fear…of coming against man’s ways. Ok, this is what happens, I was a pastor so I can say this, what we do as pastors, we determine what is right and what is wrong rather than together seeking the Lord. Yes,

Participant: When you were talking about the bronze gates and our doors, Oh ye gates be lifted up, that the King of Glory may enter in

Paul: Yes, Psalm 24

Participant: But also, the King of Glory has to come out of us. So if we have those bronze gates and doors, He can’t come out because we won’t allow him because of our way of thinking, what we have been taught pertaining to the word. And that is for deeper levels for the realms he wants to take us into but those gates and doors have to be removed.

Paul: I think that was the gate. In other words, we in our three dimensions have dealt with our gates, blocks the king of Glory from coming out, I agree.

Participant: One more thing very quickly, what I saw a few minutes back was, I saw set on me was a gold, like

Paul: Ephod?

Participant: Oh ok…it was like this and it was gold and it was set on me like this

Paul: It was also spread out like an ephod

Participant: Ok

Paul: Now I feel the angel Tobias. So let’s see how we are doing. Ok, now the angel I think is fully here. So Larry, I think we are ready to have you come back. That’s interesting, the angel is not cut in half anymore. It’s almost like caught between two opinions.

Participant: Yeah! Just like your slats, the two lines

Paul: And James like where you are unstable in all your ways because you are caught between two opinions where we have one foot in the world and one foot in heaven and we have the pull of the church that is trying to pull us into that system. Brian!

Brian: I am just reminded of the prayer we have against double-mindedness

Paul: Yes. Are we supposed to pray that do you think? Where did you find that Brian? Ok, Larry!

Larry: Yes

Paul: There you are! A voice from heaven

Larry: Yes!

Paul: Ok, I think now we might be ready to receive the message

Larry: Thank you Lord.

Participant: You better release it

Larry: If chosen well. Yesterday, I transferred your steps out of the earthly dominated life and into a greater revelation of being in Sonship. For too long you have been trapped in the pirate ship

Paul: For too long…

Participant: That’s good.

Larry: Where orphans have ruled over you

Participant: Distortion evangelism

Larry: There is a line of demarcation upon the leadership of the lands. True Sonship and authentic leadership will now rise like a fountain of life connected to the tree of life which is the kingdom that is coming to earth. Embrace your sonship and it will be smooth sailing.

Paul: Just a second. Embrace your sonship…ok

Larry: And it will be smooth sailing, as you understand who you are, where you are and where you are going. I will carry you into new heights; for shackles are coming off of your steps that have kept you earth bound. I am releasing a flood of light to the eyes of understanding on whoever is toward me, turned toward me.

Paul: Ok, I’m releasing a

Larry: Flood of light

Paul: Flood of light to the eyes…of your understanding

Larry: Toward those that are turned toward me.

Participant: Wow!

Larry: There is a recovery of understanding coming upon the ecclesia. Faith and understanding need to take root.

Paul: …root

Larry: Before you have heard it’s all about your thinking, now it is about your believing

Participant: Absolutely

Larry: The double mindedness comes from being persuaded of philosophies

Paul: I’m sorry, hang on. Before it was all about your thinking, now it is all about your faith?

Larry: Now it is about your believing

Paul: Believing, ok

Larry: The double mindedness comes from believing the philosophies and traditions of men. Faith and understanding need to be established upon the truth. This is a season of rewiring the chambers of the heart to believe, to believe the truth. Take heed what you hear for the measure that you hear it will be measured back to you

Participant: I got that this morning

Larry: Connected to the heart believe…

Paul: what, eh

Participant: Connected to the heart

Paul: Take heed what you hear for the measure will be…

Participant: …will be measured unto you.

Larry: The measure that you hear will be measured back to you.

Paul: Ok

Larry: I forgot the last part what I said

Paul: I’m sorry

Larry: That’s ok

Paul: I’m listening to you and I am processing, and thinking and typing

Participant: holding his computer together

Paul: Holding my computer together

Participant: Thank you Jesus

Paul: Lord bring back…

Larry: …the measure of your heart believe will determine the measure of your metron. Whoa!

Paul: The measure of your what?

Participant: Metron

Paul: How do you spell?

Larry: Metron

Participant: Me…

Larry: Sphere of authority

Paul: Your sphere of authority

Participant: It is a ruling position

Larry: With the heart man believes. Take heed what you believe. That’s it.

Paul: This is pretty amazing. Authentic. I think maybe yesterday, I had a prayer session. We started going into whole concept of believing and what happened is the client’s mother who tends to be a negative person, came in and simply asked her daughter, “well how are you feeling?” She had been having stomach problems. Immediately, the daughter started having stomach problems again but she had been alright, so we started exploring this and there is this verse, “as a man thinks in his heart…”

Participant: “so is he”

Paul: And actually, Jenna has been on this kick, Jenna gets on these kicks and I was trying to figure out, you know…

Participant: Larry probably started it

Paul: Probably. And we started searching the whole idea that not only what we say that can cause trouble, but what we think.

Larry: Yeah

Paul: And actually than the thinking and then this got really really complicated because the thinking was like a fractal coming down a generational line and so for example my parents had that way of thinking then I mirror that thinking and that believe system. And it keeps on growing, it keeps on growing, it keeps on growing generationally and that thinking is also tied to ungodly authorities which are curses that is also tied to ungodly elders that sit at the gate and then we got to the seventy elders that were at the gate in Ezekiel chapter 8 which we talked about last time, I believe. And so which and the seventy is the Sanhedrin which is man’s system and so this all gets really really complex. And so Larry, when you gave this word, it is exactly like it said,

Paul: Take heed of what you hear

Larry: Wow!

Paul: for the measure will be measured back to you. The measure of your heart believe will determine your sphere of influence.

Participant: Absolutely

Paul: What was the word that you used? Metron?

Participant: Metron

Paul: What is that?

Larry: Metron. Your sphere.

Participant: Its

Larry: It’s where Paul talks about this sphere of…he won’t go beyond his sphere or his metron

Paul: I actually about that in my book and I cannot remember how to spell that

Participant: You know it’s true, you really can’t go

Larry: M-E-T-R-O-N. Ain’t it? I think

Paul: I will check

Participant: I think he is right. But it is true, you really cannot go beyond your believe of your self-worth and your heart. You can proclaim it all you want but if it is not rooted in your heart and believe and experience in that truth, then you’re not going to function beyond it.

Paul: So, here I go to what I have always believed, which I wonder now is not…

Participant: Default

Paul: De…which is not true. And I always believed and thought that, ok I believe something and then it comes out in actions or in words and then that’s the problem. But maybe we need to go…, it appears we have…let me change that, it appears we have to go back one step but even the thinking establishes a pattern that actually affects those spiritual worlds that we are in. Now we have to guard, we have to guard …Doesn’t it say somewhere, guard your heart. Where is that? “Guard your heart”

Larry: Guard your heart, guard your heart,

Participant: Out of it

Larry: For out of it flows the issues of life which actually can mean the boundaries of our lives

Participant: That’s right. I think we are reading the same note

Paul: Go ahead Chuck

Chuck: I used to have anxiety real bad, and what I…I started praying…it took me a long time but I started asking God, what is this? What’s going on? What had happened, I started listening to my own voice in my head. That is what was causing the anxiety and now I help other people that have it and I tell them, “listen to what you’re saying” because the things that are going on in your head are things like, I don’t feel good, I gottta get out of here. You know all these kind of things…and I tell them now change those into positive bible verses and memorize those verses every time you have those feelings. And so it is true that whatever you think, you actually make yourself. You can work yourself into where you are in the hospital

Paul: Oh yeah! And I was an expert in that

Participant: And I actually believe again back to the believe of your heart, the minute you try to go beyond that belief, is when you have anxiety.

Paul: Ok, we have several things going on. Guard your heart, Proverbs 4:23. Thank you so much. I will repeat what he is said about being caught between two opinions and also being caught in the church system. I guess what I am saying, is that it appears that in this image here of the angel that we perceive and what we could not perceive, we have our feet planted in the institutional church and another foot planted in heaven. And that these two seem to be diametrically opposed to one another. And though we try to convince ourselves, that’s not true. This is what the hard thing is, we try to convince ourselves, well that’s not true. I share with you, that many years ago, the Lord, I believed told me to stop attending the institutional church. I am not against the institutional church. I have to be really careful about this so as not to get myself in so much trouble. I have many friends who are pastors. And there are many churches that I would go to but my difficulty is that the Lord actually had to beat out of me that system. Because I pastored for almost 20 years. And so, I’m talking about my journey, not your journey, so don’t impose your journey on my journey or vice versa. We are all to do what the Lord says to do. It took me a long time to get out of that system.

Many years ago, I had a dream and in the dream I was against the wall and a voice was spot talking to me and I think it is the Lord now and the Lord said to me, your blood pressure is 197 which I responded in my dream but I am not under stress. And he says, it’s about your thinking.

Participant: I remember that

Paul: I talked to everybody, I said, what does this mean, what does this mean? I remember so clearly, I was in Australia

Participant: There was a psalm

Paul: You were there I think.

Participant: Well it was in Australia but there was a psalm that came out of that

Paul: And I realized in Australia, that it was Job 19:7. If you look at Job 19:7. And then Brian will pray that prayer. Here Ronis says, “How do we get to that place of in between”? I think we get to that place of in between because we listen to reasoning, we listen to philosophy…When I was in seminary, I think I spent more time studying Greek philosophers and theologians than I did… In fact, I had no…

Participant: Interesting

Paul: In fact, I had no course, no class on any biblical bible or prayer in all my seminary, not one. But I studied lots of theologians and philosophers. A lot of theologians, many times theologians integrate human philosophy with the bible.

Participant: Interesting. You’re right.

Paul: And that’s theology. And this is when we get ourselves in trouble. I watched many…I was older when I went to seminary and I watched many kids come in and their faith was destroyed. And you see what happens is, rather than training people to listen to God, to understand the word, we go…and that gets us caught in between two places

Participant: Can I say something on that too

Paul: Just a second. Sonya” a beam of light shone on my brain. I can see black dots being burned up in my brain. Interesting. Ok and Tobias, the same as Paul I think we are ready to receive a message something…, ok we just did that. And he sees a waterfall

Participant: Yeah, that’s what I’m feeling here

Paul: Ok, now and then we will go back to you. Job 19:7, if I remember my dream right

Participant: I’m sorry, I got ahead of myself again

Paul: Ok, Job 19:7…This is man’s thinking… If I cry out concerning wrong, I am not heard, if I cry aloud, there is no justice. And then Psalm 19:7

Participant: Psalm 19:7. That is what it was

Paul: I hope I remember this right. Yes, psalm 19:7 this is man’s thinking…The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testament of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple. The law of the lord it converts, there is the evangelism. Chuck

Chuck: I was going to say Terri and I went to seminary school as well but we left because they kept saying don’t do this and don’t go to this church. And they kept criticizing these churches. And so we thought, they criticized Jesus you know and we said, “Let’s go to that church” and it was Vineyard. And so that is where everything opened up to us.

Paul: That’s right! That was good. Yes!

Participant: I have a few things Paul. Let’s see: what we were saying about the thinking, it is out of the abundance of the heart. That is what the Lord is trying to tell us to look at the abundance of our heart through our thinking, our emotions and what we have set our wills to. And a lot of things, our mindsets like in the church we are saying, this religious sect, is that we stand in that place of God. And we are aligning with the authorities that are opposing what God wants to do in creation so we think it is totally just us when it is what we are aligning ourselves with. That’s the two difference of opinions. Because we want to stand in that place saying we are ok.

Participant: Yeah, can I…

Paul: Let me say this then you are going to talk. In quantum physics, a lot of people actually incorporate this into novels. I have read some of these novels, they are like new age, and it totally eliminates God. But in quantum physics, they have noticed that the observer affects creation. So if you watch an atom, as soon as you look at an atom you affect it. Interesting! You look at it, it’s interesting, I just realized it – you don’t talk to it even; just observing it affects it. Well you see this is faith, isn’t it? The righteous way of looking at this – this is faith that we affect in Christ. Now this is the difference, see we are always doing this in Christ. Not that we are manipulating, controlling, making stuff happen, we are always doing it in Christ; according to his will, according to his direction, according to his word. And could it be that even our thinking that we have affected in a negative way because we have accepted the thinking patterns that come down our generational lines which is the fractal again, the repeating of it. And I go back to my first prophetic dream that when we dealt with that fractal, then everybody was healed. I think…I really do believe that there are secrets of the kingdom the Lord is exposing to us. Jenna, finally I get to you.

Participant: Oh! Thank you. Back to 23:7, Proverbs 23:7

Paul: Proverbs 23:7

Participant: And I realize something, she had asked, “how did we get that in between state” where we are battering because that is what we are doing, battering between two opinions. One we know is true and one we know is an established thought through a judgment, an opinion or a decision we made. And if you look at Proverbs 23:7, it says, “For as he thinks…” the word is “shaw” which really means gate keeper. So we set up these judgments and a wrong guardian over our hearts…so he is. So he is actually stuck in a realm of his own creation be it good or not and he is wavering between these two opinions to accommodate his environment.

Paul: I think that we need to study more carefully the whole context which is interesting. Proverbs 23:5. “Wilt you set your eyes on that which is not?

Participant: The eyes are important

Paul: For riches certainly make themselves wings and fly away like an eagle towards heaven. Do not eat the bread of a miser nor desire his delicacies for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Eat and drink, he says to you for his heart is not with you”

So I think we need to study these scriptures more carefully, there are some treasures here about the whole area of thinking

Participant: The other thing you mentioned – eyes. Now this is very important. The last three or four days I wrestled with that idea. I had something come on me and I thought these days are over” I mean really! I’m wrestling with a demon. I said this is enough of this. I realized it’s something to do with my eyes

Paul: Lets go back to Zechariah 4. In this session, we got to a stone. Well I do not get at that part yet. And the sub-duo is sub-dimensions. Remember last time we talked about sub-dimensions. Well look at Zechariah 3:9 then we are going to pray the double-mindedness prayer. Zechariah 3:9 “for behold the stone that I have laid before Joshua, upon the stone are the seven eyes.” Do you remember the seven eyes of the Lord or the seven eyes of the Lamb. Seven eyes…then you go to Zechariah 4:10 “for who has despised the day of small things”? I think about fractals again, when you look a fractal, it takes a larger measure, it repeats until it gets smaller and smaller until the very original is small. “For these some rejoices”, see, actually this is the word “stones” not plumb line, “see the stone in the hand of Zerubbabel and on this stone are the seven eyes of the Lord”. I don’t know there is something about that stone. I don’t know the word stone may also be perhaps the stoicheion which is the elemental stones or could be maybe the fiery stones. Actually when I say fiery stones remember Lucifer walked among the fiery stones. Ok why don’t we pray this prayer together for double-mindedness ok?

Ok, can everybody see that online also Brian? Ok, here we go…

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I confess my doubt and the doubt in my generational line. I confess that this doubt has made me unstable and have given me double-mindedness. I confess that the source of this double-mindedness has been pride in my life and in my generational line. I also repent for all intellectualism, ungodly reasoning, logic and humanism. I repent of caring more about man’s approval rather than God’s truth. I repent of my own self effort and pride. God in humility, I receive your love, mercy and grace. I choose to be no longer conformed to the pattern of this world but to you, being transformed by the renewing of my mind so that I might prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. I will do something out of selfish ambition or vain conceit but I will walk in humility considering others better than myself. I choose to resist the devil. I choose to submit myself to God as my Lord and Master and to draw near to Him. Lord please wash my hands and purify my heart. Father thank you.

Ok, let’s see where we are…

For giving me the mind of Christ so I will be like Him. Becoming like a servant. Amen.

Let’s take a brief five minute break…Welcome back, I want you to be aware that we have several free resources on our website. We released now spiritual servants of the most high God and legal basis for spiritual conflict as free download now. Also, there are many of the podcasts that we have recorded, Brian has recorded over the last several months that you can go and listen to.

I was sharing with Chuck that when we first started doing this, I felt like we will be doing training in basic discernment but what happened is, when we get together the Lord was not content just to do that. He is always pushing us into new revelations which frankly is more fun for me because not only that I know how to do but we integrate what we have already learned into the new so that we are actually doing that. And going back, we have ended up praying this double-mindedness prayer probably for years, so it was a great idea Brain.

Participant: May I say something?

Paul: Yes you may say something

Participant: On those prayers, it is amazing to me when we do go back to them what’s in them

Paul: It is!

Participant: We have done this stuff yet it is (I’m not on? How am I now?) Am I ok? Thank you. So anyway, I’m amazed that when we do go back on this prayers the revelation is unfolding even now today. Another thing about biblical basis, I encourage you to look at that. That was so fundamental for me and understanding what we are doing and even now if you go look at that and go, “oh, this is why” It will connect the dots for you and give you some real revelations. I wanted to encourage you.

Paul: You had something else to add about a stone, a foundation…

Participant: Oh, when Paul was reading out of Zechariah,

Paul: Let’s go back to Zechariah

Participant: 4 and this also is in line with something we did a webinar or two ago. It says,

Paul: 4 what verse?

Participant: 8. Also, the word of the lord came to me saying, the hands of Zerubbabel has laid the foundation of this house and in his hands will finish it. Then you will know that the Lord of Host has sent me for who has despised the day of small things? Interestingly enough, I think that is exactly what is happening with the grid, and the understanding of the principles of the world that has influenced the church, how we were stuck in that. But we are making the way to the original foundation – the stones are that foundation.

Paul: Yes, of course I’m sitting here thinking, what are going to do next and Chuck you want to say something? Ok, so we started with the tree of life, remember that? That was several hours ago. So now I’m feeling the tree of life again, I feel there is a power…so I feel powers back here on my head. I also feel rulers and the father as the power.

Participant: I got a scripture on those

Paul: Ok, what is the scripture? I also feel the tree vibrating. It’s like a hum, it has a vibration to it

Participant: Ok, this is my understanding and why we started with the tree and a lot of what Larry was saying. In Genesis 1:11

Paul: Genesis 1:11.

Participant: someone said they had a lot of influence with 111

Paul: Oh! Genesis 1:11. There you go, 111 again

Participant: Gosh! I can’t even find it

Paul: That’s the first book of the bible

Participant: That it is, And God said let the earth sprout vegetation, plant yielding seeds. It’s all a seed war which are the original stones, yielding seeds and fruit trees on the earth bearing fruits after their own kind with seed in them and it was so. And this is the evangelist connection

Paul: Not only that…

Participant: Fractals too

Paul: It is. If you go way back in the family line, the original seed could be bad seed that then produce more bad seeds. In the session with this lady, she saw a spider with baby spiders. We were curious about that and I realized, that is the seed for the next generation. So then you have the curse which is the spider, which I operate in if I am cursed and I am also in the process of passing that on to the next generation. You talk to enough people and you see the same patterns in the family line. Why because there is a seed.

Participant: It is a seed war

Paul: It is a seed war. The star wars is a seed war

Participant: Before I even got submitted to the Lord and do what he wanted to do, I would get up and just say the curse stops here.

Paul: Yeah!

Participant: The curse stops here! Because my family line is a big mess and there is no consistent godliness throughout any of the generations. And I would just always say, the curse stops here! I never understood why I said it and after I started submitting to the Lord, I understood.

Paul: We are in a time in history where there is a lot of war and doom and my dream has been in history and I read a lot of history and a lot of novels and your life has always been really really difficult and there has been a lot of bad stuff and it is true that we see an acceleration at a national level of evil. We see that, I’m not discounting that, but I also want to submit to you that we have probably never seen in the history of the world more prayer that is going on than we see now and I don’t know if we have ever seen more understanding about blessings and curses than what is going on now. I believe we have not seen more people understanding what it means to be in Christ and be fruitful than we see now. Now we can focus on what the church is not doing and what the world is doing and what government is doing but see maybe we need to focus more on, the curse stops here! Now I look at my generational line, I know my children and grandchildren are different because what happened to me. I have no patience with anybody who says, I don’t believe what you are doing. I don’t even care anymore about that because I can tell you, my marriage is different, and my family is different. My grandchildren are different than they would have been if we had not known this. So this is where I think we need to focus and this is what gives hope for the children that we work with. There is a real danger in talking about the end of the world for children because then the children say, what’s the point? So why bother syndrome. It’s the left behind syndrome. If the end is near and it may be, if you see that we are ever in Christ that there is always something for us to do and we are stopping what has been so inherent in our family line and this all goes to the fact that the father is coming back for a pure bride and I think this is what is happening. Isn’t it? That he is purifying us in the church.

Participant: What you’re saying, I never realized before how much philosophies, other religions, the mind and the whole spiel is always to a dooms day end. I didn’t realize that

Paul: You know it is actually karma isn’t it? It’s karma. Karma is, you reap what you sow rather than grace that says, I can overcome what’s been sown in me

Chuck: I know someone who is very close to me and they and it’s constantly the end time, the end time and this person is so gifted because I have known them for a while. They are so gifted yet they will not operate in that, all they do is think about that end time

Participant: They have destroyed their hope

Chuck: They have a wonderful gift yet they won’t use it because all they do is talk about bad.

Participant: Which is anxiety by the way

Paul: Theologically, I need to explain that I do not disagree that things globally are a mess but you see, we are operating in a kingdom and we operate under the king and so we are doing what the king says to do. And we are at war and I am not a dominion theology person and the dominion theology which is becoming very popular in some segments even in the charismatic and the river movement which says that things will get better and better and we will slip right into the kingdom. I do not see that but I do see that I need to operate in the kingdom. I do see that we are positive, that we are Christ-like, that we are at war and that we are overcoming and that we are going to be a purified bride which Christ is going to come for his bride and it will be without spot or blemish because we are learning to deal with all the yuck and the thinking and the heart attitude to the mindset that have come against us

Participant: I have always thought that things are getting worse and worse therefore the kingdom will come out of everybody that are operating in the kingdom…you will know more in the spirit in other words because of what is happening worse on the outside.

Paul: And I think this is a great day for the next generation. Because I think this generation is going to look at the world system and say, this is not working and we see the best days for evangelism coming in our generation because our youth…what do youth do? They rebel against the status quo. And what’s the status quo, well it doesn’t matter what you believe, everything is alright the majority decides what is right and they are going to come back and they are going to say, we need a standard of righteousness and holiness which is this book. Anyway, end of sermon.

Participant: This is just a quick aside but there was a prophet who said he was reading all these headlines and the Lord sowed him all these headlines and one of the headlines said,…it’s going to look like the Christian church is in major retreat but that is when the spirit of the Lord gets poured out the most. And that just made my spirit leap because that is what I have always believed, I have always felt that is how the Lord is going to do it you know

Paul: That’s right

Participant: So it just made me leap, what you have been talking about it’s like total confirmation of everything that you know, I have always felt so, that was really cool.

Paul: We need to have hope and it is hope not in the world in the, government, the government is not our hope, the Lord is our hope. Brian!

Brian: A prophet once told me he had a vision and he saw a church that was trying to be built but we were doing it under our own strength and we were using hand tools instead of getting these power tools which God has given us and I thought that was really understanding of what is going on today you know, we are trying to do under our own strength instead of going by the rule book of God and he has given us the power tools

Paul: My friend Jenna has a great phrase when people come against what we are doing, she simply says, well how is that working for you and the truth is, it is not working. It’s that classic description of insanity. Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting different results and the reality is that it is not working. Now this is a very lonely stage right now for us, isn’t it? I said last time what we are doing is not secret sensitive, we do not have a million people in here, and we don’t even have 50. Because you see, this is very lonely right now and I said, Lord I will keep on doing this but then I have the phrase, where is the beef? Well, now we are starting to see trickles of fruit that I have never seen before in my life, never! I have seen things happen in my life that I have never seen before which makes me think, maybe we need to keep on going but you see, we don’t know if we are right if we stop. Back in the 1990’s when had lost our house, we had actually moved in with a college student because he had a house, we couldn’t find a place to rent, we couldn’t find a place to buy. We were running out of money and all of our stuff was in storage. I remember Donna and I sat down in our bed and we thought, do I go back to teaching, I had my secondary teaching credentials, do I just go get a job but the only that thought kept coming to me was, I do not know if I’m wrong if I stop. You see we are at the point…my friend Rob Gross who I love dearly in Hawaii pastor of Mount View Community church of Kaneohe he says that Harvard did a study and the initiators are like 2 or 3 %. What’s another word?

Participant: Creative

Paul: When you start something new, it doesn’t matter what discipline you are in, whether Art, or Mathematics or physics or music when you cross over into doing the unusual, you are rejected virtually by everybody – that’s the nature of it. Now the reality is, so are crazy people. You don’t know, am I an initiator or am I crazy? You don’t know except… I have this thing that I will be radically obedient to the Lord, so this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to be

Participant: Even if I don’t look normal

Paul: There is something here now. I do this sometimes, oh, there’s something there, so we want to be radically obedient. Now there has been enough fruit now…I will go back to another statement…I do this because there is fruit and I can remember, I met a man who had given us like $70,000, I had gotten from like a very poor salary as a pastor and in 1998 we moved to Idlewild and we started receiving checks. One check was $50,000; I never made that much money in a year as a pastor and he kept on saying, this is for you, it is not for the ministry you are involved with. That’s how it started collecting in the bank which eventually help start Aslan’s place and sometime later, I met him and actually I said this on tape and he told me later but I never said that but he did. We sat at a table at a very very nice Chinese restaurant and he said to me…this is how we start the meal off, I don’t know why I gave you all that money, you have not helped me or my son. That’s a wonderful way to start a meal and all we could do was wait until we could go home and we were staying with a friend. We went back home and there was a prophet there. I remember this, I sat there and I looked like death. I said to the Lord, Lord I always do this because there is fruit and so Donna says, “I’m going to bed” and we were both crushed and he looked at me, he says, you know what the Lord is trying to teach you and I said, no I do not and I do not want to know. I don’t want to know, I don’t care, I’m fed up. And he kept on pushing me and I was like, prophet! And I realized the truth, I do not do this because of fruit which I have been told is a test. I do this out of obedience. You see I do this out of obedience, and it is very lonely, isn’t it? It is very very lonely. You all are here, you understand this. Ge3t on the mic…

Chuck: When we started our ministry we were prophesied over that we will have a healing ministry and it basically didn’t happen for 14 years. Finally when it did happen, it really started real big and everything and everybody just abandoned us and I mean it came with bad things happening, and people said things…and just abandoned us. So it was just Terry, myself and my daughter.

Paul: But praise God, I have a wife and children

Chuck: But the same thing, I refused to quit. You know people just said just quit, it’s done and we were like no we do this out of obedience, the Lord said to do it and we did. We continued to go and now we have several…the ministries flourishing right now, so…

Paul: When I was a Baptist pastor, I preached through first, second Samuel and I got to that scripture where Samuel said to Saul, I want you to go and wait for seven days, and so he goes and he waits and he gets to the seventh day and the people are panicking and the people want Saul to do something and to sacrifice. And so he is disobedient, he sacrifices, he does not wait for Samuel to show up. He does this and Samuel, we are talking at the end of seven days. He has almost made it but he loses the kingdom because he was not obedient.

Participant: The whole kingdom

Paul: That is the most terrifying scripture for me in all the word of God because he was not totally obedient, did not wait. Ok Sonya: I am feeling fuzz around my face and buzzing in my ears. Ok and Christine: I seem to see ungodly females bring forth ungodly babies in dreams, I’m curious to know how to deal with those babies before they manifest in the next generation. Where there ungodly females before they had babies. Christine would you send that to office at Aslan.com. Let me ponder that ok. So send me your e-mail and I will respond to that. Ok, I keep on doing this and I feel healing…is this like a scepter or a rod? I think it is scepter. Is this the same scepter that you have? On the mic…

Chuck: I felt scepter in my hand when you said scepter. It seems to be bigger than it was before though.

Paul: I agree.

Chuck: Before it was a small scepter like this…this time it feels like this

Paul: This scepter is… lying it’s like this big, yours is oh yours is…I don’t know, I can be jealous

Chuck: If it’s healing, you said it was healing, that’s our ministry

Paul: This scepter is big, it is like a pillar

Chuck: I’m getting really hot right now

Paul: This is revelation, revelation chapter…ok, I just came across this. Revelations 3…this is good. Revelation 3, let’s start with revelations 3:7 “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write these things says he who is holy, he who is true, he who has the key of David, he who opens, and no one shuts; and shuts, and no one opens; I know your works: see, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept my word, and have not denied my name. Indeed, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews, and are not, but lie; indeed, I will make them to come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you. Because you have kept my command to persevere, I also will keep you in the hour of trial, which shall come upon the whole earth, to test those who dwell upon the earth. Behold, I am coming quickly: hold fast what you have that no one may take your crown. He who overcomes I will make him a pillar”…that’s what you have, you are holding a pillar that’s a scepter… “in the temple of my God, he shall go out no more: I will write on him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from my God: and I will write on him my new name. He who has an ear, let him ear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

Isn’t this interesting, we were talking about the idea of overcoming, overcoming is continually and it’s very lonely isn’t it? Because you really do not know, I really do not know, am I crazy? And there is a fine line between being crazy and faith. It’s a very fine line and people around you…we lost, I think we probably lost three or four address books full of friends but now we are surrounded by wonderful friends and I might add who are healthy. So the Lord has returned a 100 fold, a thousand fold plus.

Participant: Something to say about that crown, when we were in the healing rooms when we did not have a building, it was in our home and we were sitting there and I saw what I now perceive as stars instead of an angel because of you, thank you. And it came in the room, it came in the form of like you saw a Christmas light star actually you could see it with your physical eyes. It came over and sat between Alicia and I and then I closed my eyes and when I closed my eyes, I saw that it was the angel of the Lord. And as he spoke, I knew it was the Lord and he spoke to me and he said, this was on 8:13 2005, he said, I got your back because we were going through all of these, and he said I got your back which is an expression today as like, hey don’t worry, I’m with you.

Paul: That’s right!

Participant: And he said, I’m about to increase the anointing in your hand and then he put a crown on my head and the crown, he put it on, it looked like a hand like this but he put it on like this and I said, Lord you are putting it on backwards and he said, no I said I have your back and so he put it on like that and I said, “Lord, this is so weird, you really gotta give me a word, so he gave me, yeah! because I mean, you know, I’m seeing all these in my mind’s eye, so he gave me Isaiah 51:11

Paul: Isaiah 51:11, ok

Participant: Isaiah 51:11 says,

Paul: There’s that one, one, one again

Participant: Close, it is, yeah…times five, right “The ransomed of the LORD will return, they will enter Zion with singing, everlasting joy will crown their heads; gladness and joy will overtake them and sorrow and sighing will flee away and that’s what’s happened.

Paul. Something is happening to us, that after we got this, we are going through a deliverance. Can you feel it? And it feels tingly to me. What’s happening? Do you feel it? It feels tingly like…yeah, it’s coming, it’s all of us.

Participant: Do you feel it in the lips vibrating

Paul: It’s also coming off of the seven eyes. Remember these are the seven eyes… one, two, three, four, solar plexus. One, two, three, four, five, six, and it goes into seven. So actually I feel the deliverance is coming off the seven eyes toward…So Lord, “What are you doing”? Yes!

Participant: The scripture I got right now, hope deferred makes the heart sick.

Participant: But desire fulfilled, is the tree of life.

Participant: That’s ok, what I wanted to share real quickly was David and I were talking about how right now our lives are kind of in a spiritual vacuum and it is like we are on pause and we are in that spiritual vacuum and life is going on…

Paul: Do you have a job yet?

Participant: The Lord has not released him to go to work and that’s…you know people can look at him and say you know, you should be going to work.

Paul: I know that causes discussions

Participant: Oh big big major discussions and so we are like on pause. Our life is on pause and this spiritual vacuum but the Lord was saying he was giving me Deuteronomy when they wandering through the wilderness for 40yrs to test if their heart will remain true to the Lord. And he says, and then he was telling me about Caleb, that Caleb when he was 85, he was still the same as when Moses told him, the Lord is going to give you that. And the Lord says, It is very easy when we are out and upon and everybody sees what you are doing and when it happens, when you are behind closed doors and nobody sees you, he says, but I see you. He says and all those who put their hope in me will not be ashamed and he says, I see what you are doing behind closed doors and you are believing me and you are trusting me, that’s why when you gave the word last week about asking for the upper and lower springs and that she asked her father. The husband didn’t go and ask, she asked her father. That is so confirmative.

Paul: That is such a good word. You know that is repeated reading through the bible and repeated again in Judges and I didn’t know that. In Judges, I think Chapter 2.

Participant: Really!

Participant: And so that’s what the Lord is saying that, no matter what, if we are coming to him and enquiring of him and we are believing, and He says Caleb and all that waiting, he could have grown bitter. It’s in what we are doing in between that time we are getting to that promise land. He says, even when you get to that promise land, he says you are still going to have to overcome those giants that are in that place. He says, but it is what you are doing in between to getting to that place. He says don’t let bitterness come and know that I see and I am going to bring it to pass.

Paul: It’s very lonely. Chuck!

Chuck: I noticed promotion always comes with challenge but the Lord said, he will never allow you to go through anything more than you can handle so with the promotion comes the ability to handle the thing…its bigger and it’s not familiar with you, but you will figure it out

Paul: C.S Lewis in the Chronicles of Narnia, Aslan comes and mauls one of the children and later one of the other children says, why did you do that? And Aslan, the word Aslan is the Turkish word for lion – the lion of Judah, Aslan responds, I tell each man only his own story. And so for you, what right do I have to come and criticize your walk with the Lord. If you are seeking the Lord with all your heart, what right do I have to evaluate that?

Participant: Actually what I have been getting around not just our experience before is been something I thought I was operating in before, but come to found out that I wasn’t is to restore a person and you go back to the root of bitterness to find many, and somebody who have fallen from the way into sin. What it took to restore them and the people who can’t, it’s doubled on them in a way. They can fall into their own stuff which is, I think is bitterness. That has been the key to seeing how can people restore one that has fallen in the way somewhere and is walking with them and is seeking the Lord even as we are doing now if there is even a way but people come by the world or the church or whatever, I call it idolatry to try to say no, you are out of line with this but they can’t really bring you in the line unless its spiritual.

Paul: Because you do not go in yourself so then how can you lead others to go in? I’m still curious about what this deliverance is. Is anybody feeling this online? Larry do you feel anything? If you are still online. It almost feels electromagnetic, ok we have confirmation here. It’s really tingly…mindset…no, it’s not mindset. What is it Lord that you are freeing us from? What amazes me is after all these years, there is still deliverance. Brian!

Brian: I’m just letting you know that here are very many people online who are saying that they are feeling it…Larry, Tobias, Don, Sonya

Paul: Ok great, thank you. Yes!

Participant: I got this, this morning and when Larry said what he said, I think this lines up with deliverance. Principality is a principle agreed upon as a foundation of deception that has influenced the inheritance sons of God.

Paul: Ok, say that again. I gotta chew on that…

Participant: Principality is a principle system agreed upon as a foundation of deception that has influenced the inheritance sons of God

Paul: Here you go that word agreement again and the reality is we enter into agreement, don’t we with that system. Yes, but sometimes we are pretty willing. What’s sad is though, that then it becomes a seed for the next generation. So what we need to do is we need to start putting out the right seed for the next generation. I have found out in working with…we work with the youth, Brian and I and…we got these little band of youth and it’s taken us a long time for example to undo what the institutionalized church has put in them. In fact those that are newer and outside the institutionalized church much more rapidly enter into it than those that don’t. And I think this is what we have to offer that by us doing this together and in essence experimenting on how do we seek the Lord together, we then establish a model by which those of the next generation can learn how to operate in. And I think that’s really important. Sonya: Almost like our body coming into alignment with our spirit also aligning with the fullness of Christ. I agree Sonya.

Participant: I was, I don’t know if this really has a lot to do with it or not but several times a day, I pray that the Lord will fill the …because he put this on my heart to pray it. So this is the reason why I pray it that the Lord will send out billions of angels from the center of the earth all the way to the top of the second atmosphere to change the atmosphere into fear of the Lord. And that we will all line up with his harmonics, with his colors, and with his vibration because you know we have gotten so perverted by the world and by the harmonics of the world that we don’t understand any more what he is trying to say. Or we can’t even hear him because there is so much interference in the atmosphere. So I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but when she said that, that kind of reminded me of that prayer that we always pray every day you know, and I pray it like four, five six times a day. Lord just release those angels, release those angels and you know it was interesting because at first, I was like this is was a kind of prayer I was praying, I didn’t really, I didn’t have the connection between them. One day he said, then no one will have an excuse, will they?

Paul: No, that’s right!

Participant: And so I realized that by allowing everyone line up with his harmonics, this was something he was commissioning me to do. Though I am only one of a billion intercessors out there and I am sure there is other intercessors who are praying that prayer

Paul: I don’t know if there is billions

Participant: You know what I’m saying

Paul: Several intercessors

Participant: So it just happened that made me feel that was why he was having us pray that prayer

Paul: But you see we all do our part, don’t we. When we are all under the King of kings and lord of lords, we all do our part. And a general or five star general sees the big picture. The soldiers do not have the big picture. All they have is to follow orders and you are to do what you are to do. And when we all do what we are supposed to do, it’s then the war is won. Yes

Participant: The word says, one puts a thousand to flight

Paul: That’s right and two, ten thousand. Exponential increase of agreement. Yes!

Participant: Paul I was getting when you were talking about seeds, I was getting about the wheat and the tares, and the field that was ripe with harvest but the angels came in and I was wondering about that but I started seeing the threshing floor. They had to get the terror away from the wheat so that they are harvested, so that was burned and the seed out of the wheat, whatever you want to say, was re-stored up, whatever we have to do. That’s what I felt that was going on with that…

Paul: The Lord is removing tares from…the contamination of generations. Jenna I think that verse of Genesis is fascinating, isn’t it?

Participant: It is


Paul: We have reaped the harvest of our ancestors and it’s not a good harvest. And when something is repeated so long, as in a fractal, you think that’s the way it is supposed to be. And to come out from under that and to go into a new way of thinking which is actually the original way of thinking; it’s a hard thing to do. Incidentally, bringing back that Harvard study, you have the initiators, the word the actually use. It is actually a bell curve. So, we will do it like this so that you can see it. So over here is the initiators and then you have the initial followers and then eventually you reach the high point of the bell curve where then all of a sudden, everybody agrees. And then it goes back down and you have initiators again.

When I was in seminary, I read a book called enthusiasm and it was an old book then and it was a very fascinating book that denominations follow the same pattern. They get bigger bigger bigger, people get fed up, they go back to their homes, have bible studies then those bible studies start growing, start growing, get bigger and bigger, then they move into a building and pretty soon you have a bulletin and you have organizations, people get fed up with it and it goes back down. I won’t mention the denomination now, but back in the early 70’s, in the Jesus movement, there was a movement started, they met in a tent and I was at xxxxxx 1st Baptist so I was already in the system, American Baptist system and I walked, I was on staff then, I walked, and in my box of this church, there was a bulletin there and I thought, “it has already begun” That was the first thing that came to my mind. They have already started to institutionalized and now they are. And you see, this is the pattern. So as I became aware of this, I said to the lord, I do not want to stop and I easily could have stopped. We had enough, we could have stayed with deliverance and I could have turned it into a ministry and I could have stopped there. But it seems the Lord kept pushing, saying, you’re not to stop and the Lord continues to change because you see Aslan is always on the move. That is why the ….he is always on the move. We have to be really cautious that we do not grab the current revelation, package it and then solidify it and then we set apart tent. This is what Peter, James and John wanted to do. Isn’t it? Let us build a tabernacle here. Thank you Holy Spirit, I think that’s a great analogy. We want to set up our tent, establish our church and build on that and what happens is that we milk it until pretty soon its dead. And then we keep on, we keep on going. Ok, it just shifted…Jenna do you have something?

Jenna: Yeah,

Paul: I think now we are finished

Jenna: Ok, so again…this is what I feel the Lord is saying, I kind of wrote this out, “you are a new creation, a re-creative design, to birth the true seeds from the divine line. Not a GMO, and not from the world

Paul: GMO?

Jenna: Genetically modified…

Paul: Organism

Jenna: Organism. Not a GMO and not from the world. So the truth will flourish by a river that is here. The original design is a foundation of stones that are laid to establish the truth by the price he has paid. I call you a wall, a setting in gold, it is from the sheer foundation for the world to behold.

Paul: Did you just get that?

Jenna: Yeah

Paul: That was excellent, Will you please send that to me?

Participant: Yeah

Paul: So we will send it out in our notes. Father we thank you for what you have done in the last two hours. Lord you have so visit the dream to take us on and we do not know what we are going to do. Lord we bless your name and I believe Lord that we are in agreement here as your people that we want to be kingdom people and we want and we acknowledge you as the King of kings and the Lord of Lord. Father we want to do what you want us to do. We praise your name father, son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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